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puchiedarcy Oct 5th, 2015 167 Never
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  1. weekend games review
  3. heroes of the swarm - had a lot of fun playing with friends. i'm retiring.
  5. half-life - masterpiece. great start. on a rail and lambda core kinda blew, as did final gauntlet. but a great experience nonetheless.
  7. happy home designer - a lot of fun to immerse yourself as the home designer with a lot of choices. fun to roleplay and interact with the animals. just let yourself go and be creative!
  9. super mario maker - played some off-stream; no interest in it. shit level designs. <insert meta-commentary about modern gaming and lack of level design>
  11. disgaea d2 - hilarious. beautiful. first two chapters went by pretty quickly; I guess having previous experience helps a new playthrough. kinda scared about difficulty curve later though!
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