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  1. The Bloodbath
  2. Pocket Change cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.
  3. BELLUCI2000, YahooVEVO, Die You Fuck, and Steve Jobs form a suicide pact, killing themselves.
  4. I am rajit bashes TBOB's head in with a mace.
  5. Mauri and white kid drops sick beat threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die.
  6. Roygbiv, Scatman, and GmailVEVO start fighting, but Scatman runs away as Roygbiv kills GmailVEVO.
  8. Day 1
  9. Chad Daddy silently snaps Gjohnce's neck.
  10. Elpresador bashes DNeags's head against a rock several times.
  12. Night 1
  13. Bob Dyer spears Obama in the abdomen.
  14. G-Man poisons B4nny's drink. He drinks it and dies.
  16. Day 2
  17. Elpresador begs for Eastborne to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing Elpresador.
  18. Trash attacks Rocco Botte, but DJ Khaled protects him, killing Trash.
  20. Night 2
  21. saman ghasemzadeh1 falls into a frozen lake and drowns.
  22. Roygbiv, Rocco Botte, mouse uz, Rev-X, and Kevin track down and kill Buff.
  23. Nathan Fielder accidently steps on a landmine.
  25. Day 3
  26. DoktorWhiplash sets an explosive off, killing Kevin, and Rocco Botte.
  28. Night 3
  29. DJ Khaled kills Right Aphex Twin with a hatchet.
  30. I am rajit kills Eastborne with a sickle.
  31. Roygbiv accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.
  33. Day 4
  34. mouse uz kills TempleOS with his own weapon.
  35. DJ Khaled poisons Superhandles's drink. He drinks it and dies.
  37. Night 4
  38. WHZGUD2 kills G-Man with a hatchet.
  39. Keith kills They want vinny???? while he is sleeping.
  41. Day 5
  42. Left Aphex Twin attacks Wusheng8888, but Jack Shit harvard grad protects him, killing Left Aphex Twin.
  43. Whats Popppppppeng forces DoktorWhiplash to kill WHZGUD2 or EDP445. He decides to kill WHZGUD2.
  45. Night 5
  46. DoktorWhiplash accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.
  48. Day 6
  49. No deaths occurred.
  51. Night 6
  52. I am rajit is unable to convince Kanye to not kill him.
  54. Day 7
  55. Poppapipes kills EDP445 for his supplies.
  56. DJ Khaled dies from hypothermia.
  57. Chad Daddy spears Wusheng8888 in the abdomen.
  59. Night 7
  60. Jerma sets Rev-X on fire with a molotov.
  61. Tom Cat dies of dysentery.
  62. Keith shoots an arrow into Bob Dyer's head.
  64. The Feast
  65. Whats Popppppppeng falls into a frozen lake and drowns.
  66. Jerma throws a knife into Keith's head.
  67. Sermions dies from an infection.
  69. Day 8
  70. mouse uz dies from thirst.
  71. Scatman falls into a pit and dies.
  73. Night 8
  74. Kanye accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.
  76. Day 9
  77. Chad Daddy dies from hypothermia.
  79. Night 9
  80. No deaths occurred.
  82. Day 10
  83. No deaths occurred.
  85. Night 10
  86. Poppapipes bashes Jerma's head against a rock several times.
  87. Jack Shit harvard grad attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.
  89. Day 11
  90. Poppapipes stabs Toi rat choi poker. with a tree branch.
  91. The winner is Poppapipes from District 10!
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