Lazward + Orochi C-S Support

Jul 14th, 2015
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  3. Lazward + Orochi C-S Support
  6. Orochi: Lazward.
  7. Lazward: Orochi, whats up?
  8. O: You’re one of Nohrs best swordsmen right. With that power I heard that you managed to become a royal guard.
  9. L: Eh? I’m not …..that strong. Being complimented like this is embarrassing….
  10. O: What is this, don’t be shy. You’re a cute guy.
  11. L: C-cute? If you’re going to say something could it at least be cool? That would have been better…
  12. O: Either is fine. Don’t think too much about it. That aside, I have to discuss something with you. Would you join with me?
  13. L: Join you?
  14. O: Yes. Since Nohr and Hoshido have become allies…. We should join up and do something to entertain everyone.
  15. L: That sounds good. I agree with entertaining everyone. But what are we doing specifically?
  16. O: I didn’t really think about that. If you could, I’d like you to think of something.
  17. L: Hmmmm…. How about we dance? A dance where we hold hands to express the relationship between Nohr and Hoshido…..
  18. O: ….Your ulterior motives are obvious. On top of that I can’t dance.
  19. L: I-is that so… well we can’t do that then. How about something else...
  20. O: Since we’re going to the trouble, it would be good to do something encouraging.
  21. L: Something encouraging… alright, let’s think about!
  22. O: Yes, let’s get along well.
  26. O: Lazward. How is the performance ideas going?
  27. L: Hmmmm…I’ve been thinking but… I can think of anything that would encouraging as you had said…
  28. O: Is that so. No need to rush. Our performance must be done with the thought of good fortune.
  29. L: Good fortune?
  30. O: Yes. My specialty is telling fortunes with tarot cards. I will use my cards as an indicator for the performance and tell our fortunes………….have a look. This is the sequence they have presented.
  31. L: This is… six cards with flowers?
  32. O: Indeed. Our future is , flower, flower, flower, flower, flower, flower. These results rarely appear. This is the highest fortune, presenting flawless results.
  33. L: I see. If that’s true then what should we do….the flowers are indeed good fortune…. Our themes for the performance….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……
  34. O: Do not think so deeply. As a strong member of Nohr, you should be burning with ideas….
  35. TL: she says バーン (burn) with carefree-ness? And as you can see later on I have to use the word burn so what is English.
  36. L: Burn…… burn………… ah!
  37. O:Did you think of something?
  38. L: Yeah! A long time ago I saw something… something that produced flames of different colours. At the time I think I remember that depending on what was being burnt the colours would differ….
  39. O:Flames? How does that relate to flowers?
  40. L: Hehehe… that is still a secret. But I’ll you’ll be helping me so it’ll definitely be an amazing performance. I don’t have any ulterior motives this time so don’t worry.
  41. O: Alright, I’ll trust you on that. You and I have different talents. That’s why I approached you. No matter what you decide to do, it’ll be amazing…. I’m looking forward to it.
  42. L: Thank you Orochi!
  46. O: Laward? What are you doing making these dango?
  47. L: I’m making preparations for the performance tonight.
  48. O …ohhh I see! I am the flower, and you are the dango! Dumplings over flowers is it? Well then….these are such peculiar colours, let me have a taste….
  49. TL: she says Hanayori Dango (basically meaning that things of practical use (dango, which you can eat) are preferred over things for aesthetic use (flowers only being used for decoration purposes) )
  50. L: Wah wah, wait! You can’t eat those!
  51. O: Is that so? Then what are these….
  52. L: You’ll find out soon enough. Just look forward to tonight.
  53. O: I see…. Well then, I shall invite Kamui-sama and everyone else.
  54. L: Ah, wait a second. Orochi… I want you to cast a spell on these dango. So that tonight’s performance goes well. Could you… do that for me?
  55. O: You mean a prayer of fulfilment? Of course, doing that would be a cinch. Humph!!
  56. L: …Thank you. Then let’s meet again tonight.
  57. O: Yes, I’ll see you later.
  58. *both leave*
  59. O: Lazward, its night. Everyone is waiting over there.
  60. L: Alright, let’s start.
  61. O: Hm? We’re going to do it here? What should I do?
  62. L: You can from watch here Orochi. I’m going to light them up.
  63. O: Ohhh…. Now that you mention it, you did say something about flames.
  64. L: Yeah. I’ll light this with a flame from the campfire and. Here we go!!
  65. O: ….this is!? Could it be… fireworks!?
  66. L: Yes. Orochi’s tarot cards showed flower, flower, flower, flower, flower, flower right? So if I do this….. Writing it up in the sky would be great.
  67. TL: for those who don’t read moonrunes 花火 (hanabi) or fireworks is made up of two characters: flower and fire, so literally meaning fire flower.
  68. O: S-so… this afternoon the dango that I saw in the afternoon….
  69. L: Yeah, they were the fireworks. It was a bit of a struggle to make but for them to burn so beautifully…. It’s all thanks to the spell you cast on them.
  70. O: Lazward… thank you. These are the best flowers.
  71. L: I should be thanking you. Thank you Orochi. Thanks to you we put on a great show. Better than us holding hands and dancing.
  72. O: Hahaha. You did have that plan too. I’m sure that Kamui-sama and everyone else are enjoying the fireworks over there as well…..how about we head over and tell everyone the meaning of the flowers.
  73. L: Yes, gladly.
  74. L: …hm. Well while we’re here, let me do a Hoshido shout. TAAAAAAAAAA-MAAAAAAAAAAA-YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  75. TL: Tamaya is the name of a person that made fireworks in japan long ago. People shout it now during fireworks for fun.
  79. O: Lazward. After the fireworks I talked to everyone, everyone thought it was really good. There was no Nohr or Hoshido, during that moment everyone enjoyed the break.
  80. L: That’s great. It was all thanks to you Orochi.
  81. O: Not at all. All I did was add a twist to the plans. You and I. We are connected.
  82. L: That’s true. …………….. hey Orochi.
  83. O: What is it?
  84. L: The cards that you drew last time, they were showing my future right? About that…. Did the fortune wear off after the fireworks last time? From here on till forever…. Will our future be as bright as that fortune?
  85. O: Hm?
  86. L: Umm, your future with me, I was wondering if it would be good….. d-don’t you get it? What I’m trying to say.
  87. O: I’m sorry I have no idea…. What are you trying to say?
  88. L: Ughhh…. This is embarrassing but I have no choice but to tell you properly…. Orochi! I want you to have this!
  89. O:? This is a bouquet?. What beautiful multi-coloured flowers.
  90. L: Would you… look closely at the bottom part of the bouquet.
  91. O: !! A ring? Lazward could it be that…………
  92. L: Yes. I like you Orochi. Would you marry me?
  93. O: M-marriage? Ohh… that talk about the fortune was referring to this.
  94. L: Ughh… that embarrassing… please don’t remind me…
  95. O: ….you really are a cute guy.
  96. L: Please don’t tease me. I’m seriously confessing to you.
  97. O: Sorry, sorry. Well then, let me reply seriously…..Lazward.
  98. L: Y-yes?
  99. O: In reference to your previous question…..there is no expiry date on my fortunes. In other words, depending on how you feel, it could be referring to the other night, or it could be referring to what is to come, it’s up to you to interpret it. As for me… I would like to think of it as our future to come.
  100. L: S-so that means…..
  101. O: …..Yes. I gladly accept your proposal.
  102. L: R-really!?
  103. O: Yes, I have already fallen for you. Since the day I watched those fireworks with you. It was as if flowers had bloomed in my heart!
  104. L: I’m glad….. thank you Orochi! I’m so happy. I will make you happy. So that you will always be smiling, I’ll do my best to protect you!
  105. O: Thank you Lazward. Our future will be… blooming with joyful prospect. I hope you don’t mind, but from here on, please take care of me. I will also do my best to make you happy.
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