Politics and Taxes

Nov 4th, 2011
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  1. The political system is not broken, just the politicians!  In Illinois the legislature has raised the taxes by an estimated 66% to overcome  deficits that has been growing for years and just now are being addressed. This increase is touted as being temporary but we all know that temporary taxes do not exist. In Wisconsin the governor has suspended Union bargaining.The elected officials have made an effort to alienate the voters by ineffective action, poor judgement and sometimes outright theft. Apparently gaining an office through the election process brings out the worst in some people, while others strive to live up to their obligations. Currently in all sections of government from Local to national we have a cadre of "neer do wells" who from the first day in office appear to be going down a path of "government by greenbacks". It is certainly understandable that networking needs to be done to gain support in getting proper legislation passed but to covertly court or accept payments or "donations" that do not assist in proper legislation is as wrong as robbery. This 2 party system has the voters locked into a hole that deepens daily by the unreasonable actions of our local and national legislators. These officials apparently find it difficult to do the job of representing their constituents for fear of alienating their biggest donors. The recognizable future outcome of modern politics is being played out across the country by bands of voters who have had enough. Each voter recognizes that taxes are what keeps the Government running however the proper use of those tax dollars are the issues underlying these national demonstrations. The oil and water version of our system seems to be "honest" and "politician".
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