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Tyria and Lemore 2

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Apr 11th, 2012
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  1. Tyria, dressed in heavy skirts and cloaks, ducked into the alleyway. Her party had decided to take a week's break in the city of Holmstead, and Lemore had insisted they take some time together so that he could get her a gift. She walked down the alleyway, and paused for a second to giggle. "Stop that, Lemore, that tickles!"
  3. The wyrmling nipped at Lemore's back in responce, from where he was carefully gripped onto the halfling's rear and back, his wings wrapped around her body and supporting her buxom breasts, keeping them perky and on-display. "You enjoy it, though, Tyria! But keep going, the parlor should be right over there!"
  5. Tyria laughed again, and ducked out of the alleyway. She looked at the parlor that Lemore had mentioned. "Grand Design Piercing And Tatoo?" She muttered, quirking an eyebrow. Lemore simply giggled, and Tyria entered. The storefront was simple of design, and a bored male elf stood behind the counter. He quirked an eyebrow at the heavily-dressed halfling, and said, "Yes, can I help you?"
  7. Tyria nodded. She was a little worried about this, she had to admit, but Lemore had insisted... and, well, she was always up for trying new things.
  9. So it was that, several hours later, she stood nude in a private room of the parlor, Lemore there as well. She looked over her body, carefully examining each and every change--and changed it had been. Silver and emerald rings dangled from her ears, and a ruby stud was on her nose. She had adamantly refused to get piercings on her nipples for now, but had accepted an emerald belly button ring. Finally, she had been given a tatoo--a long, sinuous silver dragon encircling her waist, his claws over her plump rear, his head curled up and pointing at her belly button.
  11. Lemore smiled at the halfling. "You look good! But, Tyria, can... we try out the special one?" The halfling laughed, her tongue glittering with a silver-and-ruby stud. "Of course we can, my little dragon," she replied. Lemore grinned, and leaned back, his shaft extending forth from his cloacal slit. Tyria, hips swaying, walked up to him, and kneeled, placing her breasts on either side of the large manhood that belonged to the small dragon.
  13. Tyria worked her back, grabbing her breasts with both hands and rubbing them up and down the dragon's penis, leaning down to lap gently at the head, being sure to gently brush against it with her new piercing. Lemore moaned in his little dragon voice, stretching his neck and relaxing his body. Tyria laughed, and kept going, kissing the tip of the bumpy shaft before wrapping her plump lips around it, slowly inching her way down it.
  15. Inch by inch, bump by bump, ridge by ridge the dragon's cock dissappeared into her mouth and throat. Tyria's pierced tongue rubbed against the bottom of Lemore's shaft, spittle lubricating her passage down. Soon, blissfully free of a gag reflex, she had devoured the whole thing, bottoming it out, and started to withdraw. Up she went, and then down again, rhythmically and lewdly sucking, kissing, licking, and slurping. Lemore groaned again in pleasure, "Oh, Tyria, I... I'm cumming!"
  17. Tyria smiled, pulling Lemore's penis out of her mouth and opening wide, letting the dragon's clear, undeveloped cum shoot into her mouth, onto her face, into her hair, all over her breasts, covering her body in a thin, slippery layer. Once Lemore was done, Tyria kissed the dragon again. "Now you get to watch, my little dragon. I'll show you how flexible I am," she said, her eyes twinkling. Lemore grinned. "Gonna lick yourself for me again, Tyria?"
  19. Tyria laughed loudly. "Always for you, my little dragon. Now, watch carefully..."
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