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Nickname Juper (For bot)

Seb Jul 7th, 2011 (edited) 230 Never
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  1. ;Don't forget to edit every instance with SEBASTIEN and BOTNICK
  2. ;with the desired juped nickname.
  3. ;When loaded you need to add the juping nickname to notify list
  4. ;---->  /NOTIFY -n NICKNAME Undernet
  5. ;you need to /AUSER juping *!*@hostname.to.control.the.juper
  6. ;for questions: seblemery@gmail.com - seb@ircpros.net
  8. #juped on
  9. on *:unotify:{ if ($nick == SEBASTIEN) { .nick SEBASTIEN } }
  10. #juped end
  12. on juping:TEXT:.jupe:#:{
  13.   .disable #juped
  14.   msg # Releasing nick for 5 seconds, Grab it Quickly..
  15.   nick BOTNICK
  16.   .timer 1 3 enable #juped
  17. }
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