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Oct 24th, 2020
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  1. Applying: (hybris) Fix __get_tls and related functions (>=Android 8)
  2. Applying: (hybris) Add support for get and list of properties.
  3. Applying: (hybris) bionic_tls.h: shifting TLS slots to avoid conflicts with libc/hybris
  4. Applying: (hybris) disable tls usage in locale.cpp, to avoid problems with libhybris
  5. Applying: (hybris) Fix TLS slots for x86 Aligns with this libhybris patch:
  6. Applying: (hybris) don't fail because of fsetxattr
  7. Applying: (halium) libdl: neutralize cfi_slowpath_common as it breaks libhybris
  8. Applying: (halium) use as fallback DNS server
  9. Applying: (halium) disable update_verifier service
  10. Applying: (hybris) rename dbus group to adbus to avoid conflicts with mer.
  11. Applying: (hybris) build minimization (might be improveable, but this version doesn't break dependancies)
  12. Applying: (hybris) Reduce vendorimage build size.
  13. Applying: (halium) add basic Halium build configuration based on
  14. Applying: (halium) vndk: depend on 32-bit libraries as well
  15. Applying: (halium) disable CFI for arm64 as it seems to break libhybris
  16. Applying: (halium): Enable xzcat
  17. Applying: (hybris) AudioService is disabled in hybris adaptations
  18. Applying: (halium) disable media-related services
  19. Applying: (halium) Rely on local codec list only, we do not run media.player/service.
  20. Applying: (halium) compile libmediaplayerservice both for 32-bit and 64-bit
  21. Applying: (halium) get rid of using AudioFlinger for recording
  22. Applying: (halium) Enable video and audio recording from camera.
  23. .git/rebase-apply/patch:112: trailing whitespace.
  25. warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
  26. Applying: Camera: skip unnecessary reconfig
  27. Applying: (hybris) Use mini services and disable starting unneeded services.
  28. Applying: (hybris) Pick GLES shared objects from appropriate paths (32-bit case)
  29. Applying: (hybris) Use private __get_tls_hooks from bionic
  30. Applying: (hybris) Allow surfaceflinger to be started from SailfishOS.
  31. Applying: (hybris) Create the (somehow) missing settingsd socket for rild
  32. Applying: (hybris) use libselinux_stubs in servicemanager
  33. Applying: (halium) remove /usr/libexec/droid-hybris from paths
  34. Applying: (halium) include vndservicemanager into system partition to override service
  35. Applying: (halium) binder: don't use android's check permission feature
  36. Applying: (halium) libgui: do not abort in proxified addAndGetFrameTimestamps
  37. Applying: CCodec: Force androidmedia-compatible color formats
  38. Applying: Client: Filter out non-qti codecs
  39. Applying: (hybris) Add aapcs float handling to audio api headers
  40. Applying: (hybris) Search for libraries first from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw/.
  41. Applying: (hybris) gps.h Use proper aapcs attribute with functions with float arguments
  42. Applying: (halium) don't fail with error on missing HYBRIS_DATA_PART
  43. Applying: (hybris) Add /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib-dev-alog/ to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for all init'ed binaries to support the /dev/alog used in Mer
  44. Applying: (hybris) Don't create/mount dev/proc/sys... when booting with Mer
  45. Applying: (hybris) Mer can specify mis-alignment handling - this is the wrong place to set it
  46. Applying: (hybris) Mount points are handled by Mer
  47. Applying: (hybris) Systemd handles control groups
  48. Applying: (hybris) Mer uses udev
  49. Applying: (hybris) Add a ready trigger to init to run post boot
  50. Applying: (hybris) Notify Mer's systemd that we're done
  51. Applying: (hybris) Disable usb import
  52. Applying: (hybris) allow system group to trigger haptics
  53. Applying: (hybris) trigger late_start on property change
  54. Applying: (hybris) property_service.c: adding support for getprop and listprop
  55. Applying: (hybris) reach main init state
  56. Applying: (hybris) Disable setting hostname and domainname in init.rc.
  57. Applying: (hybris) Update rootdir for 64bit libs
  58. Applying: (hybris) Disable all zygote variations
  59. Applying: (hybris) Disable ueventd service
  60. Applying: (hybris) Disable SELinux
  61. Applying: (hybris) Properly handle shutdown from Mer.
  62. Applying: (hybris) Use services from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/.
  63. Applying: (hybris) Remove LD_LIBRARY_PATH from init.environ.rc
  64. Applying: (hybris) define 32-bit LD_LIBRARY_PATH for 32-bit devices
  65. Applying: (hybris) Fix list and get properties.
  66. Applying: (hybris) more SELinux disablement
  67. Applying: (hybris) don't try to mount since mer handles this
  68. Applying: (hybris) avoid attempting to mount partitions, mer/systemd handles this
  69. Applying: (hybris) load services from droid-hybris as early as possible
  70. Applying: (hybris) disable remnants of SELinux which currently break
  71. Applying: (hybris) disable the usage of libprocessgroup, since it is incompatible.
  72. Applying: (hybris) disable vendor symlink
  73. Applying: (hybris) ignore "mount" and "mkdir /tmp" commands entirely.
  74. Applying: (hybris) Fix actdead charging animation. MER#1949
  75. Applying: (hybris)[system/core] Disable usb config.
  76. Applying: (hybris) Remove /sbin from droid PATH.
  77. Applying: (hybris) Fix return value type of mount command.
  78. Applying: (hybris) disable some more selinux functionality.
  79. Applying: (hybris) Disable /mnt tmpfs creation
  80. Applying: (hybris) Disable init_user0 which is not needed on Mer.
  81. Applying: (halium) Allow to be preloaded into vendor binaries
  82. Applying: (halium) start ueventd if init is PID 1 (as in LXC container)
  83. Applying: (halium) init: Handle udev event peaks
  84. Applying: (hybris) invoke queue_fs_event(FS_MGR_MNTALL_DEV_NOT_ENCRYPTED)
  85. Applying: (halium) Disable lmkd and turn it into non-critical service
  86. Applying: (halium) init: ignore non-kernel messages in ReadUevent
  87. Applying: init: Set up runtime mounts in recovery mode
  88. Applying: (halium) preload SELinux stubs
  89. Applying: (halium) disable netd
  90. Applying: (halium) disable keystore service
  91. Applying: (halium) preload SELinux stubs
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