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  1. -pops out of a box of cinnabons- Hello, I'm Bawx! ^ u^ I'm almost 16 my height is 6'1 I'm chubby and I'm looking for a mate that I can cuddle, give roses, hug, and kiss will you do the same in return to me? :o I wish for a closed relationship and for my mate to be as loyal like me. I will be super loyal if I like you enough i'll try to do everything and anything to make you happy and I will never roleplay with others and always put you ahead of everything heh. ^ 3^ I really love role play, romantic gestures, video games, and lil fluffy furries like me so it would be amazing if you liked this as well. :3 No matter the distance and how others talk about you about you if you are the match for me I will love you. :3 If you wanna learn more about me just send me a friend request and ask me questions through messages. :3 I surely hope i find a good mate! Recently I haven't had much good luck. .~. -hugs you softly- Well, buh bai -gives you a heart shaped cinnabon that has red frosting- >~<
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