Half-Moon in Equestria 18

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  1. For the next 5 hours you explain how circles work, and how each different shape you add to the circle changes its effect. The circle is the base of all alchemy. it is the embodyment of equivelant exchange like the cycle of life and death, even the seasons, it is all circular. Squares are used to inflict change, Triangles to Inflict energy, and letters and symbols help finalize and direct a circles power.
  2. "Now do you think you understand all that?" You ask, looking at your two students.
  3. They both nod, so you toss them both a piece of chalk.
  4. "Now, fore homework I want you both to create a transmutation circle that could be used to turn dirt into metal. specifically copper. The final shape of it is irrelevant, just that it is made of copper. Tommorow, I will begin teaching you how to actually use the circles."
  5. Quickly sketching a circle in the ground, you use it to create two copper balls, each about an inch across. "Take these, Its the material you are aiming for, but trust me your circles will not be able to be as easy as mine was, because of a lack of specific knowledge."
  6. They both nod and take a ball, before teleporting away.
  7. Groaning, you sit down, and go to the tree's. they may not be tall, but they make a small area of shade, just large enough for you to lie under. Looking up at the sky, you notice a dark cloud slowly creeping over you. From the edge of it, you can see a bit of a rainbow tail poking over, and you put 2 and 2 together fairly quickly. Sketching a circle in the ground, you keep your hands on it, until you hear Rainbow shout "Surprise!".
  8. Powering the circle, a dome of earth forms over you, before turning into glass quickly. You watch as Rainbow peers over the cloud, which is now pouring rain down on your glass shield. you wave up at her, before she frowns, and flys away, leaving the cloud to rain on your dome. It doesnt last long, the cloud soon returning to a normal fluffy white state. Re-transmuting your dome back into dirt, you stand up, and wal to the edge of the island. Once there, you use another circle to create a bridge across.
  9. once on the "mainland" you begin experimenting creating bands of metal that would break if energy was applied to them. After some trial and error, and about an hours work, you manage to make some that break if alchemy type energy is focused through them.
  10. Stretching, you get up, and head into town, in the direction of Carousel Bouique. Opening the door, you hear the jingle of bells, as well as Rarity's voice call out "I will be there in a minute". Stepping in, you sit down, and wait.
  11. Its not long before Rarity comes out, covered in measuring tapes. "Ah, Anonymous dear. I was just looking into your wonderful robe. What can I do for you?"
  12. "I would like your help preparing a thing for Twilights training.".
  13. As you hold out some of the rings, she looks over them a little confusedly, before asking "They are a little simple, but what do they have to do with Twilights training?"
  14. "They are designed to break when someone uses alchemy while they are on, but i want to see if I can make them break if magic is used while they are being worn. Of course to do that, I need to have the assistance of someone who can use your Pony magic"
  15. Rarity nods, and says "That makes sense, though why would you want them to be able to break with unicorn magic?"
  16. "To help keep testing pure. That way, I know if they are actually learning, or if they are using their magic to replicate results."
  17. Again Rarity nods "That makes sense, and you felt I was your best bet for agreeing to help you out?"
  18. "Thats about right, also because you are the only unicorn I know well, who isnt being trained."
  19. "Okay then, so what do you need me to do?" She asks.
  20. "First thing, I guess would be for you to tell me where in their body unicors focus their magic."
  21. "Oh thats easy Darling, Unicorns channel magic through their horn".
  22. "Would it be innapropriate for me to ask if I could feel your horn while you are using your magic?"
  23. "Normaly, that would be quite innapropriate" Rarity says, blushing a bit "But since you are such a gentlecolt about it, I suppose its fine"
  24. Bowing you say "Thank you very much Miss Rarity, though if I might be so bold as to ask, why would it be considered innapropriate?"
  25. Blushing even deeper red Rarity says "Well, for unicorns its a sensetive area, which often leads to *shudder* pleasurable feelings".
  26. "I see. Thank you for allowing me the honour of touching your horn" You say, Bowing again, before gingerly reaching out and lightly touching Raritys horn. She shudders a bit under your touch, but quickly focuses and begins channeling her magic into levitating some of the measuring tapes. With your other hand, you bring the rings in close to her horn.
  27. Suddenly one of the rings fractures and snaps into several pieces.
  28. Removing your hands, you say "Thank you Miss Rarity, you have proven most helpfull. If there is anything you need, dont be afraid to ask."
  29. "Yes, You are most welcome Mister Anon, And I will be sure to ask if ever I do need assistance."
  30. You smile, and turn to walk out the door. As you step out, you almost trip over a small pony.
  31. Looking down, you see Sweetiebell sprawled out on the ground. Kneeling, you pick her up carefully and bring her to your face level. "Sweetiebell are you okay?" You ask softly. Getting no responce, you adjust your grip, and bring a hand to her forhead, just below her horn. Its warm, but not unnaturaly so. Raising her up, you bring your ear to her chest. you can hear her heartbeat, and its fading fast. there is another sound though. the sound of internal bleeding.
  32. "Rarity! Sweetiebell is in Trouble! Get The others I will do what I can. Bring any unicorn you can find we are going to need a ton of magic."
  33. Rarity rushes out of the shop, and see's you holding Sweetiebell. "What happened to her?" She asks.
  34. "No time. Get the Others. And Trixie. And any other unicorn you can."
  35. Rarity rushes off, leaving you alone with the dying Sweetiebell. Gingerly setting her down, you pull out chalk and begin drawing one of the forbidden circles. The human transmutation circle.
  36. Setting Sweetiebell down in the middle, you calm yourself. Standing on the edge you press your palms on the edge of the circle, and feel a powerfull tug, like your soul is being pulled from your body. Pouring all the energy into the circle as you can.
  37. You see everything turn black, then white, and you find yourself outside of a large intricate stone door. everything around you is white. Sighing, you know exactly where you are. This is the Gate the source of an alchemists power, and it contains all knowledge of the universe of course even a fraction of that knowledge comes at a price.
  38. Sighing, you open the door and step inside.
  39. Thoughts flash past you at irediculous speeds, fragments of information bombard your mind, but you ignore it all, save one piece.
  40. The piece you need to save Sweetiebell.
  41. You readily accept this knowledge, and come out of the Gate, back into the real world.
  42. You can feel her body, repairing the damages and strenthening everything. You can also feel pain.
  43. Lots of it.
  44. Never loosing focus on Sweetiebell, you dont notice the others come in behind you, nor do you notice your entire right arm is gone.
  45. As you finish, you Black out proper this time, and collapse.
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