HypnoTransformo Greentext

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >During the middle of the week your friend calls you up about a show she wants to go see.
  2. >You shrug and say "Sure, I'll come along. What is it and when is it?"
  3. >She says it's one of those new 'HypnoTransformo' shows, and it's on Saturday.
  4. >Saturday? But you won't be able to enjoy the post-discussion of the new MLP:FiM ep!
  5. >You begin saying you might already have plans, but she starts begging. Her girl friends had all seen it and now she needed to, too!
  6. >Being the beta you are, you agree to go - as a friend.
  8. >The week passes, and you're both driving downtown to the local concert hall.
  9. >"I'm so excited! The reviews for this stage show have been raving! Everyone I've spoken to about it has loved it."
  10. >You're skeptical. "Hypnosis isn't real. You know this, right?"
  11. >She just giggles. "Maybe. You should volunteer."
  12. >Challenge accepted.
  13. >Show starts around 6pm, concert hall is packed full. Thankfully you're both situated in the front row getting a proper view.
  14. >Stage is the basic affair, black stands with giant speakers for the microphone. There's a few chairs in the middle for volunteers to sit on.
  15. >Your friend coos next to you as the lights dim; some dude with a top hat suddenly bursts into being on stage. How cliché, you snort.
  16. >"Welcome ladies and gents! Tonight will be a night to remember! ...Though maybe not for all of you!"
  17. >After his piss-poor introduction is over, he starts calling for volunteers.
  18. >Encouraged by your friend, you raise your hand.
  20. -
  22. >"You sir! Come on stage, leave your lady friend behind for now - you won't be going anywhere." He chortles.
  23. >Whatever. You clamber past people to sit awkwardly on the hard chair. Seeing just how big the crowd was from this POV fills you with nerves.
  24. >After 10 minutes of people being shy and refusing, 3 more volunteers are selected.
  25. >"Right! Now I need you kind volunteers to do what I say. I want you to focus on this music."
  26. >Behind you comes the sounds of someone fumbling with an old LP player, eventually unleashing some unearthly music.
  27. >"Now I just need you to all focus your thoughts on this tune for a bit! Ladies and gents, if you need the bathroom, now is the time!"
  28. >You were barely listening to him, your mind being drawn to this strange music. It sounded familiar, or at least felt like it was.
  29. >The crowd of people watching gradually gets distant as if the stage was slowly being pulled back. Mentally shaking yourself, you ignore this and return to focusing on the music - it felt important now.
  30. >Eventually your mind feels like it was filled with goo; leaving you comfy, warm and blank.
  31. >"Well 5 minutes are up! Let's see how our victims - ahem - our volunteers are fairing!" says a voice.
  32. >The sudden sensation of a hand on your shoulder and a stern voice fills your mind, making it throb tenderly.
  33. >"The person I'm touching now; sleep."
  34. >A sudden blissful limpness overtakes your body; you feel your arms sprawl and your head nod forward.
  35. >Nothing mattered anymore.
  37. -
  39. >"...and 3, wide awake and feeling great!"
  40. >You blink. What's going on? A crowd, stage lights, the limp figures sitting next to you... Oh yeah, you're at this dumb show.
  41. >"So sir, tell us what it's like to be Hypnotized."
  42. >Hypnotized? What utter nonsense, you'd only been sitting here for a few minutes.
  43. >"I think it's bullshit, there's no way I've been hypnotized!" you speak up. The crowd seems to find this funny, accompanied with "awws".
  44. >"True true, I've been proven wrong before" the man smiles, "Do you want to FLEA the stage?"
  45. >Just as he said this, there's a sudden burning, irresistible itch behind your ear. Without even thinking, you start scratching it with your leg.
  46. >Scratching only makes it worse, and before you know it you're lying on the stage floor rubbing your head on everything in reach. The itch wasn't dying!
  47. >"And relax." comes a voice. You instantly comply, the itch is gone.
  48. >Raising your head up to the crowd again, you don't understand why they're all laughing and awwing.
  49. >You try to leave the stage, but you just can't seem to master yourself.
  50. >"Now sir, you're a gruff, manly man are you not?"
  51. >You instantly nod, maybe this will impress your female friend. The crowd guffaws again.
  52. >"Well, how does this make you feel?" he says, presenting a novelty giant pink comb.
  53. >At the sight of it, your heart melts. You can't explain why, but you need this comb more than anything to brush you!
  54. >You start to bound up and down, the crowd giving more awws and chuckles.
  56. -
  58. >"Okay, okay. I need to ask you something first before I can brush you though."
  59. >You get frustrated, how dare he deny you the brush!
  60. >"How would you feel if a crowd of people knew your darkest secret?"
  61. >"I'd be mortified! I'd be mad at whoever told my secret" you pipe up.
  62. >A shit-eating grin grows across the showman's face.
  63. >"And what if that person was you?"
  64. >"Not possible!" you say, beginning to pout due to lack of brushes. The crowd continues cracking-up.
  65. >"So you're saying no one knows you like My Little Pony or that you have a bright pink persona you made up?"
  66. >"No one!" you repeat.
  67. >"That's all I need to know. Brushy-Brushy time."
  68. >At his words, a strange pleasure grips you. Each brush he gives makes your whole body tingle in a positively sensual way.
  69. >You begin to drool slightly, causing the showman to give a huge fake leap of shock, leaving the crowd in stitches.
  70. >"Alright, enough!" comes the ecstatic voice of the showman, stopping the brushing. You can't help feel disappointed.
  71. >"I've always been a bit of a sucker for the classics. Still, my fine man, can you please tell me - and the crowd - your name?"
  72. >You pause at this. Shouldn't this be an instant response question?
  73. >Internally you struggle, as your mouth tries to say one name but your brain keeps stopping you.
  74. >There's a few simpers from the crowd as you constantly trip over your own words, babbling slightly, until...
  75. >"Tutti Frutti?"
  76. >It must be right as the crowd again erupts with cheers.
  78. -
  80. >Scanning the front row during the noise, you see your friend.
  81. >Her eyes are wet with what can only be tears of laughter.
  82. >Just what is so damned funny?
  83. >Letting the crowd tire themselves out, the showman returns twirling his top hat.
  84. >"Okay I think that's all for Little ponies for now, we have other volunteers! Sleep."
  85. >At this word, you instantly switch off re-entering darkness.
  86. >In seemingly no time at all, you and your fellows are stretching out in your seats.
  87. >The showman is bowing as the audience applaud. It's over already? It's barely been 10 minutes!
  88. >For a final joke, he tells one volunteer to take the long way back to their seat. They walk a stupid route around the crowd.
  89. >Next, he tells the others that they're glued to their chairs. After much frustration and hilarity, they're free to waddle off stage.
  90. >Finally, he turns to you.
  91. >You give him a warm smile. It seems he did something nice for you, but you can't really remember...
  92. >He kneels down to your chair and lifts a microphone between you both.
  93. >"Before you leave us Sir, are you aware you are a pony?"
  94. >The world seems to shift in-and-out of focus, this phrase instantly making you become aware. Oh GOD.
  95. >You raise a shaking hoof.
  96. >It's bright pink.
  97. >Eyes go wide with shock.
  98. >Aghast, you flail your head to see your blonde mane.
  99. >Shit. You're your OC - Tutti Frutti.
  100. >You pathetically hide your face as the pure embarrassment cascades through you.
  101. >The crowd explodes with shrieks of mirth.
  102. >You want to die.
  104. -
  106. >The drive home that night was unbearably awkward.
  107. >After being changed back, everyone in the crowd had petted your back as you descended the stage.
  108. >Some people sang the MLP theme tune as you exited the building.
  109. >It wasn't in malice, just jokeful teasing. You still didn't enjoy your secret being out though.
  110. >Your friend sits in silence in the passenger seat, you're too ashamed to spark up conversation.
  111. >On the bright side, the showman refunded your ticket since you essentially missed everything.
  112. >He said you were an absolute delight to work with.
  113. >Even now, you're having trouble remembering what had happened.
  114. >"So uh... how was the show good?"
  115. >Your friend gives a little snigger "Man do you really not remember anything?"
  116. >You shake your head.
  117. >"Well, after you were all asleep he started asking general questions." she starts
  118. >"Yeah? Like what?"
  119. >"Name, job, interests, etc. You seemed to respond well, before we knew it, you were talking about ponies"
  120. >Christ were you that bad?
  121. >"I didn't take you for a brony! It's kinda cute. Anyway, he changed you using the info he had wheedled out, though you seemed pretty willing."
  122. >You gulp. "And then?"
  123. >"He started making you do cute things! I dunno how he did it but the transformation was amazing - You were really a little pony!"
  124. >"And the others?" you try take the shame away from you.
  125. >"Boring. You stole the show."
  126. >Pulling up outside her home, you stop the car.
  127. >"Thanks for taking me out. Before I go though... Flea!"
  128. >Fuck.
  129. -
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