/trb/ db 2016

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  1. There's a fucking pastebin for 2015's database why can't you just put a pastebin for 2016's
  3. International /trb/ FC -
  4. Domestic /trb/ FC -
  6. Contains:
  7. /trb/ F.C. - A club made of a 25 man squad ready to compete for domestic glory.
  9. /trb/ Nation - A country for you to dive in to international management with. Take your callups from /trb/ FC or the /trb/ League depending on your version and you guide your champions to worldwide success.
  11. /trb/ League - A fully playable league featuring 5 fully fleshed out leagues with custom team names, uniforms, and regens with meme names.
  13. /trb/ Cups - Take on the Fixture Congestion Cup as the national FA decides to try and fuck you over with up to 16 games on your road to cup glory. Lower league JPT, FA Trophy and FA Vase competitions exist the further down the pyramid you go with great prize money worth competing for.
  15. /trb/ Regens - Players come with a mix of Sammarinese names, as well as names from a pool of 800+ surnames and forenames to make your players in to the dankest memes possible.
  17. /trb/ Managers - The players from the 2015 /trb/ database have retired and thrown themselves in clubs all over the world in an attempt to win the champions league. Who will be the first man to win in the name of /trb/?
  19. Bonus - Many things renamed, youth ratings tweaked to reflect football more accurately than miles is capable of, as well as a Sugardaddy League in Ireland for the sole purpose of watching 12 billionaires duke it out to be the biggest FFP failure ever
  21. Known Bugs:
  22. >Top Flight sides do not compete in the U19 League until 2016/17 for unknown reasons
  23. >National reputation dramatically decreases in the first few years until clubs can develop themselves in europe
  25. Please use the following setting when managing in the /trb/ league:
  26. >Add players to playable teams
  27. And make sure that you do not have
  28. >Do not add key staff
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