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  1. The old world order
  3.     Within a old twisted oak in a cursed woods, smoke bubbles from the roots of a long dead tree fills the air with its choking vapors. Within the tree sits a cauldron the size of an acorn, and behind it, a witch, a wasp witch, tired of her children dying to flyswatters and fire, she has searched for years and years (or to us, about a month) for a spell to do so, finding one needing:
  4. the blubber of a blue whale
  5. the shell fragments of an ancient lobster
  6. the venom of a wasp (easiest to get)
  7. the wing fragments of a dragon/damselfly
  8. a fiddle head of a fern
  9. and finally, a spine of a fish
  10. after gathering these for months on end she has succeeded, she has the spell she searched so long for, only the words are needed.
  11. She begins the chant. "For those whose skin is armor clad for life, save us from our pain, our torture and strife." As the spell finished, the fumes from the pot bubbled and spraing fourth, she buzzed in excitement before... accidentally wafting it out of her hidey hole, upon realizing this she was rather frustrated to say the least, cursing and screams of pure rage emminated from her coven.
  13.     Meanwhile, in a sandy lot within a small burrow, two gay buggos, a jumping spider and a digging bee named Creca and Eiden respectively, lay in embrace, snoozing and snoring a little, both unaware of the green fog rolling in through their door, as they "breathed" it in something began happening, their shells expanding without molting, their forms growing rapidly as they slept peacefully, a rumble could be felt for the next few miles as the stretching chitin got thicker and larger.
  14. Eventually Creca woke up, his four large frontward eyes flickering to life as he looked around with a small grunt, instead of seeing the usual sandy dome made comfortable by his silk, he saw a night sky and towers about his size, to say the least he thought he was hallucinating, so to try and get a second opinion he grabbed the fuzzy shoulder of Eiden with barely comprehensible grumbles along the lines of "Honey wake up..." with a halfhearted sleepiness, after a short while he was greeted with grumbles equivalent to "What honbon?", Creca woke up SLIGHTLY more before pointing at the city "I-i think were giant?" Upon hearing those words, Eiden got up with no hesitation, surprised as the large multifaceted eyes looked through the glasses to confirm his bf's words, jumping up and buzzing into a small hover with excitement. Creca was confused for a sec before realizing the ramifications, blushing a bit as he got to four legs instead of eight, his pedipalps wiggling with glee as he looked into the large eyes of Eiden as if to ask if they are ready.
  15. Almost immediately they were prancing to the small city of two story buildings, the fuzzy soles of the spider bouncing with a seamless spring to his step, the padded soles of the bee pressed onto anything below, barely anything within the houses awake yet, but cars and property (and perhaps any bandits) were easily ending up under the soles of the two giants.
  17.     Back at the cursed woods, the witch lamented before feeling a rumbling, grabbing a bottle and going to her door expecting a woodsman woodchuck or something, instead, she saw beyond the trees, seeing titanic wings buzz in excitement and massive arachnid and bee eyes looking upon a city and car sirens blaring "...Huh... not QUITE what I expected, but..." She said, her mouth parts spreading into a faceimily of a smile "Perhaps keeping my own hands clean can be fruitful for the future, in the meantime I should make a popcorn!" she said, grabbing a single kernel and starting the cauldron anew to begin baking the delicious buttery snack to enjoy the show to.
  19. The two buggos relazed in the park, kind of bored of the lack of awake people, that was until Eiden looked down at his foot, wiggling his claws as he realized that a crowd was gathering, apparently car sirens wake a lot of people up
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