Diapered Ragnarök.

Nov 8th, 2018
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  1. <"W-What for?"> The blonde Valkyrie shrieked, staring wide-eyed into the open box filled with content.
  2. <"Our budget, duh."> Her orange-haired Master chuckled, adjusting a comically large film-crew production camera. <"Mashu! Move that light! You're screwing with the auto-adjust!"> She shrieked at the Shielder sitting on a spotlight screwed to the ceiling.
  3. <"D-D-D-"> Her younger, black-haired sister mumbled, pulling her hood over her head.
  4. <"Ha! No way, not even by Command Seal will you get me to model such a thing..."> The pink-haired girl hissed, crossing her arms with a stern look.
  6. The trio of Valkyries hailing from Norse myth proved to be ferocious fighters, however, with their neutered powers others stole the spotlight. Even so, Gudako wasn't planning on letting her well-paid investment go to waste. Everybody in Chaldea is a valued cog in the machine - of making money.
  8. <"Listen, girls, you've accepted my contract, told me to use you to protect mankind..."> Gudako continued, <"How am I supposed to protect humanity when I can't even waste 500$ on a roll? I'm sure you've noticed our budget's been cut in half, then cut again - so much so that we're eating stale bread."> She nodded, still fiddling with the buttons on the camera.
  9. <"...Wasn't it you who sold the solar panels to 10/10/10 Melilith-"> Thrud couldn't even finish protesting when the orange-haired psychopath turned to her, unblinking.
  10. <"In any case, your superior, Bryn - she was more than willing to cooperate, so chop-chop girls, go get changing.">
  11. The three battle Maidens looked at each other with despair, but all begrudgingly nodded as Ortlinde grabs the box labelled "ABDL 1-3".
  14. <"How absurd - Do you believe in anything she's spewing out of her mouth?"> Thrud paced around the room, muttering out a colourful galore of insults in Ancient Norse. Her sisters sitting, speechless, as Hildr slowly unboxed their mystery crate.
  15. Each of the girls had one of their coloured diapers - yellow, pink and black - all striped with the Chaldea emblem on the front and the diaper size written with a marker on the back.
  16. <"Eeeh? I get the largest ones?!"> The yellow Valkyrie snatched one of her diapers, trying to rub off the scribbled "L" on the back, raising a brow as she noticed hers were the thickest.
  17. <"Sisters - what do we do..?"> Ortlinde mumbled, inspecting her black ones, realizing they were different compared to others. Hers had no plastic tapes on the side, only a slim fabric wrapping around the diaper with the words "PULLUP S" on the back.
  18. <"What can we do? She'll just use Command Seals either way - I say we get this over quickly."> Hildr added, pulling out one of the other pieces stuffed in the box.
  20. The outfit she unboxed was a modified version of their Maiden suits, same Norse Gold accents, same runic fibres and a hefty amount of magical warding. The only difference being the unusual extensions at the bottom, flaps of fabric with buttons on both sides. Hildr was first to realize, and with a red face, she explained to the others that they were looking at an oversized onesie. Collectively they gulped, beads of sweat running down their foreheads.
  21. <"This suit..."> Ortlinde muttered, feeling the soft fabric between her fingers <"I only know of one seamstress that can sew as perfectly as this."> She blinked, passing it along the group.
  22. <"Hmm..."> Hildr muttered, surprising both of the girls by taking a long sniff of their new alternate costumes. <"Brynhildr...">
  23. <"Erm..."> The other two raised a brow, as Hildr explained, <"She's thought me how to suture wounds, a-and she uses the same threads for everything! I swear!"> Her face burning red.
  24. <"In any case, sister, what else is in the box?"> Thrud continued, crossing her arms
  25. <"Ahem..."> Ortlinde still couldn't shake the awkwardness, even glancing at the pink-haired weirdo with a mixture of disgust, interest and with traces of jealousy.
  27. <"Pacifiers - powders - oils - pads?"> She paused stacking the contents, inspecting the pads for a second longer. <"Rattles - striped stockings - oh wow."> She mumbled the last comment, emptying out the last few miscellaneous items onto the floor.
  29. <"Well..."> Hildr nodded her head, picking up her pink diapers off the ground. <"Since I know you two are reluctant as always... I'll be a good middle child and actually do something."> The unfazed girl stepped out of her Maiden suit, wrapping one of her arms around her small chest and the other pressed against her crotch, diaper still in hand.
  30. <"Ortlinde, walk me through it."> She continued, proudly. <"Please..."> slowly turning red-faced, rolling her eyes.
  31. <"Well... your first step is to coat yourself with this - "Talcum" powder."> She opened the small containing, taking a small sniff of the curious substance - then handing it off to the nude Valkyrie.
  32. <"Alright..."> the girl tried finding an appropriate angle - when Thrud steps in, snatching the bottle and the pampers from her.
  33. <"Lay down, I know how this goes..."> She gestures with her finger to Ortlinde to prepare one of the included towels.
  35. The black-haired Valkyrie watched over her elder sister's shoulder as she started working on Hildr, firstly by taking handfuls of the oils and coating the girl's privates with a thick layer, all while she yelled, kicked and screeched in retaliation.
  36. <"Sister, I'll sucker punch you so hard..."> A small vein popped in her forehead, but she continued the process without complaining again.
  37. The next step was coating Hildr with powder, and Thrud proved to be efficient as her movements reminded Ortlinde of a mother she once escorted to Valhalla - while Hildr remembers snoozing through the basics of CQC.
  38. <"Where did you learn this..?"> Ortlinde chirped, placing her hands on her elder sister's shoulder.
  39. <"Hmm, I don't know... It came naturally to me - when I looked at those diapers I had a sense of deja vu... then looking at the instructions, it snapped to me..."> She trailed off, <"Perhaps, Father programmed some motherly instincts into us after all..?"> Her voice became unusually low.
  40. <"Okay, cool, we all know Dad's so amazing and all - but, it's a bit drafty down here!"> Hildr's screech pierced the pause Thrud's monologue created, shaking her head and crossing her arms.
  41. The other two had a short giggle, but knowing that Hildr was almost done - their laughs were cut short.
  43. Sliding the thick padding under the pink-haired girl's butt, Thrud was somewhat nervous as she saw a flash of herself from Hildr's point of view, one of your sister sliding a diaper of all things under you - well, no therapy will get that out of you.
  44. She brought the front flap of the diaper over Hildr's groin and tightly secured it with the tapes extruding from the sides, the diaper making a satisfying crinkle as all 4 of the tapes fell in line.
  46. Thrud sighed, leaning back to enjoy her handiwork while her younger sister tried to get her footing - the puffy diaper between her legs making sure she'd never walk straight.
  47. <"Uwa~ah... Hildr, you look so cute."> Ortlinde muttered, covering her reddened face. However, her flappy wings made sure to let everybody in the room know she was excited.
  48. <"H-Hey! Stop fantasizing, pervert!"> Hildr hissed, begrudgingly lifting her arms up in the air as Thrud quickly slipped over her new onesie suit, then clicking in the buttons to lock the flaps in place.
  49. <"Girls, please."> The eldest sister chuckled, patting Hildr's head, then glancing over to Ortlinde.
  51. Diapering Ortlinde was much more simple, and pretty uneventful considering her shy nature. The black-haired Valkyrie couldn't shake the feeling of the padding wrapped around her waist, even if she was fortunate enough to model the thinnest diapers. As she clicked the buttons on her onesie standing next to Hildr, both of their eyes shot up to the eldest sister, who began undressing quietly.
  53. With a deep sigh, Thrud watched her Maiden outfit drop down to the floor, shivering as the cold breeze goes by.
  54. <"Do you want us to... help?"> Hildr blinked, blushing - all while the blonde Valkyrie soaks her hands with the baby oil, bringing it against her skin.
  55. <"No, no, you two just - "> She bit her lip, pressing and spreading the paste all around and into every crevice between her thighs.
  56. The other two Lancers quickly turned their backs, crossing their arms as the older Valkyrie continued by sprinkling the baby powder all over the spread diapers laid neatly on the ground.
  57. With a small crinkle, the girl sat neatly on top of her striped diaper, bringing both flaps to close together and tying them together with the tapes, making sure to tightly secure the diaper on her waist.
  58. <"Damn..."> A curse escaped her mouth as she pinched the front of her diaper, curling her toes as the diaper childishly crinkled.
  59. All while her sisters tried containing their laughter behind puffed, red cheeks.
  60. <"You two better zip it!"> Thrud raised a brow, hearing her sisters' muffled giggles.
  62. Padded and in onesies, the trio exchanged glances as they wrapped themselves in blankets making their way back to Master's studio, their loud crinkles noticed by everyone they passed. Combined with the waddling and striped stockings, it was pretty obvious to even the most oblivious person what was wrapped around their waists. A few Servants tossed comments at the girls, even Nurse Nightingale humbly offering her services if needed.
  65. <"...that's when I told her, 'TikTok' videos! That's how we'll boost sales-"> The orange-haired devil shot her gaze up at the trio waddling into her new studio.
  66. <"Girls! Over here!"> She cheered, whistling, as Mashu bowed her head and stepped back into the shadows.
  67. The trio had one final exchange of gazes, sighing in unison as they dropped their blankets and waddled towards their Master - all while Gudako's jaw dropped at the sight of her new diaper fetish models.
  68. <"I'm about to scream, give me a second please-!"> She turned, burying her face into her arm and letting out a muffled scream, as the girls shook with an unspeakable cringe.
  69. <"Ok - Alright, the script's on the table, you three - take a good look, I'll be right back!"> And with that, the maniac ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.
  70. <"Lord Odin... I'll need a drink after this..."> Thrud blinked, with the other two nodding in unison.
  71. <"Hehe, I bet he's up there, shaking his head at this."> Hildr's head shot straight up, with a small smile on her face.
  72. <"Or pulling the strings..."> Ortlinde mumbled, picking up the notepad left by Gudako.
  74. Only a few seconds into reading, the first girl screamed. Hildr's screech pierced deep into Chaldea as blood came shooting out of her nose and her face turned red. The other two remained stoic - Thrud simply tossed the notepad and sat down with an unnatural blank expression.
  76. <"W-W-W-What!?"> The pink-haired girl stuttered, almost ripping off her dress while tossing the notepad away. <"Nonononono! I wasn't summoned here to-"> Her cries fell on deaf ears as she caught a glimpse of Ortlinde pouring herself and Thrud glasses of scotch.
  78. Another scream of hers signalled to Gudako to finally step out of the bathroom and greet them again, only to see the three looming over the smaller Master.
  79. <"After this? Burn us."> Thrud ordered, red eyes piercing Gudako.
  82.                                                         [Scene 1: Group Photo]
  83.                                                     []
  85. <"Like this?"> Thrud raised a brow, crawling into view with her exposed diaper pointed towards the camera. Gudako nodded, glancing at Hildr next. The pink Valkyrie grunted, stepping into view and looming over the blonde Valkyrie. She paused for a second, eyeing her elder sister and then glancing over to Gudako, who gave a reassuring thumbs up.
  86. <"I apologize in advance, sister..."> The blushing Hildr raised her leg and stepped over Thrud, then laid down on her sister's back. The crinkling of the diapers in unison made both girl's blush an intense red, while Hildr fidgeted trying to find a comfortable position resting on her sister's back, making sure that their bottom's meet - for the camera. She reached back around, popping the buttons on her onesie
  87. <"Erm, something's poking me..."> Thrud gulped, slightly shaking under the weight. <"Just above my..."> She gulped, lowering her head in shame. <"M-My diaper...">.
  88. <"S-Sorry, but your wings are flapping in my face!"> The other girl protested, fidgeting in place until Thrud's wings quieted down.
  90. Finally, Ortlinde shuffles in, being the smallest and lightest of the group. The other two glance over at her, Hildr especially raising a brow as she rested her chin on Thrud's blonde head.
  91. <"Okay... One - two - three!"> The small Valkyrie fumbled trying not to tumble the tower they've made, Thrud wheezing as she barely held the three girls above her. Hildr almost let out the pressure in her bladder when Ortlinde laid down with her weight, yelping as she felt her sister rub her pullups against her padded butt.
  92. <"O-Ortlinde! Stop f-fidgeting!"> Hildr let out a soft moan as the other two girls turned red all over.
  93. <S-Sorry!"> She yelped, wrapping her arms around the pink-haired girl's chest.
  94. <"W-W-W"> Her face turned red, but when a sudden flash lit up the room - they all turned towards the source.
  96. <"Excellent! That's what I wanted! Real reactions, not that fake crap."> Gudako shouted as she continued grabbing shots with Mashu on the side holding a smaller camera.
  97. <"Put your pacifiers in, girls!"> She added when the Shielder ran into the sandwich of Valkyries and forcefully shoved coloured pacifiers into their mouths. A second later, lots of flashes from the cameras lit up the room once more.
  98. <"Ok! Now for the caption..."> Gudako raised a brow, listening to the muffled cries of her Servants.
  100. <"With the new Chaldea-brand diapers, we focus on making sure every one of your overgrown babies gets to enjoy their pampers. With our selection of sizes, we'll make sure your AB/DL gets the comfort they deserve.">
  102. Mashu gave a quick nod and an approving thumbs up, with Gudako scribbling her caption on a notepad, wrapping it together with the included picture. The two girls looked back at the Valkyries, who've now collapsed all over and started tossing the blame.
  105.                                                         [Scene 2: Activity Ad]
  106.                                                     [Model: Hildr, medium striped]
  108. Now with the oldest and youngest sitting on the bleachers, Hildr enjoyed the amount of attention she was getting from Gudako and her camera, trying to act though and mature for the photo shoot as she struck poses - to the dismay of her sisters. Jumping over the wires spread on the ground, Gudako rushed over to the pink Valkyrie and got a shot from near the ground looking up, catching a perfect angle of the girl's padding and her embarrassed face with the large pacifier still in her mouth.
  109. <"You could've just asked..."> She mumbled out, swatting her Master's head. Their focus shifted on Mashu, who was almost unseen as she carried in a large plush of their pet mascot Fou.
  110. <"Eeh? What's this for?"> Hildr raised a brow, pulling the pacifier out of her mouth. <"The script said activity - what's up with this?">
  112. <"Oh? You're going to hump it, of course.">
  114. <"Nononononono!"> Hildr kicked as Gudako did short work of sitting her on the giant Fou plushie, patting her diaper like a mother trying to calm her baby.
  115. <"This wasn't in the contract! I demand just-"> Her protest cut short when Gudako forced a pacifier into her mouth.
  116. <"You didn't read the fine print, dumb baby."> Gudako chuckled, jumping back over the wires and maning her camera once more.
  117. <"Okay, start grinding~"> She continued, as the red LED began blinking.
  119. Hildr looked around wide-eyed, shaking her head when she noticed her sister's buried their faces into their hands. With her hands tied, the Valkyrie gulped, rolling her eyes as she slowly began grinding against the plushies' back. The naughty crinkles of her diaper filled the room, her red eyes glowing as the diaper around her waist heated up, sweat draining into the absorbent material.
  120. Small muffled moans escaped her mouth as she picked up the pace, her crotch getting warmer as squirts escaped into her padding. She bowed her head, trying to hide her shameful face from the gaze of her disapproving sisters. The padding in her diaper captured every drop of liquid dripping out of her, the pressure she's been holding slowly fading as the front of her diaper grew warm and damp, slowly expanding out.
  121. <"Two for one! Two for one!"> Gudako muttered, zooming in to the fading Chaldea logo. After a few seconds of filming, the logo almost completely faded and Hildr was left gasping for air, lying down on the plushie's soft back, drool sipping out of mouth behind the pacifier.
  122. <"Cut!">
  124. <"Are your children overly active, like our feisty girl here? Do they enjoy running and crawling, sometimes returning with no diaper to protect them? With our patented and tested tapes, you will never have to worry about finding a diaper left on the floor, ripped on the sides! We've also ensured that even when soaked, the diapers are comfortable enough to never hinder your child during their playtime. After all, it's then when the child is most dependant on their pampers!">
  127.                                                         [Scene 3: Pull-ups ad]
  128.                                                     [Model: Ortlinde, small pull-ups]
  130. When Hildr's diaper made contact with the old wooden chair, the sloshing noise of the liquid absorbed into her padding caused her to flinch as - still grasping for air. Thrud tried helping the girl out, offering a change but she denied it - an unusual smile plastered across her face with her red eyes still lit up.
  132. <"... You gonna take that hood off or..?"> Gudako raised a brow, camera lights flashing against the black-haired Valkyrie.
  133. <"N-No, thanks for asking."> She shied away from the camera as Gudako rolled her eyes.
  134. <"Your mistake, I guess..."> Following the script, there wasn't much to advertise about her pull-ups, they came in as an alternative to the much-praised diapers for when there were uncommon incidents and as such, her photo shoot was quickly over.
  135. <"Psh, this one's going to be the most disliked out of all..."> Gudako muttered, switching over to video mode. <"Ok, do as you please!">
  137. Ortlinde caught a small glimpse of her sister Hildr sitting, tongue out with her hand resting on the front flap of her soaked diapers. She raised a brow, rubbing her hand against the front of her diaper, following Hildr's movements. Before their summoning, they had virtually no way to process food and water, so the idea of using bathrooms was very foreign, but with Bryn's help, the trio quickly adapted - although there were awkward moments since they shared the same bathroom.
  139. Spreading her legs and lifting her hips high into the air, showcasing her pull-ups to the camera; Ortlinde quickly released the floodgates and the gushing sound of water hitting plastic echoed into the room. Mashu was quick to drop the microphone over her head, capturing every naughty squirt of pee Ortlinde had to offer.
  140. But Gudako raised a brow. Those pull-ups were meant for night-time use and if Ortlinde continues flooding them so quickly they might -
  142. A small, golden stream came running out of the sides of Ortlinde's pull-ups, only the sparkle of it caught by the camera. Gudako was quick to react, cutting the video before things got out of hand. Ortlinde hadn't notice and continued as the soaking diaper started dripping with urine, creating a small puddle on the floor.
  144. A small sigh escaped out of her mouth, as she blinked looking at her Master staring back, blushing. Only when the puddle of pee soaked through the soles of her stockings did she realize what happened. In horror, the girl glanced down to see the golden puddle she'd left on the floor, with pee still dripping out of her soaked pull-ups.
  145. <"Cleanup, please..."> Gudako shook her head, resting against the camera.
  147. <"With our premium pull-ups, your older night-time wetters get the same protection* as our regular diapers, with an emphasis on being discreet - minimal crinkles and easy changing - so easy, a child could do it! Teach your small ones how to change themselves, and they'll never come back running to you with tears rolling down their cheeks!">
  148. <"*WARNING: Chaldea Pull-up Premiums™ is NOT recommended for daytime use and will not hold more than 350 mL of fluids!">
  151.                                                         [Scene 3: Absorption Ad]
  152.                                                    [Model: Thrud, heavy-duty large]
  154. With Ortlinde out of commission, sitting next to Hildr with her head resting on the pink Valkyrie's shoulder, Thrud waddled onto the stage after Mashu cleaned up the remaining puddles and drips. She reached back, pulling the thick padding wrapped tightly around her butt.
  156. Gudako raised a brow while snapping pictures.
  157. <"You don't seem anxious, is everything alright?"> She added, blinking at the girl.
  158. <"I'm fine, those two on the other hand..."> Thrud shook her head, unbuttoning her onesie.
  159. The orange-haired Master nodded, switching from photo to video mode.
  161. <"Uwa~ah, I think I have to go potty..."> Thrud giggled, turning around and squatting, slowly pushing -
  162. <"Waitwaitwait!"> Gudako hissed, <"That's not in the script, don't talk over the camera!"> She continued, deleting the previous 10 seconds of footage.
  163. <"Really? I could've sworn..."> Thrud shook her head, lowering her butt back to the ground with a satisfying crinkle.
  164. <"Start again, don't worry."> Gudako said as the red light blinked once more.
  166. Thrud gulped, squatting again. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, as she harshly grunted - slowly pushing. The sudden loud fart caused Gudako to flinch as Thrud pushed out a noxious mess into the back of her heavy-duty diapers. Both her Master and the Shielder pinched their noses, watching the striped diaper expand and bulge out as the mess settled in the back. Her odour was strong enough to shake Hildr out of her little coma, who then instantly plugged her nose and gagged.
  167. <"Aren't these supposed to stop the smell?"> Gudako whispered to Mashu, who shrugged.
  168. Thrud suddenly stopped, breathing heavily as she reached and cupped the bulging mess in her diaper - squeezing tightly. All of the girls watched speechlessly as the blonde Valkyrie happily sat back down on her messy butt, squishing it thoroughly.
  169. <"Ummmm..."> Gudako trailed off, watching Thrud jump up back up again and lean forward once more, pushing out any last pieces of the mess she might've held, then resting her hand on the back of her striped diapers and raising a leg in the air, plopping her pacifier back into her mouth.
  171. <"As for your biggest babies, our Chaldea diapers are the perfect friend. With our plastic-backed diapers, the chances of leaking are non-existent, so both parent and child can rest easy, even after lots of activity. Our diapers also make sure no odour escapes, sparing you and your overgrown baby of the embarrassment.">
  174. As Thrud waddled towards her younger sisters, the two quickly jumped away, gagging as the fumes completely overtook their senses.
  175. <"Oh, come on... It's not that bad!"> She cried, pouting with her arms crossed.
  176. <"Worse than you can imagine!"> Hildr protested, covering her face with her sleeve.
  177. <"Sister - What the hell?"> Ortlinde added, pulling her onesie over her nose.
  178. <"W-Well, yours aren't exactly roses either..."> Thrud chuckled, preparing the trio's diapers for a change.
  179. <"Yuck! Let's change topics, please!"> Hildr shook her head in disbelief as the two chuckled.
  180. <"What about... her?"> Ortlinde crossed her arms, glancing over Thrud's shoulder as she changed the younger sister into one of her yellow, large diapers.
  181. <"We'll see, we'll see..."> Thrud nodded, happily taping up Ortlinde's new diaper.
  183. Gudako laid tied in a crib, the same diaper she had forced on the girls wrapped around her waist. Her cries muffled by the pacifier shoved in her mouth, baby mittens covering both hands. Mashu loomed over her, holding a phone with F/GO running as the Shielder burned all of her Servants, slowly.
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