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  1. penguinx: problem is ladder is really bad
  2. [8:31pm] penguinx: it hasnt been a true test of skill since shoddy
  3. [8:31pm] Zarel joined the chat room.
  4. [8:31pm] Zarel was promoted to operator by Porygon2.
  5. [8:31pm] penguinx: because barely any tournament-level players ladder anymore
  6. [8:31pm] Furai left the chat room. (Quit: )
  7. [8:32pm] LonelyNess: every tournament-level player ladders
  8. [8:32pm] LonelyNess: and the ladder isn't as bad as you think
  9. [8:32pm] kd24: yes it is
  10. [8:32pm] kd24: its complete ass lol
  11. [8:32pm] penguinx: it really is
  12. [8:32pm] LonelyNess: try getting top 5 penguinx, with a decently low deviation
  13. [8:32pm] LonelyNess: It's harder than you think
  14. [8:32pm] penguinx: with time, most people could do that
  15. [8:33pm] LonelyNess: not really
  16. [8:33pm] cbt joined the chat room.
  17. [8:33pm] dubs left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
  18. [8:33pm] Nails joined the chat room.
  19. [8:34pm] LonelyNess: people like kd24 think the ladder is ass because they are in fact in probably the top 5% of players
  20. [8:34pm] LonelyNess: so of course 95% of the players they face on the ladder
  21. [8:34pm] LonelyNess: are going to be worse than them
  22. [8:34pm] LonelyNess: that's the fucking point
  23. [8:34pm] LonelyNess: you can't have a ladder full of only the top 5%
  24. [8:35pm] Jayde left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
  25. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: for your average player
  26. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: getting top 5 with a low deviation
  27. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: IS
  28. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: hard
  29. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: if not impossible
  30. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: and if it wasn't hard
  31. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: then the top 5 of any ladder would be filled with randoms
  32. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: constantly changing
  33. [8:35pm] penguinx: that is probably the case
  34. [8:35pm] penguinx: right now
  35. [8:35pm] LonelyNess: you just admitted that you don't ladder
  36. [8:36pm] LonelyNess: so you don't even fucking know that's the case
  37. [8:36pm] LonelyNess: so shut up about it lol
  38. [8:36pm] penguinx: what?
  39. [8:36pm] penguinx: just because i dont ladder
  40. [8:36pm] penguinx: doesn't mean im not allowed to comment on whether or not the current no 1 on ladder is a "random" or not
  41. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: so you're saying that despite the fact that you don't ladder, you check the ladders every day
  42. [8:37pm] penguinx: no, i don't
  43. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: to make sure that they aren't constantly changing
  44. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: then shut
  45. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: the fuck
  46. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: up
  47. [8:37pm] penguinx: lol
  48. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: because you have no idea what you're talking about
  49. [8:37pm] penguinx: i don't get your argument
  50. [8:37pm] penguinx: whatsoever
  51. [8:37pm] penguinx: but okay
  52. [8:37pm] penguinx: !
  53. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: you don't get to comment on the quality of the ladder if you don't ladder
  54. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: and you don't get to comment on the quality of the top 5
  55. [8:37pm] penguinx: quality of ladder is the reason i don't ladder
  56. [8:37pm] LonelyNess: if you don't actually play against the top 5 or know who they are
  57. [8:38pm] LonelyNess: "ok"
  58. [8:38pm] LonelyNess: you still dont' ladder
  59. [8:38pm] LonelyNess: you haven o idea what you're talking about
  60. [8:38pm] LonelyNess: so shut the fuck up
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