A pleasant mistake

Feb 21st, 2014
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  3. >Warm sunlight streams in through half open curtains, spilling on the large couch where you lay, yourself, and the soft body of your lover.
  4. >Ever so slowly, your eyes crack open. But though your vision is still blurry with sleep, it’s easy to make out the violet and rose mane of the pony nestled to you.
  5. >It’s even easier to see her life-swollen stomach.
  6. >Once you remember where you are, you smile gently.
  7. >It’s day 905 in Equestria, which also happens to be the first day of Twilight Sparkle’s second trimester.
  8. >It was so unexpected. You and the brainy unicorn turned alicorn were never the closest of friends before everything happened. Word had gotten out that human men make far better caregivers to foals than stallions and everything went downhill from there.
  9. >After that, you were constantly dodging advances from older mares. Some were clever and carefully hidden, while others bordered on demands.
  10. >It seemed that it was with only younger mares could you get legitimate company, so you did so.
  11. >But a drunken, passionate night with the element magic almost threatened to destroy what few real friendships you had.
  12. >She blamed you, saying it was your fault. Her friends believed her.
  13. >Twi told you to leave, you said you couldn’t.
  14. >She called you a liar, so you proved her wrong.
  15. >It’s been a long, rocky road since then, but you’ve stayed. The very thought of abandoning the mother of your child, let alone the child itself, made every fiber of your being roar in protest.
  16. >But lately... It’s not been so bad...
  18. >A sharp intake of breath from the mare in front of you cuts off your thoughts.
  19. >Slowly, purple eyes open and blink blearily as lavender wings twitch against your chest. With a tilt of her head, Twilight turns to look at you.
  20. >You smirk and peck the still groggily alicorn on the lips.
  21. “Morning.”
  22. >Twilight tries her best to frown at the cheeky action, but you still see the edges of her lips twitching upward. “So what are you supposed to be? A comedian? Because I didn’t find that very funny.”
  23. >You just keep your smirk on.
  24. “I happen to think I’m a class act. Aren’t you supposed to be my wife in everything but paperwork? Because you don’t look it.”
  25. >Now it’s her turn to smug. “I don’t look like it? Think again, mister, you’ve got your hand on the proof,” she says, her eyes sparkling with the minor victory.
  26. >You look down your hand, which is resting on the bump in her midsection.
  27. >Even now, it’s still sort of strange to think that you are going to be a father. The father of a pony at that.
  28. >What would your parents say? You’re sure that mom wouldn’t say anything, as she would be too busy having a heart attack.
  29. >But still... fatherhood... how incredible...
  31. >Without even realizing it, you slowly rub gentle circles on Twilight’s belly, making her look down as well.
  32. >You don’t need eagle eyes or any psychology lessons to know the look on her face, as you’ve seen it many times in the mirror. Doubt.
  33. >Without a seconds delay, you snake your other arm around Twilight and hold her close.
  34. “You’ll be a great mom, you know that?” you whisper to her.
  35. >She doesn’t turn to look at you. “How do you know that? I didn’t exactly ask for this,” she says, the smallest hint of spite in her voice.
  36. “I just do, alright? Just trust me on this, who else better to raise a kid than the most intelligent pony around?”
  37. >She shifts in your arms, seemingly at odds with herself.
  38. >”Yes, maybe, but...” she sighs and tries to force the rest of her sentence out with no avail.
  39. “You’re scared?”
  40. >For a moment, she goes silent. Just as you begin to fear that you may have angered her, Twilight continues. “For me, for the foal...for you... It’s just such a huge change and I just... I just have no idea what to do...”
  41. >She turns in your arms to look at you, being careful not to hurt the still unborn foal. Her eyes, the windows to her soul, peer into yours, conveying her fright far more than her voice could ever hope to and almost stealing your breath.
  43. >It’s like she’s made of glass, ready to shatter.
  44. >You lick your lips, trying to think of what to say.
  45. “Twi... believe me when I say you’re not the only one who’s ready to pull their hair out. You and I are in the same boat here. I know exactly how you feel.”
  46. >You close your eyes and press your forehead to hers, making her mane tickle you.
  47. “But remember this, you aren’t doing this alone. No matter what, I’ll be here with you every step of the way and afterward. Nothing will stop me from being with you and the foal...”
  48. >She goes silent again, then quietly says, “Thanks Anon,” with such warmth that you can’t help but smile.
  49. >”But if I can’t get the baby weight off, that’s still on you.”
  50. >You don’t even need to open your eyes to know that she’s smiling.
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