Jun 13th, 2021
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  1. >The year is 2028, somewhere in the backwaters of Zhangistan
  2. >You have barely enough strength left in you to hold your old surplus AK
  3. >A CCP shill had shoved it into your hands "to defend the homeland" before he had fled the village
  4. >The glorious capital of Beijing has long since been nuked from the face of the earth
  5. >The great PRC Navy is a smoldering wreckage in the Gulf of China
  6. >The CCP is in full damage-control, barely existing at this point
  7. >You don't know all that, nobody has ever told you
  8. >Most members of your family have starved in the great famine last year
  9. >You just want things to go back to normal, peacefully tending to the fields with your father
  10. >Through blurry eyes, you see something move in the distance
  11. >A US HUMVEE pulls around the corner
  12. >A large Taiwanese flag is mounted on one of its antennas, fluttering in the wind
  13. >You shiver in fear
  14. >Pointing your gun at the metal monstrosity, you pull the trigger
  15. >Nothing happens
  16. >As everything crafted in the fires of Communism, the gun had been doomed to fail from the very beginning
  17. >The turret of the HUMVEE turns towards you
  18. >It's bullet shield is painted with a large portrait of "Warcriminal Pekora”
  19. >The anime girl laughs at you. Mockingly. Menacingly.
  20. >"Blue Clapper" drones from tentatively mounted speakers on the side of the carriage
  21. >”THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING MY OSHI CRY, FILTHY BUG!” The man in the turret shouts at you
  22. >You don't understand him, you don't speak English at all
  23. >You turn around to run, but the burst of .50cal bullets chasing after you is faster
  24. >You fall to the ground, sliced in half by hot lead
  25. >Everything turns dark
  26. >ENDO
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