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  1. *beeeep* To reach opening, ctrl+f 1. To reach smut, ctrl+f 2. Thank you and have a nice fap.
  3. 1. This battlefield was like the several thousand other ones elsewhere in this war ravaged galaxy. It was desolate, grey, boring, bland, and lifeless. The sky had an cloudy overcast sending out flickering rays of sunlight to the blotched sand below. The world was painfully humid, but this area had been pounded into dust from an Imperial Guard battalion's constant bombardment. What was once lush and green was black and molten apart. The main body was far ahead from here, but someone had to watch their ass carefully else a hundred screaming freaks and deviants could hit them unexpectedly.
  5. The 55th Jopall Indentured Squadron was a recon regiment tasked with this job. The Jopalli come from a world where everyone owes debt for every single expense starting at their birth. One the easiest ways to elude this punishment is joining the ranks of the Imperial Guard. They are a pragmatic people, who favor indirect combat and long ranged engagement to the more pious choice of a full charge. This doctrine made them perfect choices for scouting and sniping. The companies had split up, sending out a platoon who would then broke into squads to fan out over every inch of the left behind ground. If they found trouble, the rest of the company would come running. Or flee. Remember, pragmaticism.
  7. Sergeant Aelia Miles had been sent out to check on some movement to the west. She was leading the unit on foot; at the front, with her eagle-like eyes scanning every corner for the slightest hint of danger. "I don't like surprises. Make sure they don't happen," The determined woman said to the others offhandedly, tucking in her black beret. It was a Marksman's piece of regalia. The Japall uniform had two thin straps of flak armour on her shoulders, and chest armour weaved into a camouflaged jumpsuit that eliminated her most obvious feminine feature. It made her and the other women practically blend in with the men of the squad.
  9. "Ah man look at Sarge being all serious 'n' shit. It's cute ma'am really is!"
  11. The usual banter erupted between the squad members after the jokester started it off. It was a nice escape from the bleak reality surrounding them. Sarge didn't mind it one bit, they had served with one another long enough to get used to this. Everyone was prepared for what might be up ahead despite the loose chatter. Aelia's eyes scanned over blasted rock, burned foliage from ashen trees and destroyed hills. This hill country was perfect for ambushes. They'd used it to their advantage for the main body in preparation for their advance. Picking off key targets in the Chaos leadership. Aelia even wracked some kills under her belt. But fear was gripping her mind that the same fate would befall her or her comrades. Wearing the beret was a mistake, it painted a giant sign over her head. 'Hey, I'm the leader! Kill me first!'.
  13. A rough and raspy voice said suddenly, "Hold up."
  15. It was someone to Aelia's right. She quickly replied, "What ya got?" The man pointed to a ridge not but half a minute's sprint away. Though the Sergeant didn't see anything, she nudged the side of the man. It was a silent request for more information. "I saw dust, looks like it was kicked up. Someone has to be over there." Years of experience had taught Aelia exactly what to do. Giving out the orders to her squad had become second nature. "Alright. I need two on the left hill next to us, you're provide covering fire and spotting for us. I need a point man on the ridge of the hill. The rest of you are-"
  17. A blistering pain wracked over her body as a some explosive trap went off. It blasted eardrums, made one blind and had all their muscles coil up in agony. It made it easy to pluck Aelia from the center of the unit. If someone where to run from that hill to where the squad was, it would take about thirty seconds to sprint that distance. But an Eldar could clear it easily in five seconds. Even less if they were trained for it.
  19. Aelia woke up in the burned ruins of some old Imperial structure. Gothic architecture surrounded her; skulls, spikes, hard rockcrete surfaces, the face of Saints plastered on pillars. The familiarity of her surroundings was at least comforting. The roof had been bombed out, letting her get a look at the sky. The star orbiting this world had shifted ever so slightly. That was good, she hadn't been out that long. As she tried to stand up, something knocked her back down to the ground. A slender figure had slid down from the roof, using the Sergeant's head as a stepping stone. It made the Sarge's skull ring out, causing her vision to blur. She tried to back away from whatever it was, but there was no room behind her to get away.
  21. "Greetings," A faint voice spoke to her. "I've been most impatient waiting for you to wake up. I'd like to thank you for stepping on my stun mine. Quite nice of you, I've been so lonely looking for someone to dance with." Her voice was like the whispering winds rolling over ocean waves. An ethereal, unreal and ghostly voice. It was contrasted by the spiteful and bitter words that came from Aelia's mouth. "You. Bitch. Just what do you think you can-" She was silenced instantly by whoever it was closing the distance between them in a blink of an eye. The guard's eyes finally cleared up, fixating on the first thing presented to them. A mask, half bone white, the other half ebony black. It was in the shape of an exaggerated skull, the sockets having a red gemstone in the ebony side and a blue one in the white half.
  23. The voice continued, "No no no, you must mistake me for someone else. I'm not Bitch. I'm Rirosel. Born of the Red Crown Troupe. And you are?" There was no reply from Aelia. A jingle was heard as the bell attached to a curled tip of Rirosel's shoe placed itself firmly on the Sergeant's belly, taking the wind out of her. "And you are?" The masked kidnapper asked again, this time with a bit of mischief in her voice. Aelia gulped before answering the mad woman, "Aelia. Aelia Miles of the 55th Jopall. That is all I'm telling you." An evil giggle came from the mask as the Eldar said, "Oh, I don't want to know anything else. Don't worry."
  25. 2. "What I want though, cannot be asked for. It can only be taken." The threat sparked off the rest of Aelia's senses which were still sluggish after all the her head had taken. She could now properly take into account how bad this situation was. Whoever 'Rirosel' was stood at least half a foot taller than her, if not more. Adding to this, it seemed she possessed inhuman agility and strength. Demonstrating this as Aelia was picked up by the neck with ease. Her back scraping against the wall as she was lifted up to Rirosel's mask.
  27. Now one could make proper comparison between the two women. While Rirosel had tight clothing that clung to her skin with insane patterns of checkered backgrounds and lines, the woman she was holding had a concealing standard issue uniform which hid much of her body features under a net of fabric and camo-patterns. Very sensible, and boring. A long golden braid ran out the back of Rirosel's head, but Aelia's hair was short, boyish, and had a mousy color. The beret had fallen off not long after the Eldar started to raise up her captive. "Hmmm, you'll do. You'll do. You see, my...cousin kindred showed me a few things that well...Give you a certain taste that is rare to my brothers and sisters. But every now and then you have to satisfy a hunger, right?" Aelia couldn't reply, trying to focus on not choking.
  29. "Happy that you understand," Rirosel said with a mad giggle afterwards as she turned the woman around. Now a forearm held the soldier in place, digging into her back. Her modest chest squished against the wall making it still hard to breath. From this position though, her entire backside was available to the powerful xeno warrior. "Hmm, what to what to do. So many options, so many vices. I'll start simple." A hand began to travel down Aelia's back, before resting at her waist. Before this point, Aelia assumed this was just a bizarre interrogation technique. When this point was crossed, she quickly found out what was going to happen.
  31. Her body thrashed and went wild, kicking and struggling against Rirosel's grasp. "About time, I thought this would be without any flavor!" An elbow flew at the Eldar's face, knocking into the mask. The hold didn't let up, as the little resistance continued for a few minutes. It was useless, it seemed that nothing would tire or break Rirosel's concentration or her iron strong hold.
  33. "Now, if you'll let me..." A cold blade started to snip into clothing, running a line from Aelia's back straight down her butt. The heat of the planet meant that Aelia had been sweating for a long time, the latest struggle only making her body feel more heated up. Droplets of sweat pouring down her forehead. The tip of that knife got a bit too close as her issued briefs were cut in half. The Sergeant let out a little 'eep!' at the feeling, causing a little laughter to come out from that Harlequin's mask. "Cute." Her ass was now exposed to the Eldar's view. It had two shapely pert buttcheeks that complimented a soldier's build. Slim and textured, only made better for the thick thighs Aelia had. Rirosel's open palm grabbed onto one cheek, kneading it happily between her fingers. Grasping it tight and not letting go, happily massaging it with her fingers over naked, smooth skin. After the Harlequin had her fill of that her hand went for something out of view.
  35. From the corner of her eye Aelia' spotted an odd device. It was a long green floppy tube that seemed to be made of rubber, small in width but impressively long. "Hmm, now I think we'll get started. Since you tried to fight me," Without warning whatever it was started to prod at her backdoor. Pressing firmly against the rear entrance. In all the years of service, nothing could properly prepare anyone for this. The instrument battered away at the hole, not letting up until at last. It had entry. The rim of muscle was beaten in, the inches of the rubber snake sinking into the screaming Sergeant in one smooth careful motion.
  37. Aelia started to thrash again, but a little smack on the side of the ass stopped her right away. She tried to speak again, however strained her breathing was. "M-my regiment is going to burn you, xenos whore..." More crazy laughter from the mask. "Ah man look at Sarge being all serious 'n' shit." The hand controlling the object started to move back and forth, beating it into her body. "It's cute ma'am really is!" Aelia went speechless again, either from the strain, the shame, or the disgust one couldn't be too sure. The Sergeant couldn't fathom why someone would, do something so lewd in that hole! The woman's skin started to burn from the exertion, a little pleasure being derived from the fact. Perhaps more than a little though, as Rirosel started to twist and turn the toy in and around as it was thrusted forward inside.
  39. Rirosel's ears picked up, the hand moving the length stopped dead. "Keep your eyes open." A voice that was familiar to Aelia spoke out. "Has anyone checked that building?" Another from her squad said. "Yeah, we did about ten minutes ago. Nothing in there." "Alright, we keep searching."
  41. Rirosel leaned in, whispering in her low and mocking voice, "Go on. Call out to them. Ask for their help. Kill me, and burn the xeno. Let them see what their Sergeant has been reduced to as well." A set of footsteps started to get closer to the ruins. Rirosel, being either stupid or crazy or both began to fuck Aelia again. Setting that object wedged between her cheeks back into motion. Aelia used her hands to cover her mouth, to avoid being heard as she panted in response to the pleasure running throughout her body. Finally though, the Corporal called the rest of the unit out. Taking them far from the ruins. Eventually, Rirosel slowed down saying to the captured Sergeant. "Good girl. For that, you'll get a treat." Using her Eldar speed and ability, suddenly made the toy go incredibly fast. Very, fast. Pounding in further and deeper into the Guardswoman, scraping against her walls with renewed vigor.
  43. After some time spent ravaging the poor soldier's butthole, Rirosel gave her a moment to breath. With a free hand, she let go of the tube. Enough of it was lodged inside that she could keep it hanging out of the girl's ass. Her masked was slightly moved to the top of her head, revealing her face. It was smooth and beautiful face, with strands of golden hair falling over her face. Before Aelia could spit in her face or curse her, lips moved to seize her's. A long tongue flopped out, pressing into the Sergeant's mouth. She wanted to bite down on the invading tongue, but her body felt uncontrollable with the spiking arcs of ecstasy that were coursing through her. Eyes became hazy as they stared angrily at Rirosel, who only matched it with a giddy gaze of excitement. Over time the Sarge found herself in a sloppy kiss with the Harlequin, the toy beginning to move again.
  45. Arousal started to build towards a climax in the Guardswoman. This was getting too serious, she needed a way out. Her eyes scanned around, finding an easy target. Her hands were unbound, allowing her arm to reach out and grab the braid. She yanked it, pulling the lustful xenos off of her. This was met only with laughter that filled the ruin. "Again, again!" Aelia stared on in disbelief. "What? Do you think this is my first time doing this? I grow my hair out exactly for this reason!" Aelia's eyes turned upwards as the toy was shoved further up, deeper than it had ever gone in. It felt painful, uncomfortable, but still unbelievably erotic. The feeling of it being so far inside her, still wiggling and pounding around.
  47. The air was now filled with the scent of Aelia's arousal, and her moans as she couldn't contain them. It was an oddly delightful to be taken so forcibly, left with nothing as it is taken roughly. Her body ached from the pain but wanted for more, the sodomy constantly leaving the Sergeant wanting for breath. The toy released its own lubrication, now making sloshing lewd noises every time it beat into the captured soldier. Her fingers and toes began to curl up, her face a mess of arousal.
  49. "You're close now aren't you? Here. Let me help you..."
  51. Rirosel moved so fast that Aelia lost track of everything, only realizing what position she was left in when it was all over. Her back was now off the wall, but her shoulders and head had been placed lightly onto the ground. Her body was presented upwards into the sky, with her bottom pointed up. Her legs were pointed towards her head, up in the air. Rirosel lorded over her, the height and strength advantage making that an easy task. She was finishing up with her dress, having just pulled something back. Her own holes were exposed now, fluids gushing from her sex. Her lower lips dribbled freely down onto Aelia, causing Rirosel only to giggle at her. "I think this will be perfect end to our dance," Rirosel proclaimed as she grabbed onto the length poking out of Aelia's butt. She pressed the other end against her own rear, before her hips planted rushed down onto it. Taking several inches all at once.
  53. The Eldar's rutting began as her hips continued to beat and pound down onto the helpless Guardswoman below, surging the toy into both of them at once. Rirosel happily rode the toy provided, beating her own butt onto Aelia's. Now the air had a new sound, of soft flesh beating on soft flesh. Aelia's her face was covered in a look of bliss. Her body now drenched in sweat from all the exertion and the heat. Her tongue was out on the side, her chest heaving up and down as she feverishly panted. Rirosel couldn't help but laugh at the look, putting her mask back on. It didn't take long for Aelia to lose herself to the gripping sensation, followed not too shortly after by Riroself herself.
  55. Those bells jingled once again as the Eldar started to zip her suit back up. Rirosel had left a parting gift as well. The tube had been shoved as far is it could, nearly all of it too, up into Aelia. Showing only a little green perking out of the now quite abused hole. The jingles of her boot was the last sound that the Sergeant heard before the Eldar disappeared. The soldier dragged herself on the ground, before looking at the damage. It'd been a good hour since her squad passed. Leaving her to have to get the toy out, somehow patch up her uniform, and jog all the way to where her squad could be but might not be.
  57. "Fucking clown bitch."
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