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  1. /sys root# ./      
  3. export USE_R2_CAPSTONE=
  5. ./sys/ line 83:  7913 Killed: 9               pkg-config --atleast-version=4.0 capstone 2> /dev/null
  6. ./configure: line 48: awk: command not found
  7. ./configure: line 48: awk: command not found
  8. ./configure: line 48: awk: command not found
  9. configure-plugins: Loading ./plugins.cfg ..
  10. configure-plugins: Generating libr/config.h ..
  11. configure-plugins: Generating libr/ ..
  12. SHARED: io.shm
  13. STATIC: anal.6502 anal.8051 anal.arc anal.arm_cs anal.arm_gnu anal.avr anal.chip8 anal.cr16 anal.cris anal.dalvik anal.ebc anal.h8300 anal.hexagon anal.i4004 anal.i8080 anal.m68k_cs anal.malbolge anal.mips_cs anal.mips_gnu anal.msp430 anal.nios2 anal.null anal.pic anal.ppc_cs anal.ppc_gnu anal.riscv anal.rsp anal.snes anal.sparc_cs anal.sparc_gnu anal.sysz anal.tms320 anal.v810 anal.v850 anal.vax anal.wasm anal.x86_cs anal.x86_udis anal.xap anal.xcore_cs anal.xtensa anal.z80 asm.6502 asm.8051 asm.arc asm.arm_as asm.arm_cs asm.arm_gnu asm.arm_winedbg asm.avr asm.chip8 asm.cr16 asm.cris_gnu asm.dalvik asm.dcpu16 asm.ebc asm.h8300 asm.hexagon asm.hppa_gnu asm.i4004 asm.i8080 asm.lanai_gnu asm.lh5801 asm.lm32 asm.m68k_cs asm.malbolge asm.mcs96 asm.mips_cs asm.mips_gnu asm.msp430 asm.nios2 asm.pic asm.ppc_cs asm.ppc_gnu asm.propeller asm.riscv asm.rsp asm.snes asm.sparc_cs asm.sparc_gnu asm.spc700 asm.sysz asm.tms320 asm.tricore asm.v810 asm.v850 asm.vax asm.wasm asm.x86_as asm.x86_cs asm.x86_nasm asm.x86_nz asm.x86_udis asm.xap asm.xcore_cs asm.xtensa asm.z80 bin.any bin.avr bin.bflt bin.bios bin.bootimg bin.cgc bin.coff bin.dex bin.dol bin.dyldcache bin.elf bin.elf64 bin.fs bin.mach0 bin.mach064 bin.mbn bin.mdmp bin.menuet bin.nes bin.nin3ds bin.ninds bin.ningb bin.ningba bin.nro bin.nso bin.omf bin.p9 bin.pe64 bin.pebble bin.psxexe bin.sfc bin.smd bin.sms bin.spc700 bin.te bin.vsf bin.wasm bin.xbe bin.z64 bin.zimg bin_ldr.ldr_linux bin_xtr.xtr_dyldcache bin_xtr.xtr_fatmach0 bp.arm bp.mips bp.ppc bp.x86 core.anal crypto.aes crypto.aes_cbc crypto.base64 crypto.base91 crypto.blowfish crypto.cps2 crypto.des crypto.punycode crypto.rc2 crypto.rc4 crypto.rc6 crypto.rol crypto.ror crypto.rot crypto.serpent crypto.xor debug.bochs debug.esil debug.gdb debug.native debug.null debug.qnx debug.rap debug.windbg egg.exec egg.xor fs.ext2 fs.fat fs.fb fs.hfs fs.hfsplus fs.iso9660 fs.jfs fs.minix fs.ntfs fs.posix fs.r2 fs.reiserfs fs.sfs fs.tar fs.udf fs.ufs fs.xfs io.bfdbg io.bochs io.debug io.default io.gdb io.gzip io.http io.ihex io.mach io.malloc io.mmap io.null io.procpid io.ptrace io.qnx io.r2k io.r2pipe io.r2web io.rap io.rbuf io.self io.shm io.sparse io.tcp io.w32 io.w32dbg io.windbg io.winedbg lang.vala parse.6502_pseudo parse.arm_pseudo parse.att2intel parse.avr_pseudo parse.dalvik_pseudo parse.m68k_pseudo parse.mips_pseudo parse.mreplace parse.ppc_pseudo parse.sh_pseudo parse.x86_pseudo parse.z80_pseudo
  14. cp: `./plugins.cfg' and `plugins.cfg' are the same file
  15. ./configure: line 215: awk: command not found
  16. checking build system type... iPhone5,2-unknown-darwin-gnu
  17. checking host system type... iPhone5,2-unknown-darwin-gnu
  18. checking target system type... iPhone5,2-unknown-darwin-gnu
  19. checking for working directories... current
  20. using prefix ''
  21. checking for c compiler... ./configure: line 338: 11159 Illegal instruction: 4  ( exec ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${CPPFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} test.c > /dev/null 2>&1 )
  22. no
  23. cleaning temporally files... done
  24. ERROR: gcc cannot create executables
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