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Arckei SCP Rules Updated Feb 12th 2020

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Feb 12th, 2020
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  2. Arckei Network
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  6. Rules
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  8. 0. Staff enforcement and decision making
  9. The staff team are accountable for any actions they take. With that said enforcement of the rules at the discretion of the staff team. Please understand that these rules are made with fair play in mind(and enjoyment for the server as a whole). Any decision made can be disputed by the player on the discord with the exclusion of rule 6(See rule 6 for more info).
  11. 1. Don't be a complete ass
  12. You are expected to play to your team's objective(s). While deviation from your objectives usually won't result in punishment, taking the fun out of the game is. Don't troll, harass, minge, or anything of the sort. (That means resist the urge of tossing nades in elevators filled with your own teammates)
  14. 2. Mass Team Killing
  15. Mass Team Killing is abusing the friendly fire mechanic to kill multiple people on purpose. Friendly fire is only enabled to force people to strategize and better communicate. Accidental team killing is forgivable however revenge team killing is optional. If a staff member tells you to stop the revenge killing STOP IT. Again friendly fire is not meant to remove players from the game, nor is it a tool for getting back a people for shooting you in the back. Attempting to grenade your entire team in the elevator is grounds for PERMANENT removal from our servers.
  17. 3. Ghosting and the similar
  18. Distributing information outside the means of the game that gives you an edge over other players is prohibited. Examples of this is using platforms like Teamspeak, Discord, or Skype to talk with other players or spectators about the game in progress. If we suspect your ghosting, you will be removed promptly.
  20. 4. Impersonating staff/global staff can result in you being kicked.
  22. 5. Mic spam "may" result in a muted.
  23. Mic Spam is making audible sounds that can be considered annoying. Since this is a English server all non English speakers can be kicked or muted. Music is the exception to this rule however music must not be extremely loud or "bass boosted to all hell". This rule persists throughout the whole round but pre and post game lobbies are fair game unless stated otherwise during the round. Most of the time this rule will result in a temp mute or intercom timeout. Frequent fliers will be kicked. For all non English speakers the official SCPSL Discord has a curated list to help find a better server for you.
  25. 6. The use of cheats, trainers, or anything that could give you an unfair advantage will result in permanent removal from the server and is unappealable. Some useful links: and
  27. PSA Regarding Global Staff: All global tags are vanity tags with the exception of the Global Moderation Team. In addition, we hold no jurisdiction over the Global Moderation Team and they are not required to enforce the house rules. In most cases, they are on the server to look for and ban cheaters.(See Rule 6)
  29. Please consider joining the discord so you can get notified of any events taking place.
  33. Kei Shin#4780 OR (Discord is preferred)
  35. Last Updated: Feb 12th 2020
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