Read from txt file

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  1. Sub ReadFromFile()
  3. Dim configFile As String
  4. Dim configWhole As String
  5. Dim configArr As Variant 'nebude to fungovat so String 
  7. configFile = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\config.txt" 'Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path vráti cestu do zložky aktívneho workbooku
  8.    'alternativa Application.ThisWorkbook.Path vráti cestu ku zložke v ktorej je súbor s týmto makrom
  9. Open configFile For Input As #1 'netusim ako funguje Open+Input+Close :(, viac info na
  10. configWhole = Input$(LOF(1), 1)
  11. Close #1
  12. configArr = Split(configWhole, vbNewLine) '
  14. End Sub
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