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  1. Café Waiter
  2. Claude Weiss. Age 2X.
  3. Works as a waiter at the local café, The Pavilion. Likes to dish out advice regardless of whether it is needed or not. Is very tall and has a slender build. Seems to have an odd history in which he has had experiences with numerous different things. Is satisfied with his work as a waiter, saying he enjoys it immensely and would never go back to what he did before. What his previous occupation was however, no one seems to know.
  5. ESPRA Consultant
  6. Marie Onnet. Age 3X.
  7. Works as a direct link between the people in the research program, (yes, all of them; In this town anyway) and ESPRA. Relays updates, information, findings and queries. Is over-worked to the point where it’s a wonder how she hasn’t quit. She always has the air of being at the tipping point of exasperation, but always brushes concern away, not wanting any help. Nevertheless, she performs an exceptional job and is regarded as a tireless worker amoung her peers.
  8. She is quite thin and fragile looking, but is deceptively strong and is actually well versed in hand to hand combat. Ha, no, I just made that up. She has 5 cats at home and plays the clarinet.
  11. Overwatch
  12. Melissa Glass. Age 22.
  13. Is Adrian Saxon’s counterpart, living beside him and his group with her own; She works for ESPRA and does the same job as Adrian Saxon. Although she gets along well with Adrian Saxon, she is quite stern and he suspects most if not all of her interactions with him are purely work motivated, even if she appears friendly. She is a tenacious worker to a fault, viewing her work like a competition and her group as subjects. She doesn’t tolerate any kind of interference with her work, but can still be reasonable in her downtime.
  14. Just like Adrian Saxon, she is not an anomaly, and unlike Adrian Saxon, she worked hard to gain her position inside ESPRA. Sometimes this disparity between them comes to the surface as annoyance when she speaks with him, but overall she is a good person with an iron will.
  16. Immunity
  17. Benjamin Kingston. Age 18. Student.
  18. Short and jumpy by nature. Attends college for a business degree. Participates in the research program and lives beside Adrian Saxon and his group. Quite positive in his outlook on life, but can easily become overwhelmed, especially with college work. Likes to make light of everything that goes on. Has issues regarding not feeling like he measures up to everyone else, and although he does perform well in his studies, he is quite critical of himself.
  20. Sustain
  21. Clair Beaumont. Age 22. Artist.
  22. Ridiculously pessimistic and has the unique ability of being able to depress everyone in a room through sheer aura alone. Only sees the negative side of things, but revels in the misfortune of others. Has never been cruel or particularly mean to anyone in her life, but still doesn’t have many people who’d call and invite her to a party. Nevertheless, she is very expressive when it comes to her art, even if her only expression is despair, distain and a bleak outlook on life. Her art doesn’t appear to be what most people would actually purchase, but she still manages to sell them quite well.
  24. Lab Technician
  25. Dr. Jeremy Faust. Age 40.
  26. Works as a laboratory and research technician in ESPRA, and is allocated to researching the findings from the main group. Is warm hearted and easy going, greeting everyone calmly and cheerily each day. He looks a little haggard most often, but when he does clean himself up he can look quite dapper, as a certain female character might say. He is as respected in his work as he is everywhere else. Takes his research very seriously and doesn’t mind interacting with his subjects and keeping things personal.
  27. His hobbies include fly-fishing and golf, and have been since his early twenties. His friends used to tease him for being a forty year old man at age twenty, but he took it in his stride and now dominates them on the golf course.
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