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  1. 'Angad' has joined the chat.
  2. I, i had an account for EA Download Manager with the game Burnout Paradise The Complete Box and then I created some time ago an Origin account to activate some retail BF games so now I have 2 useless accounts. Is it possible to merge them or to transfer the Bournout game to my main account?
  3. Angad: I really sorry there is no option for merging two accounts, But what I can do for you that I can transfer your persona or gamer tag to another ID.
  4. What i want is not to have to be switching accounts each time i want to play a different game
  5. I created the new account because EA was busy like a year ago and they couln't send me the password recover email so i just created another one
  6. Angad: Okay, If you want an email for password resetting of your account, I can send you right now.
  7. Did you even read what i wrote?
  8. A YER AGO
  9. YEAR*
  10. Angad: Okay, But I really sorry we are unable to merge two accounts.
  11. Each time I have a problem with EA (and this is becoming more and more usual) I jsut get dumb answers from support
  12. So, ok, I'm not buying any more EA games
  13. I will go and buy MW3 instead of BF3 because you, EA, are useless
  14. Angad: Okay, For your further best assistance regarding this issue, I am transferring your chat to Tier 2 team.
  15. Thank you
  16. 'Angad' disconnected ('Transferred to Queue').
  17. Hi, my name is Courtney H.. How may I help you?
  18. Courtney H.: Please give me a moment while I review the Chat Log so that I can understand exactly what the issue you are having is today and the troubleshooting steps that have already been done. Please take note of the following Chat ID: [1195181]. This will be very important if you happen to get disconnected anytime during this chat or need to refer back to this same issue.
  19. Ok
  20. Courtney H.: I understand you're requesting assistance in merging two EA accounts?
  21. Yes or just transfer Burnout paradise from my old account to the one I had to open because EA couldn't send me the pasword recover email a year or so ago
  22. Courtney H.: Can you provide me the code you redeemed for the game please?
  23. The new one is where I have all my commonly used games (Battlefield ones)
  24. Yes
  25. Courtney H.: Thank you
  26. Origin gives me this if i go on details for that game: SERIAL SENSURADOH EHEHEHEH
  28. Courtney H.: Thank you one moment please
  29. Courtney H.: Can you provide me the email address on the account that has the game registered?
  31. Courtney H.: Thank you
  32. Courtney H.: Is this the account you would like to make your main? As the majority of your personas seem to be linked with this account. Transferring them would result in lost stats and achievements
  33. If you transfer Burnout to This account i loose Burnout's stats or This account's stats?
  34. Courtney H.: Well the code you provided me showed as unused so I would have no problem registered that on the account of your choice. However some accounts(personas) cannot be transferred as they could break and become unusable.
  35. So if you activate Burnout in This account i would just loose the Burnout's stats?
  36. Courtney H.: On
  37. Yes but as i asked, will I only loose the Bournout's progress?
  38. I don't play Burnout Online so i don't care if i loose Burnout's progress but i don't want to loose my Battlefield progress.
  39. Courtney H.: For Battlefield you shouldn't lose stats, however the Battlefield Hero accounts could lose stats
  40. Well, I checked and i can activate the code in in Origin. If I activate it myself will I loose stats?
  41. Courtney H.: No you shouldn't, you would only lose stats in the case that I transferred personas to another account
  42. Ok, let me see if it allows me to fully activate it
  43. Awesome, It works
  44. Courtney H.: Sure no problem
  45. So, thank you a lot for your time. As i can see, Tier 2 contacts have more common sense than the tier 1 ones.
  46. Bye
  47. '' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').
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