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  1. 03[10:18] <Amy> The next day, someone excitedly knocks on Alex's door. Repeatedly.
  2. 04[10:18] * Alex cranes his head up towards the door, having been up but resting. "Come in, Amy."
  3. 06[10:19] * Amy bursts in and pulls her brother into a tight hug. She's laughing and grinning wildly. "Alex! Hey! How'd it go with Marguerite?!" She kisses his cheek and flops onto the bed, pulling Alex close, almost onto her lap.
  4. 06[10:19] * Alex hugs back. "She punched me."
  5. [10:20] <Alex> "After Fielding told her she's manufactured."
  6. 03[10:20] <Amy> "What?!" The hug tightens. "What happened?!" Amy rubs Alex's back soothingly. "I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have done that!" The smile fades, and tears well up. "I just want you two to be friends! I'm -sorry-!"
  7. [10:20] <Alex> "And then she kissed me."
  8. [10:21] <Alex> "I am still confused about the entire thing."
  9. 06[10:21] * Alex hugs Amy. "You seem... hyperactive?"
  10. 06[10:22] * Amy sniffles. "Yeah. My doctor gave me some medication to make my emotions more noticable. I think they're working." She rubs her eyes. "So...she hit you and then she kissed you? So nothing's changed?"
  11. [10:22] <Alex> "I'm not sure. She said she would not hit me again."
  12. [10:23] <Alex> "I think she may like me; however, she was also medicated at the time, which may have affected her actions."
  13. 03[10:24] <Amy> "Well that's good! Maybe you're okay! What did you talk about?"
  14. [10:32] <Alex> "Her training. Why men scare her."
  15. [10:32] <Alex> "I start her schedule tomorrow."
  16. 03[10:32] <Amy> "Well good! She wouldn't let you near her so often if she didn't like you!"
  17. [10:33] <Alex> "If I were to like her also, would you be upset with me?"
  18. 03[10:34] <Amy> "No way! Why would you even think that?!"
  19. [10:35] <Alex> "Because previously my attentions for you have been undivided. I was afraid you might be jealous."
  20. 03[10:36] <Amy> "Everyone says they're afraid of me getting jealous. I don't get it! You're my friend, and she's my friend. Everyone's happy!"
  21. 06[10:36] * Amy grins.
  22. 03[10:36] <Amy> "Besides. I can't be your girlfriend."
  23. [10:39] <Alex> "Then I am also happy." Alex hugs tight. "I only hope that Marguerite will not disavow knowledge of her feelings for me when her medication wears off."
  24. [10:39] <Alex> "And no, you cannot. I am happy, however, with you being my sister."
  25. 03[10:39] <Amy> "...Duh?"
  26. 06[10:39] * Amy hugs back, and looks weirded out regardless.
  27. 03[10:40] <Amy> "I'm gonna go do stuff now. I'm supposed to train with Marguerite, so come get me when it's time to do stuff with her, okay?"
  28. 04[10:40] <Alex> "Okay. I will see you later, Amy."
  29. 03[10:40] <Amy> "Bye-bye!"
  30. 06[10:40] * Alex waves and lies back down in bed.
  31. 06[10:40] * Amy hops off Alex's bed and skips away~
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