DC 80 Escape Artist Check

Aug 13th, 2016
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  1. >You are Chodenibbler McGee, master gnomish Anal Spelunker.
  2. >Today, you are going to demonstrate on this unsuspecting orc standing before you the effects of the DC 80 Escape Artist check.
  3. >Magical vestiments that assist in boosting your Escape Artist skill sky high: check.
  4. >Numerous sharp pointy objects: check.
  5. >Ring of spell storing with enlarge person stored in it: check.
  6. >Time for fun.
  8. >You speedily run out from the small boulder you are hiding behind, and proceed to sucessfully crawl into the orc's anal cavity.
  9. >Because you are just that good.
  10. >You can hear the orc's heartrate rapidly increase, along with panicked screams of pain and supprise.
  11. >Sure, you could leave without permanently harming this fellow...
  12. >But what's the fun in that?
  13. >You unleash the spell stored within your ring, growing to the size of a human, and begin slashing about with your various pointy objects.
  14. >The screaming of the orc peaks as something the size of a baby suddenly becomes the size of a full grown man in his colon.
  15. >In a bloody burst that surprises a few other orcs that were sitting nearby, you pop out of the bloody remains of the first orc.
  16. >In glorious victory, you once again let out your mighty battle cry.
  18. >The other orcs run away, hands over their assholes.
  19. >For they know what stands in their midst.
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