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  1. Day 1
  2. -I've had enough with being the hero of many RPG Maker
  3.  games. Instead, it's time I make my own RPG Maker game!
  4. -And so, I've decided to create a new project.
  5.  I don't know what it's going to be about yet,
  6.  but I'm sure it'll be fun to make!
  8. Day 2
  9. -I'm already at a loss as to where to even begin
  10.  making my game. I have so many ideas in my head
  11.  that I don't know which one I should start with.
  13. Day 3
  14. -Well, since I'm getting started, I made the
  15.  final boss of my game. I gave it 999,999 HP
  16.  and 999 all stats.
  17. -Very fitting for a final boss, am I right
  18.  or am I right?
  20. Day 5
  21. -I think I'll make my game into an open world RPG!
  22.  That way, players will be able to play for more
  23.  than 100 hours! Sounds like a great idea!
  25. Day 7
  26. -Decided to make some mini-games before I start
  27.  off with the actual gameplay.
  28. -I'll be adding in mining, fishing, and farming!
  29.  Seems solid to me.
  31. Day 9
  32. -I have no idea what I want to do with the
  33.  plot, so instead, I'll start off the main
  34.  character inside a random village.
  35. -I'll figure out the plot as I make the
  36.  game so it's no big deal.
  38. Day 15
  39. -I've discovered plugins.
  40.  They can do so much to change your game.
  41. -I've downloaded over 100 plugins and I'll
  42.  be installing all of them in my game!
  44. Day 20
  45. -Getting so pissed that these two battle system
  46.  plugins aren't working together at all.
  47. -Why should that ever be an issue!?
  49. Day 30
  50. -It's been one month since I've started making my
  51.  game and I haven't made much progress at all.
  52. -I'm still deciding what kind of features I
  53.  should include in my game.
  54. -These plugins keep giving me too many ideas
  55.  and I want to include them all!
  57. Day 60
  58. -Send help! I spent two months working on
  59.  this game and did a test play.
  60. -I've clocked only 15 minutes of gameplay time!???
  61.  How am I supposed to reach my 100 hour epic???
  63. Day 90
  64. -It's been three months now and I still
  65.  haven't finished the first chapter.
  66. -Why am I making so little progress?
  68. Day 120
  69. -Four months. Four friggin' months, man!
  70.  I can't believe I've worked on this game
  71.  for this long.
  72. -I guess people weren't kidding when they
  73.  said I couldn't make a 100 hour game in
  74.  less than four tiny months.
  76. Day 180
  77. -It's been half a year... And only now, I've
  78.  just finished my first chapter.
  79. -To make things worse, this chapter only had
  80.  one hour of gameplay time.
  81. -Going at this rate, this will take me 50 years
  82.  before I can finish a 100 hour game!
  84. Day 270
  85. -Nine months now. That's the average time a
  86.  woman is pregnant with a baby.
  87. -Yet, a baby is ready in a faster time than
  88.  my actual game. How can this be?
  90. Day 365
  91. -It's officially been a year since I've started
  92.  making this game and I can't say the progress
  93.  I've made is looking great.
  94. -I originally calculated it would take six
  95.  months per chapter, but I'm not even done
  96.  with chapter two right now.
  97. -What am I going to do...?
  99. Day 400
  100. -I can't help but to wonder, do all indie
  101.  devs go through this?
  102. -Game dev is an absolute nightmare from
  103.  what I first thought.
  104. -You'd think with all the indie games on
  105.  Steam that making this stuff would be a
  106.  piece of cake.
  108. Day 567
  109. -Some of my acquaintances who were working on
  110.  RPG Maker projects are just now releasing
  111.  their games.
  112. -Meanwhile, I've barely got a demo made.
  113.  And to make things worse, people were
  114.  dissing my demo left and right.
  115. -They said it was overly generic, felt like
  116.  every other RPG Maker game, and the gameplay
  117.  was too random and unfocused.
  118. -......
  119. -I feel so hurt.
  121. Day 765
  122. -After all the harsh criticism I've gotten
  123.  from my demo, I think I've lost a lot of
  124.  my motivation.
  125. -I don't even want to touch my game. In fact,
  126.  I haven't done any work on it since my game's
  127.  demo was released.
  128. -I wish I could go back in time and stopped
  129.  myself from releasing the demo.
  130. -No, I wish I could go back further and stopped
  131.  myself from ever working on this stupid game.
  133. Day 1111
  134. -It's been some three years since I've started
  135.  working on my game, but the amount of time I've
  136.  actually worked on it is questionable.
  137. -Sometimes, I go days and even weeks without
  138.  even touching my game. I want to just delete
  139.  it all: these past three years of my life...
  141. Day 1450
  142. -It's almost four years since I've started
  143.  working on my game. Hard to believe, isn't it?
  144. -I began working on it again from time to time
  145.  as a means of coping with myself.
  146. -I don't want to imagine all the time I've
  147.  spent on this game was pointless.
  149. Day 2024
  150. -It's been so long since I've started work
  151.  on this dumb game. Maybe five years now?
  152. -I'm so tired of it. I want to do something
  153.  different, but each time I look at it, I'm
  154.  reminded of all the time I've spent.
  155. -I don't want that time to feel wasted,
  156.  but I just want to run away from it all
  157.  and lock myself away.
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