Bar Story

Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. > Friday night bartending in MGC.
  2. > I’m called in at about 12:00am.
  3. > Mostly dead in the night un-like my father’s work.
  4. > Lonely Ushi-Oni is at the end of the bar too drunk to walk.
  5. > She’s ‘nice’ but far too gone to walk home.
  6. > Toss her a blanket so she won’t destroy the bar trying to walk out.
  7. > Doormouse is drinking baileys.
  8. > She’s super cute with her dozy face and short hair.
  9. > She softly slurps up her drink with a straw as I wipe the bar.
  10. > A hellhound is in the back drinking wine.
  11. > Her fiery eyes keep looking at me as she sips.
  12. > A Hinezumi is drinking a 5th of jack.
  13. > She’s getting a bit rowdy.
  14. > Fidgeting as her eyes dart around the room.
  15. > I look to the Kitsune bouncer.
  16. > Ex-Delta or something.
  17. > Threw out two rude Ushi’s on V-Day.
  18. > She nods as she surveys the room.
  20. > The fox walks up.
  21. > “Something you need Delta?”
  22. > She looks at me with a disappointed look.
  23. > “For one you can stop with that nickname, and I will have a scotch.”
  24. > “Sure.”
  25. > I poor the brown liquor and she runs her scarred hand through her hair.
  26. > “Tired?”
  27. > “Yea…I-Its…Never mind.”
  28. > She downs her drink and hands me back the glass.
  29. > She looks at me and sighs.
  30. > I look to the hellhound who winks.
  31. > Doormouse is blowing bubbles with her straw.
  32. > Ushi is asleep in a pile of bottles.
  33. > The Hinzumi is eyeing up Delta.
  34. > I clean the glass as I lean in to the tired fox.
  35. > “You know that you can always talk to the other bartenders, not just me.”
  36. > She looks up with her big blue eyes.
  37. > Her white hair falls on her face as she opens her mouth.
  38. > She stops what she was going to say and shifts in her seat.
  40. > I Grab Deltas hand.
  41. > She jumps as I look at her.
  42. > “Hey in three hours lets grab some Chinese, ok?”
  43. > She blushes as she nods.
  44. > “That would be nice.”
  45. > She gets back up and brushes her hair back.
  46. > I smile as her ears twitch.
  47. > I put the glass back as the Hellhound struts over.
  48. > “Oh my, Mr. Bartender might Have a crush on his co-worker.”
  49. > “N’other drink Mam?”
  50. > “Have anything, white?”
  51. > She bites her lower lip as the words leave her mouth.
  52. > “Were all out of ‘that’.”
  53. > She leans in, her chest resting on the bar.
  54. > “Are you looking at something you like, boy?”
  55. > I pour more of the blue wine into her glass.
  56. > “No, don’t wana spill any.”
  57. > The stuff was about 25k a bottle.
  58. > With her free paw, she reaches in her chest and pulls out a card.
  59. > “Well you’ve been such a good boy, you deserve a treat.”
  60. > She leaves the card on the bar and walks back to her booth.
  61. > It’s hard not to stare at her ass in that white dress.
  62. > I sigh as it’s a local orgy house card.
  63. > I pour myself a shot and look at the Fire Rat.
  64. > She’s eyeing the Doormouse who looks like that sleeping Ushi at the end of the bar.
  66. > All of a sudden the Fire rat jumps up on the bar.
  67. > She ark’s back and points her figure at the sleepy mouse.
  68. > “WRYYYYYYYY!”
  69. > The door mouse slowly turns.
  70. > “Wha..?”
  71. > “It was you all along”
  72. > The Fire Rat jumps the mouse
  73. > She pins her hands to the floor and starts to kiss her.
  74. > The mouse squirms as her mouth is violated by the rat.
  75. > The hellhound looks at them going at it, her tail waggin’.
  76. > Poor Ushi is out like a 10 ton light.
  77. > I break out my phone and start to record them…for damage purposes.
  78. > Delta lets them go at it for a while.
  79. > She is licking the Doormouse’s cheeks.
  80. > This is quite lewd.
  81. > The mouse moans under the rat as she manages to get to mouse’s breasts.
  82. > Delta looks flushed as she watches.
  83. > The mouse starts to knee her attacker in the crotch.
  84. > Suddenly the rat bursts into flames and before Delta can jump in the hellhound gets up.
  85. > She saunters over to the burning mess on the floor and picks them up.
  86. > Delta and I stand there stunned.
  87. > She hosts them up of the ground and walks out of the bar, winking at me as she leaves.
  88. > Delta shoots me a look and shrugs.
  89. > Time to clean up I guess.
  90. > I make my way over to the Helhounds table.
  91. > It smells strongly of musk.
  92. > I look at the napkin and find some writing on it
  93. > “Call me for a one on one boy.” Then a kiss.
  94. > I place the note in my pocket and pick up the wine glass.
  95. > I wipe up the table and pour the wine out.
  96. > Guess all that’s left is to deal with the ushi.
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