Stygian Black Gloves - Feb 2018 Duskruin GemStoneIV

Feb 17th, 2018
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  2. As you direct your song to the gloves an image slowly begins to take form. A cowled figure flips a gleaming silver coin high into the air, catching it during its descent on the back of his gloved right hand. He passes his left hand over the coin a couple times, until suddenly it disappears! A smirk slowly spreads across his face, barely visible under the folds of his cowl.
  4. As your song continues another image floods your mind, this time that of the cowled figure kneeling by a sturdy iron chest. He twists his right wrist quickly as his fingers tuck into his palm. A second later he is twirling a lockpick between his index finger and thumb.
  6. The cowled figure tosses his cowl back, displaying his ruggedly handsome features and sandy blond locks of hair. The half-elf brandishes his lockpick as confidently as a warlord brandishes his weapon. Slowly he inserts his lockpick into the lock, rooting around within.
  8. After rooting around the lock for a moment, he grins, a victorious expression spread across his face. He slips the lockpick back into his glove and hurriedly reaches for the lid, anxious to unearth its treasures. As he lifts the lid he sees...
  10. ...nothing, for once the lid is lifted the chest explodes, sending the would-be treasure hunter to a fiery death.
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