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  1. <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. <html>
  3.     <head>
  4.         <title>Page Title</title>
  5.     </head>
  6.     <body>
  7.   <div class="box">
  8.    <input class="condition" placeholder="A Medical Condition">
  9.     <button class="btn1">Click</button>
  11.     <input class="adjective1" placeholder="Adjective">
  12.     <button class="btn2">Click</button>
  14.   </div>
  16.   <div class="kanye">
  17.     <h1>Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Not Divorcing, Says Insider </h1>
  19.     <p>In the wake of Kanye West’s hospitalization
  20.       for <span class="conditionVal"><em>____(a medical condition)_____</em></span>
  21.       and sleep deprivation last month, all kinds of extreme and
  22.       <span class="adjective1Val">____(adjective)_____</span> rumors have
  23.       reared their ugly heads, including some claiming Kim Kardashian
  24.       and her <span class="noun1Val">____(noun)_____</span> are headed for
  25.       <span class="badSitVal">____(a bad situation)_____</span>. But don’t fret!
  26.       According to some reliable sources, that is all just hearsay.</p>
  28.     <p>According to insiders with TMZ, the couple has no plans to
  29.       <span class="verb1Val">____(verb)_____</span> and are reportedly
  30.       closer since his time in the <span class="placeVal">____(a place)_____</span>.
  31.       They added that he’s able to start working again but is not taking on big,
  32.       demanding projects.</p>
  34.     <p>Not convinced that the power couple is returning to normalcy?
  35.       Word has it Kim and her hubby <span class="verb2Val">____(verb)_____</span>
  36.       a friend’s house on Tuesday (Dec. 6, 2016) for dinner, a first since he returned
  37.       home.</p>
  39.   </div>
  40.     </body>
  41. </html>
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