akemi homura (megane); some info

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  1. Self-introduction: More or less a recap of her meguca life; she got time powers via the wish, used to pause time and use bombs and the like, but she also has a more important objective which is why she made the wish.
  2. -----
  3. Level-up: "I have to become stronger... Otherwise I won't be able to protect that important person, right?"
  4. Level cap reached: "Ahh, somehow we arrived this far right? I'm glad" (translation note: not sure if this would be a literal translation but prety much)
  5. Bond level up 1: "Somehow, I feel like my heart is more calm now... At least... [That's how it feels f]or me
  6. Bond level up 2: "In the past I was in the hospital constantly due to my health, from my bed, i would stare at the ceiling all the time... From back then, all I have are painful/hard memories"
  7. -------
  8. Login (new server day): "Ah-- Y-yes!! I'm Akemi... Homura... --Uhm, I-I got surprised all of a sudden, and without thinking just said my name... I'm sorry!!"
  9. Login (morning): "G-good morning, did you sleep well? I... well, I stayed until late a little to study magic... *yawn* I am a bit sleepy" (Translation note: well here the "a little" can be considered as a lot, she says "chotto" just because it's the formal way? either way, yeah)
  10. Login (noon): "Eh!? Having breakfast together...? Uhm-- No-- It's... I've been eating alone so many times that, u-uhm.. It makes me nervous" (Translation note: again she said chotto at first)
  11. Login (night): "At school... (Translation note: Or more like after school; daitai? practically always? basically always?) I go back home with Kaname-san and Miki-san, we often look for witches as we do this."
  12. Login (late night): "This? I thought I should study magic like Tomoe-san, so I've been making notes, though I have just started."
  13. Login (other): I... do have the magic to control time, but, before being a magical girl, right now, I feel like time itself has changed..." (Translation note:she means like now time feels different in a nice way, since before she was in the hospital etc etc)
  14. Login (When AP is full): "Kaname-san, I want to be able to protect you at any time, even if we get appart, I... will deffinetely return by your side!" (Translation note: here "protect" can be "to be able to be with you" but i think she means it in a protective way, like she wants to be there for her all the time.)
  15. Login (When BP is full): "I-I... Can I fight... properly? I'm very worried, but, I have to do it right? I-I will do my best!"
  16. When tapped (1): "The glasses? When i became a magical girl, my body became stronger but... (Translation note: here I'm a bit lost, like it doesnt look like her sight has changed? or it would be strange if she stopped wearing them?) even now, I wear them, yes."
  17. When tapped (2): "For me to use a new weapon... I've been thinking if I can use something else but... Ah, (Translation note: no idea what word is this) maybe... No... Doesn't look like that would work on a witch"
  18. When tapped (3): "Please be careful about Kyuubey, I still don't know all the details but... The fact that it may not be an ally... is certain, I think"
  19. When tapped (4): "Tomoe-san also told me that, about my time ability, the problem lays in how you use it... So, I plan to keep thinking on ways to use it."
  20. ----
  21. Quest started: "Well then, ikimasu" (Translation note: ikimasu as in "let's go" or "i'll go" i dunno depends on context i guess also my brain lol)
  22. Victory (1):  "We did it... we did it!" (Translation note: again, the "we" may be for "i" too, i guess since this is for fights it's in a plural way)
  23. Victory 2: "I'm glad... it's over, right?"
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