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  1. Eight things I love about you (and counting).
  3. 1. Your personality. Having one is a start. Lot's of people are very monotone, and lack personality. You have a fun personality, and I generally enjoy your
  5. company. I like your silliness, and I like how mature you can be about things when it really matters.
  7. 2. Memories. We have a lot, some good, some bad, but the good ones are not to be outdone with anyone I'll ever meet.
  9. 3. My family. You are my family. No piece of paper can dictate otherwise to me. And I love the thought of us beig 100% for each other. There's nothing that
  11. can stop two people in love that are dedicated to each other. I don't always ay it, but i've grown in ways I never thought possible with you. it's taken me
  13. time to understand this, but I can never forget it now.
  15. 4. Your mind. Even though we don't always agree, I love how you think most of the time. You have a wit that keeps me on my toes and surprises me constantly.
  17. 5. Your beauty. It's not skin deep with you, but I have to say how lovely you look. You're such a unique person in so many ways, and there' no doubt you're
  19. one in a million when it comes to your looks.
  21. 6. Your voice. I've neglected you before on this, but truth is, I wouldn't rather talk to anyone else. And you know you're the first person I want to share
  23. my passions with. In turn, I love how ou come to me with what you enjoy talking about, and that I'm the one you're talking to. Fact is, I love it so much I
  25. get sefish with you an don't wanna share!
  27. 7. Mother. There's nothing more attractive to me than you, than a woman I loves caring for my children the way you do. Nobody on earth can compare.
  29. 8. That you love me. I'm not talking about a feeling, I'm talking about the choice. You have loved me, and I have experienced the greatest love I have ever
  31. known because of that. I just hope you will choose to love me again.
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