Defeat and Lesson

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  1. 17:00] Shallina relaxes her and examines Tonashi anew. Maybe hundreds of times over now, but now she reads for something completely different from him.
  3. "You probably know much already, after-all you have been here for a long time." Shallina claims. "We'll keep this simple. If you want to bring forth the full power of your occultism, you must find that will to destroy, ruin and harm. Do not focus on just your emotion. Focus on the intent that derives off it." Shallina tells Tonashi.
  5. "If you hate a flower for being in your way. Do not utilize that hatred as your weapon, Tonashi. Instead, focus on your reason to ruin that flower." Shallina tries to provide a sample, her voice sing-song as usual.
  7. With these words, Shallina aims to direct Tonashi toward harnessing his own occult power, beyond which had been pushed into him.
  8. (Shallina)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [17:06] Tonashi would then take his blade off his back.
  13. "So be dead and simply allow my instincts to hunt to take over." He would sway side to side as he walk closer and closer taking his blade off his back. "Fine then." He would let the dark take him. He was going to hunt and consume everything. Shallina was pushing him into nothing but a endless bound of darkness and he loved it. With that said he would then let the wind fully blow around his form.
  15. "Then shall we begin." The oocult blood in his veins flaring. It was go time.
  16. (Tonashi Botcher)
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  19. [17:08] Senevál says, "--Hm. Versail asleep."
  20. [17:08] Senevál says, "Just as I was about to ask something."
  21. [17:08] Maeve Illumir says, "Helllloo."
  22. [17:08] Maeve Illumir says, "I fought Sih'lanhu just now."
  23. [17:09] Senevál asks, "Ah? And what's the result?"
  24. [17:09] Shallina smiles at Tonashi. He made his own interpretation of it, and she ultimately accepts it.
  26. "It is a dangerous weapon. I look forward to seeing results." Shallina claims, as Tonashi seems to shift into a more deadly stance, his sword at hand.
  28. "Do not just attempt to channel it. Before you properly internalize it, you must do it outside. Attack your opponent directly with it." she aims to direct him. And then,
  31. "Let's begin."
  32. (Shallina)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [17:10] Maeve Illumir says, "I did win, yes."
  36. [17:11] Maeve Illumir says, "I'm going to practice with those two fighting now. Once they finish, anyhow."
  37. [17:13] Senevál says, "Mhm."
  38. [17:20] Shallina's smile vanishes. There is an issue here, a very unfortunate one that visibly began to disappoint Shallina. Perhaps disappointment is the kind of fuel Tonashi needs. Shallina did begin making an investment.
  40. There is the clang of metal against the screeching thorn in her grasp. The blade itself never touches flesh, and yet, when the weapons crack against each other, Tonashi takes damage. Severe damage at that. A deep, basso sound emits from the thorn, from its countless holes, that attacks Tonashi through his insides.
  42. Tonashi would feel a very, very violent rush of pain, as if though every organ in his body is being ripped apart.
  44. Then, sickness. Perhaps vomit inducing.
  46. "You aren't doing -any- of what I told you!"
  48. Shallina is capable of smiling at people. She is also capable of doing the complete reverse in rarer circumstances, like now. Unlike the previous time she aimed to hurt him, she is entirely aware of what she is doing now. Shallina lays a hand over him, before surging with occultism, to violently blow him away. It was the dark power in its rawest form, which functioned more as a physical blow then anything else.
  50. "You bring about great amounts of disappointment, starting off so confident and falling so easily."
  51. (Shallina)
  52. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54. [17:22] Maeve Illumir says, "Oh me, oh my..."
  55. [17:26] Tonashi would feel his body flare fall and fall. He would feel as if he wasn't pushing himself as hard. He felt that his attacks weren't enough and his mind wasn't into it. He wanted to do more but he felt as if he was at a long distance reach. What could be wrong? Was he not up to the task. He lost so much power to gain so much more. He would slam his fist into the ground and growl.
  57. The woman kept him back and the music kept him at bay. Her attacks were devastating to the ears and he felt it very much indeed. It was like the worst type of music to hear when you in this state.
  59. "ARGHHHHHH!"
  61. The attacks of wind and as the wind blows him away his natural instinct to hunt would kick into overdrive.
  63. "....go again..." He say silently as he got up. He felt the pain. It didn't matter. He felt the disappointment. It didn't matter. What mattered was her on the ground. "You will go down!" He say launching at her.
  64. (Tonashi Botcher)
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. [17:31] "Hmn." A single claw trails along its cheek. "It iss- wondering if such is even happening."
  68. (Versail)
  69. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71. [17:32] Senevál says, "One that pertains our future as a whole."
  72. [17:33] Maeve Illumir asks, "Where?"
  73. [17:35] Senevál says, "Theria, I believe."
  74. [17:35] Shallina was hardly even bringing forth a melody. She had resorted to using her magics in a simplistic form. For a moment, Tonashi did push back, but ultimately, his efforts fell limp. His continued approach ultimately ended in his world being ripped into by ear piercing tones and explosions like sonic booms.
  76. Tonashi had scathed her with one of his own forces of wind, but in return, he is forced to a kneel by similar effects to his previous collapse.
  78. "Focus on developing your occultism." Shallina sings, before turning about with intrigue at the conversation.
  79. (Shallina)
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