Anonymous - #OpRotherham

Sep 5th, 2014
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  1. Dear citizens of the world, We are Anonymous.
  3. While in recent news we have found out about certain leaks regarding indecent photos of actresses and famous people in general, we are afraid that something even more horrific and unimaginable has come to light that we think has been neglected for long enough. We are here to speak about the situation of over 1.400 young girls being molested and taken advantage of in the city of Rotherham, in the UK. Some of you may have been following the story already and should know by now the depth of the situation. How political correctness is getting in the way of keeping our own people, our own children safe and secure.
  5. Despite allegations backed up by irrefutable proof of the abusers being muslim and originally from certain specific countries in the middle-east, the british politicians alongside our so called "guardians" the police officers have decided to make up excuses, these action not lasting for days or even years, but decades. This disgusting approach of simply ignoring the problem of certain cultural differences is absolutely appalling and no sane person should stand behind it.
  7. That is why, we are launching Operation Rotherham. Not only to hunt down these disturbed individuals (pedophiles) and expose them even more but to also bring to light the complete ignorance of our so called leaders.
  9. OpRotherham is now in effect. Spread the word and wait for further instructions.
  12. We are Anonymous
  13. We are Legion
  14. We do not Forgive
  15. We do not Forget
  16. Expect Us.
  19. Follow us on Twitter: and
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