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Ikkaku - The attempted arrest of Regent Geese (5/13-14)

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  1. [23:37] The base of the Fourfold is entered by the Commander, a breath leaving their lips as they entered. There was a calm exhale before the sky blue eyes fell upon Geese. Black gloved hands fidgeted with one another before finding their resolve, the blue light radiating from their form.
  3. "Regent Geese,
  5. You have made corrupt dealings with Demons, Sins, and Necromancers. We have not enforced justice upon evils that have walked upon our lands, and we are releasing people that have killed our own without proper judgement. This is a form of corruption.
  7. For that purpose; I am here to impeach and arrest you. We can not allow chaos and pain upon the innocent, and thus.. I ask you to accept this verdict peacefully."
  8. (Ikkaku Ukitake)
  9. [23:38] Geese Húzi asks, "Excuse me?"
  10. [23:38] Cassius Hallow asks, "Hrm?"
  11. [23:39] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I refuse to further allow corruption within Ardent. I am here and arrest."
  12. [23:40] Cassius Hallow says, "Then show your proof, Commander."
  13. [23:40] Geese Húzi says, "Please do."
  14. [23:40] Geese Húzi says, "Demetrius? He's done nothing to warrant an execution. The Vanirhallen? He was vouch by Nerzan and given a second chance."
  15. [23:41] Sky blue eyes stared towards Geese.
  17. "Demetrius killed a man by the name of Fredrick, a citizen of Ardent. And we let him go after he was arrested and tried with a lesser sentence then he was supposed to have. And this was without the full council being present."
  18. (Ikkaku Ukitake)
  19. [23:41] Geese Húzi says, "He didn't kill him. He was killed by Katzan Xizoh."
  20. [23:41] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "He stated that he directly was involved with the killing while under truth potion."
  21. [23:41] Cassius Hallow says, "I can verify that. Katzan informed me of his deeds himself."
  22. [23:41] Geese Húzi asks, "Are you here to arrest me under half-truths, commander?"
  23. [23:46] The sky blue eyes stare towards Geese.
  25. "You are working with the demon, Eiphraem, who attempted to murder Kayn before. A demon is not something that the people of Ardent should be working with. In addition, you want to pardon Necromancers, something that can not be allowed. We can not allow their work to further harm fate and the life stream. You have allowed sins to flourish, I spoke with Amoxtli and she mentioned she had no intention to be cured of her curse.
  27. There is that in addition to the order to do nothing as demons have slowly hurt our people, including likely Ravan. People are dying while we sit inside Ardent and do nothing. We are becoming more and more guilty by inaction.
  29. This in addition to Demetrius leads me to believe this is the action that should be taken."
  30. (Ikkaku Ukitake)
  31. [23:52] "Working with Eiphraem? Perhaps to ensure Amoxtli is cured of her sin magic. To protect those who are under the oppressive watch of the Coalition. Have you perhaps thought these creatures are sentient and that we don't need to throw bodies at them to make them go away? That we can prevent loss of life on every side?
  33. Have you perhaps thought that Kayn's been running head first into these situations? That he was given a chance to leave many times but took none, due his sin of wrath? That he became a nightmarish figure to everyone in that village?"
  35. Geese shakes his head.
  37. "Because I wish to pardon Necromancers who will stop the art? Is it wrong to give someone a chance and not indiscriminately kill an entire people?
  39. Working with sins? Do you think perhaps Amoxtli's history of abuse and almost being raped has made her uncomfortable towards most people? There are correct ways to deal with this rather than subjecting them to mental torture and hope they get well. What would happen if she didn't? Would you just kill her and try again rather than coming up with any other method?"
  42. "This isn't justice, this is blind zealotry, Ikkaku."
  43. (Geese Húzi)
  44. [23:52] Cassius took a step towards Ikkaku, keeping a calm and collected expression.
  46. "Why don't we get our facts straight, Commander? I hate to say this, but you seem ill-informed.
  48. I was there for the 'attack' on Kayn. In fact, I'm the one who convinced Eiphraem to spare his life. However; Kayn attacked Eiphraem with no provocation, other than Eiphraem being a demon.
  50. I cannot speak against your other claims, but if you are this ignorant about Kayn's situation, then it should put into question any of your other accusations."
  51. (Cassius Hallow)
  52. [23:54] Geese Húzi asks, "Do you know who everyone blamed for the fight that killed Ravan?"
  53. [23:54] Geese Húzi says, "It's one of your own."
  54. [00:06] "I'm sure you're aware of this already... but Eiphraem attacked Vaj'rin, Taka and surely others that I'm unaware of for merely treading into his land. Ravan taught me never to trust an Archon-- a Fae. A race that is known to be like siblings to demons. That in itself should speak enough words. You prolonged his life, and he won't stop growing and becoming more powerful."
  56. He uncomfortably shifts in place, glancing between Ikkaku and Geese, as well as Cassius.
  58. "What the Commander means to say, is that this is poor leadership. That trio of crafters that came by earlier single-handedly made you go against the decision of the Council-- I was even there when you sentenced the Ookami to death. I'm not one to condone killing-- in fact, had I been on the Council, I would've voted for his rehabilitation and re-education. But it boils down to the fact that Iwasn't present for the trial. And what was decided was decided. You went against that."
  60. Sighing, he looks down.
  62. "As for Amoxtli, I understand where you're coming from. She's been through a lot, but I've done nothing but help her in the past. She's attacked me, and I still fed, cared and talked to her. I understand that there's a curse that plagues her persona. That means she needs people to tell her that she can't tread the path she is right now-- people to rid her of Sin. It isn't hard, and it hurts. That doesn't mean it's bad. Kayn went through the same process, and now he's one of our most valuable soldiers."
  64. "A leader is supposed to put his people above himself-- speak against the threats that plague this land and ensure that their expansion comes to an halt. Right now... the land that destroyed Huli Maou, harbours Necromancers, Sin Magi and even our wanted criminals.. it keeps on growing. They keep on attacking our people. Nothing is being done about this... and we believe it has to do with your relationship with the Sea Naga."
  66. "You may think that freeing Askiladd was the same as allowing Eiphraem to live-- but that's where I'd disagree. Askiladd is capable of feeling emotions, and empathy. He was my friend, and I like to think he still is. Eiphraem is a demon-- an Archon at that. When a Fae tells you never to trust an Archon, don't you think it's important to heed that warning?"
  68. "That's why you're being placed under arrest sir. Not because you're a bad person. Not at all. But because you've jeopardized too many Ardent lives, rather than ensuring our citizens are safe."
  69. (Nerzan)
  70. [00:08] Geese Húzi says, "It's astounding how short sighted you both are."
  71. [00:09] Geese Húzi says, "If you want Ardent it's yours. I'll leave."
  72. [00:09] Geese Húzi says, "Declare war, kill our people once more."
  73. [00:09] Geese Húzi says, "Ruin our treaty with Ezmara, Little Mame. Ruin our relations with everyone else."
  74. [00:09] Tsuyo Hikari says, "Well that was easy."
  75. [00:10] A bloody, slowly and agitatedly breathing Saturno walks in.
  77. "Hello..." He wheezes. "...Geese... Ikkaku..." He wheezes, again.
  78. (Saturno Petramurum)
  79. [00:10] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "It is not something that is short sighed. Your choices are consistenly not doing good things for Ardent.. For humanity's goodwill. You are making choices that are against even the council that we agreed on.. Geese, you're a friend but.. These are corrupt things to do."
  80. [00:10] Geese Húzi says, "It's corrupt to sentence a man to death for Treason when he never had a part of Ardent."
  81. [00:10] Geese Húzi asks, "No. It's Justice to you isn't it?"
  82. [00:10] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "It is corrupt when he threatens our soilders, protects sin magi, and kills and we do nothing."
  83. [00:11] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "And we just let them go."
  84. [00:11] Tsuyo Hikari says, "Maybe we should come back another time..."
  85. [00:11] Saturno Petramurum asks, "Is this about... <wheeze> demetrius...?"
  86. [00:11] Saturno Petramurum says, "No."
  87. [00:11] Geese Húzi says, "He hasn't killed. He's acted on nothing and has been branded. I've recieved an offer to recieve major compensation in the form of resources and prisoners for his return. He's also banned from ever stepping foot in our territory."
  88. [00:11] Nerzan says, "That... offer is gone, sir Geese."
  89. [00:12] Geese Húzi says, "No, no it's not."
  90. [00:12] Nerzan says, "It was gone when we released Askiladd. They came by earlier..."
  91. [00:12] Tsuyo Hikari whispers something.
  92. [00:12] Geese Húzi asks, "Says who?"
  93. [00:12] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Says them.."
  94. [00:12] Jian Kong whispers something.
  95. [00:12] Nerzan says, "The people that made the deal with you..."
  96. [00:12] Geese Húzi asks, "Who's THEM to you? Anta and that group?"
  97. [00:12] Nerzan sighs, obviously upset.
  98. (Nerzan)
  99. [00:12] Geese Húzi says, "That's not even who."
  100. [00:13] Nerzan says, "Brazha is their leader. She doesn't control any of their resources."
  101. [00:13] Nerzan says, "It's the crafters who do."
  102. [00:13] Geese Húzi says, "Craftholm itself wanted his release. They have nothing to do with Brazha."
  103. [00:13] Nerzan says, "... t--"
  104. [00:13] Geese Húzi says, "Vaj'rin personally came to me and told me their offer."
  105. [00:13] Nerzan offers a concerned glance toward Ikkaku.
  106. (Nerzan)
  107. [00:14] Geese Húzi says, "It seems he has no qualms with Eiphraem anymore."
  108. [00:14] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "<They shake their head> Those of corruption do not often see it, Nerzan."
  109. [00:14] Geese Húzi says, "You've blinded yourself Ikkaku."
  110. [00:15] Geese Húzi says, "When Chizue and I asked Lin Ru to step down we made no threats. We asked."
  111. [00:15] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Geese. I would ask that you come outside and publically relenquish office. Otherwise I will be forced to attempt an arrest. And I have not blinded myself Geese."
  112. [00:15] Geese Húzi says, "We knew what happened last time."
  113. [00:15] Geese Húzi says, "A bloody revolution."
  114. [00:15] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "You have blinded yourself to the point where you work with forces of Chaos."
  115. [00:15] Cassius Hallow says, "There will be no arrests unless the Regent says so."
  116. [00:16] Saturno Petramurum asks, "Ikakku... you would do... such a thing...?"
  117. [00:16] Geese Húzi says, "I work for Ardent, to stop these constant fucking wars that have claimed all my friends."
  118. [00:16] Cassius Hallow says, "Geese has acted on nothing but goo will and compassion."
  119. [00:16] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Demons, Sin mages, chaos.. Geese. We must stand firm against it, not work for it."
  120. [00:16] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Not feed our people to it.. Paladin, Jadrako, Ravan.."
  121. [00:16] Cassius Hallow says, "Witch hunting them will not solve our problems."
  122. [00:17] Saturno Petramurum says, "Ikkaku... these are... our equals..."
  123. [00:17] Geese Húzi says, "Ravan's death was Elizabeth's fault they say, Ikkaku."
  124. [00:17] Geese Húzi says, "She escalated the situation with Zaruma to that point."
  125. [00:17] Nerzan says, "W-.."
  126. [00:17] Geese Húzi says, "I work with Amoxtli to heal her."
  127. [00:17] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Because she wanted to fight Zaruma, the archon that kept attacking our city?"
  128. [00:17] Geese Húzi says, "And look what happened."
  129. [00:18] Nerzan says, "I... hope you're not condoning the murder of Ravan because it was /our/ fault..."
  130. [00:18] Geese Húzi says, "I'm not."
  131. [00:18] Nerzan says, "We are /not/ the one who killed him..."
  132. [00:18] Geese Húzi says, "It's a shame."
  133. [00:18] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Do you not understand how ludicrous that idea is.. to defend Zaruma?"
  134. [00:18] Saturno Petramurum says, "He is not... defending... Zaruma."
  135. [00:18] Geese Húzi asks, "Do you understand how ludicrous it is to start a fight on Neutral territory and possibly endanger all of Little Mame?"
  136. [00:18] Geese Húzi asks, "To come back to me and tell me lies?"
  137. [00:19] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "They should have battled elsewhere, that is true. But saying it was her fault when she wanted to fight Zaruma of all people.. When she attempted to free Ardent of his terror.."
  138. [00:20] Geese Húzi says, "I have a problem with the place."
  139. [00:20] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "The place?"
  140. [00:21] Geese Húzi says, "Fighting the Lord of Gaiar in Little Mame would bring the entire demon forces to them."
  141. [00:21] Geese Húzi says, "Speak with them, see how they feel about what happened."
  142. [00:21] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "It shouldn't have happened there, that is certain."
  143. [00:21] Nerzan says, "One of them has become Tragedy's student, sir Geese."
  144. [00:21] Geese Húzi asks, "Which?"
  145. [00:21] Nerzan says, "Lucan."
  146. [00:21] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Lucan, correct?"
  147. [00:21] Nerzan says, "Their constant exposure to... such evil."
  148. [00:21] Nerzan says, "It's showing, sir."
  149. [00:21] Geese Húzi asks, "How would you propose to combat that?"
  150. [00:21] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "To combat evil?"
  151. [00:21] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "By combatting evil.."
  152. [00:22] Geese Húzi says, "No, no. To help Lucan and Little Mame as a whole."
  153. [00:22] Geese Húzi asks, "Would you combat them?"
  154. [00:22] Geese Húzi says, "Or we continue with what I'm doing and keep our connection strong. So we can use Caesar as a warning and have them give us Lucan to help him."
  155. [00:22] Nerzan says, "Not all of Little Mame is corrupt, no. Thankfully not. People such Solace, Soliael, Mitra, Shizuki, Himari-- even myself."
  156. [00:22] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "No. You defend the innocents of little Mane. You teach them Order, and to protect one another. You curse Lucan of their connection to chaos if it is not too far formed."
  157. [00:23] Nerzan says, "We've left because we couldn't condone their actions anymore."
  158. [00:23] Geese Húzi asks, "Do you think they'll trust you in the slighest after this?"
  159. [00:23] Nerzan says, "They didn't trust us while we were there, sir."
  160. [00:23] Geese Húzi says, "They trust me, by all means."
  161. [00:23] Nerzan says, "Because you have not spoken out against their corruption."
  162. [00:23] Geese Húzi says, "Because I've worked to establish these connections. To establish a fucking era of peace."
  163. [00:24] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Peace when Paladin died. When Ravan died. Fredrick died.."
  164. [00:24] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Geese, you say it's peace but our people are dying."
  165. [00:25] Nerzan says, "Your intentions are noble. That much is certain. But--.. like sir Ikkaku said, there can't be peace while our people are constantly attacked and are being slaughtered."
  166. [00:25] Nerzan says, "As much as we all want it."
  167. [00:25] Geese Húzi says, "Because pieces are still in play and you threaten to ruin all of it."
  168. [00:25] Cassius Hallow asks, "Then what would you rather have? War? Mass death on both sides?"
  169. [00:25] Cassius Hallow says, "Because that's the alternative."
  170. [00:26] Nerzan says, "The pieces that are at play hold too little reward for too high a risk."
  171. [00:26] Nerzan says, "When the likes of Tragedy, Eiphraem and Zaruma run amok."
  172. [00:26] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Stagnancy is not the anwser. Letting chaos and evil grow is not the anwser."
  173. [00:26] Geese Húzi asks, "The death of Kayeliun, Atro, Sibri, and removing of Tragedy are too little reward?"
  174. [00:26] Nerzan says, "So many have died sir."
  175. [00:26] Nerzan says, "And I see no results."
  176. [00:26] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "You say that as if they are dead."
  177. [00:27] Cassius Hallow says, "Then you lack vision, Commander."
  178. [00:27] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I do not lack vision. I look forwards and walk towards the path of protecting humanity's goodwill. That is not standing here and letting our people bleed and suffer, letting Tragedy or Sibri threaten them."
  179. [00:27] Saturno Petramurum asks, "Lucan... has become... Tragedy's student...?"
  180. [00:27] Cassius Hallow says, "They will suffer tenfold if you force us into war."
  181. [00:27] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "They have."
  182. [00:27] Nerzan says, "Yeah..."
  183. [00:27] Nerzan says, "He used to be my friend..."
  184. [00:27] Saturno Petramurum says, "I should have... talked to... him... in time..."
  185. [00:28] Cassius Hallow says, "I will not stand for an action as corrupt as warmongering."
  186. [00:28] Nerzan says, "But sir Cassius, that's not the point. We aren't trying to warmonger. We've been explaining this entire time that remaining stagnant will only lead to our slow and painful downfall."
  187. [00:28] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "There is time to stop Lucan if we get him and purge him of chaos now."
  188. [00:28] Cassius Hallow says, "That is exactly what it is. Don't sugarcoat this."
  189. [00:28] Nerzan says, "Demons grow stronger overtime, they barely age."
  190. [00:28] Nerzan says, "We don't. Our bodies' capabilities are very limited."
  191. [00:29] Cassius Hallow says, "If we rush into war, there will be hundreds dead."
  192. [00:29] Saturno Petramurum says, "Some demons... are... different. I've learned this... over time."
  193. [00:29] Nerzan says, "We don't propose war, but we don't condone... whatever is happening now."
  194. [00:29] Nerzan says, "That's what Ravan said too, Saturno."
  195. [00:29] Nerzan says, "And I must agree."
  196. [00:29] Nerzan says, "But Archons? He told me they are not to be trusted."
  197. [00:29] Nerzan says, "None of them."
  198. [00:29] Saturno Petramurum says, "A peaceful... resolution... can be... possible."
  199. [00:29] Geese Húzi says, "Peace is happening now, Nerzan. Imagine if I had let Kayn kill Eiphraem. That entire town would've been against us and turned to the Demons and Chaos."
  200. [00:29] Cassius Hallow asks, "Do you think Geese has been sitting on his hands this entire time?"
  201. [00:30] Saturno Petramurum says, "Kaidus... Ka'vas... they're to be... trusted."
  202. [00:30] Geese Húzi says, "If you've ever spoken to Eiphraem you'd know his... presence is odd."
  203. [00:30] Nerzan says, "I have. I've seen him threaten our people for merely wandering into his land."
  204. [00:30] Geese Húzi asks, "Why do you think?"
  205. [00:30] Geese Húzi says, "With what Kayn did."
  206. [00:30] Nerzan says, "That's /not/ the people we should be work--.."
  207. [00:31] Geese Húzi says, "Vaj'rin, like I said, now walks in Craftholm."
  208. [00:31] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Do you not even see the threat of the Archon?"
  209. [00:31] Cassius Hallow says, "I see perhaps the only Archon in agartha that we can reason with."
  210. [00:31] Geese Húzi asks, "An Arcon who only shows hostilites if its town is threatened?"
  211. [00:32] Saturno Petramurum says, "For now... Yes... I agree with... the knight. <wheeze>"
  212. [00:32] Cassius Hallow says, "Eiphraem could have killed Kayn or Taka easily. He didn't."
  213. [00:32] Geese Húzi says, "If Eiphraem dies we lose our chance to cure Amoxtli. We lose everyone in that village to eternally hate us."
  214. [00:33] Cassius Hallow says, "Aye."
  215. [00:33] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "<They shake their head> There will always be many excuses to stray from light and doing what is right."
  216. [00:33] Cassius Hallow says, "You are throwing away precious relations, Ikkaku."
  217. [00:33] Geese Húzi says, "They haven't done that. Even with the Demon's influence in the town."
  218. [00:33] Cassius Hallow says, "If we slay Eiphraem, Aetherius takes an iron grasp on Crafthold."
  219. [00:33] Geese Húzi says, "They want peace."
  220. [00:33] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "What is right is stopping chaos, evil, necromancy, demons, and other harmful things to humanity's goodwill."
  221. [00:33] Geese Húzi asks, "Are we not?"
  222. [00:33] Cassius Hallow says, "They then have full control of the Nyeshk mines. Putting us at more of a disadvantage."
  223. [00:33] Nerzan says, "Archons constantly seek more power, sir Geese. Constantly. One day, it'll be too late to stop them, even if they tried to march on us. That day when they change their mind from 'defending their land' to 'expanding more just because'... that will be our downfall."
  224. [00:33] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "And Aetherius can't take a grasp if we stop them."
  225. [00:33] Nerzan says, "That is what we don't want to happen."
  226. [00:33] Nerzan says, "And working with them, no matter the relation, is dangerous for our people."
  227. [00:33] Nerzan says, "It's dangerous for the future of Ardent."
  228. [00:34] Saturno Petramurum says, "Nerzan... We'd be... endangering more than we intend to... protect."
  229. [00:34] Saturno Petramurum says, "I know this isn't... my place... I'm not with... the fourfold."
  230. [00:34] Geese Húzi says, "Remember what Saruin told us. Zaruma wants to get rid of Cruxati and Tragedy. But only if we keep it quiet. I have every reason to believe him strangely."
  231. [00:35] Geese Húzi says, "With this it all goes away."
  232. [00:35] Geese Húzi says, "The demons mobilize once more."
  233. [00:35] Geese Húzi says, "More of our own die."
  234. [00:35] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "The same Zaruma who killed one of the people of Ardent. I can not trust them."
  235. [00:36] Saturno Petramurum says, "Rushing into conflict... is not... the wise thing to do."
  236. [00:36] Geese Húzi says, "I do wonder how the people feel about this."
  237. [00:36] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Shall we head outside and ask?"
  238. [00:37] Geese Húzi says, "If you wish."
  239. [00:37] Saturno Petramurum says, "Do keep in mind. We're risking... valuable peace...<wheeze>."
  240. [00:37] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Shall we then?"
  241. [00:38] Geese Húzi says, "Taka."
  242. [00:38] Geese Húzi exclaims, "Taka, if you could come here!"
  243. [00:38] Geese Húzi asks, "Do you know the snake, Eiphraem?"
  244. [00:39] Taka says, "He took Feng yes."
  245. [00:39] Geese Húzi asks, "Why'd he act?"
  246. [00:39] Taka shows bite marks on neck
  247. (Taka)
  248. [00:39] Nerzan says, "Miss Elizabeth, could you come too."
  249. [00:39] Ikkaku Ukitake asks, "Would you rather see Ardent fight the Demons or continue to work with them as it does now?"
  250. [00:39] Atarashi perks to attention
  251. (Atarashi Ikikata)
  252. [00:39] Geese Húzi says, "An interesting way to frame the question."
  253. [00:39] Saturno Petramurum says, "That sounds... manipulative..."
  254. [00:39] Geese Húzi says, "Would we rather go for peace or start up our wars once more."
  255. [00:39] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I do not sugar coat. We are working with demons. We are working with sin mages. We are working with chaos."
  256. [00:39] Geese Húzi says, "We aren't working with Sin Mages or Chaos mages, Ikkaku."
  257. [00:39] Saturno Petramurum says, "If we hunt them down... to terminate... we wouldn't be... any better."
  258. [00:39] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "The Archon is chaos."
  259. [00:39] Cassius Hallow says, "I tend to disagree. There is a peaceful resolution to those things."
  260. [00:39] Geese Húzi asks, "Because I won't let you storm a neutral town and forcibly arrest Amoxtli?"
  261. [00:39] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Amoxtli is a sin."
  262. [00:39] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Caesar is a sin."
  263. [00:40] Geese Húzi says, "She's still a person, and will be treated."
  264. [00:40] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "...Caesar is dead."
  265. [00:40] Geese Húzi says, "Oh yes he wanted a meeting. I was waiting for him to finalize it and to tell all of you."
  266. [00:40] Saturno Petramurum says, "Caesar... lives..."
  267. [00:40] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "...No."
  268. [00:40] Mitra Vindict says, "Such . . bloodthirst."
  269. [00:40] Ikkaku Ukitake says, ".. Is he dead or alive.."
  270. [00:40] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "Dead."
  271. [00:40] Saturno Petramurum asks, "Are you... certain?"
  272. [00:41] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "Who killed him?"
  273. [00:41] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "Mmn, go ask my sister. She knows better than I. "
  274. [00:41] Geese Húzi says, "This is what happens when you corner people."
  275. [00:41] Geese Húzi says, "You give them no option."
  276. [00:41] Geese Húzi asks, "Remember how Frederick torched Amoxtli's house?"
  277. [00:42] Geese Húzi says, "Here I remain, able to convince a sin to work with me and be cleansed. While you three have failed at every turn sans using force."
  278. [00:42] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "We can cure sin mages if they are brought to us. And Amoxtli has made it clear that she had no intention to be cured."
  279. [00:42] Geese Húzi says, "She has every intention."
  280. [00:42] Geese Húzi says, "Simply put, she doesn't wish to speak with you."
  281. [00:42] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "No. She doesn't."
  282. [00:42] Cassius Hallow asks, "And who have you cured? Kayn?"
  283. [00:42] Geese Húzi says, "She fears you."
  284. [00:43] Geese Húzi says, "She fears what all of you have done, Ikkaku."
  285. [00:43] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "No. I don't need ta' be 'cured' or 'cleansed' or 'calmed.' I'm going to TALK ta' Suha because I HAVE ta', but that's it."
  286. [00:43] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Those were her exact words."
  287. [00:43] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "She does not intend to be cured."
  288. [00:43] Geese Húzi asks, "Do I need to recite her life story once more to frame why she'd be against speaking to you?"
  289. [00:43] Saturno Petramurum asks, "So... we kill her... that's the solution?"
  290. [00:44] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  291. [00:44] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "No. We cleanse her."
  292. [00:44] Geese Húzi says, "Forcibly."
  293. [00:44] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I can clear the sin out of those brought to me."
  294. [00:44] Chi Ciao says, "Geese, you speak in a cornerred tone again."
  295. [00:44] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "And then you stay close to ensure they don't fall back into it."
  296. [00:44] Nerzan says, "Blaming others for one's grief is exactly what Awa did. An ex-worshipper of Saekanis."
  297. [00:44] Nerzan says, "We cleansed Awa."
  298. [00:44] Geese Húzi says, "Ah yes but not before he beat himself half to death because of neglect."
  299. [00:45] Nerzan says, "... because he came to be cleansed."
  300. [00:45] Saito Sakamoto whispers something.
  301. [00:45] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "..."
  302. [00:45] Geese Húzi says, "When I went in I healed him. "
  303. [00:45] Liu peers down at the conversation, her expression baffled, vague.
  305. She wanders down with a sheet of parchment in hand, golden lines of spark flickering over it to form words. She holds it up to Geese, then Ikkaku.
  307. What is this about Suha? What's going on?
  308. (Liu Shunjiao)
  309. [00:45] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "< *His gaze flutters to Nerzan in silence. Oh wow* >"
  310. [00:45] Taka would look to the commander and the Regent
  312. "You both are acting as children. Fighting over such a decision of a person's life. Storming into enemy territory without knowing how to plan is foolish. One the other hand letting the sin mages and Archons grow will cause much turmoil among the people."
  314. Taking a deep breath.
  316. "I don't usally know how to handle such situations. But if one sin mages keeps growing more will rise. But using force will on empower them if they escape day after day."''
  318. Taka would look.
  320. "Whatever the case were people of Ardent lets handle this discussion the way we always do."
  321. (Taka)
  322. [00:45] Nerzan says, "I told Amoxtli that the people who harmed her would not assist in cleansing her-- when she attacked me and I cared for her in our cells."
  323. [00:45] Nerzan says, "She chose to leave."
  324. [00:45] Geese Húzi says, "I'm capable of having the Sin Mage cleansed, Taka."
  325. [00:45] Geese Húzi says, "Of keeping peace."
  326. [00:45] Chi Ciao asks, "Are you?"
  327. [00:45] Geese Húzi asks, "Nerzan you've encountered her in the past, haven't you?"
  328. [00:45] Nerzan says, "Yes, twice."
  329. [00:45] Saturno speaks in a slow, husky tone. Seems incredibly agitated as he does so. "Geese is... advocating against... Storming into enemy territory, Taka."
  330. (Saturno Petramurum)
  331. [00:45] Nerzan says, "Both times she attacked me and was captured."
  332. [00:45] Chi Ciao says, "You consort with demons, condone them to live and lead a foreign city, near our lands"
  333. [00:46] Geese Húzi says, "She's not fond of you either, which is why she doesn't want to go with you."
  334. [00:46] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Geese. You are dealing with demons, necromancers, and sin mages.. That is not a way to keep peace."
  335. [00:46] Nerzan says, "Both times I tried to feed her, care for her, treat her wou-.."
  336. [00:46] Geese Húzi asks, "When I convinced the Necromancers to stop the art and redeem themselves? Rather than your plan of giving them all a trial they'll be executed for?"
  337. [00:46] Taka Smokes to relive stress
  338. (Taka)
  339. [00:46] Arielle blinks, just... watching.
  340. (Arielle)
  341. [00:46] Geese Húzi says, "Her words, Nerzan."
  342. [00:47] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I plan to seal their necromancy. After that they can be tried. Not more. Not less."
  343. [00:47] Geese Húzi says, "More force."
  344. [00:47] Elizabeth Sharp says, "You gave them a deal that said their undead could remain alive."
  345. [00:47] Chi Ciao says, "Undead are blatantly against even your native land, Geese."
  346. [00:47] Geese Húzi asks, "Would you like to become a murderer, Elizabeth? And kill each and every one of them?"
  347. [00:47] Geese Húzi says, "Ah the damage is done."
  348. [00:47] Saturno Petramurum says, "If we stick to... purism... peace will never be attained..."
  349. [00:47] Elizabeth Sharp says, "It isn't a 'the damage is already done' situation. Those undead cause damage for as long as they exist."
  350. [00:47] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "The undead continue to damage the world."
  351. [00:47] Chi Ciao says, "That mentality is a farce, used by charlatains."
  352. [00:48] Chi Ciao says, "You should have gone to sheng with Chizue."
  353. [00:48] Geese Húzi says, "You seek to force everyone into these situations. You have ways of "fixing" it all but no one will agree. IT's never worked in Ardent's history."
  354. [00:48] Taka says, "Chi"
  355. [00:48] Chi Ciao says, "Because you've been honestly nothing but a disappointment."
  356. [00:48] Taka says, "Watch it"
  357. [00:48] Mitra Vindict says, "I fear the peanut gallery is making this more awkward and difficult than it has to be."
  358. [00:48] Nerzan says, "Chi..."
  359. [00:48] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "It has worked in Jianghese history."
  360. [00:48] Taka says, "What your mouth."
  361. [00:48] Nerzan says, "We're trying to remain civil here."
  362. [00:48] Nerzan says, "Please."
  363. [00:48] Geese Húzi says, "In this colony? No."
  364. [00:48] Nerzan says, "There's no need for this."
  365. [00:49] Geese Húzi says, "Forcing them does ntohing."
  366. [00:49] Chi Ciao whispers: Nerzan, I've tolerated Geese in respect for Chizue, her decision to have him.
  367. [00:49] Chi Ciao whispers: As her second.
  368. [00:49] Saturno Petramurum says, "Mind your... words... Mr. Geese has... brought us the longest period... of peace Ardent's ever known..."
  369. [00:49] Taka says, "You remember to show respect to the higher commander."
  370. [00:49] Taka asks, "Got it?"
  371. [00:49] Chi Ciao says, "Peace, in tarnishment of more than just Sheng's ideals. <*looks towards Cassius*>"
  372. [00:49] Cassius Hallow says, "Sealing these people by force will cuase nothing but resentment. It is not a true rehabilitation."
  373. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "We aren't Sheng anymore, Chi."
  374. [00:50] Liu scowls, ignored. She tucks her hands, and the parchment, back into her kimono and rests her walking stick against the crook of her arm.
  375. (Liu Shunjiao)
  376. [00:50] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "It is preventing chaos."
  377. [00:50] Nerzan says, "It's not by force."
  378. [00:50] Nerzan says, "It was never by force."
  379. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "By all means it is."
  380. [00:50] Saturno Petramurum says, "Ardent is an independant state."
  381. [00:50] Nerzan says, "Every single person that has wanted to redeem themselves, truly and sincerely, has done it."
  382. [00:50] Cassius Hallow asks, "Capturing and dragging them into a prison cell isn't force?"
  383. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "Yet we have Amoxtli who promised me to attempt to be cleansed."
  384. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "Yet you all deny it."
  385. [00:50] Nerzan says, "And she will. I hope she does."
  386. [00:50] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "When I asked her, she said she refused."
  387. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "Not to me, no."
  388. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "She refused to you."
  389. [00:50] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "She will only speak to Suha."
  390. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "She is friends with Lady Suha."
  391. [00:50] Saturno Petramurum says, "Ikkaku. You know why... she refused to... you."
  392. [00:50] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "That was her wording."
  393. [00:50] Nerzan says, "But refusing aid because of the person who's treating you seems more like stalling the process rather than wanting it."
  394. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "Exactly, and I was having her see Amoxtli."
  395. [00:50] Chi Ciao says, "Sin magi, those who do not seek cleansing will meander the intent of conversations to avoid it."
  396. [00:50] Geese Húzi says, "She seeks cleansing, Chi."
  397. [00:51] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "She does not."
  398. [00:51] Chi Ciao says, "Then why did she not come back of her own power? "
  399. [00:51] Chi Ciao says, "It's a question of common sense."
  400. [00:51] Geese Húzi says, "Her history, Chi. If you knew what she's been through you'd understand."
  401. [00:51] Geese Húzi says, "Of how much she's suffered and lost. The same events that brought her to the points."
  402. [00:51] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  403. [00:51] Nerzan says, "She has been through much pain, that much is true."
  404. [00:52] Taka Hairs growing more gray in them
  405. (Taka)
  406. [00:52] Chi Ciao asks, "Haven't many of us?"
  407. [00:52] * You have been awarded 1 Roleplay Points! *
  408. [00:52] Geese Húzi says, "Of course."
  409. [00:52] Nerzan says, "Yes, but each individual copes with grief differently."
  410. [00:52] Arielle whispers something.
  411. [00:52] Chi Ciao says, "Those many haven't fallen to sin, or chaos, o rnecromancy, and yes, I am coverring the broad expanse."
  412. [00:52] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  413. [00:52] Arielle whispers something.
  414. [00:52] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "Geese, I'd like for you to elaborate on the report you filed on Demetrius and Askiladd. What does 'dealt with' mean, and why are you hiding the details of what happened with them?"
  415. [00:52] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "What did happen with them?"
  416. [00:53] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "He set them free."
  417. [00:53] Taka asks, "Wait was Awa released?"
  418. [00:53] Nerzan says, "Askiladd's release was my doing, miss Elizabeth."
  419. [00:53] Nerzan says, "Not sir Geese."
  420. [00:53] Geese Húzi says, "Demetrius was released due to me formally dropping the charge of Treason given it doesn't fit for him."
  421. [00:53] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  422. [00:53] Geese Húzi says, "Along with a trade of our own prisoners from Gaiar among further dealings."
  423. [00:53] Nerzan says, "I pushed for his release because he took an Oath to never harm another person of Ardent."
  424. [00:53] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "Why wasn't this in the report?"
  425. [00:53] Arielle tenses at the mention of Askiladd. Her gaze befalls Elizabeth, vehement in its anger.
  426. (Arielle)
  427. [00:53]
  428. "Well, well, well.."
  430. If there was one thing that he had liked about this entire scene- it was that he was amused by the not-so-sublte shots of Chi Ciao and the sudden desire for Ardent to take the offensive against those that were not only undead, but sins, necromancers, and most importantly, demons. And to be completely honest, he was completely for the destruction of demons in particular- However, if they were going to do politics in this manner, then it would be best for them to hang themselves now.
  432. "I'm not sure what the lot of you planned on doing by revealing this to the public. This arguing- this needless bickering only shows one thing." He murmurs, his head shaking from left to right. "Ardent is split. And these conflicting views are only going to make matters worse." He murmurs, bowing his head slightly.
  434. "I believe that it would be in all of your best bets to simply take this back inside- to avoid snide comments, to stay on topic, and most importantly, to work together as one unit." He murmurs. "Remember your position. And please remember how the last battle went when the Coaltion and Aethierus sided with one another." he adds, nodding briefly.
  436. "I think this was a terrible idea. And that as leaders, you all shouldn't air things out like this to the public- when first reactions are often 'knee-jerk'." He adds.
  438. "This conversation seems to be going in circles."
  439. (Soliael Huitzilopochtli)
  440. [00:54] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "This is almost...pointless bickering."
  441. [00:54] Geese Húzi says, "Truly."
  442. [00:54] Nerzan says, "Yeah..."
  443. [00:54] Taka Tosses kid to building
  444. (Taka)
  445. [00:55] Jago is 27...
  446. (Jago)
  447. [00:55] Nerzan says, "Well, let's head inside I suppose."
  448. [00:55] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Actions do speak louder then words. Geese."
  449. [00:55] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "You should annouce the election now, if you intend to hold it."
  450. [00:55] Saturno Petramurum says, "..."
  451. [00:55] Chi Ciao says, "I second that."
  452. [00:55] Cassius Hallow says, "I would find it pragmatic, Geese."
  453. [00:56] Geese Húzi says, "I said at years end, and you sort of started all of this before I could."
  454. [00:56] Chi Ciao asks, "At years end?"
  455. [00:56] Chi Ciao says, "The year just started."
  456. [00:56] Geese Húzi says, "Today, yes."
  457. [00:56] Chi Ciao says, "Ah. . ."
  458. [00:56] Jago says, "Ya-You wa-wouldn't win an-any way l-l-loud mouth hoe."
  459. [00:56] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Make a speech now then and annouce if you are running."
  460. [00:56] Chi Ciao asks, "Then where will the polls be held?"
  461. [00:56] Arielle says, "What a woeful attempt to seize power..."
  462. [00:56] Chi Ciao says, "Sieze power? No."
  463. [00:56] Arielle whispers something.
  464. [00:56] Soliael Huitzilopochtli asks, "...Truly sad, yes, Arielle?"
  465. [00:56] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "< *His hand bats at the air, terribly amused* >"
  466. [00:56] Arielle nods her affirmation, almost bemused.
  467. (Arielle)
  468. [00:56] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "How quaint."
  469. [00:56] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  470. [00:56] Arielle says, "Quite."
  471. [00:56] Amane would nod as well, eyebrow twitching.
  472. (Amane Faoleng)
  473. [00:56] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "< *Saunters to her side~* >"
  474. [00:56] A shiver goes down Saturno's spine, he turns around.
  476. "H-hello miss..." He stops and wheezes. "Chancellor."
  477. (Saturno Petramurum)
  478. [00:56] Geese Húzi says, "Ah, fine. An election will be held soon."
  479. [00:57] Taka says, "Ahh Sumire good to see you."
  480. [00:57] Taka says, "Been a while."
  481. [00:57] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  482. [00:57] Sumire bows ever so slightly to Saturno. She seems to remember this is the guy she evicted. Ha haaaa whoops.
  483. (Sumire Ikeda)
  484. [00:57] Amane would squint at Arielle now.
  485. (Amane Faoleng)
  486. [00:57] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  487. [00:57] Arielle whispers something.
  488. [00:57] Soliael Huitzilopochtli whispers something.
  489. [00:58] Sumire Ikeda asks, "Ah... Taka, was it?"
  490. [00:58] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  491. [00:58] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "< *He simply raises the back of his hand to his lips, he stifles a laugh* > "
  492. [00:58] Chi Ciao asks, "Excellent, do you intend to run or will you leave it to others of Ardent?"
  493. [00:58] Liu stands next to Chancellor Sumire, offering her a low, silent bow at the waist with hands tucked into her kimono sleeves.
  494. (Liu Shunjiao)
  495. [00:58] Arielle quirks a brow, casting her glance to Amane...
  496. (Arielle)
  497. [00:58] Chi Ciao says, "That was the other half of Ikkaku's question."
  498. [00:58] Geese Húzi says, "Depends on who enters."
  499. [00:58] Arielle says, "Geese will run."
  500. [00:58] Arielle says, "Little Mame with back him."
  501. [00:58] Geese Húzi says, "If there's someone I feel safe with winning I'll stay out."
  502. [00:58] Chi Ciao asks, "Little mame, are you not independant of Ardent?"
  503. [00:59] Geese Húzi says, "If not, well I don't want an election to go uncontested."
  504. [00:59] Arielle says, "Some of us. Others reside here."
  505. [00:59] Taka says, "Indeed."
  506. [00:59] Sumire Ikeda asks, "...Have the laws changed so much that he can even run?"
  507. [00:59] Chi Ciao says, "those that reside here are fine, the others should not vote- apparently we're no longer of Sheng."
  508. [00:59] Taka says, "We havent seen each other for years."
  509. [00:59] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I believe those who have been Ardent citizens for a year or more should be allowed to run. Maybe two."
  510. [00:59] Geese Húzi says, "We're no longer a colony of Sheng. Such a law is unfair to all of those born on Agartha."
  511. [00:59] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  512. [01:00] Chi Ciao says, "I was born on Agartha."
  513. [01:00] Chi Ciao says, "I count still."
  514. [01:00] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "Please."
  515. [01:00] Geese Húzi says, "Yes, you do."
  516. [01:00] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "Arielle? I've a question."
  517. [01:00] Arielle asks, "Mm?"
  518. [01:00] Chi Ciao says, "Anyone of foreign descendance that was born in ardent or one of its territories also count. even if nto concieved there in."
  519. [01:00] Jago whispers something.
  520. [01:00] Geese Húzi whispers something.
  521. [01:01] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "It would be right to allow anyone to run. The people of Ardent will decide their leader. Why have all of these stipulations?"
  522. [01:01] Cassius Hallow whispers something.
  523. [01:01] Jago whispers something.
  524. [01:01] Geese Húzi says, "I agree with Elizabeth."
  525. [01:01] Amane Faoleng says, "I agree with Elizabeth."
  526. [01:01] Jago says, "I don't."
  527. [01:01] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  528. [01:01] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "That is fair to me."
  529. [01:01] Saturno Petramurum says, "I... agree."
  530. [01:01] Jago says, "Eye matr too."
  531. [01:01] Sumire Ikeda says, "I would say you forget your culture, yet... Ardent Cliff is a cultureless land regardless."
  532. [01:02] Sumire Ikeda asks, "Will our Commander be running?"
  533. [01:02] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "I will."
  534. [01:02] Saturno Petramurum says, "Ikkaku..."
  535. [01:02] Sumire Ikeda says, "Then I shall not."
  536. [01:02] Arielle whispers something.
  537. [01:02] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  538. [01:02] Chi Ciao says, "My vote is with the commander."
  539. [01:02] Arielle whispers something.
  540. [01:02] Chi Ciao says, "I will say outright."
  541. [01:02] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "You don't wish to run Lady Sumire?.."
  542. [01:02] Sumire Ikeda says, "As is mine."
  543. [01:02] Saturno Petramurum says, "Mine is... not."
  544. [01:02] Sumire Ikeda says, "The Chancellor of the Illuminated endorses our Commander."
  545. [01:02] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "Mmn. "
  546. [01:03] Nerzan nods.
  547. (Nerzan)
  548. [01:03] Elizabeth Sharp asks, "And if this is going to be done the right way, is there even anyone unbiased to count the polls?"
  549. [01:03] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  550. [01:03] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "And what if he isn't in it? < *To Arielle since he can't whisper* > "
  551. [01:03] Nerzan says, "Yes there is."
  552. [01:03] Geese Húzi says, "Yes, it's called google forms."
  553. [01:03] Nerzan says, "Girth fucking shrrooooooooooooom!!!OOOOOOOM"
  554. [01:03] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  555. [01:03] Arielle says, "We would, of course, be happy to mediate."
  556. [01:03] Elizabeth Sharp says, "No."
  557. [01:03] Elizabeth Sharp says, "You're clearly biased towards Geese."
  558. [01:03] Elizabeth Sharp says, "You said it yourself."
  559. [01:03] Geese Húzi says, "Think she has a point."
  560. [01:03] Arielle says, "I am also unable to vote."
  561. [01:03] Chi Ciao says, "Well, I suppose I know of some one, if she would be inclined to handle it."
  562. [01:04] Soliael Huitzilopochtli says, "It's because you're a woman."
  563. [01:04] Chi gives a nod towards the red head priestess of the illuminated
  564. (Chi Ciao)
  565. [01:04] Geese Húzi says, "Honestly, Taka."
  566. [01:04] Taka says, "Honestly not to doubt you kids."
  567. [01:04] Mitra Vindict says, "Biased towards Geesetice, maybe."
  568. [01:04] Amane Faoleng says, "I think it'll be pretty hard to find an unbiased party on Agartha."
  569. [01:04] Taka says, "You are not ready Chi or Arille."
  570. [01:04] Nerzan says, "Girth Shroom and Strilkin Durgit will mediate."
  571. [01:04] Geese Húzi asks, "Taka could you mediate the election?"
  572. [01:04] Arielle says, "Don't presume to speak on my behalf, Taka. You're sweet, but haven't nearly earned the right."
  573. [01:04] Chi Ciao says, "I'm also too young for traditional election rules, at twenty three."
  574. [01:04] Saturno Petramurum says, "People running a church... speaking of bias... interesting."
  575. [01:05] Liu just looks slightly bemused at the whole proceedings, resting her weight on her walking stick. She offers a return nod to Chi Ciao.
  576. (Liu Shunjiao)
  577. [01:05] Elizabeth Sharp says, "I am biased."
  578. [01:05] Arielle scoffs.
  579. (Arielle)
  580. [01:05] Ikkaku Ukitake says, "Taka or Liu seem like they could make it unbiased."
  581. [01:05] Elizabeth Sharp says, "I never said I wasn't biased."
  582. [01:05] Chi Ciao says, "Then again, after Ren Tseng's election into power we sort of threw that out of the window."
  583. [01:05] Taka says, "I pick Liu."
  584. [01:05] Taka says, "To take care of such."
  585. [01:05] Taka says, "She is right for it."
  586. [01:05] Cassius Hallow says, "Aye."
  587. [01:05] Cassius Hallow says, "I can agree to that."
  588. [01:05] Saturno Petramurum says, "Then perhaps... it's not... enough reason to... dismerit speech."
  589. [01:05] Chi Ciao asks, "Would you accept this honor ma'am?"
  590. [01:08] Amane Faoleng whispers something.
  591. [01:08]
  592. Newly borned as a new addition to the ardent tribe, Crossfire, the noble and anxious young man hopes for a wondrous adventure into the badlands and hoping to spread peace, n salvation the way he see fit even if it means killing half of the population. He wants to fulfil his fathers duty and bring mercy and help the world to flourish again for the further generations.
  593. (Crossfire)
  594. [01:08] Mitra Vindict whispers something.
  595. [01:08] Arielle whispers something.
  596. [01:08] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  597. [01:08] Taka whispers something.
  598. [01:09] Taka whispers something.
  599. [01:09] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  600. [01:09] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  601. [01:11] Cassius puts on a hat. How snazzy.
  602. (Cassius Hallow)
  603. [01:11] Sumire glances at Cassius and acknowledges his enlightenment.
  604. (Sumire Ikeda)
  605. [01:12] Saturno respects Cassius' taste on headwear.
  606. (Saturno Petramurum)
  607. [01:14] Liu nods earnestly in reply to Chi Ciao- seems she doesn't mind doing some secretarial work for the election.
  609. And it's not as if she can spoil the results by talking to people about it or anything. No doubt Liu's sense of fairness is well engrained in Ardent's history by now. Probably.
  610. (Liu Shunjiao)
  611. [01:17] Arielle whispers something.
  612. [01:17] Arielle whispers something.
  613. [01:18] Arthur Paige asks, "Is there something important happening?"
  614. [01:19] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  615. [01:19] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  616. [01:19] Faust Di Maria whispers something.
  617. [01:20] Atarashi Ikikata whispers something.
  618. [01:20] Faust Di Maria whispers something.
  619. [01:20] Sumire bows to the assembled group and takes her leave.
  620. (Sumire Ikeda)
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