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  1. <align="center">
  2. <color="red"> SCP: Secure, Cassio, Protect </color>
  3. <color="orange"><u><link="http://discord.gg/dNa59tR">CLICK HERE FOR DISCORD LINK</link></u></color>
  5. Rules:
  6. 1.) No annoying spamming into the intercom.
  7. 2.) SCPs CANNOT work with any other class, SCPs will be kicked if seen doing so.
  8. 3.) Minging, trolling, or being plain stupid will also lead to a kick/ban. Includes being toxic.
  9. 4.) Admins can use their powers at their own discretion. Report any admin blatantly abusing on the Discord:
  10.  <color="orange"><u><link="http://discord.gg/dNa59tR">CLICK HERE FOR DISCORD LINK</link></u></color>
  11. 5.) Anybody not from North America or Europe will be kicked, anybody not speaking English will be kicked.
  12. 6.) Children will be kicked.
  13. 7.) Don't camp in one room.
  14. 8.) Absolutely NO spawn-camping of any kind.
  15. 9.) No camping the nuke room, at all.
  16. 10.) No teaming.
  18. <color="orange">Donators</color>
  20. RingComics
  21. P3pp3r
  22. Pinkii
  24. <color="orange">Interested in Staff?</color>
  26. If you are interested in becoming an administrator for one of the two servers, DM @Cassio on our community Discord and he will get back to you within the day. The baseline to be eligible is that you must play on SCP: Secure, Cassio Protect a lot more than other servers and must be mature.
  29. </align>
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