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  1. PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'base.list_mode_code' in 'field list': SELECT base.jid AS jid, base.title AS title, base.start_url AS start_url, base.only_this_domen AS only_this_domen, base.test_url AS test_url, base.depth AS depth, base.parse_limit AS parse_limit, base.white_list AS white_list, base.black_list AS black_list, base.check_code AS check_code, base.save_url AS save_url, base.no_update AS no_update, base.site_charset AS site_charset, base.charset_fix AS charset_fix, base.entity_type AS entity_type, base.bundle AS bundle, base.remote_id_code AS remote_id_code, base.fields_code AS fields_code, base.list_mode_code AS list_mode_code, base.prepare_code AS prepare_code, base.headers AS headers, base.force_download AS force_download, base.status AS status, base.module AS module FROM {parser_jobs} base WHERE (base.status IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0, :db_condition_placeholder_1, :db_condition_placeholder_2)) ; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 3 [:db_condition_placeholder_1] => 2 [:db_condition_placeholder_2] => 6 ) в функции EntityAPIController->query() (строка 187 в файле /home/virtwww/w_magnit-crimea0_adbba3e0/http/sites/all/modules/entity/includes/
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