Fleur and Marble Pie - The Main Story

Mar 15th, 2020
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  1. A series of loosely connected oneshots about two side characters -Fleur De Lis and Marble Pie- set in a university setting. *** represents a break in time within a given story and ~*~*~ represents the end of one and the beginning of another short. Will be expanded upon with other characters and arcs later.
  5. >"-Where is she, where is she? Ah, Miss Pie!"
  6. >Marble spun on her heel and looked up into the worried, sweaty face of her Dean.
  7. >"Miss Pie." The man was panting and red faced, like he'd run a mile.
  8. >He clutched his knees and held out a hand to stop her from moving, or to keep his balance, Marble wasn't sure.
  9. >"Miss... Pie."
  10. >He straightened up, his thick mustache bristling and his heavy brow furrowing as his face lost the bright red hue.
  11. >"Miss Pie, I'm so sorry to run after you like this..."
  12. >Marble blinked. He had been running after her?
  13. >"There's been a bit of a mix up, a late, foreign exchange student. Meet Miss Fleur, she'll be your room mate for the first semester."
  14. >The man sidled out of the way.
  15. >Marble's eyes widened and her face glowed red at the sight of her.
  16. >Tall, willowy, with hair that looked as fine as soft pink silk, and skin as white and pure as fallen snow.
  17. >"Bonsoir", Fleur said, craning her head stiffly in greeting.
  18. "M-mhmm."
  19. >The Dean looked between the pair of them, his face gaining that red look again.
  20. >He grabbed Marble by the shoulders with his meaty hands and pulled her off to side, voice low.
  21. >"Listen, I know you've had some... Troubles adapting to life on campus, and I know you weren't expecting a room mate, but Fleur's a very sweet girl. She just needs a friend. Think you could do that?"
  22. >The Dean saw her unconvinced look and nodded his head solemnly.
  23. >"I'll be honest, we also need the diversity quota."
  24. >He twirled his mustache between his fingers.
  25. >"Do me this favor will you? I promise if by the end of the semester you don't want a room mate, well, I can arrange that. What do you say?"
  26. "...mhmm..."
  27. >"Fantastic!" The Dean laughed boisterously, thrusting Marble into Fleur's view as he disappeared, far too quickly for a man his size, Marble noticed.
  28. >"...Salut?"
  29. "Mhmm..."
  30. >Marble hid under her hair, her shoulders scrunching up as Fleur sighed.
  31. >"Where is our room?"
  32. >Marble fidgeted for a moment.
  33. >She bit her lip as Fleur's eyebrow rose up her forehead.
  34. >"What is your name?"
  35. "Mm... Mmm..."
  36. >"If you will not talk, then at least show me to our room, little mouse."
  37. "...Mouse...?"
  38. >"So you can speak? Fameaux. Come, come, I don't have all day."
  39. >Marble nodded and started to lead Fleur down the twisting halls of the university.
  40. >Her mind was abuzz with all this new information, and it didn't help that the woman that was a goddess descended to earth seemed fit to follow her at a -very- close pace.
  41. >Marble stopped in front of a door that was blank save for the thin, gold lettering that said "113" at eye level.
  42. >Fleur reached around her and slid a key into the lock, jiggling it open and bathing the small room in luminescent light.
  43. >"Come little mouse, do not stand out in the hall all day."
  44. >Fleur pulled Marble in by her tie as she lugged her luggage up onto one of the two desks.
  45. >"Top or bottom?"
  46. >Marble squeaked, her face dusting red as she looked down at her shoes.
  47. >"Which bed, mouse?"
  48. >Marble felt silly.
  49. >Fleur was unpacking her luggage, folding her expensive-looking clothing and stuffing it into one of the small wardrobes set into the wall.
  50. "...Top?"
  51. >"Fameaux! You can speak. Top it is, then."
  52. >Fleur clapped her hands with a thin smile on her gorgeous face.
  53. >She returned to unpacking, already beginning to decorate her desk by pulling a framed photo from deep within her backpack.
  54. >Marble smiled a little and began to do the same.
  55. >She was crushingly aware of how tight this room was and the butterflies in her stomach told her how nice Fleur smelled.
  56. >"Your grandparents?"
  57. >Fleur was peering over her shoulder at the picture she had just put up, of an older man and woman.
  58. "Mmm... No."
  59. >Another picture followed, this one of her, her sisters, and her parents.
  60. >She smiled when she touched Pinkie Pie's smiling face with her thumb as she gave the camera a silly grin, the opposite of the rest of her family's dour look.
  61. >"Parents?"
  62. >Marble nodded her head with a shy smile on her face, only one eye peering through her long curtain of hair.
  63. >"They look severe. Except for the pink one. What are their names?"
  64. >Marble pointed to each person in the picture.
  65. "Maud... Pinkie... Limestone... Momma... Pappa."
  66. >"Fameaux! This is my Pere and my Mere. My mother and father."
  67. >Fleur held up a picture of a man dressed in a fine suit, as willowy and elegant as Fleur herself.
  68. >Her mother had the same hair color and same blemish-free skin, wrapped up in a short, voluptuous body.
  69. >Each of them were standing behind Fleur, their arms wrapped lovingly around her.
  70. >Fleur looked at the picture longingly for a moment before setting it down on her desk and pulling out the last few items from her bag.
  71. >The final item, though, was a small stuffed penguin that Fleur set reverently down on her bed next to the spartan sheets and thin, starchy pillow.
  72. >Marble eyed it for a moment but Fleur didn't offer, so she didn't pry.
  73. >"It is nearly bed time yes? My flight has left me exhausted."
  74. >Marble looked over at Fleur.
  75. >Her jaw dropped.
  76. >In the moment she was looking away from her, Fleur had stripped of her baby blue collared shirt and dropped her skinny black skirt, leaving her in nothing but her under garments.
  77. >What could barely be called under garments, at least, as black and lacy and see-through as they were.
  78. >Marble covered her eyes as a radioactive blush lit up her cheeks.
  79. >"Mon dieu are you okay?"
  80. >Fleur was right next to her, her perfumed skin tickling Marble's nose and her gentle hands cradling her face as she looked her over.
  81. >"You are running a fever, yes?"
  82. "N-no!"
  83. >"Fameaux! What is the matter?"
  84. "Naked!"
  85. >"Naked...? Ah, do you want me to get naked?"
  86. "No!"
  87. >Marble didn't think she could say that with a straight face though, as the unbearable heat from her veins burned her skin from head to toe.
  88. >She was certain that if the woman did disrobe more than she was her heart would simply give out.
  89. >Marble shook her head out of Fleur's hands and practically leaped up to her top bunk, burrowing under the blankets.
  90. >Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest and her veins were pumping in her ears.
  92. ***
  94. >Fleur wasn't quite sure what to make of her new room mate.
  95. >She was quiet, that was certain.
  96. >As she pulled on her night gown and dropped the last of her under garments into a laundry bin her mind strayed to the woman shaking on the top bunk bed.
  97. >Fleur was certain that if it were winter they could heat the room with the redness coming off of her face.
  98. >Which, as she slid under the starchy sheets and stared blankly into the bottom of the quivering bed, was made even worse because she really didn't know what she did to elicit this sort of reaction.
  99. >It hurt a little, driving away her room mate so soon, and seemingly without provocation.
  100. >She did not even know her name yet!
  101. >She curled herself into a tight ball and tried to ignore her stomach that flipped uneasily inside her, and her heart that ached for home.
  102. >Fleur sighed softly and resigned to try to make amends the next day.
  104. ***
  106. >Fleur was up at the crack of dawn, just after the sun crested the horizon.
  107. >She had always been an early riser, but the difference in time from her own home land just made it worse.
  108. >She let out a great, unlady-like yawn and stretched high to the ceiling.
  109. >Her navel and her long, willowy legs covered by she called panties were revealed by her raised nightgown, showing off porcelain-white skin that bathed in the morning light.
  110. >Her back cracked just-so and she let out a small groan of pleasure.
  111. >A quick glance up to the top bunk showed her room mate still blissfully snoozing, but she needed a shower and she just couldn't wait.
  112. >With a Cheshire grin and cat-like movements she clambered up to the top and pulled the blanket away from her face.
  113. >The girl that she shared a room with was finally revealed, no longer hidden by her hair.
  114. >And what a reveal it was.
  115. >Her face looked chiseled from marble, as if the ancients themselves had done it, with a strong jaw and high cheekbones and full, plush lips.
  116. >Fleur felt a strong urge to poke her, to see if the girl softly snoozing in her bed was real, or if she was truly some work of art made of stone.
  117. >She settled for whispering in the quiet din of the morning light.
  118. >"Wake up little mouse", Fleur whispered after she took a long look, gently shaking her shoulder.
  119. >The girl mumbled something and burrowed back under the covers.
  120. >That would simply not do.
  121. >"Wake uuuppp..." Fleur pulled the covers away from her face and poked her on the nose.
  122. >Her eyes groggily opened for a moment before she shut them again and mumbled something unpleasant under her breath.
  123. >"Little mouse do I have to spank you for such language?"
  124. >Her eyes snapped open and she scrambled back away from her, face red and heart beating out of her chest.
  125. "S-s-mm...?"
  126. >"Fameaux!"
  127. >Fleur's grin widened as she patted the girl's head.
  128. >"Where is the shower?"
  129. "W-who a-are you...?" She muttered.
  130. >"Ah, had we not exchanged names yesterday? I believe I had given you mine, but I had not received yours."
  131. >Marble blinked her eyes and her brow furrowed, as if she was trying to remember whether or not yesterday happened.
  132. >When she finally seemed to snap into wakefulness she burrowed into her blankets so only a lone eye was poking out, like a scared animal.
  133. >She did answer, and in a voice and tone that made Fleur's heart flutter.
  134. "...marble..."
  135. >"Pardon?"
  136. "...marble...?"
  137. >Fleur sighed, covering her forehead with the back of her hand oh-so-dramatically.
  138. >"It shall do for now, Petite Bille."
  139. >"May you please show me to the showers now? I must smell like un cochon..."
  140. >Marble looked over at the clock situated on the wall then fell back into bed with a groan.
  141. >"I was not asking."
  142. >Marble shot up in her bed, face glowing red and eyes wide as dinner plates as she rubbed at her now stinging bum.
  143. >Fleur chuckled.
  144. >"I do not make idle threats, Bille. Come, come, I need to shower and so do you."
  145. >Marble, finally fully awake on threat of having a red ass, nodded and dropped to the floor.
  146. >She wasn't sure what a cochon was, but she was certain that Fleur smelled nothing less than perfect.
  147. >The thought of telling her that was simply too embarrassing, so she kept quiet, grabbing a fresh change of clothing from her wardrobe.
  148. >"You are stalling, hurry before I make good on my threat."
  149. >Marble squeaked and shot out the door, Fleur's tinkling laughter following in her wake.
  150. >The pair of them padded down the halls of the dorm, down a few flights of stairs, and into the communal baths.
  151. >The large space was separated into stalls first, across from which were porcelain sinks and one long wall mirror.
  152. >Past that was a large space for showering, which was little more than just a dozen shower heads mounted onto the wall with a hot and cold water tap just below.
  153. >"Not quite what I had been told of your baths, but it shall do I suppose."
  154. "What are you doing?!"
  155. >Marble covered her face with her hands as Fleur dropped her garments on a table built into the wall, exposing her body for all the world to see.
  156. >Though it was just the two of them, and a part of Marble wondered if she would do this around just anyone.
  157. >"Taking a shower?"
  158. >Marble flushed. She felt silly.
  159. >Of course Fleur would strip to take a shower.
  160. >But she had spent a year dodging every person in the dorm to shower alone, so it was nothing less than a shock.
  161. >That said she couldn't help but sneak glances through her fingers.
  162. >She wasn't certain if Fleur didn't notice or simply didn't care.
  163. >In fact, if she were anyone but a shy, poorly-adjusted nerd, she would say that Fleur was posing for her under the steaming water cascading down her perfect, defined, goddess-crafted figure...
  164. >Marble squeaked and turned away.
  165. >"Are you not going to shower? You slept in those clothes, did you not? I should think you may need one more than me."
  166. >Fleur was right behind her, Marble could feel the steam coming off her skin and she tried desperately to think of anything else.
  167. >"Non, I will not sleep next to a slob. Strip."
  168. >Marble felt her stomach flip at her commanding tone, and she almost jumped to do as she said.
  169. >If that didn't mean exposing her dumpy body to this literal goddess given human form.
  170. >"Petite Bille, have I not made it clear what your punishment will be if you refuse basic commands?"
  171. >Marble shivered from head to toe and she suddenly wasn't certain if she wanted to strip or not.
  172. >Fleur's hand was now rested on her neck, and her skin was so impeccably soft that Marble's heart began to pound in her chest.
  173. >"I am sorry. I have been too forward, and for that I must apologize."
  174. >Marble's heart stopped and it felt as if her blood was replaced with ice as she spun around, entirely uncaring of Fleur's nudity.
  175. "N-no!"
  176. >Fleur took a step back, her eyes widening a moment.
  177. "I-I'm just..."
  178. >"Shy?"
  179. >Marble nodded.
  180. >Fleur rested her hand on Marble's chin and pulled her head up so they were locking eyes, for the first time.
  181. >Marble's attempts to look away were stifled when Fleur squeezed her chin.
  182. >"Do not be shy around me, Bille, I will not judge."
  183. >For the first time that she could remember Marble believed her, wholeheartedly.
  184. >Marble nodded.
  185. >Fleur's right hand came up and tugged at the buttons to her shirt, her left still caressing her face, now more gently.
  186. >"Then let us shower. I do not know about you, but I fear I may kill our class mates with my smell."
  187. >Marble giggled behind her hand.
  188. >"Laugh more, it is a very pleasant sound."
  189. >Marble nodded her head and began to unbutton her shirt with shaking fingers.
  190. >Fleur gave her a wide smile and helped her pull her shirt off, then her long, conservative skirt.
  191. >Within moments she was standing in front of Fleur wearing nothing but her under garments, a tiny black bra that didn't have much to cover and a pair of panties on thin, pixie-like hips.
  192. >Fleur looked away and coughed, the hint of a blush staining her cheeks.
  193. >Marble squeaked and covered herself, head bowing as she hid behind her long curtain of hair.
  194. >"My apologies!" Fleur said, waving frantically, "I did not realize you would be so cute!"
  195. "C-c-c...?"
  196. >Fleur wasn't certain that Marble's shade of red was healthy.
  197. >Marble for her part could hardly believe her ears, yet Fleur spoke with such sincerity that she couldn't help but believe.
  198. >With a soft tug on her wrist Fleur got Marble's attention, though she wouldn't stop hiding.
  199. >"We must hurry before the water runs cold, as it is I am near frozen, like an ice-cube!"
  200. >Fleur chattered her teeth and hugged her shoulders, mesmerizing Marble with the way her chest undulated and jiggled in front of her face.
  201. >She sucked in a sharp breath and shut her eyes, trying to focus on anything but the prettiest woman in the world that was right in front of her. Naked.
  202. >Marble nodded and shakily reached behind her back unfixing the hooks on her bra and letting it drop to the floor, along with her panties within moments.
  203. >Marble jumped to the rafters when Fleur's soft hand impacted her bare backside, leaving a stinging red mark in the shape of her perfectly manicured hand.
  204. >"I told you minutes ago to undress so you may shower, and you took far too long."
  205. >Fleur's teasing, smug grin made Marble look away, biting her lip to keep any... Unwanted sounds from coming out.
  206. >Marble shuffled further into the showering room and unthinkingly twisted a dial on the wall.
  207. "EEK!"
  208. >Water near freezing beat down her back as Marble's hands came up in shock, exposing her entire body to Fleur's wandering gaze.
  209. >Her musical laughter made Marble flush with rage but she kept her mouth shut for fear of another swat at her ass.
  210. >Then again...
  211. >Marble fixed the temperature and sighed as the warm water now sprayed over her shoulders.
  212. >"I did not think you could make such a loud sound Petite Bille, quite impressive."
  213. >Fleur was right next to her, again posing in the shower spray.
  214. >One leg was propped forward, her hands coming up to run through her silky hair as the spray blasted her front.
  215. >Steamy droplets of water trailed down her bare breasts, dripping from her lightly pink nipples and trailing down toned abs, dipping finally into well-sculpted legs and a hairless sex.
  216. >Every movement she made was graceful and cat-like, the way her bum jutted out but wasn't too big, everything about her was mesmerizing.
  217. >"Staring can make you blind. Is that your expression?"
  218. >Marble flushed and tucked in on herself, hopefully hiding her obvious ogling under the water spray.
  219. >"It is alright to stare Bille. Only if I may do so as well."
  220. >Fleur peered at her through the corner of her eye, a thin smile on her goddess-crafted face.
  221. "why...?"
  222. >"Why am I allowing you to stare, or why do I want to stare?"
  223. >Marble bit her lip.
  224. >She didn't think her heart could take an answer to either question.
  225. >Fleur laughed again though there was no malice behind it, rather it was as if this was most amusing conversation she could be having.
  226. >Marble reflected that Fleur mostly filled in the gaps as to what she was responding with, but it's not as if she minded.
  227. >Not when she had... Much better things to think about.
  228. >She snuck another glance at Fleur's ass, eyes trailing the dimples right at the precipice of her back and bum.
  229. >Fleur was now looking at her as if she were a bird of prey staring at a tiny field mouse, and for a moment Marble felt it.
  230. >Fleur took a step towards her, hand reaching out...
  231. >So close, a second more and her fingers would be...
  232. >The echoing laughter of a few more girls bounced off the hall and into the bathroom.
  233. >Fleur muttered something under her breath and twisted the dial to the off position, the water snapped off in an instant.
  234. >"Come Bille."
  235. "Mhmm..."
  236. >Fleur pulled a towel from a rack hanging along the wall and wrapped it around herself, then did the same for Marble.
  237. >"We can dress in the room."
  238. >Marble nodded and kept close to Fleur as she grabbed their clothes.
  239. >The bathroom door opened and a trio of girls entered, stopping mid conversation as they spotted them.
  240. >Like a pair of ghosts Fleur and Marble were already slipping past them, their hands entwined together as they made their way back up to their room.
  241. >Fleur's long stride meant Marble had to jog to keep up, but in a moment they were in their room.
  242. >Marble was ushered in first with a gentle pat on the bum and Fleur followed after.
  243. >The lock's click was like a gunshot in the silent room.
  244. >Marble bit her lip nervously as Fleur dropped her towel, then the clothes they had been planning to wear.
  245. >Fleur's smile was nerve-inducing as she sashayed forward, hips swinging from side to side in a way that drew Marble's full attention.
  246. >"You never did answer my question, Bille."
  247. >Fleur had her pressed up against the wall now, breasts hanging down in front of Marble's face and her arms coming up to rest on either side of her head.
  248. >The perfume-like that clung to Fleur tickled her nose and Marble couldn't help but breath it in, her face going stark red once more.
  249. "...mhmm..."
  250. >"I am not a patient woman", Fleur reminded her with a cluck of her tongue, "Nor can I let someone stare at me while they hide themselves, especially one so obviously infatuated such as yourself..."
  251. >Marble slid down the wall as the crushing weight of embarrassment settled on her shoulders.
  252. >Marble whimpered when she looked up and saw the bottom of Fleur's breasts, then her sculpted abs, and finally down to the junction of her legs.
  253. >She rubbed her own legs together and she was certain if this went on any longer she'd bite through her lip.
  254. >Fleur knelt down so they were eye-to-eye, a Cheshire grin on her face.
  255. >"So tell me, Bille, what are you going to do about this infatuation of yours?"
  256. >Marble was shaking in her skin, hidden deep in the forest of her long hair.
  257. >Only a single eye was peeking out at Fleur, but that's all she needed to get a good look at the goddess-descended right in front of her.
  258. >Fleur hooked her arms under her full, round breasts, presenting them like the finest of wine to Marble's feasting eyes.
  259. >Little nubs as pink and soft as a flower's petal stood in contrast to blessedly-perfect alabaster skin that Marble desperately wanted to touch, but she dared not.
  260. >Fleur was looking at her with an expectant grin though.
  261. >Her eyes were half lidded and heavy with lust, and her lips were slowly curling into a teasing smirk for every second Marble spent looking at her.
  262. >One of Fleur's arms came up to affectionately pat her head.
  263. >"Perhaps later, Bille? I can wait. Or find another."
  264. >Marble squeaked as Fleur stood up, exposing her lithe, round backside and soft, thin thighs.
  265. "W-wait!"
  266. >Fleur stopped and smirked at her over her shoulder.
  267. >"Yes?"
  268. >Marble tried to scramble up to her feet, but Fleur's raised finger stopped her.
  269. >Fleur spun on the ball of her foot, hips swaying and stray droplets of water trailing lines down her toned body.
  270. >"What do you want Bille? Tell me. Now."
  271. >Marble stayed on her knees, staring up at Fleur.
  272. >Her tone brokered no argument, but Marble struggled to find the words.
  273. "I-I want to do... Things?"
  274. >Fleur took a step closer, clapping her hands and chuckling.
  275. >"Fameaux! I have yet to hear a longer sentence from you yet, Bille. Pray tell, what things?"
  276. "I wanna...! I don't know!"
  277. >Marble let her backside rest on her ankles as she buried her head into her hands, whole body shaking as shame welled up inside of her.
  278. >This goddess descended from the heavens themselves demanded her penance, but she could only writhe around in ignorance.
  279. >"Then I shall teach you." Fleur's tone was heady with lust.
  280. >Marble peeked through her fingers at her and felt blood rush again to her head as Fleur's finger sunk into her sex.
  281. >"Come, come, closer..."
  282. >Fleur's beckoning hand drew Marble forward, her eyes locked in worship to the hand pumping in and out of her wet, dripping lips.
  283. >Marble winced when Fleur's hand wound through her long hair and jerked her head back so she was staring up into her eyes, Fleur now towering over her.
  284. >"Open."
  285. >The fingers drenched in Fleur's essence were touching her lips.
  286. >Marble didn't hesitate and neither did Fleur as her fingers plunged into Marble's mouth.
  287. >The taste was so utterly foreign but not anything distasteful, rather it drew a heat that Marble had never felt before that radiated from her stomach.
  288. >Fleur let Marble savor her fingers for a long moment, her wet tongue curling around the digits as she practically sucked her fingers off.
  289. >"Do you want more, little Bille? Do you? Tell me, beg me."
  290. "Mmhmm!"
  291. >Fleur extracted her fingers much to Marble's dissatisfaction.
  292. >Within moments Fleur had jerked her head the inches it took to reach her wet, searing hot sex.
  293. >Fleur gasped when Marble's lips met her own, and she ground into her face wantingly for a moment.
  294. >"I forgot that you do not know how!" Fleur gasped as she humped Marble's face, "Use your tongue! Yes, like that! Aahhh~ C'est bon! C'est bon!"
  295. >Marble wasn't sure what Fleur was saying as she let out a great number of words that were foreign to her, but she hoped she was doing it well.
  296. >The way Fleur's hips bucked against her face and with how wet she was getting, Marble doubted she was doing anything but enjoying it.
  297. >That little niggling voice in the back of her head that often kept her silent seemed to be in rapturous worship as well, her mind was floating on a cloud as her body began to heat up.
  298. >Fleur let her face go for a moment, and Marble finally remembered to breathe.
  299. >She sucked in several great, shuddering breaths as she began to cough.
  300. >Fleur didn't for a moment release her hair, rather the taller, voluptuous woman dragged her by her hair to the bed a mere foot away.
  301. >Fleur collapsed onto the bed and forced Marble's head back in between her legs, her mouth letting out a low, breathy moan.
  302. >She was laying back against the wall, her leg wrapping around the back of Marble's head as her hand let go.
  303. >Marble's face was red as she kept doing as Fleur instructed, licking this way and that, deeper, finding a little nub that made Fleur's leg tighten and force her in farther.
  304. >Fleur sagged against the wall as sweat began to gather on her body, a great coil winding itself in her gut as she began to let out longer, drawn out moans.
  305. >Moans that Marble had nothing as exquisite to compare too.
  306. >"A finger, yes! There! Yes, like that, c'est bon! Use your tongue to~ Ooh, you have done this before, no? Ahh~"
  307. >Marble blushed at the praise of the woman using her face.
  308. >She was worried she would suffocate in between her thighs, but that worry, and the fear that this was all some sort of joke, dissipated when Fleur looked her in the eye and sucked in a sharp breath when her finger curled inside her scorching lips in just the right way.
  309. >Fleur finally hit the peak she had been so desperate for, locking Marble's head against her wet, aching sex, so hard the smaller girl couldn't move as she bucked her hips and rode out the high.
  310. >Marble wasn't sure how long Fleur used her all she knew was that her jaw was achingly sore and her fingers had never felt so hard to move when she finally let her leg unwind from the back of her head.
  311. >Fleur sighed as she released Marble, already missing the warm breath in between her legs.
  312. >She chuckled when Marble rubbed at her jaw, not caring that she was smearing juices over the lower half of her face with her drenched digits, because her face was soaked just as deeply.
  313. >Marble shyly blushed as her legs clamped together, looking down at the ground as she rubbed her thighs together desperately.
  314. >"Come."
  315. >Fleur moved so she was laying on the bed properly, patting an empty space next to her.
  316. >Marble joined her silently.
  317. >Fleur's long, graceful arms wound around her abdomen and pulled her close.
  318. >"Do you wish to be relieved, Bille?"
  319. >Marble nodded, not trusting her voice.
  320. >"Then you may relieve yourself."
  321. >Marble shuddered when Fleur's hot breath trailed down her neck and her wet tongue licked at the shell of her ear, her teeth gently nibbling her ear lobe.
  322. "I-... P-please?"
  323. >"Please what, amour?"
  324. "Please help?"
  325. >Marble rubbed desperately at her aching sex, trying to grind herself against the girl behind her with fruitless efforts.
  326. >"As you wish."
  327. >Lights exploded behind her eyes as Fleur's fingers dipped down to the junction of her legs.
  328. >Her skilled fingers, still wet from Marble's own saliva, explored her slit and found her clit almost immediately.
  329. >Marble shuddered from head to toe as Fleur experimented, as if playing with a toy.
  330. >"Feel good? There?"
  331. >Marble nodded, squeezing her eyes shut and focusing on her nimble fingers that tap danced around her sex.
  332. >Fleur bit gently into her shoulder and slid a pair of fingers into her.
  333. >Marble gasped and bucked her hips as Fleur quickly drove her inexperienced body to a climax.
  334. >She felt almost shameful at how easily it was for Fleur to do so to her, when it had taken her much longer to do the same.
  335. >Marble was left shaking, face buried in the bed and curled up in the fetal position as Fleur's tinkling laugh tickled her ears.
  336. >Marble peeked over her shoulder as Fleur cleaned her fingers off with her mouth, eyeing her with a sultry, lustful look.
  337. >"Come amour. I am tired."
  338. >Fleur opened her arms and Marble slid into them easily, her head finding a spot on her ample chest.
  339. >Fleur smelled and felt like what she imagined heaven to be, flowers and pretty things and the softest cloud in the world.
  340. "Why me...?"
  341. >Marble's voice was soft but surprisingly firm as Fleur hugged her tight to her chest and settled into the bed.
  342. >She refrained from answering for a moment as she pulled a blanket over their bodies.
  343. >Fleur smoothed her hair and trailed her hand down her back comfortingly, taking a moment to squeeze her still-naked rear.
  344. >Marble blushed and squeaked, and Fleur chuckled.
  345. >"Why not you?"
  346. "I'm ugly."
  347. >"Then you do not look in the mirror."
  348. "We d-don't..."
  349. >Marble trailed off awkwardly.
  350. >"Know each other well?"
  351. >She nodded, burying her face in her chest.
  352. >Marble savored the moment, certain at any moment it would come crashing down.
  353. >"You are sweet, and soft. I like that. We will know each other in time."
  354. "I-I'm small?"
  355. >Fleur chuckled again, brushing her hand through her hair again.
  356. >Marble found it so comforting, like the sandman himself were coaxing her to sleep.
  357. >"I am a dominant woman, I like my women small."
  358. >Marble opened her mouth again to say something but Fleur shushed her.
  359. >Fleur slid down so they were face to face, and Marble was caught in Fleur's entrancing gaze.
  360. >"I would rather your mouth be put to better use, amour..."
  361. >Marble blushed.
  362. "M-my j-jaw hurts..."
  363. >"Something more gentle, then?"
  364. >Marble nodded and Fleur leaned in for a kiss.
  365. >So soft and sweet, like kissing poetry.
  366. >There didn't exist poetry flowery enough to describe her, or her kisses, or the butterflies flitting about her stomach.
  367. >Marble relaxed as Fleur leaned over her, trapping her in a curtain of her hair and arms, shielding them both from the outside world.
  368. >As she kissed Fleur back she idly thought that she had an email to send to a certain dean...
  369. >No way was she giving this up.
  371. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  373. >"Amour, are you still working on that silly report?"
  374. >The door opened, casting a long shadow across the darkened room.
  375. >Marble squinted painfully as she adjusted to the light.
  376. "Mmhm."
  377. >Fleur sauntered into the room in only a towel, still dripping wet from her shower and rubbing her long, voluminous pink hair with another.
  378. >"You are going to go... What is the phrase? Er..."
  379. >Fleur bit her lip as she stepped from foot to foot.
  380. >Even that she did with the utmost grace.
  381. >Marble blushed as the towel slowly slid down Fleur's lithe body, exposing her cleavage to Marble's wandering eyes.
  382. "Stir crazy?"
  383. >Fleur's face brightened and she snapped her fingers.
  384. >"Yes! That is the one! Stir crazy."
  385. "I'm okay."
  386. >"Nonsense. It has been nearly two weeks since you started and you have yet to let up. What was the last thing you ate? Other than me."
  387. "Uhh..." Marble blushed, and not entirely because of Fleur's innuendo.
  388. >"As I thought. I know just the thing!"
  389. >Fleur pointed at her with a wide, Cheshire grin.
  390. >Her towel fell and Marble's blush covered her entire face.
  391. >"I will be back... After I get dressed."
  392. >Marble nodded her head and got back to typing on her computer, firmly trying to keep her mind on her paper and not the very nude Fleur that was dressing right behind her.
  393. >The reflection in her laptop's screen was enough.
  394. >Fleur dressed quickly and was gone in a flash, pink hair flowing behind her as she disappeared out the door.
  395. >Marble sucked in a shuddering breath, biting her lip when her panties slowly got wet.
  396. >She had other things to think about but Fleur never ceased to pull her brain out of her ear with just a simple look, let alone her goddess-given body that she flaunted at every given opportunity.
  397. >Just as her hand began to slip down into her boy-shorts the door slammed open again.
  398. >"Amour...", Fleur stopped as Marble's head whipped over to her, a bright blush on her cheeks as she ripped her hand from her panties.
  399. >"Have I caught the little mouse with her hand in the cookie jar~?"
  400. >Fleur's teasing voice made Marble squeak.
  401. >"If you like I can help you with that in a moment. For now I have brought food."
  402. >Fleur held up a white bag.
  403. "I'm okay", Marble said softly as she tried to hide in her hair.
  404. >"I am not asking."
  405. >Marble was spun around in her chair and suddenly Fleur was straddling her.
  406. >Fleur set the bag down on the desk and pulled out a white clam-shell.
  407. >"You must eat, and if you refuse to do it yourself, I shall do it for you."
  408. "Fleur-Mmphm~!"
  409. >Fleur silenced her with a fork full of noodles.
  410. >Fleur kept the fork in her mouth until she pulled away, chewing slowly.
  411. >Marble's stomach growled fiercely, dusting another soft pink blush across her cheeks
  412. >"As I said. Eat."
  413. >Marble nodded and took the next forkful gratefully.
  414. "Can we... Move to the bed?"
  415. >Fleur smirked and brought her lips up against her ear.
  416. >"Wanting to have your wicked way with me so soon? I'm flattered."
  417. >Marble's head dropped onto Fleur's shoulder as her tinkling laughter filled the air.
  418. >"Of course, come."
  419. >Fleur grabbed her around the waist and stood both of them up.
  420. >She grabbed the clam-shell and deposited Marble onto the bed first then gracefully joined her.
  421. >They were leaned up against the wall, each taking turns pulling another forkful of food from the package as Marble curled up against Fleur's side.
  422. >Her head felt heavy and her stomach stretched with fullness.
  423. >An aching, pleasant fuzziness settled against Marble's forehead as she sighed and wrapped her arm around Fleur's waist.
  424. >"You are tired, yes?"
  425. "Mhmm."
  426. >Fleur polished off the last of the food and dropped the packaging onto the floor as she turned into Marble, curling her long arms around the smaller girl's back and pulling her up against her chest.
  427. >"You may nap if you wish, little mouse. You have been working hard."
  428. "Nap...?"
  429. >"Mhmm."
  430. >Fleur smoothed her hair as Marble's eyes slowly blinked open and closed.
  431. "...Fleur...?"
  432. >"Yes, little mouse?"
  433. "Can I ask you a favor?"
  434. >Marble's voice was so soft and faraway as she settled in against Fleur's chest.
  435. >Her heart beat was a gentle drum that lulled her into a stupor.
  436. >"Always."
  437. >Marble hesitated as her face screwed up.
  438. >She relaxed when Fleur began to rub slow, soothing circles in her back.
  439. >"You shall feel no fear of judgement from me, amour."
  440. "...Can you sing to me?"
  441. >"Pardon?"
  442. "Momma always used to sing to me... Sorry, forget it."
  443. >Fleur hugged her a little tighter and buried her face into the top of Marble's, enjoying her earthy scent.
  444. >"...Au clair de la lune, mon ami Pierrot..."
  445. >Marble gasped as Fleur's soft words were muttered into her ear, further lulling her to sleep.
  446. >"Prête-moi ta plume, pour écrire un mot..."
  447. >Fleur kept singing to her in a soft, gentle rhythm as she finally fell asleep in her arms.
  448. >Fleur stopped singing as she felt Marble's breath slow and her body completely still.
  449. >She lay a kiss on the crown of her head, a small smile tilting her lips.
  450. >"Bonne nuit, darling..."
  451. >Fleur settled in against her and joined her in slumber just a few moments later.
  453. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  455. >There was no greater truth that Marble accepted about herself than her naivete.
  456. >Naive about life, about relationships, about anything beyond what she was majoring in and how to farm rocks.
  457. >Yet even with her naturally-grown naivete she could feel the sorrow radiating from Fleur.
  458. >Two months into the semester and it seemed like every day her radiant glow dimmed a bit, her eyes dulled a little more.
  459. >Even her sex drive- which still caused a blush to light up Marble's face- didn't seem as insatiable as it had been.
  460. >Fleur was more reserved than she had ever been, and that worried Marble.
  461. >She knew very little about how to comfort someone, and often it was Fleur doing the comforting, so trying to suss out what was wrong just by context seemed just out of her grasp.
  462. >Yet as she dove into her school work in practiced fervor the niggling feeling of despair that hung around Fleur made Marble grimace.
  463. >How would she go about lifting the spirits of a goddess-given-flesh?
  464. >Often they would fall asleep in each other's arms, Fleur simply holding her tight as her gorgeous face grimaced in pain, yet Marble was at least certain that it was not of the physical variety.
  465. >Even her attempts at lifting Fleur's spirit were rebuffed as Fleur assured her that she was fine, and no, she wasn't on her time of the month.
  466. >Marble had blushed for at least two hours after she had had to bite out that question.
  467. >So, as she tick-tacked another piece of homework on her computer, her mind strayed to what could be bothering Fleur...
  469. ***
  471. >Later that night they laid in bed together, for the first time with pure innocence.
  472. >Even so Marble's face was red.
  473. >Marble wrapped her arm around Fleur's waist.
  474. >Despite the woman's taller stature, she seemed more than content with being the little spoon.
  475. >Marble didn't really mind either, Fleur was soft, and warm, and altogether pleasant to be around regardless of how they were together.
  476. >Marble breathed in deeply, enjoying the flowery scent that clung to the woman curled up in her arms.
  477. >Fleur had fallen asleep fitfully at least a half an hour ago, yet she seemed ever more restless as she twitched in Marble's arms.
  478. >Marble hoped her presence soothed Fleur at least a little, the woman deserved no less with how she had comforted her so often.
  479. >Fleur stilled a moment later as Marble began to play with her long, silky pink hair, running her hands through the impossibly soft texture.
  480. >Marble wasn't even half-good with words, but she really hoped Fleur could understand what she was trying to say, even embroiled in slumber as she was.
  481. >Fleur turned over in her sleep and snuggled into Marble's chest, her face now serene and utterly content as her long, lithe arms wrapped around Marble's waist.
  482. >Marble relaxed and buried her face into the top of Fleur's head, closing her eyes and letting sleep claim her...
  484. ***
  486. >Marble opened the door to her room, her backpack slipping down to the floor as she shut the door behind her.
  487. >That days classes had been tougher than usual.
  488. >Marble sighed and slid down to the floor, pinching her brow with her fingers and enjoying the calm of her darkened room.
  489. >Fleur shouldn't be back for another hour or so...
  490. >Marble's head snapped up as she heard the distinct shuffling of fabric in their small room, and her eyes snapped over to the bottom bunk.
  491. >Fleur's distinct pink hair was visible in the darkness, as was the white pillow covering her face.
  492. "F-Fleur...?"
  493. >Fleur moaned something that Marble couldn't make out as she buried herself further in the sheets of her bed.
  494. >Marble's heart stopped hammering in her chest as she realized it was indeed the woman she thought it was.
  495. >She breathed a sigh of relief.
  496. "Shouldn't you be in class?"
  497. >Her voice was soft but firm, and she noticed Fleur tensing at her tone.
  498. >"I took the day off."
  499. "You skipped class...?"
  500. >"Took the day off." Fleur stubbornly muttered.
  501. "Are you okay?"
  502. >"Oui."
  503. >Marble hesitated as she reached her hand out to touch Fleur.
  504. "I don't believe you."
  505. >Fleur turned over in her bed, her face a torrent of emotion.
  506. >"I am fine, amour."
  507. >Marble took a seat on the bed and haltingly placed a hand on Fleur's shoulder.
  508. "Are you..."
  509. >Marble sucked in a sharp breath as heat began to rise to her cheaks.
  510. "...Do you miss your family?"
  511. >Fleur was silent for a long moment, and Marble began to worry that she had overstepped her boundary.
  512. >She said nothing, but the way she seemed to curl in on herself told Marble all she needed to know.
  513. "...I miss mine", Marble muttered, her face hidden behind her long, straight hair, "I miss mine every day. I haven't seen them in almost a year. Not since last Christmas."
  514. >Fleur's hand snaked out of the blanket she was covered under and grabbed hers.
  515. >Marble bit her lip as she felt the dull ache that she did her best to ignore well up again in her chest.
  516. "I don't know how it feels to be an ocean apart, but I know how it feels to be separated from the people you love."
  517. >Marble's head fell as her eyes stung with tears.
  518. >She rose from the bed but Fleur's hand tightened around her own.
  519. >"...Please, do not leave."
  520. >Marble nodded and took a seat back on the bed.
  521. >Fleur wiggled around until her head was laying in her lap.
  522. >Marble slowly stroked Fleur's soft hair, her own eyes growing misty as she thought of her family, and her home, and could only imagine what Fleur was feeling considering her distance from home.
  523. >"Thank you", Fleur muttered.
  524. >Marble kept running her hands through Fleur's hair absently as she mulled over what she could say.
  525. >She kept quiet, but Fleur didn't seem to mind as she cuddled further against Marble's side.
  526. >Marble let her relax as she slowly drifted into sleep, calm once more.
  527. >Marble pushed herself back against the bed and planted a kiss against Fleur's crown, a blush dusting her cheeks.
  528. "Goodnight."
  529. >Fleur shifted for a moment.
  530. >"Bonne nuit.. Thank you."
  531. >Marble smoothed the hair from her face, tracing her hand down the woman's impossibly smooth skin.
  532. >She wasn't very good with words, but she hoped she was good at this...
  534. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  536. >"That is it!"
  537. >Marble looked up from her book just as Fleur threw hers across the room.
  538. >Fleur groaned and leaped from her seat on one of the chairs in the room onto the bed, pulling a squawk from Marble as the larger woman nearly landed on her.
  539. >Fleur rolled over so she was staring up at the bottom of the top bunk.
  540. >"I am sick of being trapped in this room! All we have done since term started is study! Come, I wish to go somewhere and have fun!"
  541. "...Fun?"
  542. >"Oui."
  543. "I'm having fun", Marble said softly, returning her attention back into her book.
  544. >"Amour..." Fleur said.
  545. >Marble's eyes narrowed and her cheeks heated up.
  546. >That tone of voice was never good.
  547. >Fleur plucked the book from her hands and tossed it onto the floor.
  548. "H-hey!"
  549. >Fleur's grinning face was followed by her long, graceful hands burying themselves into Marble's ribs.
  550. "N-no! Sto-p~!"
  551. >Marble squealed as Fleur held her down.
  552. >She thrashed mercilessly in Fleur's torturous grip as the woman cackled evilly.
  553. "Fleur!"
  554. >"Yes amour~?" Fleur asked as she straddled Marble, fingers dancing up and down her sides and skittering under her thick sweater.
  555. "P-please...!"
  556. >"Hmm..." Fleur stopped for a moment as Marble sucked in great, heaving breaths.
  557. "N-no more..."
  558. >Fleur leaned down so their lips were only an inch apart.
  559. >She moved her face so that her warm breath was blowing against Marble's ear.
  560. "Fleur...!"
  561. >Fleur's teeth grabbed at her ear lobe at bit gently into the flesh, just how Fleur knew she liked.
  562. >"I will stop when you promise to come with me..." Fleur muttered.
  563. >Marble was gasping as Fleur began to tickle her neck with feather-light kisses, taking a moment to nip at the skin of her neck playfully.
  564. >"Do you swear, little mouse?"
  565. >Her panting slowed long enough to get out a gasped, shuddering "Mhmm...", redoubling as Fleur rewarded her with a particularly hard bite on her neck.
  566. >"Then we have no time to waste!"
  567. >Fleur bounded from the bed and ripped open her wardrobe as she dove deep into her modest collection of clothing.
  568. >Marble was left red faced and panting on the bed, her thighs slowly growing wet.
  569. >Fleur was such a tease, especially when she pranced around in only a pair of panties and a large t-shirt, as she was now.
  570. >Marble looked over at her and eyed up Fleur's backside.
  571. >It was half hidden by her overly-long shirt but as she stood on her tip toes to grab something from the back of the wardrobe her shirt rode up on her back.
  572. >Her smooth, undeniably long, toned legs flexed and Marble could barely draw her eyes away as she blushed.
  573. >"Quit staring and get changed, petite Bille."
  574. >Marble jumped as Fleur flashed a predatory grin over her shoulder.
  575. "I am dressed."
  576. >Fleur's face was deadpan as she looked up Marble's thin, petite form hidden under a thick grey-green sweater and blue jeans, ending in a pair of fuzzy socks.
  577. >"Like a bum."
  578. "nuh-uh..."
  579. >Marble hid her face with the collar of her long necked sweater, hiding her face in her long hair.
  580. >"Come here."
  581. >Fleur pulled her by her hand from the bed and Marble didn't resist as she stood before her discerning, critical gaze.
  582. >"Your pants are... Adequate. Your jacket must go."
  583. "It's warm."
  584. >Fleur's eyes sparkled and the grin that grew across her face was nearly demented.
  585. >"Warm you say...?"
  586. >She spun on her heel and began to dig through her wardrobe, and Marble wondered if her collection of clothing could really be called 'modest.'
  587. >"Ah-ha!"
  588. "Uh..."
  589. >Fleur held the garment in her hands proudly, a self-satisfied smirk on her face.
  590. >"Just try it on, for me? S'il vous plait?"
  591. >Fleur was batting her eyes and Marble had a hard time saying no.
  592. "Mhm..."
  593. >That didn't mean she had to sound enthusiastic.
  594. >Fleur didn't seem to mind as she spun Marble over to the tall mirror hung in between their wardrobes.
  595. >Her sweater was gone and discarded like trash in a flash, leaving her thin frame only covered by a baggy white shirt.
  596. >"Mon dieu! This shirt does nothing for you!"
  597. "...It's comfy...?"
  598. >"Non! You have nothing to hide amour, you are thin, not grotesque..."
  599. >The shirt followed the sweater and Marble was left trying to cover her small black bra and skinny, lithe body.
  600. >What replaced it was something similar in its simplicity yet it was more form fitting.
  601. >It obviously belong to Fleur, being at least two sizes too large, but it hugged her body more than the other one and looked less like a drape.
  602. >What followed was something Marble had never even considered wearing before - a large, classic leather jacket.
  603. >Marble could only vaguely wonder why Fleur even owned something this masculine.
  604. >It looked like it was made for a biker, not a super model.
  605. >The jacket was warm though, warmer than her sweater, and the weight felt nice on her shoulders.
  606. >As did Fleur's arms as they wrapped around her from behind.
  607. >"You look simply merveilleuse."
  608. "A-are you sure?"
  609. >Marble was hiding in her hair again, trying to tuck herself into the jacket the best she could.
  610. >"Indeed. It is missing something though... Ah! Fameaux!"
  611. >Fleur pulled Marble's hair back into a loose ponytail and pinned it back with a hair tie that had been around her wrist.
  612. >Marble's nose scrunched when a thick lock of her long hair spilled down her face, tickling her uncomfortably.
  613. >"...And, voila!"
  614. >Fleur gestured grandly into the mirror as she pinned up the hanging lock of hair with the hair pin she so frequently used.
  615. >"Absolutely adorable~."
  616. >Fleur nibbled on her ear again, pulling a blush from Marble's cheeks.
  617. >"Good enough to eat, I say."
  618. >Marble blushed shyly but the grin on her face told Fleur all she needed to know.
  619. >"Now come, let us go into the world!"
  620. "Don't you need to get dressed...?"
  621. >Marble turned around and her jaw loosened in her mouth.
  622. >Fleur was dressed, hip-hugging skinny jeans and a short jacket that hugged her curves just right over a white shirt with a pink lining that looked tailor made.
  623. "W-when...?"
  624. >Fleur threaded her arm through Marble's and dragged her out of the dorm room.
  625. >"Come amour, you shall be my handsome knight for the evening."
  626. >Marble was still stumped, but she found she really didn't care right now, especially with those heels Fleur was wearing...
  628. ***
  630. >Marble had never seen a place like this before.
  631. >Her eyes shined with the reflection of a dozen different strobing and flashing lights, and her lithe form ground against Fleur’s as the floor beneath them pulsated a hundred colors.
  632. >Her mind felt fuzzy and her entire body floated as the demi-goddess flexing and contorting against her whispered dirty things in her ear.
  633. >Marble assumed they were dirty, considering Fleur’s hands trailed over her body, up her shirt and down to her ass.
  634. >Her hands weren’t idle either as the hot, upbeat crowd pressed in on all sides, forcing them ever closer together.
  635. >Marble pressed a searing kiss to Fleur’s plush lips and pushed her tongue into the taller woman’s mouth as she began to lead their hormone-fueled grinding and groping.
  636. >”F-fameaux…”
  637. >Fleur was panting, face flushed as she separated.
  638. >Marble’s arms were around her waist and her hips were thrust forward as Marble savagely attacked her neck.
  639. >”L-let’s get something to drink… Amour~”, Fleur gasped, finally pushing Marble’s head away.
  640. >Fleur grabbed her by the wrist before the girl could try and jump her there on the dance floor and pushed her way out of the crowd and to the table they had been occupied when they got there.
  641. >Marble’s head felt like it was stuffed with cotton as she stumbled towards the table with a giddy giggle.
  642. >She gripped the edge of the table as the room spun around her.
  643. >Fleur kept her grip on her wrist as the room threatened to turn upside down.
  644. >Fleur seemed terribly amused by something, but Marble wasn’t certain of what.
  645. >She watched Fleur intently as she seductively lifted a funny yellow drink to her lips and took a long, slow sip.
  646. >Fleur licked her lips as she stared into Marble’s eyes, a small blush dusting her usually unflappable demeanor.
  647. >Marble took a long draw from her own tall glass of iced tea that Fleur had ordered.
  648. >It was a little bitter, and it went down salty, but it was otherwise delicious.
  649. >As Fleur described it as coming from Long Island- whatever that meant.
  650. >She sighed and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
  651. >Fleur pressed up against her side, setting her glass down and threading her long, graceful fingers into Marble’s hair.
  652. >She turned Marble’s head so they were facing each other, her breath hot and needy against her ears.
  653. >”One last dance… Then perhaps we can go back to the dorm and I can take that jacket off of you…~”
  654. >Marble giggled.
  655. “You mean you wanna fuck?”
  656. >Fleur blushed brilliantly and blurted out a laugh.
  657. >”Where did you learn language like that?!"
  658. >Marble’s eyes darkened and she grabbed Fleur’s face.
  659. >”Marble-mmph…!”
  660. >Marble planted a searing kiss on Fleur’s face and pulled after a second.
  661. >Fleur was left standing there for a moment with a smirk on her face and her eyes closed.
  662. “Come on!”
  663. >Marble grabbed her hand and led her back onto the dance floor.
  664. >They were pressed tightly together as Fleur led them in another dirty dance compounded with the heat of the crowd and the weightless balloon that welled up in Marble’s chest.
  665. >It was like she was an endless chalice of confidence, like she could do absolutely anything.
  666. >As they spun round and round, Marble dully realized that Fleur wasn’t dancing with her anymore.
  667. >Rather her back was now to her and she was bristling like an angry cat.
  668. >Marble peered over her shoulder at a man taller than either of them, a smirk on his face.
  669. >Fleur was biting something out at him, what it was Marble couldn’t tell under the roar of the crowd and her own brain’s fuzziness.
  670. >His face twisted angrily and in a flash Marble’s world was turned upside down.
  671. >The man was stumbling back and slammed against another, even larger man, sending his drink flying from his hands.
  672. >Marble’s face drained of blood as she took a step back from where she had shoved him with all of her might into the red-faced, furious looking man lingering just outside the dance floor.
  673. >If Marble thought the man that had been talking to Fleur was big, this one was even larger.
  674. >The man that had spilled his drink grabbed the other by his collar.
  675. >Marble’s attention snapped into focus as a brawl erupted between them, quickly spreading like wildfire until it seemed the entire club had descended into chaos.
  676. >She stood in the middle, stupidly staring as blood and spit and bodies began to fly.
  677. >Fleur’s hand grabbed her wrist and she hauled them both out of their.
  678. >In a moment Marble felt crisp, cool air on her face and both she and Fleur were laughing like loons as they stumbled through the streets.
  679. >”Fameaux!” Fleur crowed as she supported Marble’s shambling form.
  680. >Marble laughed.
  681. >”That was the most fun I had in years - and with such a handsome, chivalrous knight~ Mon amooouur…~”
  682. >Fleur’s breathy, moaning whisper tickled her ear like a blade of grass.
  683. >Her breath was hot and her lips were soft.
  684. >Marble groaned and she swatted Fleur hard on the ass.
  685. >Fleur jumped, then giggled.
  686. >They walked side by side, swaying and shambling together as they made their way back to the dorms.
  688. ***
  690. >Marble pushed Fleur back with her searing kiss as she kicked the door closed.
  691. >Their jackets hit the floor and they separated for a mere second so Marble could strip Fleur’s shirt from her body.
  692. >She groaned into the taller woman’s mouth as their tongues met in the middle.
  693. >Marble gripped Fleur’s soft, plush hips and moved her back until they were pressing against the bed.
  694. >They separated their kiss for just a brief moment to climb into the bunk, Marble on top and Fleur writhing in pleasure on the bottom.
  695. >”Mon dieu! W-what has gotten into you?”
  696. >Fleur gasped as Marble’s knee pressed in between her legs.
  697. “I feel like-”, Marble said in between kisses “Really good. Like I can do anything.”
  698. >She shuddered as Marble’s hot breath tickled ear when she leaned down to nip at her neck.
  699. >The space in between the bunks was tight with two people but it didn’t bother them as they were pressed closer together.
  700. >Marble pinned one of Fleur’s hands to the bed and fumbled for a moment until the button on her jeans was popped open.
  701. >Fleur’s pants were quickly pulled off, and her legs wound themselves around Marble’s waist.
  702. >She let out a low, breathy moan, letting loose a stream of creative, foreign words into the air as Marble’s teeth dug into her neck.
  703. >Marble was doing her best to run her hands over every part of Fleur’s gorgeous body, making her wriggle in pleasure beneath her, bearing her blemish-free body to Marble’s wandering hands.
  704. >”Mon Dieu…” Fleur muttered, “I did not expect you to be so… Ah!”
  705. >Marble, with surprising strength, spun her over onto her stomach and landed a harsh slap onto her perfect ass.
  706. “Quiet…” Marble hissed, her teeth sinking once again into Fleur’s shoulder.
  707. >Fleur gasped, and Marble spanked her again.
  708. >They slowly built up a rhythm.
  709. >The more Fleur wriggled and writhed and made a thousand different sounds, the harder Marble’s firm palm impacted her soft flesh.
  710. >Fleur was panting and sweating, her tongue lolling from her mouth and her hair askew, yet Marble couldn’t say she’s ever seen her look so hot before.
  711. >”Amour~ Please…”
  712. >Fleur arched her back, pressing her glowing red ass towards Marble.
  713. >Marble clumsily grabbed Fleur’s hair and leaned over her back.
  714. >Her movements were sluggish and dull, but Fleur could see- and feel, as Marble’s first and second finger plunged into her burning hot sex- her fiery lust.
  715. >Fleur moaned hotly in her native tongue, spurring her lover on as Marble’s fingers slid in and out of her.
  716. >Marble felt Fleur tighten up on her after a few more moments, crushing her fingers as the woman below her gripped the sheets of their bed.
  717. >She didn’t move for a long moment, stuck in a stiff, tense figure, until she collapsed, utterly boneless.
  718. >”A-ah… Marble…”
  719. >Fleur rolled over after another long pause where she regathered her already dulled wits.
  720. >Marble rolled over with her, gently snoring.
  721. >Fleur laughed, “Silly mouse…”
  722. >She stripped herself of the last of the clothing on her body and threw it to the floor, and did the same to Marble.
  723. >Marble curled up as Fleur pulled the last of her clothes from her body so she was in just her black panties.
  724. >The taller woman yawned widely as she pulled the blanket over their warm bodies and snuggled up to Marble.
  725. >Fleur brushed Marble's hair from her face and enjoyed her soft snores and peaceful face.
  726. >Fleur propped herself up so she was leaned her head in her hand, lightly playing with Marble's long, soft hair and running gentle fingers down her side.
  727. >Life here, she thought, was sweet.
  729. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  731. >Marble woke up ensconced in warmth and Fleur’s flowery scent.
  732. >Her head was resting on Fleur’s stomach and her thin, skinny arms were around Fleur’s hourglass waist.
  733. >Marble buried her head into Fleur’s taut stomach as the woman above her prodded at her.
  734. >”Wake up…”
  735. “Nuh-uh,” Marble muttered, tightening her grip and trying to ignore Fleur’s poking finger.
  736. >”Marble…!” Fleur whined, “I have to get up, amour!”
  737. “Nuh-uh. It’s Sunday.”
  738. >”And I have to go to the gym today, love.”
  739. >Marble shook her head, surreptitiously rubbing her cheek against Fleur’s well-toned, taut stomach.
  740. >Fleur huffed.
  741. >She locked her legs around Marble’s skinny chest and in one fluid motion rolled over so she was nearly sitting on Marble’s face.
  742. >Marble squawked at Fleur’s smug, self-satisfied grin.
  743. >”You look good down there.”
  744. >Marble’s face turned red, and her nose scrunched as she struggled under Fleur’s weight.
  745. >”Come with me to the gym?”
  746. >Fleur swung off Marble’s chest and landed gracefully to the floor.
  747. >Marble glared at the bottom of the bunk above them, and crossed her arms.
  748. “Nuh-uh.”
  749. >”Do not pout, love, it’s unbecoming.”
  750. “Hmph.”
  751. >Marble snuck a glance at Fleur’s ass as she pulled on long, near see-through black tights that clung to her shapely legs.
  752. >Fleur caught her looking and her grin grew wider.
  753. >”If you come with me I’ll finish what I could have started just a moment ago.”
  754. >Marble eyed her up and down as Fleur slid a tight sports bra over her curvaceous figure, a thin blush dusting her cheeks.
  755. >”And…” Fleur whispered, moving back to the bed and crawling over Marble’s smaller, lithe body, “I’ll do that thing you like~.”
  756. >Fleur’s face was just an inch from Marble’s, her hot breath on her cheek and her plush lips achingly close to her twitching ear.
  757. >Marble flushed.
  758. “M-mhm…”
  759. >”Fameaux!”
  760. >Fleur pulled her up from the bed.
  761. >”You can even wear those… Clothes… You so like, the gym is the perfect place for poor fashion choices.”
  762. >Fleur’s nose was thrust into the air, the very act of saying the word ‘clothes’ acidic on her tongue.
  763. >Marble giggled, and Fleur couldn’t help but do the same.
  764. >”Come on, if we hurry and beat the crowd we can shower afterwards.”
  765. >Marble nodded and slipped into an oversized white shirt and a pair of shorts that hung low on her thin body.
  766. >Fleur looked personally offended by what she was wearing, but refrained from saying anything as she pulled her long, silk-like pink hair into a tight ponytail.
  767. >Marble didn’t resist when she did the same for her.
  768. >Fleur led the way out of the room, towards the on-campus gym.
  770. ***
  772. >Marble wasn’t sure where or how Fleur had tricked her into this hell.
  773. >Her entire body was sore and tired, and she was drenched in sweat.
  774. >Then to make matters worse, it seemed Fleur had hardly been trying.
  775. >If anything she seemed greatly amused by it all.
  776. >”Are you nearly done?”
  777. >Marble huffed and puffed as she collapsed on the bench they had been using, her tongue nearly lolling out of her mouth.
  778. “Mhm…”
  779. >Fleur stretched up to the ceiling, flexing her graceful, cat-like body.
  780. >She settled with a soft sigh.
  781. >”Shower then?”
  782. “Mhm.”
  783. >Marble couldn’t say much more than that, her entire body felt drained of energy.
  784. >Fleur’s tinkling laughter filled her ears.
  785. >”Let me help you, amour,” Fleur said softly.
  786. >Her lovely, flowery voice floated through the near empty room.
  787. >Marble had been surprised to see the gym just about empty except for the two of them, and she vaguely wondered what time they had woken up.
  788. >She shuddered at the thought.
  789. >Fleur circled her arm around Marble’s waist and threw her arm around her shoulders, so she was near-carrying her.
  790. >Marble leaned gratefully into her side as Fleur slowly walked her toward the showers.
  791. >A hot shower sounded nice right now…
  793. ***
  795. >The hot water helped rejuvenate her tired, drained body.
  796. >The spray beat down on her back as she tucked in on herself, eyes shut and arms wound around her body as her hair hung like a curtain in front of her.
  797. >Fleur was using the spout next to her, softly singing under her voice in her native tongue.
  798. >Marble couldn’t help but steal glances, but she much prefered the warm, relaxing water.
  799. >Thankfully the showers had been entirely empty.
  800. >Especially when Fleur’s long, graceful arms wound around Marble’s waist and her round, full breasts pressed into the back of her head.
  801. >”Did you have fun?”
  802. >Marble shook her head and Fleur laughed.
  803. >Her hands left her waist and moved up so they were resting on her shoulders.
  804. >”Perhaps that should be changed?”
  805. “How?”
  806. >Fleur gently turned her around and lowered herself to her knees.
  807. “F-Fleur, someone could see…~!”
  808. >Her voice caught in her breath as Fleur’s smoldering gaze locked to hers, her talented tongue busying itself with driving Marble to a new height.
  809. >Her lilac eyes were alight with amusement as Marble gripped the back of her head, her mouth open in a soft, near silent moan.
  810. >Fleur pulled away with a smile on her wet mouth.
  811. >”Shall we move to our room?”
  812. >Marble panted out a yes, and in a flash Fleur was wrapping a towel around her waist.
  813. >Marble kept up as best as she could as Fleur nearly dragged her through the halls.
  814. >They were in their room in a flash, and for a moment Fleur was taken flat-footed as Marble dragged her into a deep, wet kiss, their still wet bodies clashing together.
  815. >Fleur deepened the kiss and tried to gently nudge Marble back to the bed, but Marble stayed firm and moved her hand under Fleur’s small towel.
  816. >”Being aggressive again?” Fleur panted, their lips separated for a mere moment.
  817. >Marble’s fingers reached for Fleur, but in a flash Marble was laid out face-first on the bed and Fleur’s thigh was grinding in between her legs.
  818. >Marble groaned.
  819. >The moment her mouth opened Fleur jammed a pair of fingers in, keeping her jaw open.
  820. >Her other hand played with Marble’s pliable ass.
  821. >The girl under her squirmed in pleasure and bucked crudely against her thigh.
  822. “M-more…” Marble muttered, her face burning red yet the clear lust in her eyes was unmistakable.
  823. >Fleur chuckled and flipped Marble over.
  824. >Her face replaced her knee and Marble panted, eyes glazed over in lust as Fleur drove her crazy.
  825. >She tried to clamp her thighs around Fleur’s head, tried to move, tried to work herself down on her partner’s hot, wet tongue- but Fleur’s hands gripped her hips and kept her still.
  826. >Marble’s entire body tensed as lightning shot up her spine, a long, low moan left her lips as she collapsed in a boneless heap to her sheets.
  827. >Fleur pulled her face away and rested her head on Marble’s thigh, knowing how her warm breath brushing up against her slit was working her up again.
  828. >Marble groaned as she tried to move, but the workout from that morning kept her from even twitching.
  829. >”I told you it would be fun.”
  830. >She stared up at the bottom of the bunk above her as she willed her body to move.
  831. >Fleur’s tinkling laughter filled the room as she rolled Marble onto her stomach and straddled her ass.
  832. “W-what…?”
  833. >”Nothing is better than a massage after working so hard,” Fleur said, her fingers gently kneading into Marble’s thin back.
  834. >Marble sighed as she sunk into the mattress.
  835. >Fleur bent over so that she was just above Marble’s ear, and whispered, “Thank you for coming with me, I appreciate you joining me even though I know it was hard.”
  836. “It was fun.”
  837. >Fleur laughed, “Are you sure?”
  838. >Marble twitched as Fleur pressed firmly down on a particularly sore spot in her shoulder, but relaxed when it finally eased under her ministrations.
  839. “Sorta. I had fun cause you were there.”
  840. >”That’s… Very sweet.”
  841. >Marble turned her head so she could glimpse Fleur’s face out of the corner of her eye.
  842. >Her pale skin was dusted with a blush.
  843. “I like you a lot, Fleur.”
  844. >Fleur seemed startled by the declaration.
  845. “And… Not just because of the naughty stuff,” Marble squeaked, “Because of this.”
  846. >”I think this is the first time I have given you a massage…?”
  847. >Marble shook her head with a small smile on her face, “No. Because you care about me.”
  848. >Fleur stopped for a moment and her lips curled into a small smile and she shut her eyes tight.
  849. >Her hand came up to wipe at her eyes.
  850. >”For someone so quiet, you sure are talkative today.”
  851. >Marble giggled.
  852. >Fleur continued.
  854. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  856. “Fleur?”
  857. >”Oui?”
  858. “Am I pretty?”
  859. >Marble chewed on her lip and her fingers drummed the hard-back cover of her book.
  860. >Fleur stopped applying make-up and her clear blue eyes stared at Marble’s reflected visage in her desk mirror.
  861. >Marble was doing her best to hide in her book, her eyes trailing over the same sentence over and over.
  862. >”Oui.”
  863. >Some sense of relief cooled the burning awkwardness that had settled in her chest.
  864. >Fleur went back to her cycle of applying make-up, removing it, applying it again, like a great painter working on an angelic canvas.
  865. >Marble couldn’t help but sneak glances out of the corner of her eye.
  866. >Fleur had caught her staring in between applications of different types of makeup, her face contorting in odd but no-less pretty faces.
  867. >”Do you think you are not pretty?”
  868. “Ahh…” Marble gripped the back of her book tightly as the monster of awkwardness returned to her chest.
  869. >She regretted asking.
  870. “Well, no… But I’m not really like you.”
  871. >”Like me?” Fleur asked, her voice heavy with amusement, “What about me do you mean?”
  872. >Marble flushed and thrust her face nose-first into her book.
  873. “Pretty,” she mumbled.
  874. >”Quoi? Apologies, I must not have heard you.”
  875. >The sly grin on her ruby-red painted lips reflected in the mirror told Marble different, but it’s not as if she could call Fleur a liar.
  876. “I said you’re pretty.”
  877. >”Ah, fameaux. Merci beaucoup. So why do you think you are not?”
  878. “Well I don’t-” Marble started softly.
  879. >”-You are just not like me,” Fleur finished, “We have established you’re not like me. Then what are you being like?”
  880. >Marble felt the monster of awkwardness in her chest tie her tongue into knots and spin her brain around in her skull.
  881. >How could she really answer that?
  882. “I don’t know, just not… Not pretty, like you.”
  883. >Fleur stopped applying her makeup and slid a cap on some sort of eye-lash something-or-other Marble couldn’t place.
  884. >”Come, sit next to me.”
  885. >Fleur patted the desk chair situated just a foot away.
  886. >Marble didn’t hesitate, certain Fleur would persuade her if she didn’t.
  887. >And she really wasn’t in the mood to be ‘persuaded’.
  888. >Fleur turned a bit in her chair to look at her, only half her face painted yet the untouched half looked no less gorgeous.
  889. >Her soft fingers gripped Marble’s chin and tilted her head out of the cocoon of her hair and into the dim dorm light.
  890. >Fleur twisted her head this way and that, seemingly at random.
  891. “Fleur-”
  892. >”Tais-toi,” Fleur chided gently as her thumb rubbed against Marble’s lips.
  893. >Fleur turned away from her and reached into her large, tiered box of makeup and pulled out something that Marble actually recognized.
  894. >The coal-gray shade of lipstick made her stomach twist.
  895. “I-I don’t know, I’m not really…”
  896. >”Please?”
  897. >Fleur batted her eyes, and looked all too smug when Marble relented.
  898. >Her chin was tilted up and the lipstick was pressed softly to her lips.
  899. >Marble grimaced but kept her face as neutral as possible at the alien feeling.
  900. >Fleur only took a practiced few seconds to apply an even layer of lipstick.
  901. >”Voir!”
  902. >Fleur tilted Marble’s face so she was looking at herself in mirror.
  903. >Her eyebrows lifted up and her lips parted minutely.
  904. >”You are not like me, true, but you are no less pretty.”
  905. >Her hand rested on Marble’s cheek, her thumb ghosting over her high cheekbones with a tender softness.
  906. >”I like you for more than how you look,” Fleur continued, her blue eyes fixing on her face, “I like how… Timid you are, and how cute you can be. You are being sweet so often.”
  907. >The monster of awkwardness that rested heavy in Marble’s chest came apart with every word that slipped from Fleur’s painted lips, easing her mind and abating her fears.
  908. >”I like that you do not argue,” Fleur said with a teasing grin, “Too much, at least.”
  909. >Marble grabbed Fleur’s hand from her cheek and held it in between her own smaller, more calloused hands.
  910. >”I do like how pretty you are, as well,” Fleur purred, “And all mine, no less. Such a rare treat, one like you.”
  911. >Fleur’s pretty face and plush, full lips stretched into a small smile, and Marble so wanted to kiss her.
  912. >Her eyes were locked on Fleur’s lips intently, but the weight of her own mind kept her seated.
  913. >”Why, I could do simply anything I wanted to you,” Fleur continued, her eyelids lowering as her teasing grin turned into a smirk, “All mine, like a little toy, no?”
  914. >The hand resting in between Marble’s slid from her grip and pressed teasingly to Marble’s flat stomach.
  915. >Marble’s cheeks lit up in a blush as Fleur’s fingers danced at the waist of her overly large pants.
  916. >Her fingers walked a trail up the other direction though, tickling her chin as Fleur drew her further in.
  917. >Marble felt weak in the knees and her breath came panting in and out of her as her eyes drew near-shut.
  918. >She leaned forward and fell into Fleur’s arms as their lips finally met.
  919. >Their lips, red and coal-gray, mingled together as a pair of pink tongues met in the middle.
  920. >Fleur had taught Marble well as she gave as good as she got, their tongues dancing together.
  921. >Marble’s arms wound around Fleur’s neck and Fleur’s did the same around her waist.
  922. >After several long minutes they finally separated, panting and flushed and pleasantly buzzing with warmth as they leaned against each other.
  923. >Fleur pressed a searing kiss to Marble’s cheek, leaving a no doubt sloppy red lip mark on her pale skin.
  924. >”Non, do not wipe it off,” Fleur giggled as she caught Marble’s hand, “Everyone will see the mark, and my lips, and know you’re mine, oui?”
  925. >Marble flushed hotly, but in a rare bit of boldness she did the same to Fleur’s cheek, leaving a smeared coal-colored mark.
  926. >Fleur pulled back in surprise, but then she laughed.
  927. >”Non, I am not laughing at you!” Fleur said when she saw the look on Marble’s face, “Never at you, amour, I promise. You are just so silly sometimes. So fragile, yet so bold! Like a prickly rose.”
  928. >Marble stared down at her hands crossed in her lap.
  929. >Fleur tilted her face up so they were locking eyes.
  930. >Her mischievous look glimmered in her sky-blue eyes as her cheeks spread into a wide grin.
  931. >”I have more make-up. Care to see just how pretty I can make you?”
  932. >Marble tilted her head to the side and thought about it.
  933. >Fleur’s expectant face couldn’t be denied, she nodded her head softly.
  934. “Mhmm…”
  935. >”Fameaux!”
  936. >Fleur grabbed her by the chin and set to work with steady hands and practiced, nimble fingers.
  938. **
  940. >A painter working with a canvas was no more skilled than Fleur with all manners of makeup, most of which Marble couldn’t even pronounce, let alone wrap her mind around.
  941. >When Fleur was done her face almost felt heavy, like a second thin skin was layered over top.
  942. >Marble idly touched her face with a feather-like prod.
  943. >Her skin felt smoother than normal and, at Fleur’s insistence, it looked different, too.
  944. >While free of most blemishes, her skin simply wasn’t as perfect as Fleur’s, but under the thin facade coating her face it looked close.
  945. >”Mon dieu, simply gorgeous,” Fleur said, “Just as I knew you would be.”
  946. >Marble blushed and her chest warmed pleasantly as she preened under Fleur’s words.
  947. “I still think you’re prettier…”
  948. >”And yet we are simply fameaux together, non?”
  949. “I think so…?”
  950. >”Great!” Fleur said, clapping her hands together delightedly, “It’s only fair now, though, that I receive something in return for all my hard work.”
  951. >Marble blushed and her eyes widened at the familiar hungry gleam in Fleur’s eye.
  952. “W-what’s that?”
  953. >Marble gasped and her head jerked back under the tight grip that Fleur now had on the back of her head.
  954. >”To your knees, s’il vous plait?”
  955. >Marble dropped to the floor as Fleur kicked the chair she had been sitting on away.
  956. >”Perhaps you’ll indulge me a moment, though your makeup might be ruined…”
  957. “A-ah, yeah… Ah! Fleur!”
  958. >Marble was dragged under the tight desk, Fleur’s legs following and trapping her inside.
  959. >With a view up her skirt Marble was only slightly surprised to see her bare of anything under the miniskirt she had been wearing.
  960. >Marble only had a moment to process that as she was thrust face first in between Fleur’s legs and tightly packed, warm thighs.
  962. **
  964. >Fleur sighed as Marble’s skilled tongue went to work.
  965. >Her hand holding her hair loosened it’s grip and set to work petting her head while the other began to work on the half of her face she hadn’t finished.
  966. >Painting her face was a little harder when a girl as skilled as Marble quickly worked her up, but it certainly wasn’t impossible.
  967. >If anything it only made it sweeter…
  968. >Fleur chuckled and idly twisted a strand of Marble’s hair in between her nimble fingers, as her nimble tongue sped up.
  970. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  972. >If there were a perfect way to wake up, it was next to Fleur.
  973. >She was soft, and warm, and the steady tha-thump - tha-thump of her heart beat lulled Marble into somewhere between sleep and consciousness.
  974. >Days like today, especially.
  975. >Along with Fleur’s gentle breathing and the tha-thumping beat of her heart the steady pitter-pattering of rain against their singular window pane lulled Marble into that perfect not-quite-asleep but not-quite-conscious state.
  976. >A perfect lazy Sunday as well, all their assignments complete, and stress seemingly didn’t exist.
  977. >Stress simply wasn’t a word, not while lost in a cloudy dream-like haze, wrapped in the strong but willowy arms of Fleur and with her head tucked underneath the taller woman’s chin.
  978. >Rivaled, was such a day and way to wake up, only by Fleur waking before her and pulling her gently from sleep with whispered sweet nothings in her ear as Fleur brushed her hair from her face.
  979. >And, most often on lazy weekends, a good, long fingering.
  980. >Marble blushed as the thought drifted through the calm sea of her mind.
  981. >Such a thought once seemed to distant, like some far-off land learned only in a book, yet her mind began to fill with such thoughts.
  982. >Both past and present.
  983. >A warm and delightful heat filled her cheeks and between the junction of her legs.
  984. >Marble ground her wet sex against Fleur’s leg in her mindless stupor as the bridge of her nose lit up in a blush, naughty thoughts turning the calm sea of her mind into a heady torrential storm.
  985. >The eye of which was focused almost entirely on the woman in her embrace.
  986. >”Good morning, amour!~”
  987. >Marble stopped as she was roused further from sleep.
  988. >She looked slowly up into Fleur’s face, a shark-like grin stretching her lips.
  989. >”Or should I say slut?”
  990. >Marble whimpered and buried her head into Fleur’s chest, though her hips didn’t stop moving against the thigh that now moved on it’s own to meet her movements.
  991. “N-not a s-sl…” Marble whimpered.
  992. >”Ah, then why is my leg so wet?”
  993. >Fleur thrust her leg a little more firmly where it was trapped in between Marble’s thighs, causing the mouse-like girl to shudder as she was pushed towards her limit.
  994. >”Merely a wet dream…? Non, I do not believe it,” Fleur laughed.
  995. >Even with her teasing, Marble thought, it was still a nice way to wake up.
  996. “F-fleur!”
  997. >”Don’t act like you don’t like it~”
  999. **
  1001. >If there were a perfect person to be roused from slumber next to, it was next to Marble.
  1002. >Her soft snores were painfully cute and so very much like her, a diamond in the rough.
  1003. >They, combined with the way Marble pressed her ear to Fleur’s chest, never failed to draw her nearly into the land of wakefulness, yet rarely Fleur would simply lay still and let Marble make the first move.
  1004. >Her still mostly-asleep mind wandered to the woman in her arms in a deep, unconscious reflection.
  1005. >She was petite, almost painfully skinny, and often too shy to do anything but blush and squeak.
  1006. >Yet there was undoubtedly a lure to her.
  1007. >Somewhat mysterious and guarded, like a good puzzle that one merely had to unravel.
  1008. >And utterly, utterly adorable.
  1009. >At least that’s what Fleur’s still barely-conscious mind lingered on, when the girl in her arms began to move.
  1010. >She stayed still and reveled in the way Marble awoke.
  1011. >So gentle, like most things she did, and with a grace she didn’t seem to know she possessed.
  1012. >And what a quality that was, like an unpicked fruit that thought itself rotten.
  1013. >Fleur hid her smirk when Marble began to work herself down onto the leg that she had wrapped around in her sleep.
  1014. >Though it was subtle, a feather-light touch on her smooth, flawless skin.
  1015. >Fleur grew a little more restless, losing a bit more of her reserve and drive to be still as the streak of wetness on her leg grew further and further.
  1016. >Marble let out a soft moan that sent chills up Fleur’s spine.
  1017. >Fleur could barely contain herself.
  1018. >So badly did she want to ravage this poor girl, but like all puzzles needed to be unraveled slowly and all fruits picked carefully, so too did Marble need to be handled slowly.
  1019. >Fleur felt a warm coil build up in between her own legs as she thought of the things they had done and will do, and a sinister well of ice settled in her chest.
  1020. >Oh yes, Marble had not yet fully realized, just as the prey did not see the predator.
  1021. >And such a predator began to stir further as Fleur’s voice broke the silence and snapped Marble’s eyes open.
  1022. >”Good morning amour!~”
  1024. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
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