Tildes 2020 Census: Like

Sep 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. The in-depth discussion that can (in theory) be had about any subject.
  2. Discourse of members
  3. Civil discourse
  4. the default tildes have good content and thus, ~all is actually good to read and check.
  5. Typically the genuine responses when I ask a question
  6. Quality comments with less memes.
  7. The small community reminds me of when an internet from about 15 years ago. A place of discovery where people where just happy with the idea of being online.
  8. The smaller community and activity sort means if you put effort into a comment or post people are likely to see it rather rhan brong buried in the noise.
  9. The people,
  10. Quality of discussion
  11. Well curated and users bring interesting points of view to discussions. I came looking for an alternative to Reddit and find Tildes more mature and less "virulent".
  12. Thoughtful, civilized discussions
  13. actual meaningful comments
  14. Quality discussion with small number of users.
  15. Nice community
  16. Less number of people
  17. Sorry; I don't really have time to answer these questions. I've probably answered them before, though, and those answers haven't changed. Thanks for running this. I guess I like filling out categorical information about myself.
  18. Free software, high quality, left leaning
  19. I can hide covid news.
  20. kind and authentic community
  21. The community.
  22. Relaxed atmosphere
  23. Discussion is almost always serious
  24. Some nice people
  25. Interesting topics and conversations
  26. It’s a tight-knit community that hasn’t fallen to hive-mind memification like Reddit.
  27. small close-knit community without rampant shitposting. high signal to noise ratio.
  28. FOSS, copyleft/GPL
  29. It focuses on high quality, often long form content. No fluff content.
  30. Census
  31. I like the community, and the fact that there's consistently quality articles that are worth reading on the front page.
  32. Thoughtful discussion from interesting people.
  33. Small, niche community. I like the emphasis on links and text posts
  34. Folks
  35. The smaller user base reminds me of reddit back when I first joined.
  36. Good community
  37. The users appear to be really kind/interesting/intelligent people who put effort into their comments on a diversity of subjects.
  38. It’s chill
  39. The level-headedness, discussion, moderation.
  40. More serious discussion, less memes, and less shitposts.
  41. The level of discourse.
  42. Utter lack of comments like "And my axe!"In other words, reliable, genuine discussion.
  43. Quality of rhetoric, ethos of information.
  44. Broadly, Deimos' philosophy and attitude towards the site, reflecting his (?) lessons learned at Reddit ... and the type of community that is developing here, as a result.
  45. The design and UX, the community is friendly
  46. Site is small enough I feel like somebody is at least reading my comments
  47. Mostly friendly community and high quality content.
  48. In-depth communication and discussion on topics of relevant interest to me, relatively low noise content, a feeling like my opinion matters to an extent more than on most social media sites.
  49. That it's small and therefore accountable
  50. More intelligent posts, more in depth discussions that don't stray into garbage arguments and bad rhetoric.
  51. It is a much smaller community base than reddit and it's users tend to value quality discussion over saying things just to get karma.
  52. not full of idiot reddit memes or memes in general
  53. Finding out recent news etc
  54. Clean, thoughtful, and has an editorial view on moderation.
  55. It's small and less focused on memey content and personal Facebook sharing content (like top of r/Pics) and feels more like a worthwhile use of my time than those.
  56. High quality, non combative discussion
  57. Most detailed discussion
  58. The community is nice, and I like the news sources people usually use
  59. Simpler and slower paced than Reddit.
  60. No FUCKING ads. Respectful discussions around topics that interest me.
  61. Discussion, links
  62. The fact that most of the users are interested in thoughtful and sensate discussion and not to gather upvotes with punchy jokes that honestly "have broken the dick", to literally translate a colorful italian expression meaning that you are really sick of something.
  63. Left-leaning. reddit alternative. Unique content algorithm. Came here for the novelty just like when I first joined reddit in 2012.
  64. Goal of meaningful conversation first.
  65. No trolls, meaningful conversation
  66. Thoughtful comments, deliberate strategy on how it grows and what content is acceptable/encouraged.
  67. -Smallish community -Nice people -less toxicity -actual discussion
  68. Respectful community
  69. Best community, quality posts, always surprises me.
  70. No hate subreddits. Smaller.
  71. Quality of discussions and discourse. User base evidently puts a lot of thought and effort into discussion.
  72. The quality of discussion is generally quite high, and the community is very welcoming
  73. The community are friendly
  74. Slower, tighter-knit, well-meaning community
  75. I like the design goals and general philosophy. I like the focus on "serious" content and the lack of fluff
  76. The site is a joy to use on mobile.
  77. - civil discussion - no downvotes - small userbase (you recognize people) - threads run over multiple weeks
  78. the quality over quantity approach
  79. Interesting links to articles + commentary. Some thought provoking
  80. high signal to noise ratio: lots of interesting content in submissions and comments and everyone is really friendly. Less sterile than hackernews and wider range of posts.
  81. Civil discourse
  82. I like how the discussions are clean and thoughtful.
  83. Interface and generally reasonable community.
  84. Both its community of contributors as well as the actual site's unobtrusive and non-obnoxious design.
  85. smart, passionate, and different people
  86. The lack of low effort discussions
  87. It's more discussion focused and less toxic than Reddit.
  88. Civil discussion.
  89. -Mature audience. -Invite-only for now
  90. Small community. Usually interesting links that I don’t see elsewhere.
  91. Higher quality discussion and civility.
  92. i like that it is staunchly non-commercial, and that there are a lot of people who know WAY more than me about important social-political topics
  93. The community and the links that get shared. Discussion is great.
  94. I like that it's not embarrassed about the fact that it's a forum site, and the labelling system is great.
  95. Strong shared idea of good behavior — everyone pretty much knows where the lines are.
  96. Lack of super negative discussion
  97. The propensity towards thoughtful, genuine discussion.
  98. Small community. Comments sections are active enough without being unmanageable
  99. It's quick and easy to find something to read.
  100. Discussions are more intellectual.
  101. The respectful, thoughtful discussion (usually)
  102. Generally, less tendentious and hostile than other social media.
  103. In-depth conversations and recurring topics.
  104. It's a small community where everyone can easily have a voice in running it, and discussion is usually quite interesting - there aren't any throwaway meme posts. I really enjoy this kind of small-forum aspect, it reminds me of the many communities I used to participate in in the late 2000's.
  105. The quality of most discussions. I really like the small community we have built up.
  106. Interface/Design
  107. It's not over run with trolls.
  108. It's chill!
  109. the focus on serious discussion
  110. In depth conversation, mostly.
  111. No redditors
  112. Good conversation from mostly level headed people.
  113. Quality discussion.
  114. Better cultivated content than many other services; shows me media that I would be very unlikely to interact with if I did not have a Tildes account.
  115. interesting links, good discussion
  116. cozy
  117. Intelligent conversation, not overrun with memes and fascists
  118. The community and more indepth discussions
  119. The community is good, the site has good discussion.
  120. - small, tight-knit community - interesting topics and discussions - very little memes
  121. Remarkably civil discussion
  122. It's more community-like than such big sites like Reddit and such
  123. clean interface
  124. The codification to assume good faith.
  125. In areas that could be considered non-political such as tech Tildes as an invaluable source of information and constructive comments. Generally the community supports each other and takes care of one another.
  126. Friendly community, diverse range of topics, nice cozy population size. In comparison: Lobsters is very tech focused, but sometimes I want to talk about other topics. Reddit is too big and often toxic. HN has gotten too big for my comfort.
  127. That I dont feel pressured to use it.
  128. The discussion quality.
  129. It has a more closely-knit community feeling than than messaging board (like some early/mid-2000 message boards I still participate it).
  130. Interesting articles, somewhat reasonable discussion.
  131. The intimacy of the community. I recognize most of the frequent posters and commenters, giving a chance to learn about them and their personality. This fosters a sense of understanding and respect for the human behind a comment that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  132. The simplicity.
  133. It's cosy and people are respectful. It's also well done techincally, I enjoy just using it
  134. Its largely smaller and it means can be more focused on quality over quantity.
  135. Great discussions without the hate/vitriol. Also, have not seen many (rarely any?) arrogant bro-grammers who want to mansplain things to everyone.
  136. High-quality discussion; minimalist design and clear UI; site philosophy (e.g. Principle of Charity, avoids Paradox of Tolerance, etc.); polite, non-bigoted user-base; etc.
  137. manners less fluff
  138. Good discussion, high effort contributions, no tolerance for bad actors
  139. The community.
  140. Community and Discussions, like Reddit without the shittyness.
  141. It's like Reddit but so much less of a shitshow.
  142. The small size of the community
  143. The community is solid, the interface is clean, the data usage is light, and the privacy violations are nil.
  144. It's a very nice broad community. I don't feel as though it's toxic at all. Invite only is certainly the reason. Also love that I don't need JS!
  145. Slow paced, earnest discussion and sharing, moderation I support
  146. the smaller userbase makes it easier to connect.
  147. Deep discussion that is polite. Interesting topics brought up.
  148. 1. Posts can come back to the front page on Tildes. With most similar sites (e.g. reddit,, once it's been on the front page and dropped off, there's no point commenting on it, as it's effectively hidden, and no quantity of votes or comments will bring it back up: no-one will ever see your comment unless you're replying to someone, so once it drops off the front page, discussion only continues as a back-and-forth between a couple of users. 2. The wide variety of topics covered
  149. kfwyre and other people leaving great comments
  150. The "slowness", and quality of the content. It feels like quality over quantity. Also, people are nice in general. Also, not too much Javascript.
  151. Not overrun with trolls
  152. The community, the ethica behind it
  153. probably how there's a nice selection of links on about everything. kfwyre's talk threads are usually amazing. the software is comfortable to use and has a very good feature set (and seems stable enough). gj deimos et al. overall the big plus compared to certain other link aggregators which shall remain unnamed is the community and its comparatively open-minded attitudes to stuff.
  154. doesn't suck as much as reddit
  155. People are very open about their experiences and, separately, do not tolerate alt-right bullshit.
  156. Meaty content
  157. Respectable conversation
  158. Not a massive community and the lack of problems that come with large internet communities.
  159. Less shitposting
  160. The community is small.
  161. The weekly/biweekly threads.
  162. I love that it isn't using the ad model, and I happily support it with $5 a month!
  163. Popular enough for there to be plenty of healthy discussion. Still obscure enough to not be overrun by trash.
  164. The articles, discussions, people
  165. Presence of high-quality discussions
  166. I like the community. There are a lot of people who use the platform to tell interesting stories and ask interesting questions, and conversations are (generally) respectful and insightful.
  167. Not trendy or filled with memes and other crap
  168. Good discussion
  169. The signal:noise ratio is tolerable and sometimes even pleasant.
  170. Good signal to noise ratio
  171. The civil discussions
  172. Simplicity and quality of the community in general
  173. Good people, good posts, slower-moving than a lot of other sites and doesn't have low-effort content. Also, no hate speech.
  174. It isn't reddit
  175. I like the small community feeling.
  176. That fact that it's smaller and easier to have impactful conversations than on reddit.
  177. There is cool place to share all information.
  178. high quality discussion
  179. High quality articles, usually high quality discussion
  180. Conversations are more thoughtful/insightful.
  181. Able to have good, in-depth discussions and share high-quality articles
  182. The quality of content.
  183. Privacy-first design, lightweight and uncluttered pages, AGPL licensing, Deimos is a cool admin.
  184. Quality of conversation and posts
  185. Civil conversation. High signal-to-noise ratio. Interesting articles. Less of a hivemind/circklejerk.
  186. Information/conversation based as opposed to images/memes, etc.
  187. The people and the philosophy behind it
  188. It's small, so I know who I'm talking to and where they're coming from.
  189. People will take you seriously unless told not to and you can ask and answer a far larger and more interesting variety of questions than in reddit. The principle of charity is nice. Tildes isn't after your data so you dont need to worry about privacy from the site. Tag and title editors are appreciated. There is a place to request changes to the site on the site and it's actually heard, massively boosting transparency. Always showing new comments shows us where people are talking. It's acknowledged that the only way to keep your privacy is to pay for the site you're using, although this is obviously not perfect. FOSS is neat.
  190. Content, people: Little fluff and civilized discussion.
  191. I like the stronger reliance on the actual shared content versus Reddit. More interesting discussions are had on Tildes than people making puns off of the titles or whatever
  192. I can talk about anime or whatever without getting slurs thrown at me.
  193. It's mostly a nice place
  194. Intelligent discussion without rabid tribalism.
  195. Immersive clean discussions, good ground rules, clear plans for future expansion, knowledgeable and calm culture, the name, active userbase from different walks of life
  196. it's progressive enough, and not too hivemindy
  197. The pretty high quality of the discussions, no spam or low-effort jokes
  198. Interesting links, better than average discussions
  199. Moderation, design.
  200. It emphasizes discussion over "likes"
  201. Lack of trolls. Somehow the atmosphere makes everyone, including myself, behave better than what's typical in social media.
  202. Tags
  203. Lack of SmartAlgorithmsâ„¢ that try to second guess what you want, people who generally can discuss things in good faith
  204. Stated values of no VC cash, no data mining, privacy, etc
  205. small nice friendly place
  206. Nice smallish community from many areas of the world and multiple walks of life.
  207. I like the community, it's very wholesome
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