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Johnline's Custom Models Tutorial Script

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  1. ok punks ferst we'll start off with a blank scene. motherfuckers better recognise that this scene is blank. you wanna make your big booty hoe maps but what you gotta see is you gotta start off small.
  3. this ain't like modding single player blood. so to make maps you gotta know there are limits to the size each part can be, fool. if they bigger you have to slice them up. slice them up slice them up.
  5. this limit what i be mentioning is 255 units from the pivot point of the model, on each axis. x y and z. lets just make a fucking box this size now, we'll use it as a template.
  7. you'll see 255 + 255 is 512, dont argue. (this is what it is) i have to maked deh max tutorial cause all thers nubs n shit kept asking me motherfuckin questions, see?
  8. this tutorial will help niggas out with getting their map models ingame.cause im from the hood i cant afford a microphone and have use text to speech. (dont argue)
  10. ok now lets center the pivot point on this motherfucker to the exact middle. bitch it worked. now lets put this box in the exact center of this bitch. you can see the effects.
  12. now lets make a model. you probably got one already that you stole right? thats just ignant. hide this template. start making something. im gonna make a chicken cause i love fried chicken
  14. to speed things up. here is the completed chicken. its just a fucking chicken. i made it with a sphere that is stretched finger licking. its got some box modelled parts with a mesh smooth on it, and u v maps so textures dont look shit.
  15. ok lets bring back our template. recognise that this chicken shit fits within the box and it will work.
  16. chic chic chic chicken.
  18. lets texture this hoe. open up the material editor.
  19. this mother uses slots that you drag. you drag it to the motherfucking model.
  20. you all should use the gta material. bitch.
  22. we need to click the colour box and click bitmap. then find da texture dat we want.
  24. you gotta switch on the motherfucking textures in viewport or you wont see shit.
  26. ok ferst off. to be putting this chicken in game the model needs to be made into one object. so we'll attach everything together.
  27. bitch.
  29. you need to mess with smoothing groups if you want this mother smooth. here i am setting a crease angle for each smoothing group of 20 degrees. i select all the polies and and press the auto smooths.
  31. im naming the fucking chicken. im calling it fried_chkn. this will be the dff name, the col name, and the txd name.
  33. now we gotta put the model in the center of this bitch. make sure the pivot is centered to the model. we use the move tool to set all coordinates to zero. then we select the chicken and reset xform.
  35. max is stupid and exports the model in its original position if you dont reset xform. always reset x form.
  36. collapse the fucking stack.
  38. now. we export the dff with a vengeance. for map models only check uv and vcol, and check the skip col option
  40. this next bitch is optional. to save on polies for the col, im gonna put a multi-res modifier on this. then collapse the stack.
  42. lastly we make a col material. we have to select the gta col surface and set the brightness to 200 otherwise the player appears dark when he stands on the motherfucker.
  44. name the col the same as the dff and click collision mesh. click the model. for now we are not using a shadow mesh because they are a pain in the ass. select the model and click export.
  46. now lets find an existing script that places one object in game. if you dont know how to script you can use _50p's export script to generate the meta, script and map file for you.
  48. here i am just going to edit the required fields for this map to work.
  50. i now bring over these new bitch ass files i have made, and delete the old. i still need to make a txd. i am going to use g-txd for this.
  52. we have a complete resource. lets test in game
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