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  1. Salt danced on the ocean breeze, filling a young snivver's nostrils with all the scents of the sea's bounty, of the bitter treachery and spicy novelty and the most foul death that met so many in it's watery embrace. The snivver looked up at his older companion. Alad was a good foot shorter then his older brother, only 3 feet compared to the more mature 4 foot Dmitri. "Skoundrail is amazin', Dmitri. Do you think dad's going to meet up with us soon? I want him to see the Waveriders!" A small cheerful grin on Alad's face. Dmitri took a glance at the approaching effigies of wood and cloth, the testaments to the spirit of the Snivver race. With a hoarse chuckle, Dmitri began to speak. "Alad, Dad's seen the Waveriders before. He never did quite tell you his job, did he?" A reply. "What was it?" With a grin, Dmitri picked Alad up onto his shoulders and took off in a wild stride towards the dock. The two brothers laughed as they ran through the fragrant market, until they were stopped by a ranting squat grey little creature. It accosted them and spoke in a sickening squealing speech, but then switched to normal Moarcian languange. "F-Fuuud. Fuud fur uh hungruh begguh." Dmitri waved him aside, with an unamused look.
  3. "Get out of our way, Mole, we've got somewhere to go." Said the young man, in a tone as harsh as the winds on a wrathful mountain. Alad blinked for a moment. "B-but...Dmitri, didn't Father Liam teach us...?" "Father Liam never met a Teramole. C'mon, Alad. Let's go." Dmitri tugged at Alad, averting his eyes from the hideous creature. Alad rummaged through his pocket and tossed 10 brakeks towards the beggar before being dragged away. ""Dusmu'c spure yuh, struhnger." The younger of the two waved as Dmitri lead him to the dock of Port Skoundrail. In a sudden burst of anger, Dmitri turned to Alad and scolded him. "What in the name of Shil did you think you were doing? They're the ones with all the metal, now tell me why would one be begging on the streets...?" "..Cause he was hungry?" "He was scamming us. Not very well, either." Dissapproving shake of the head. "Even if he was a beggar, We've barely got a brakek to spare, let alone the 8 or so you tossed."
  5. "Shil'd want us to help him!" Alad interjected, confused as why his normally laid-back brother would be so worked up by a simple thing. "And- OH! HEY! DMITRI LOOK! LOOK!" He jumped up and down excitedly, pointing at one of the ragged snivvers walking down the dock, taller then most. A set of thin red metal plates on his shoulders. A scar on the side of his neck. Though his face was lined with fatigue, he opened his arms wide. "Oi, Alad! Dmitri! Give this old salty sea rat a hug, why don't you!" A delighted squeal as Alad jumped into Alakai's arms, holding onto the sailor tightly.
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