Abyssal Labs Server Info

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#2F4F4F>Abyssal Labs</color></align></size=40></b>
  2. <align="center"><size=24>Server located in Eastern USA Region.</align></size>
  3. <align="center"><size=24>Our<color=#00E5EE><link=""> Discord(</link></color> For contacting any admins/owners as well as coming to be apart of the community!</align></size>
  6. <size=18>Rules</size>
  7. 1. Should be self explanatory, but absolutely no cheating regardless.
  8. 2. Be respectful to all and any players. Any players found by administration being overly harassing will be removed from the server instantly.
  9. 3. No mic-spam. Music and stories over the intercom are allowed, but keep it tame.
  12. <size=18><color=#397D02>SMod 3.3</color></size>
  13. Server is running SMod 3.1.1;
  14. --914 class changing for humans, like D-Class to scientist,  etc. 914 class changer also lets SCP's go through on rough to die.
  15. --Serpents Hand is Enabled. Chaos do not win with SCPs.
  16. --914 allows you to upgrade items in your inventory.
  17. --NEW: SCP-008 Enabled. Beware.
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