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The Moth Girl And The Lighthouse Keeper

Jamirr Oct 21st, 2018 111 Never
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  1. By youmeanmoidoid (unfinished)
  3. [F4M] [script offer] The Moth Girl And The Lighthouse Keeper
  5. In this script, you play the role of a Moth Girl who get's lost after getting caught in a storm on your way home along the coast. But through all the wind, rain and darkness. You see the brightest light you've ever seen! After making your way towards the light and finally reaching it, you realize it's a light house.
  7. Light houses are very popular attractions among Moth Girls. But, being new to the area, this is the first time you've ever seen one. Though you are mesmerized by it, the water from the rain is starting to soak through your wings. And if you don't find shelter soon, you won't be able to fly, and will be trapped out in the storm all night! However, near the base of the lighthouse are some windows, and you can see a dim light inside. Which means someone could be living here!
  9. You have always been very weary of humans. But, with nowhere else to go, and running out of time. You decide to do the only option you have left, and tap on the glass of the lighthouse as hard as you can.
  11. [start]
  13. (((SFX of a storm with wind, rain and occasional lightning)))
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