MagiReco Holy Mami story translation

Apr 26th, 2018
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  3. Studying with Magius
  5. 1.1
  6. [gray screen]
  7. Mami: "What... am I?"
  8. [Holy Mami appears]
  9. Mami: "This might have been me..."
  10. Holy Mami: "Yes. I am me, as I've always been."
  11. "Proud of how I fight to protect and save others."
  12. "However..."
  13. Mami: "However?"
  14. Holy Mami: "I have changed the way I do that."
  15. "I've merely found a way to truly save everyone."
  16. Mami: "Is that what happened..."
  17. Holy Mami: "That's right."
  18. "I have acquired a new goal."
  19. Mami: *That's right...*
  20. [we see Ai-chan's labyrinth, Alina, and Touka]
  21. Mami: *Those girls taught me everything about magical girls...*
  22. *And then I myself embodied that miracle...*
  23. [fade to gray]
  24. Mami: *And so I decided to dedicate myself to the next miracle they would perform in the near future, and to their incomparable power.*
  25. [in a house]
  26. Mami: "And so I do have a feeling of respect..."
  27. "But on a day off when we have so much time, should we really be sitting here having tea?"
  28. Touka: "It's vital to relax and refresh your mind."
  29. "If your sympathetic nervous system is dominating and you're worked up all the time..."
  30. "It will induce an abnormal state in your body."
  31. "The parasympathetic nervous system is the best!"
  32. Alina: "The tea you brew, in particular, is nice and tasty, you know."
  33. "sigh..."
  34. Mami: "I was surprised when you came over all of a sudden, saying you wanted tea."
  35. "And also, you're renting this house for me, so..."
  36. "I"m not too familiar with using this kitchen..."
  37. Touka: "Don't hold back, use the kitchen all you like."
  38. "The house wasn't being used; it would be lonely if nobody were here."
  39. Mami: "Thank you, it's a great help."
  40. Alina: "That reminds me, have you not returned to Mitakihara?"
  41. Mami: "Yes. My first priority is the release of magical girls."
  42. Touka: "Huh!? You haven't gone back at all!?"
  43. "That's no good!"
  44. "You'll fall behind in your classes!"
  45. Mami: "Releasing magical girls is more important than keeping up in class."
  46. "Between a few months and people's lives, it's obvious which is more important!"
  47. Touka: "Those few months and lives are one and the same!"
  48. "...Yeah."
  49. "I've decided, Alina."
  50. Alina: "And now you're gonna want me to do something tedious."
  51. Touka: "It's something with a lot of meaning."
  52. "From now on, we will be lecturing Mami on what she needs to study."
  53. "One of us stayed up late last night and is still out for night-night..."
  54. "But with two Magius we have 66% coverage!"
  55. Alina: "I knew it, this is going to be tedious..."
  56. Mami: "It's not like I'm particularly behind on studies anyway..."
  57. Touka: "That's no good!"
  58. "I'm telling you to do it!"
  59. Alina: "sigh... Alright, I guess..."
  60. "But this is only for today, okay?"
  61. Mami: "What about what we need to do for releasing?"
  62. Touka: "We're aiming for both together!"
  64. 1.2
  65. Alina: "So you have a test on art?"
  66. Mami: "That's right."
  67. "It's on primary colors, the names of some painters, terms for various techniques, and all sorts of other stuff too."
  68. Alina: "Hmmm..."
  69. "Personally, I just paint to express myself..."
  70. "And I don't think studying accomplishes anything useful, get it?"
  71. Mami: "Yeah, if I just memorize the technique names I should be able to handle that."
  72. "I've always been pretty good at studying."
  73. Alina: "Then what are you having trouble with?"
  74. Mami: "I'll need to write my impressions of various artworks..."
  75. "I'm not so good at that type of problem..."
  76. Alina: "Hmmm..."
  77. "I think you'll be fine if you just write down exactly what you think."
  78. "What would be an example of a piece that might come up?"
  79. Mami: "Hm, maybe van Gogh's Sunflowers..."
  80. Alina: "Which?"
  81. Mami: "Huh?"
  82. Alina: "There are quite a few Sunflowers."
  83. "There are seven that he did with oil paint."
  84. Mami: "R-really!?"
  85. Alina: "That much should be common knowledge."
  86. "There were three he made before he lived with another artist, Gauguin..."
  87. "One that he painted while they lived together, and three afterwards."
  88. "Each and every one of them is a work deeply connected with the painter Gauguin."
  89. Mami: "Huh, I see."
  90. Alina: "When you can see a painting as a summation of the painter's life, it's the most exciting thing."
  91. "These Sunflowers are an example of that."
  92. "They start with expectations and joy, and then their feelings crash into one another..."
  93. "In the end, van Gogh was swallowed up in madness and faced his end."
  94. "After they stopped living together, van Gogh cut off his own ear..."
  95. "And then he painted three more sunflowers..."
  96. "He might have painted them for his livelihood, though."
  97. "During this, van Gogh wrote in a letter:"
  98. *Write which one of these two 'Sunflowers' which you would like.*
  99. "And a picture was mixed in there."
  100. "There are so much feelings mixed up in there that it gives me the shivers..."
  101. "Ahhhh.... pant... pant..."
  102. Mami: "..."
  103. Alina: "Well, which Sunflowers!? This Sunflowers!?"
  104. Mami: "Ah, umm... I think I'm alright..."
  105. "After all, everyone has their own impressions of art."
  106. "I'll just believe in what I feel when I see it, and write that down."
  107. Alina: "Heh"
  108. "I think that's fine too..."
  109. "Ahh..."
  110. "If I merely imagine what feelings he had when he made those paintings..."
  111. "It's making me aroused..."
  113. 1.3
  114. Touka: "In the end, you weren't much help in studying art, Alina."
  115. "Partway through you got too excited and went on a tangent."
  116. Alina: "What was that!?"
  117. "In the first place, my specialty is drawing."
  118. "Could you please not dis me so casually?"
  119. Mami: "It might not be coming up on the test..."
  120. "But I think it's a good amount of information to go along with the artworks."
  121. "It's not like I didn't learn something interesting from it."
  122. Touka: "If you say so..."
  123. Alina: "Then, Touka, do you think you'd be able to avoid getting carried away?"
  124. Touka: "It'll be just like a lecture. Leave it to me."
  125. "What's the scope of your math test?"
  126. Mami: "This covers factorization and square roots."
  127. Touka: "Alright!"
  128. "We'll aim to build a good foundation."
  129. "Ehe"
  130. [screen wipe]
  131. Alina: "..."
  132. Mami: "..."
  133. Touka: "And as you see, numbers are all connected to the universe!"
  134. "My father often tells me that they will be essential to life in the future."
  135. "He instructed me to master my understanding of numbers."
  136. "But that's irrelevant."
  137. "Humanity does not possess the means to run around in space or to see the farthest reaches of the universe."
  138. "Numbers are what will elucidate all."
  139. Mami: "E-excuse me..."
  140. Touka: "Without numbers, we wouldn't have Hubble's Law or the theory of the Big Bang."
  141. "Nor would we have the Steady State Theory nor Plasma Cosmology, nor anything else!"
  142. "When the universe was born, humanity was simultaneously born as a number representing its possibility."
  143. "We are an existence inseparable from numbers."
  144. Mami: "Um, isn't this..."
  145. Touka: "Therefore, once we grasp this number, we will begin to understand space."
  146. Alina: "Touka..."
  147. Touka: "This will lead to humanity understanding its own origin."
  148. Alina: "Touka!"
  149. Touka: "This will end up being the fuel for evolution!"
  150. Alina: "What happened to studying for the test!?"
  151. Touka: "Ah!"
  152. [screen wipe]
  153. Alina: "You also ended up getting overly excited..."
  154. "Hehehe"
  155. Touka: "Grr..."
  156. Mami: "Ah, umm, you don't really have to worry about me so much."
  157. "I'll study on my own, and if I don't get something, then I'll ask."
  158. Touka: "But I at least wanted to pay you back for the delicious tea..."
  159. Alina: "For me, I think that would be enough."
  160. "If either of us gets the chance, we'd only ever talk about what we like."
  161. Touka: "...That's true."
  162. "I'm sorry, Mami."
  163. Mami: "It's okay."
  164. "We can find some other time for you to tell me about space."
  165. Touka: "Alright!"
  166. [a phone rings]
  167. Mami: "Alina, your phone."
  168. Alina: "..."
  169. "It's from the elder Amane..."
  170. Mami: "I wonder what happened..."
  171. [battle]
  172. Alina: "Those twins requested help with fighting a witch that seemed strong."
  173. Touka: "Then, Mami, could you please help them out?"
  174. Mami: "Okay, gathering grief seeds will help to release magical girls."
  175. "I'd gladly go and help."
  176. Touka: "Oh, thank you!"
  177. "Alina and I have a lecture to give at noon."
  178. "I wanted to go just a bit early."
  179. Mami: "A lecture?"
  180. Touka: "Yes, I'll be explaining the truth to some skilled magical girls."
  181. Mami: "Ah, I understand."
  182. "I"m sure you'll do a fine job."
  183. "After all, you're going to release us all."
  184. "You're the most talented magical girls."
  185. [back to the gray screen with both Mami and Holy Mami]
  186. Mami: "Really?"
  187. Holy Mami: "Yes, it's true."
  188. [fade to gray]
  189. Mami (aloud): "Witches... The release of a magical girl requires grief seeds..."
  193. With the Black Feathers and White Feathers
  195. 2.1
  196. [gray screen]
  197. Mami: *The Wings of Magius's goal is the release of magical girls.*
  198. *In order to accomplish that, in Kamihama City they protect rumors and raise witches.*
  199. *As we approach the day of release, we must quickly collect grief seeds...*
  200. [we see Mami and Holy Mami]
  201. Mami: "Why is it that I get this strange feeling..."
  202. "Did I truly want to raise witches?"
  203. Holy Mami: "That strange feeling is the excitement from acquiring a new ideology."
  204. "I decided this myself, Mami."
  205. [in a grassy neighborhood]
  206. Mami: "This is where they said they spotted the witch, I think..."
  207. [flute sounds]
  208. Mami: "The timbre of that flute..."
  209. [screen wipe; we see the Amane sisters playing]
  210. Mami: "Amane-san!"
  211. (Ah, they're both Amane...)
  212. "Tsukuyo-san, Tsukasa-san."
  213. Tsukuyo: "Ah, we have been waiting for you."
  214. Tsukasa: "Thanks for coming!"
  215. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  216. Mami: "This is for the sake of releasing everyone. Of course I'd come to help."
  217. "With that said, where is this witch?"
  218. Tsukuyo: "Actually, the witch has relocated itself."
  219. Tsukasa: "Right now, the Black Feathers are watching to see if it moves."
  220. "We really wanted to be watching it ourselves, though..."
  221. Tsukuyo: "The Black Feathers don't like to show themselves, so that put us on the spot instead."
  222. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  223. black feather: "Tsukuyo-sama, Tsukasa-sama."
  224. Mami: "But she's showing herself plain as day..."
  225. Tsukuyo: "So there was no purpose to our being considerate!?"
  226. black feather: "This is not the time."
  227. Tsukasa: "What's wrong?"
  228. black feather: "The witch... got away!"
  230. 2.2
  231. [in a forest]
  232. [they're searching with magic]
  233. Tsukuyo: "..."
  234. "It's true, there's no trace of its magic..."
  235. black feather: "My apologies..."
  236. Tsukasa: "Umm, I'll try it too."
  237. [she tries searching]
  238. Tsukasa: "..."
  239. "No good..."
  240. Mami: "No, it's not much but I can sense some magic..."
  241. Tsukuyo: "Huh? We can't feel anything..."
  242. Mami: "Hehe, you're talking to a veteran from Mitakihara."
  243. Tsukasa: "That's amazing, Tsukuyo-chan."
  244. Tsukuyo: "That's right, Tsukasa-chan."
  245. Mami: "Anyway, let's follow the traces and see if we can find where it went."
  246. Tsukuyo: "Please, show us the way."
  247. Tsukasa: "Everyone, come follow us."
  248. black feather: "Understood."
  249. [downtown]
  250. Mami: "..."
  251. "Why do the Black Feathers choose to hide themselves..."
  252. Tsukuyo: "The reason for that is quite simple."
  253. Mami: "Simple?"
  254. Tsukasa: "Yes, they hide themselves because it is dangerous."
  255. Tsukuyo: "There aren't many people like us who go all-in."
  256. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  257. Mami: "It's dangerous?"
  258. Tsukuyo: "From the perspective of people who don't know the truth about magical girls..."
  259. "Protecting rumors and raising witches could only be sheer madness."
  260. "And so, if you were seen working for the Wings of Magius in your own town..."
  261. "You might be seen by other magical girls."
  262. "On top of inviting conflict..."
  263. "There's the chance of people misunderstanding even your everyday activities."
  264. Tsukasa: "There are many Black Feathers who were not fortunate enough to be strong magical girls..."
  265. "They don't want to be confronted, so they hide their identities."
  266. Mami: "It must be tough to be misunderstood when you're doing the right thing..."
  267. "..."
  268. "We must begin the release as soon as possible..."
  269. "For us, for the Black Feathers, for the opposing magical girls, and for everyone."
  270. "So that we do not need to live in fear of our fate, so that we can seize each day that we live."
  271. [she senses something]
  272. Mami: "This is..."
  273. Tsukasa: "It matches that witch!"
  274. [in an abandoned building, we see Mami in her Holy costume]
  275. Mami: "Hah!"
  276. [she fires and the entrance to a witch barrier appears]
  277. Mami: "We have you cornered."
  278. "Starting now, we will release you..."
  279. "From spreading curses, from accumulating sins, and from your suffering."
  280. "Let's go, everyone!"
  281. Amane sisters: "Yes!"
  282. [in battle]
  283. Mami: "Right there!"
  284. witch: "%NT#@N%DT!?"
  285. Mami: "It's not over yet!"
  286. witch: "DTTHUT<>DY!?"
  287. Tsukuyo: "T-that's amazing..."
  288. Tsukasa: "Rather than just being used to fighting, she's on a whole new dimension..."
  289. Tsukuyo: "But she's using altogether too much magic!"
  290. Mami: "Of course I am."
  291. Tsukuyo: "Huh!?"
  292. Mami: "The more magic I use, the sooner I can meet her..."
  293. Tsukasa: "'Her'?"
  294. Mami: "Florence, the one who saved me."
  295. Tsukasa: "Flo-chan!?"
  296. Tsukuyo: "But if you use your doppel, you are bound to exhaust your stamina!"
  297. Tsukasa: "It's dangerous!"
  298. Mami: "Hehe, it's fine. I've grown accustomed to it."
  299. "And also..."
  300. witch: "OYNTHN>TDYNTOEH!!"
  301. Mami: "We must defeat this witch quickly."
  302. "Right?"
  303. [she attacks it]
  304. witch: "YNTDNYTHEONTYB!!"
  305. Mami: "And then we must give the grief seed to Magius."
  306. "Only they..."
  307. "Are able to free magical girls from the spell that binds them!"
  308. [fade to gray; we see Mami in her normal magical girl outfit]
  309. Mami: "Really?"
  310. "Do you think that's right?"
  311. [back to the battle with Mami in her Holy outfit]
  312. Mami: "kuh..."
  313. "I still have doubts, huh..."
  314. "I've rethought the way I do things. I've changed both my dreams and my ideals!"
  315. Tsukuyo: "Tomoe-san!"
  316. Tsukasa: "Your soul gem!"
  317. [Mami has black haze emanating from her]
  318. Mami: "Yes... she's finally come for me..."
  319. "Welcome, my cute Florence."
  320. "Only you can overcome my doubts!"
  321. [after the battle]
  322. [we see Holy Mami with her doppel behind her]
  323. Mami: "Thank you for today, Florence."
  324. "With your help, we've made one more step towards releasing."
  325. [screen wipe; she detransforms]
  326. Mami: "sigh..."
  327. Tsukuyo: "Do you feel alright?"
  328. Tsukasa: "Using a doppel always makes you feel tired so suddenly..."
  329. Mami: "It's not that bad, is it?"
  330. Tsukasa: "Wha!?"
  331. Mami: "At first it was extremely tiring, but I've become mostly used to it."
  332. Tsukuyo: "Is getting used to it even possible?"
  333. Tsukasa: "Maybe she just has more potential as a magical girl than us..."
  334. Tsukuyo: "Right..."
  335. black feather: "Um..."
  336. Mami: "You're..."
  337. black feather: "Thank you very much."
  338. "We caused you so much trouble, letting it get away..."
  339. Mami: "It's fine."
  340. "Everyone here is aiming for the same goal of releasing."
  341. black feather: "Thank you so much."
  342. Mami: "Hehe, then why don't we all go back?"
  343. Tsukuyo: "Yes, let's."
  344. [a phone rings]
  345. Mami: "It's... Satomi-san?"
  346. [on the phone]
  347. Touka: "She picked up. Is now a good time?"
  348. Mami: "Yes, we just defeated the witch."
  349. "What's going on?"
  350. Touka: "I'd like you to come to the abandoned museum in Sakae Ward."
  351. Mami: "Do you mean you need some sort of help?"
  352. Touka: "Yes, we ran into some slightly troublesome magical girls."
  353. "They're trapped in a rumor for now, but they might escape soon."
  354. Mami: "And so what would you like me to do?"
  355. Touka: "If they do manage to get out..."
  356. Mami: "If they get out..."
  357. Touka: "I'd like you to attack them."
  358. [fade to gray]
  359. Mami (aloud): "It's only natural that I would help my fellow comrades. Just... it's troublesome to be called so frequently."
  363. Florence of Salvation
  365. 3.1
  366. [gray screen; flashback to the phone conversation]
  367. Mami: "And so what would you like me to do?"
  368. Touka: "If they do manage to get out..."
  369. Mami: "If they get out..."
  370. Touka: "I'd like you to attack them."
  371. [fade to the park]
  372. Mami: "sigh..."
  373. (In the end, they got away... I was unable to fulfill my orders...)
  374. (However, they too are magical girls who deserve salvation.)
  375. (In a way, it might have been the best outcome...)
  376. "But I wonder, why don't they join the Wings of Magius?"
  377. "They should understand the logic..."
  378. "Only the Wings of Magius are able to save us all."
  379. "So why would they..."
  380. "Why..."
  381. [she startles]
  382. Mami: "kuh..."
  383. "Again..."
  384. [fade to gray]
  385. Mami: *Do you really think that's the correct thing to do?*
  386. [back to the park]
  387. Mami: "My... doubts are... stop it, me..."
  388. [fade to gray]
  389. Mami: "Who... am I?"
  390. "This is... me...??"
  391. [back to the park]
  392. Mami: "I am me... but... why am I here?"
  393. "I... I... I'm... I'm... I—!"
  394. [flash of white and then fade to gray]
  395. Mami: "What?"
  397. 3.2
  398. [in the fog with both Mami and Holy Mami; this time they're actually talking to each other not just narrating as one. Holy Mami is actually labeled as just Mami, though she's in full regalia, while normal Mami is in her normal magical girl outfit]
  399. Mami: "Get a hold of yourself!"
  400. "Did you really favor Magius from the very beginning!?"
  401. Holy Mami: "I..."
  402. Mami: "I know what you're saying."
  403. "I cannot resist..."
  404. "I can't stop it..."
  405. "Not without accepting the truth that we turn into witches..."
  406. Holy Mami: "As I said, I think that they, Magius, will be our salvation."
  407. "Once I saw Florence and heard what they had to say..."
  408. "I began to think that if we help them work towards releasing, we can be saved."
  409. Mami: "Yes... I thought we would be saved..."
  410. Holy Mami: "Isn't that right?"
  411. Mami: "But even if you think you'll be saved, did you get something you can believe in?"
  412. Holy Mami: "Yes..."
  413. Mami: "You sound so certain..."
  414. Holy Mami: "Of course, I have something I can declare with pride."
  415. "I believe in Magius."
  416. Mami: "No way..."
  417. "Haven't you also thought this at the same time?"
  418. "That they resembled something..."
  419. Holy Mami: "!?"
  420. "Stop it..."
  421. Mami: "You distrusted them..."
  422. Holy Mami: "No... that's not true!"
  423. Mami: "But it is true!"
  424. Holy Mami: "Save me, Florence!"
  425. [her doppel shows up with a flash of light]
  426. Mami: "Why do you go that far!?"
  427. [another flash of light]
  428. Holy Mami: "pant... pant... pant..."
  429. [back to the park]
  430. Mami: "My feelings won't be still..."
  431. "Because I'm still in shock from learning the truth..."
  432. "It's okay, I'm just as normal."
  433. "After all..."
  434. [fade to gray; we see Holy Mami]
  435. Mami: *The noise has already faded..."
  436. [back to the park]
  437. Mami: "..."
  438. [her phone rings]
  439. Mami: "I"m getting a lot of calls today."
  440. "It's Azusa-san?"
  442. 3.3
  443. [in a restaurant]
  444. Mami: "..."
  445. Mifuyu: "What's wrong?"
  446. "Your eyes are wandering all over the place."
  447. Mami: "This is a much classier place than I'm used to eating out at."
  448. "It's hard to calm down..."
  449. Touka: "You don't have to worry about table manners, okay?"
  450. "This is my father's friend's restaurant and they know me well."
  451. Alina: "You're always inviting us out to eat."
  452. "Are you fine with covering the bill?"
  453. Touka: "Yep, it's fine."
  454. "My family has a lot of money, and I make money for myself as well."
  455. Alina: "Now that you say that, my artwork is also worth quite a bit..."
  456. Mami: "..."
  457. Mifuyu: "Are you alright, Tomoe-san?"
  458. Mami: "Ah, yes..."
  459. "Their conversation is in a whole other dimension; I just can't seem to keep up."
  460. Mifuyu: "Hehe, that's right."
  461. "It feels strange that I'm used to it now."
  462. Mami: "So you can get used to it."
  463. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  464. Mami: "That reminds me, we're only having dinner with two of the Magius?"
  465. Touka: "I invited her, but today she's eating at home it seems."
  466. [screen wipe]
  467. Touka: "I see... They got away, huh."
  468. Mami: "There was someone I hadn't seen in a while, so I might have let my guard down..."
  469. "And also, they had an unforeseen plan to escape, so that was part of why..."
  470. "I'm sorry. All I'm doing is giving excuses..."
  471. Mifuyu: "That's unfortunate, but not everything proceeds as we'd like."
  472. "And you've been usually helping us out in all sorts of places."
  473. "We have nothing to complain about."
  474. Alina: "That's right."
  475. "Compared to the flute sisters, I think you did quite well."
  476. "Rather than help, they let that witch get away, you know!"
  477. Mami: "Well, the Black Feather told me..."
  478. Alina: "Don't you think it's the responsibility of their superiors?"
  479. Mami: "..."
  480. Alina: "Well, they're always like this, so it's not anything new."
  481. Touka: "But there's something that I'm a bit worried about."
  482. "We have three new members from my lecture..."
  483. "But the hot coals remain behind."
  484. Mifuyu: "You mustn't be impatient, Touka."
  485. "I'd like us to keep quietly working towards release..."
  486. "If we make too strong a move, then we might aggravate the issue..."
  487. Touka: "I was this close!"
  488. Mifuyu: "I've said too much..."
  489. [screen wipe]
  490. waitress: "Here are your hors d'oeuvres."
  491. [screen wipe]
  492. Touka: "Ah..."
  493. "I'm sorry for shouting, Mifuyu."
  494. Mifuyu: "No, please don't be."
  495. Touka: "For now, it's time to have fun eating."
  496. Alina: "Sure, it's always good to enjoy yourself at dinnertime."
  497. Mami: "Yes."
  498. [battle]
  499. [gray screen]
  500. Mami: *Today, I decided to go back to Mitakihara for the first time in a while.*
  501. *From eating with Satomi-san and the others...*
  502. *I felt like I wanted to have tea in my own room like I always had before.*
  503. *It might also have been because I wanted to see the girls in Mitakihara.*
  504. [we see Madoka]
  505. Mami: *I must take responsibility...*
  506. [now Homura]
  507. Mami: "As a veteran magical girl in Mitakihara...*
  508. [now Sayaka]
  509. Mami: *For involving them in the world of magical girls...*
  510. [Sayaka disappears]
  511. Mami: "..."
  512. [Kyouko shows up]
  513. Mami: *Hey, what would you do in my place, Sakura-san?*
  514. Kyouko: "They became this way thanks to you, so shouldn't you be responsible?"
  515. [fade to gray]
  516. Mami: *That might be what you'd say...*
  517. *But I'm not able to accept it.*
  518. *Because I can't accept it, I decided to release magical girls.*
  519. *I'm putting all my effort into it...*
  520. *...*
  521. *...*
  522. [in Mitakihara, Madoka senses something]
  523. Madoka: "Huh, Mami-san!?"
  524. [screen wipe, nobody's there, and another wipe]
  525. Madoka: "..."
  526. "Did I... imagine that?"
  527. [fade to gray]
  528. Mami: "If you knew the truth, what would you do?"
  529. Mami (aloud): "I wonder if they would be able to accept it... this truth..."
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