Twilight of the Abyss, Session 8

May 14th, 2018
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  2. <DM> *Midna also wants you to find the other half of the Fused Shadow, or Zant, or drag both of them to the Twilight Palace. In your rest, you end up hitting up Medlora in the library, and asking her some questions. In doing so, you noticed she was reading a book in Ancient Hylian, which none of you can read. Using shenanigans thanks to all the books having magnets in them, you managed to stealth-steal the book, and then ran to Zuph's shop, where you proceeded to enjoy shopping and a loading screen.*
  3. * Corsava has picked out a rather nice mask, a night light to go with it, and has enchanted her shield
  5. * Kirran yoinks the book back from Dex while he's not paying attention.
  6. <Kirran> As well as Raine
  7. <DM> [Raine]: Hooray!
  8. <DM> *Dex's frozen glitched-out Bethesda corpse does not respond to your theft.
  9. <DM> *You find yourselves in Zuph's shop, shopping away at awesome Twilight gear, as well as potentially the Global Shop.
  10. <DM> *Nearby, there's some bright blue light coming from hot blue fires in a nearby furnace, along with an assortment of half-finished gear, covered in some greenish blue... goop.
  11. <DM> *As far as you can tell, the goop molds around the gear, but you're not sure what it is. At least it doesn't get everywhere like sand, and it's not course and rough either.
  12. <Kirran> o_0
  13. * Darte eyes the glitch-lizard. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary there.
  14. <Corsava> I sure can't tell a difference.
  15. * Hal looks puzzled at the goop.
  16. <DM> *Also, bouncing around the shop is Zuph, a Twili in imp form wearing a really shiny golden armor. He seems to be teleporting around at will, a quick flash of golden light each time he does.
  17. <Corsava> Do you uh...think that's healthy?
  18. <Kirran> (DM, Can you remind us again what we know about the light spirits?)
  19. <DM> *I'd just like to remind you, for no reason at all, that the Light Spirit at the start of the quest did request you guys to find some really shiny Golden Artifacts and bring them back to the Light Spirits.
  20. <DM> *Something to do with empowerment.
  21. <DM> [Zuph]: Mmhmm, mmhmm, finding eeeeeeverything you all need, yes yes? Quite the assortment of items, I have here, yes I do!
  22. <DM> *He is speaking really fast. You can barely keep up with it.
  23. <Corsava> "It's all so pretty and shiny!"
  24. <DM> *You met Faron earlier.
  25. <DM> *You don't actually know which Light Warrior that Faron was paired with, come to think of it.
  26. * Kirran wanders off while the party is busy to go talk to Faron some more.
  27. <DM> *Kirran, you go to jail, whoo!*
  28. * Corsava follows Kirran, observing the "buddy system"
  29. <DM> *Corsava and Kirran, you two instigate a party split- got dangit.
  30. <DM> *god dangit
  31. <Kirran> Napa
  32. * Hal follows too.
  33. <Darte> (The hip new calcium-free ad campaign.)
  34. * Darte follows Kirran.
  35. <DM> *Okay, after shopping at Zuph's, you head to the prison. Though, on the way, in the elevator, while you're waiting on the party to assemble (and by that, I mean each of you are interrupting each other's party split by rejoining the party)...
  36. * Corsava looks around and peeps through windows with her Lens of the Voyeur
  37. <DM> *Your good old friend the Communication Stone pops up on the side!
  38. * Kirran keeps pressing the damn button, wondering who else is getting on before it heads downwards.
  39. <Kirran> Baegba, you here too?
  40. * Corsava waves "Hi, Dwayne"
  41. <Kirran> Maybe Shady?
  42. <Kirran> Bloodwind perhaps
  43. <Hal> Zant?
  44. <Kirran> -_-
  45. <DM> *The button finally answers, and it starts going down the elevator shaft, ignoring its elevator shaft safety regulations.
  46. <DM> [Stone]: Well well well, I hear you folks got a- who's Zant?
  47. <Darte> But can it ignore the elevator shaft safety dance?
  48. <Corsava> "What's a zant?"
  49. <Corsava> "Is it like an ant?
  50. <DM> [Stone]: ...... I don't even know why I put up with you idiots. In fact, how did you even get a Twilight Mirror Fragment?
  51. <Corsava> "But z-ier?"
  52. <Kirran> The answer to that questions is: explosions.
  53. <DM> [Stone]: Oh, that's what that sound was...
  54. <Kirran> And the terrifying face of madness.
  55. <Corsava> "Oh, we got it by kick-starting the nuclear arms race"
  56. <DM> [Stone]: Nuclear what race?
  57. * Darte points at his left arm.
  58. <DM> *The elevator hits the bottom, gives you a DING, and the doors open.
  59. * Kirran piles out and hits the up button before anyone can get off
  60. <DM> *The Blast Mask has begun reforming in your bag, but it looks like it'll be some time before it fully reforms.
  61. <DM> *Kirran, outroll Courage to successfully party split from your party.
  62. * Corsava walks through because elevator doors that are built to code will not close that way
  63. <DM> *Anyone that wishes to escape, roll Courage against Kirran.
  64. <Kirran> $40d10
  65. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 2, 4, 2, 1, 3, 9, 6, 7, 9, 2, 9, 8, 9, 7, 3, 3, 10, 7, 10, 10, 2, 9, 7, 7, 7, 3, 7, 9, 10, 1, 8, 1, 4, 10, 2, 7, 8, 7 and 4. Total: 244. Successes: 31.
  66. * Hal attempts to escape
  67. <Darte>
  68. <Kefka> YouTube: [日常]Nichijou's Selamat tinggal[Seramat tinggaru] - Views: 65,436 - Length: 22 - Uploaded: 2011-05-15 - User: MoeKazuhirou - Likes: 270 - Dislikes: 4
  69. <Hal> $17d10
  70. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 17 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 9, 2, 4, 7, 8, 6, 10, 8, 3, 9, 7, 4, 8, 4, 1 and 4. Total: 101. Successes: 11.
  71. <Corsava> $15d10
  72. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 15 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 8, 2, 7, 8, 10, 7, 2, 9, 9, 8, 7, 6, 1 and 3. Total: 94. Successes: 12.
  73. <Darte> $34d10
  74. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 34 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 2, 6, 1, 10, 2, 10, 8, 4, 9, 5, 8, 6, 8, 8, 9, 4, 6, 1, 10, 3, 10, 7, 5, 9, 6, 2, 6, 1, 3, 8, 5, 4 and 3. Total: 193. Successes: 25.
  75. <DM> *The rest of you are counterattacked by the door, getting stuck in the elevator.
  76. <Corsava> "Well, the bad news is that Twili elevators are not built to code."
  77. <DM> *Kirran, upon dropping into the prison, you see the light of Faron off to the side, still stuck inside its glass prison.
  78. * Kirran action rolls away down the hall
  79. <Kirran> the Metal Gear success jingle following him
  80. * Darte hammers the button to go back down.
  81. <Corsava> "Wait, a minute, do I actually care?"
  82. <DM> *The light monkey looks at you, dispirited- I'm sorry, it's uhh...... weakened, its light is faltering slightly.
  83. * Corsava pauses to consider her investment in figuring out what Kirran is up to.
  84. <DM> [Faron]: What... are you doing... back here?
  85. <DM> *Darte, the elevator kindly goes back up, hits the top, the door opens...... then slowly closes, then the elevator dings, and starts descending once more.
  86. <Kirran> I came to ask you about what happened to the other spirits. One of the Twili hinted that something happened to Lanryu
  87. <Hal> Looks like we should head back to Zuph's. Whatever Kirran doing... it appears he wants to do it in privacy.
  88. <Darte> "I'm testing this new toy out on that shadow-headed idiot when we reach the bottom."
  89. <DM> [Faron]: Uhh... could you... elaborate?
  90. <DM> *Reminder: <DM> [Medlora]: Well, Faron's in the prison down there. And Ordana's at the Sol Fountain. Umm.... Lanayru, that one's... sorry, don't know.
  91. <DM> <Dex> Ah pay no mind to that crow eater. She'll be all right no worries.
  92. * Corsava gasps in shock as the glitchzard speaks
  93. * Corsava tries to catch MissingDex
  94. <DM> *Roll nothing against nothing. Oh wait, you can't. You explode inwards momentarily as reality spits you back out, not wanting your bullcrap.
  95. <DM> [Faron]: I... feel Lanayru's presence. It's... here, close to here. I don't... know where.
  96. <DM> [Faron]: Ordona... I was not aware of that. Ordona has been far, far away this whole time. I was always unable to feel Ordona's presence.
  97. <DM> *Oops, DM reminder speak leaked into Faron's knowledgebase.
  98. <DM> *Darte, the elevator comes back to the bottom, and the doors open back up.
  99. * Darte stomps out, searching for the wayward child.
  100. <DM> [Stone]: Why is the elevator dinging multiple times-
  101. <DM> *The Communication Stone suddenly vibrates.
  102. <Kirran> I guess I can go check the fountain then. Still, I wanted to reassure you that we're still on the trail.
  103. <DM> [Stone]: Hang on, getting a communication, I'll be back.
  104. * Corsava sets the glitchzard on the stone
  105. <Darte> (Set a ringtone.)
  106. <Kirran> I'm sorry it's taking so long. Gaining diplomatic trust has been...difficult. Also explodey.
  107. <DM> *The Stone descends back into the ground, with the glitchzard latched onto it at the end. Missing Dex officially adds to the Pokedex, thus evolving the Pokedex into the legendary Poke Dex.
  108. <DM> [Faron]: Then, you have allied with the Twili? To some extent?
  109. <Hal> (Dex is SO going to get Super Poke after this)
  110. * Corsava cheers and rushes to go turn in my Legendary Poke Dex to the professor
  111. <DM> *Corsava, you slam into the fourth wall and your body is now stuck to the ceiling of elevator.
  112. <Kirran> Insofar as a mutual need to resolve this situation benefits us all, yes.
  113. <DM> [Faron]: Have you found any of the Golden Artifacts yet? If you do, I will be able to impart some of my power into one of you.
  114. <Kirran> Hyrule isn't in great shape right now either. We need each other.
  115. <Kirran> Well, we found one. But a twitchy Twili has it and is having far too much fun teleporting around at mach 10
  116. <Hal> (Nintendo canon is probably seperate from Pokemon. But probably everything else is in a universe. I bet Fire Emblem and Zelda occur during the same time period)
  117. <DM> *Darte, you see Kirran chatting it up with Super Light Monkey Spirit Faron.
  118. <DM> [Faron]: Hmm... is this one... friendly? Perhaps... you don't need to acquire it, just... bring that one down here.
  119. <Kirran> I mean, I can try. Challenge him to a teleport race or something like that.
  120. * Darte stalks to him, fuming a bit.
  121. <DM> [Faron]: Is something... the matter.. Zora?
  122. * Hal goes on autofollow mode. (Back 15-20 minutes)
  123. <DM> *The stone pops up next to you.
  124. * Darte jerks a thumb at Kirran. "Just someone being a pest. Who's this, then?"
  125. * Corsava goes off to see the lizard, the wonderful lizard of glitch
  126. <DM> [Stone]: Need someone down here?
  127. <Kirran> Yeah, Zuph
  128. <DM> *Corsava, you find yourself next to the party, and see Glitchzard on top of the Stone.
  129. <DM> [Stone]: On it.
  130. <DM> *You hear some phone ringing sounds from the Communication Stone.
  131. <Kirran> Someone gonna get that?
  132. * Corsava picks up the glitchard's hand like a phone "Hello?"
  133. <DM> *You hear some static, followed by Bethesda's customer service desk, which is just the blue screen of death on repeat.
  134. <DM> *A moment later, there's a flash of golden light, then Zuph warps in next to you folks.
  135. * Corsava hangs up the phone
  136. <DM> [Zuph]: This better not be some prank trying to lock me in the prison while someone steals from my shop. I'd be very impressed- I mean... annoyed.
  137. <Corsava> "They wouldn't refund my copy of grand theft shootmans 3"
  138. <Darte> Don't worry, the local thief is currently glitching more than usual.
  139. <Kirran> Normally, yes. But our resident sticky fingers is kinda out of commision at the moment, so no.
  140. <Darte> (welp)
  141. <Corsava> "What? Would that work?"
  142. <DM> [Faron]: That... is the Golden Armor, once worn by Taru of the Zora Tribe. I see you're not quite using it to its intended effect...
  143. <DM> [Zuph]: Why of course it would! I mean, I'd catch you blue-handed and place some goop on you and watch you melt, but yes, it would!
  144. <DM> [Zuph]: Because I thought of it!
  145. <DM> *He turns towards Faron.
  146. <DM> [Zuph]: And you, blundering doofus, what do you mean I'm not using this thing to the fullest extent of its abilities? I have researched and tested it thoroughly and have maximized its potential.
  147. <Corsava> "I mean, fair point. Walking is for scrubs when you can do that...
  148. <DM> [Zuph]: I am the embodiment of perfection incarnate through all mechanical means of engineering!
  149. <DM> [Zuph]: Indeed it is! ..... what's a scrub?
  150. <Darte> (Oh no he's Jeff Goldblum)
  151. <Corsava> Zuph...I think I love you.
  152. <DM> [Zuph]: Thanks! I love me too!
  153. <Kirran> Can you make a vacuum cleaner?
  154. <DM> [Faron]: Perhaps... could I... borrow your armor? Just... to restore myself.
  155. <DM> [Zuph]: A whatuum whater?
  156. <DM> [Zuph]: What? No, don't you borrow my armor, you couldn't even wear it if you scrunched your big scrawny self into a vacuum cleaner! ..... what's a vacuum cleaner?
  157. <DM> [Zuph]: What did you folks call me down here for anyways?
  158. <Corsava> "They want to buy your armor."
  159. <DM> *He looks around at you all, his googly eyes almost squinting at you, before bouncing around once more.
  160. <DM> [Zuph]: Buy my armor?! Are you.......... GENIUSES?
  161. <Corsava> "It's not very valuable, and we have much rarer, more powerful relics."
  162. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm...... HMMMMMM......... I'd...... hmm....... consider it...... possibly.........
  163. <Kirran> I mean, did you SEE the snouth I put the sword in that we brought back.
  164. <Kirran> ?
  165. <Darte> ('The Sword in the Snouth' - coming to theaters 2019)
  166. <Darte> (Rated X for Sexually Explicit Content)
  167. <DM> [Zuph]: Tell you what. I'll let you buy it.... if you help me acquire some special crystals from an Interloper infested area, and then also give me something I can use to teleport around still.
  168. <Corsava> "...this is your way of cleaning up a mistake that was made long ago, isn't it?"
  169. <Kirran> Um. We can help you with the first one, but the second might take some mechanical genius.
  170. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm..... maybe. Though, the crystals alone would be..... difficult.
  171. <Corsava> "What about this....telescope? You can use it to see everything that goes on in the distance, and even why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch."
  172. <Kirran> Difficult is what we always do. We're already on a fetch quest for Midna involving great peril. What's a little more, after all?
  173. <DM> [Zuph]: Fascinating. Perhaps, with that telescope. Crystals first though.
  174. <Hal> (back)
  175. <DM> [Zuph]: Those special crystals, if I could just harness them, I could use them to produce an aura for us Twili, and perhaps you too, yes indeed, that would protect you from the transfiguration effects of the Interloper's main base. We've never been able to attack it because of some powerful magic that transforms anyone that enters into a helpless animal.
  176. * Kirran rummages around and pulls out the glass golem shard he's had for ages and never done anything with.
  177. <DM> [Zuph]: That, and the place always moves around. We don't actually know quite where it is now...
  178. <Corsava> "Oh, neat. That sounds useful."
  179. <Kirran> Would this do anything for you?
  180. <DM> *He inspects it, eyeing it carefully.
  181. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, hmm.... perhaps.... with this armor's light, if I could just amplify it, yes, hmm....
  182. <Darte> ... That sounds like a pretty good deal for u-- for the cause.
  183. * Hal earperks at the thought of immunity to transfiguration effects.
  184. <DM> *Faron extends its monkey tail in the direction of Zuph.
  185. <DM> [Faron]: Allow me, then, to amplify its light. If you could, perhaps, teleport in here for just a moment. I won't escape.
  186. <DM> *Zuph eyes Faron with his googly eyes, peering closer and closer.
  187. <Corsava> "Uh...wait, I thought we were buying the armor."
  188. <DM> [Zuph]: ...... why should I trust a prisoner?
  189. <DM> *You might still be able to buy the armor. In time.
  190. <DM> [Faron]: Because uhh....
  191. * Kirran shushs Corsava.
  192. <DM> *Faron ends up silent, unable to thunk of an answer.
  193. <DM> [Raine]: Ooh, I could amplify your armor's light, yeah, totally, I'm a safe source of light! If you don't mind a bit of blood in there, eheheheheh.
  194. <DM> *Suddenly, Raine.
  195. <Kirran> Look at him Zuph. He's faded considerably. Even refreshed, I doubt he'd have the power to bend a spoon, much less those bards.
  196. * Kirran whispers to Faron "I'm trusting you here"
  197. <Kirran> bars*
  198. <DM> *Oh, I thought you were calling your party a bunch of bards.
  199. <Corsava> "Hi, Raine."
  200. <DM> [Raine]: Hi there, creepy Gerudo lady!
  201. <Kirran> *Well, we do all play music*
  202. <DM> [Raine]: I recall when we were talking to Medlora, she called you hot, Corsava!
  203. <Hal> Needs more blood, gore and death Raine.
  204. <Corsava> "Yeah?" *blushes* "Maybe I should go talk to Medlora?"
  205. <DM> [Zuph]: Very vell, I shall trust ye.... if nothing else, because your gauntlets make you look strong like my sister, and strong people are always trustworthy, yes yes!
  206. * Kirran facepalms
  207. <DM> [Raine]: Mmhmm, why not?
  208. * Corsava Can you lead me there?
  209. <DM> *Zuph blinks out of existence, then appears inside of the prison.
  210. * Corsava goes to the library
  211. <DM> *Corsava party splits to the library!
  212. <DM> [Raine]: Buh-byyeee!
  213. * Hal does not want to return to the library so soon, after the shenanigans Dex made...
  214. <DM> *You all watch as the entire being of Faron sucks itself into the Golden Armor. A moment later, it shines brilliantly, blinding you all with golden glitter. The spirit shoots itself out of the armor, reconstituting itself with nearly the same brightness.
  215. <DM> *Zuph then teleports back next to you.
  216. <DM> [Zuph]: Interest. Quite, if I must say so myself.
  217. <DM> [Zuph]: The spirit shared some knowledge with me in my mind. Much to learn about this armor, I do...
  218. <DM> *Faron then turns to you folks.
  219. <DM> [Faron]: Ahh, I believe I can impart some power into one of you now. I feel... refreshed. I haven't feel this way in twenty long years.
  220. * Darte ponders. "Pretty sure Mr. Shadowman here would just love some light."
  221. <DM> [Faron]: To one of you, I can grant you the Spirit Affinity, and with it, the power to see the spirits or souls of others.
  222. <DM> [Faron]: Which of you shall I empower?
  223. <Hal> I believe I can do with the Spirit Affinity.
  224. <DM> [Faron]: Are you all fine with that choice?
  225. * Corsava calls in on the Communication stone to vote "yes"
  226. * Kirran shrugs.
  227. <Kirran> Sure, go for it Hal
  228. * Darte shakes his head. "Not something I need to be seein'."
  229. <Kirran> Darte, you practically live there anyways.
  230. * DM high-fives Kirran.
  231. <Hal> If anyone else should get Spirit affinity, Fran should.
  232. * DM high-fives Hal.
  233. <DM> [Faron]: Place your hand on the glass, Hal.
  234. * Darte brushes away a tear. Where'd that come from??
  235. * Hal places his hand on the glass, palm placed flat against the glass.
  236. <DM> *Faron moves its tail to the glass. Hal, you feel some of its memories pass through you, namely when the destruction of the Twilight Realm happened. Its feelings impart a deep sadness inside you, then empowerment.
  237. <DM> *Hal, you've gained the Spirit Affinity!
  238. <DM> *Looking around, if you focus, you can see the souls of your teammates, Zuph, Faron, and even the really chaotic black and blue flames from the Stone- oh wait that don't look natural.
  239. * Hal takes his hand away from the glass and holds up his Cane of Dekri and holds it up, his hand and cane shining in a great rainbow light; relishing in the feeling of having acquired all six affinities!
  240. <DM> *Hal, your fur suddenly goes full rainbow.
  241. <DM> [Stone]: Message for Zuph.
  242. <DM> *Zuph moves himself over to the Stone, touching it and communing telepathically across its network.
  243. <Kirran> (Hal's turned into Super Hal. But he can only maintain that form by consuming rupees.)
  244. <DM> *His googly eyes suddenly stop bouncing around narrowing for a moment.
  245. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm. We... might have a chance.
  246. * Darte wonders if he's got a pot of gold stuck to him now.
  247. * Hal focuses on the Communication soul, curious about these flames from the stone.
  248. <DM> [Zuph]: I've just been informed there's a large attack on the Sol Fountain. We could go and help, but.... no, it's more important that we take this opportunity. That area I spoke of is clear of Interlopers.
  249. <Hal> *Communication stone
  250. <DM> *The flames are gone.
  251. * Darte blinks. "Do you have the defenses to hold the fountain if we take that opportunity?"
  252. <Kirran> Zuph, I was told Ordana, one of the other light spirits, was at that fountain.
  253. <DM> [Zuph]: Would you all like to accompany me on this little venture? With this shard, I'm sure I can do something to mimic the teleportation effects of this armor, so if we manage to get a good haul on the crystals, I'll gladly give you this armor!
  254. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, yes yes, indeed. I'll bounce over there quickly to empower Ordona, then I'll be back. Meet me in front of the Twilight Palace.
  255. <DM> [Zuph]: As long as my sister, Nancora is there, why even with Xanas backing her up, the Sol Fountain shall be fine, yes fine indeed!
  256. * Kirran turns to Faron.
  257. <Kirran> Will you be alright here a little while longer?
  258. <DM> *Faron nods.
  259. * Darte nods. "Right. Guess we gear up for an infiltration. Any idea how long we'll have?"
  260. <DM> [Faron]: Yes. In fact... Zuph, is it? Can you ask them if I can assist at the fountain?
  261. <Kirran> Then we'll try our best to find the others. If we can help the Twili, I think we can find a way to get you all back and help Hyrule beat back the Interlopers.
  262. <DM> *Zuph gives a salute to Faron.
  263. <DM> [Zuph]: Twill do, spirit monkey!
  264. <DM> *Zuph then teleports out.
  265. <Kirran> Guess there's nothing for it then.
  266. * Kirran heads for the front of the palace.
  267. <DM> *By the way, you all have a full restore on hearts/magic.
  268. <DM> *FYI, once you leave the palace, you won't be able to access the shop till you return.
  269. <Kirran> (I have my magical Darte launching gloves, I think I'll be fine.)
  270. <DM> (legit)
  271. <DM> (........ oh. OH.)
  272. <DM> (....... I didn't even think of that)
  273. <DM> (say ready when ready, folks)
  274. <Kirran> ready
  275. <Darte> Roidly
  276. <DM> Corsava, ready?
  277. <Corsava> (I'm not there, but yes?)
  278. <Orithan> $recall
  279. <Hal> Ready
  280. <DM> *Alrighty, fully refreshed, you all meet up (Corsava appears to have a book slap from the library, unbeknownst even to herself) and leave the Twilight Palace, this time with Darte NOT hookshotting himself into a wall across the Gravity Bridge.
  281. <DM> *Zuph appears a moment later, his armor feeling flashier than before.
  282. * Darte is grateful for DM's mercy.
  283. * Corsava Hey, what did I miss?
  284. <DM> [Zuph]: Well then, I believe they're nice and set, Ordona can now let loose two super light blasts, should give the Interlopers a run for their shadows, heheh.
  285. <Corsava> "Medlora really wants her book back, by the way."
  286. * Corsava rubs her book-mark
  287. <DM> [Zuph]: Book? Did you all take a book from Medlora's?
  288. <Kirran> Tell her to take it up with Dex. I don't have any book...
  289. <Kirran> >_>
  290. <Kirran> <_<
  291. <Corsava> " You did?"
  292. <DM> *Zuph eyes Kirran googly-eye'd.
  293. <DM> [Zuph]: What book perchance did you take?
  294. * Darte shrugs. "I don't see any book on 'im. The lizard's got sticky fingers."
  295. * Kirran puts on his stone mask.
  296. <DM> [Raine]: I remember, when Dex was going all BRRRRRR with his magnet gloves, Kirran went and ninja swiped that book! That was awesome!
  297. * Corsava puts her new sol mask on
  298. * Hal does the same, equipping his Sol mask
  299. <Corsava> "Look, I got the cutest thing!"
  300. <Corsava> Oh my gosh...I should get Medlora one.
  301. <Corsava> "We can be Sol Sisters."
  302. * Kirran phases out of existence for the next fifteen minutes.
  303. <DM> *You recall Medlora has a Sol Mask, but it's broken.
  304. <DM> *Kirran manages to dodge your book talk, Corsava.
  305. <DM> *Via the power of AFK.
  306. <DM> [Zuph]: Well then, we have no time to waste, or little time. I'm not sure.
  307. <DM> [Zuph]: Onwards we go, out to the east!
  308. <DM> *Zuph zips away from you all, disappearing...... then reappearing back next to you.
  309. <DM> [Zuph]: Fine..... I'll float.
  310. * Corsava "Alrighty."
  311. <DM> *He settles for floating his way to the east.
  312. * Hal follows Zuph
  313. <Corsava> "Hey, how far can you teleport, Zuph?"
  314. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm? Oh, quite far, if I do say so myself. Better than the Abyss Rings we have, that's for sure!
  315. <DM> [Zuph]: Why do you ask?
  316. <Hal> Abyss Rings also have the drawback of causing issues if you jump in too early.
  317. <Corsava> "Oh, curious how it works, mainly. I'm fascinated by magical travel."
  318. <Hal> Like what Darte almost did coming with us to go for the first Mirror Fragment
  319. <DM> [Zuph]: Well, if you must ask, it's quite far. As far as I can tell, it's as far as I can see...
  320. * Corsava pulls out her telescope "Oh boy, do you and I have some fun things to learn."
  321. * Darte winces. "Don't bring that up again."
  322. <DM> [Zuph]: Unfortunately, it's not very far in the Twilight Realm. Even with dark vision, well... it's not that far here.
  323. * Corsava hands it to her "Try this out, then."
  324. <DM> [Zuph]: I've got a way to zip straight to the Twilight Palace and the Sol Fountain immediately, but otherwise, I can...
  325. <Corsava> "Wait...can you see through fog, haze, and that sort of thing?"
  326. <DM> *He looks at the scope.
  327. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, I recall reading about this design in one of Medlora's books. I believe it's made originally by... how do say their name? Oocco?
  328. <Corsava> "I don't know what that means."
  329. <DM> [Zuph]: Seems to have been tweaked by the Twili, interesting....
  330. <Hal> Occo?
  331. <Corsava> "But you can see like, everything with it."
  332. <DM> *He looks around through it.
  333. <Hal> *Oocco
  334. <Hal> Are they some sort of weird Cucco?
  335. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, not here. The darkness of the twilight in this direction doesn't help. It's Interloper territory, after all...
  336. * Hal describes what a Cucco is
  337. <Corsava> "That makes sense." *takes the scope and slides it shut*
  338. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm? You know, I really don't know. Maybe they're Cucco for Oocco puffs.
  339. <DM> [Zuph]: Maybe Medlora knows? I really don't, I can't say I know....
  340. <Corsava> "I can see through obscured areas pretty easily, so it's super useful for me."
  341. <DM> [Zuph]: Oh, is that right? Then, can you see in that direction?
  342. * Corsava uses the scope to look ahead and scout out our route a bit
  343. <DM> *He points in the direction you're going.
  344. <DM> *Corsava, your scope initially gives you a view, but then the portal thingy you're looking through seems to glitch out. It goes dark.
  345. <DM> [Zuph]: Perhaps, once we're in the area, it may work better. The scope likely needs to adjust to the darkness itself.
  346. <Corsava> "Well, I could for a bit..."
  347. <DM> *You saw some ruins, the usual terrain of this area... and some geometrical teal glowy lines, similar to those seen at the Twilight Palace. They didn't seem to connected to anything though....
  348. <DM> *You'd need another look to be sure.
  349. <Corsava> "Weird teal glowy lines...couldn't tell where they went though."
  350. <Corsava> "And ruins, because of course there were ruins."
  351. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm? That implies something Twili is over there.
  352. <DM> [Zuph]: That is... quite odd. Quite odd indeed. Let us investigate.
  353. * Corsava chuckles to herself "Light titans one, whoever lived there zero, I guess."
  354. <Corsava> "Sorry...bad joke."
  355. * Darte considers. "Maybe let him borrow the glass? If he can see over there, maybe he can jump over there."
  356. <DM> [Zuph]: The glass?
  357. <DM> *He inspects the glass shard from earlier, incidentally peering into Kirran's leg as a result.
  358. <Corsava> "He said he can't see through things that obscure stuff, though. I mean, if he can, I'm more than happy to offer it to help."
  359. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, doesn't magnify much, and that won't fix the scape, I'm afraid. We'll just have to go and see.
  360. * Corsava hands Zuph the scope "Just make sure to give it back afterwords?"
  361. <DM> *He tries pairing the two together in different ways, looking through it towards the darkness, even trying the glow from his armor.
  362. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm... nope, that just made it worse annnnnnd now I'm a tad blind. Excuse me.
  363. <DM> *He turns away from you, takes his goggles off, rubs his eyes, then puts his goggle back on really quickly.
  364. <DM> *He returns the shard and the scope.
  365. <DM> [Zuph]: Let's just wander over there for now.
  366. <Corsava> "Alright."
  367. <Hal> We need to advance further. We have a limited amount of time.
  368. <DM> *Alrighty, after some talking and walking and walking and talking, you finally reach the destination, an amalgamation of stone ruins, half-broken chests with nothing in then, and fragments of glowy crystals. You all notice that, despite being in Interloper territory, you don't hear any of the incomprehensible whispers that usually surround them.
  369. <DM> *Zuph inspects the fragments.
  370. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, these are the crystals I want, but.... I can't do anything with such a small amount.
  371. <Corsava> "Hmm...we'll need to find more, then."
  372. * Darte takes out his Surf Harp and starts picking at it. "Maybe they'll respond to music?"
  373. <Darte> "Big ones, that is."
  374. <DM> *Also, from the lights on Zuph's and Corsava's heads, you see your shadows moving as they should be.... except for Darte's. In fact, looking at his shadow, there now seems to be a.... face in Darte's shadow?
  375. <DM> [Shadow]: Ooh, I like music!
  376. <DM> *Darte, your shadow is..... talking to you.
  377. <Corsava> "Hi, mr. shadow."
  378. <DM> [Shadow]: Yes, I should play music. I haven't done so in some time.
  379. * Hal puts a Sol Orb in operation with his mask and looks over to Darte's shadow; focusing on it.
  380. * Darte blinks at his shadow. "That's... not a crystal."
  381. <DM> *Darte's shadow remains as is, still smiling back at him as the light of the Sol shines on it.
  382. <DM> [Shadow]: Hmm? A crystal? Oh, I don't know, crystals aren't my thing, you know?
  383. <DM> *Now that Darte's spoken, the Shadow is now mimicking Darte's unsure voice.
  384. <DM> [Shadow]: What am I doing here, anywho?
  385. <Corsava> "Huh...well, do you want to be friends, Mr. Shadow?"
  386. * Darte crouches down and pokes at it. "This doesn't seem to be my average shadow. Did one of you lot mess with something? Kirran?"
  387. <DM> [Shadow]: Mr. Shadow? Why befriend me when you can befriend the blue one? Oh, that is me, isn't it?
  388. <Corsava> "I think so, mr. Shadow, the Blue."
  389. <Hal> (Blue?)
  390. <DM> *Nearby, in the ruins, you notice a slight blue glow emanating from one of the rooms still standing. There's a hole in the wall there.
  391. <Hal> (Does Spirit Vision let you see through walls?)
  392. * Kirran phases back in, and, taking in the scene, remains quiet and stealthed.
  393. <DM> [Shadow]: Thank you. It's nice to have friends. To have a party. You all must think of me so well. I'll never die with you all around.
  394. <Kirran> (Darte talking to himself is never a good sign.)
  395. <DM> *Hal, you see nothing in the walls. But.... you do see something in Darte's shadow. Separate from Darte itself.
  396. <Corsava> "Indeed. I look forward to your long and well-lived life as a shadow, Mr. Shadow."
  397. <Hal> The shadow... there is something in it.
  398. <DM> *There's Darte's soul, which is just a blue flame constantly dripping with blood, self-doubt, and despair, and then there's the shadow's soul, which is...... a hollow flame? You can't quite describe it.
  399. <Hal> Not Darte, but something else
  400. <DM> [Shadow]: That sounds quite great! Now... what was I here for? My memory is a little... off.
  401. <Hal> Their soul is unusual.
  402. <DM> [Zuph]: What in the blazes is that?
  403. <DM> *Zuph hovers in closer to Darte's shadow, his light unintentionally shifting it around Darte in circles as Zuph tries to chase it.
  404. <DM> [Zuph]: Why won't this shadow stand still?! It's like it's affected by light- ........ oh.
  405. * Darte frowns. "Reminds me of those interloper things. Can we get this thing off me?"
  406. <DM> *He hovers away.
  407. <Corsava> "You're here to help us figure out what exactly is going on."
  408. * Hal shines his light, attempting to cover the shadow as much as possible.
  409. <DM> [Shadow]: Yes yes, to find out what's going on. Why the Interlopers have left here, yes, I saw them leave, gather a great group then leave.
  410. <DM> *Hal, all you do is shift the shadow to the other side of Darte, opposite from you.
  411. <Corsava> "Some form of warband, then?"
  412. * Corsava looks through the scope towards where the teal lines were earlier
  413. <DM> [Shadow]: A warband? Yes, that's a way to put it. A great, dark mass... that's what they had.
  414. <DM> *Corsava, you're looking at the walls of that one room that's still standing.
  415. <Hal> (Should Hal be able to have any idea of what happened during the Shiekah Trials?)
  416. <DM> ......
  417. * Corsava approaches the room
  418. <DM> *Yeah, that's right. You saw the lights before, but now it's just..... that wall where that single standing room is.
  419. <DM> (Yes, your memory is in tact, Hal)
  420. <Hal> Darte. Do you remember what happened with the Essence of Shadow?
  421. <DM> *Corsava, you approach, and through the hole in the wall, you see, with your Sol light..... no geometrical glowy lines. Just a blank room, with some nice looking crystals in the middle, and a closed treasure chest to the side.
  422. <Hal> If it draws its power from shadow, maybe we can try covering it all
  423. * Corsava tries to see if I can crawl in
  424. * Darte ponders. "Not... exactly?"
  425. <DM> *You enter just fine. The crystals' blue light shines brilliantly as your light refracts through it.
  426. <Hal> I'm pretty sure you guys argued with the Essence of Betrayal or something; judging by the eyes Dex had in his war necklace.
  427. <DM> [Shadow]: Draw my power? What ever do you mean?
  428. * Corsava opens up the chest, hoping it'll have enough crystals to satisfy mr shiny armor
  429. <DM> *Corsava, you try to open it, but it's locked.
  430. <DM> *Darte, your shadow no longer has a face.
  431. * Corsava examines the material it's made of
  432. <DM> *Corsava, you're next to the chest, trying to open it, when you notice a face.... in the chest's shadow.
  433. <DM> [Shadow]: I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's my chest.
  434. * Hal is puzzled at the sudden absence of face from Darte's Shadow.
  435. <Corsava> "Oh, sorry. I had assumed it was abandoned."
  436. <DM> *Seems to be something similar to the walls of the Twilight Palace, a smooth metal of sorts.
  437. <Corsava> "Are these crystals yours?"
  438. <DM> *You all, since you're close to the room, hear the convo between Corsava and the Shadow once more from outside the room, with Tommy Wiseau as well.
  439. <DM> [Shadow]: The crystals? Hmm....... no, the crystals are just then. Have been. Always have.
  440. <DM> [Shadow]: The chest... it's mine.
  441. <Corsava> "May I have them?
  442. <DM> [Shadow]: If you can pluck them from the ground, sure!
  443. <Corsava> "Would it make you uncomfortable if I asked what was in your chest?"
  444. <DM> *The face turns a bit frowny.
  445. <DM> [Shadow]: Yeah. Fraid so. My chest is a secret.
  446. * Darte blinks. "Guess he's... hopping from place to place? Anyone got a spare light so he doesn't hop back to mine again?
  447. * Corsava bashes my shield into the crystal where it meets the ground, trying to break it off, and using my mag gloves to aid in the smashing
  448. <DM> [Shadow]: So, whatcha doing here in this place anywho?
  449. <Corsava> "Fair enough.
  450. <DM> *Roll power, Corsava.
  451. <Corsava> "We're here to collect crystals."
  452. <Corsava> $34d10
  453. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 34 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 5, 4, 5, 5, 1, 8, 3, 6, 5, 8, 3, 3, 6, 7, 8, 7, 7, 1, 7, 3, 5, 5, 8, 7, 1, 9, 9, 8, 3, 3, 1, 7, 6 and 5. Total: 179. Successes: 23.
  454. <DM> *You slam into the crystals, and there's a painful ringing sound from your shield as your body uncontrollably shakes, trying to reconstitute itself back into normality from failing to break the crystals open, despite how super dense your shield is.
  455. <Corsava> "Ow."
  456. <DM> *The rest of you all hear said sound quite painfully. Any of you wanna check it out in the room?
  457. * Corsava sighs and draws my trident
  458. <DM> [Zuph]: What's that sound?
  459. <Hal> It sounded like a shield striking something
  460. <DM> [Shadow]: Ooh, I wouldn't do that. Those are some really special crystals. Interlopers don't like them, their shadow blades can't cut through them.
  461. <Hal> We should tell her that.
  462. <Hal> I mean, Corsava
  463. <Corsava> leap attacks at the crystals
  464. <DM> *Roll it again, you genius.
  465. <Darte> (Even Kefka hates this idea.)
  466. <DM> *Zuph zips on over, into the room.
  467. * Hal walks in to see Corsava attempt to break the crystal
  468. * Darte pokes his head in there in time to see Corsava apparently trying to impale themselves on crystals.
  469. <Corsava> $31d4
  470. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 31 Dice with 4 Sides. Results: 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 4, 3, 1, 4, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 3, 1, 4, 4, 1, 2, 3 and 3. Total: 80.
  471. <Corsava> $31d10
  472. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 31 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 2, 9, 10, 4, 6, 1, 8, 6, 8, 9, 4, 10, 5, 2, 9, 4, 5, 3, 2, 4, 7, 7, 2, 8, 5, 1, 10, 10, 7 and 6. Total: 180. Successes: 24.
  473. <DM> [Zuph]: Why, yes, these are the crystals I need, they're quite- wait what are you doin-
  474. <DM> *Corsava, your trident stabs into the crystal- I'm kidding, it bounces right off it, knocking you back into the nearby wall.
  475. <DM> *Now the crystal embarrassed you in front of the whole party too.
  476. <DM> *Congrats!*
  477. <Corsava> "Ow. Okay, a little help here? I think if we hit it together, we can get it."
  478. <Kirran> (The door--I mean the crystals are not amused)
  479. <DM> [Zuph]: Wait, stop! This.... requires something a little more.... delicate.
  480. <Hal> I don't think that's a good idea right now.
  481. <Corsava> "Oh..."
  482. <DM> *Zuph pulls out a knife, covered in...... that goopy stuff from before.
  483. * Kirran remains reluctant of the plot
  484. <Corsava> "You mean like a bomb?
  485. <DM> [Zuph]: Yes, it's just what I need. I just need to cut into these crystals.... might take some time.
  486. <Hal> Bombs are not delicate.
  487. <DM> [Shadow]: Ooh, crystals are what you want? Okay, that's fine.
  488. <Corsava> "I mean...they're pretty..."
  489. <DM> [Shadow]: Just don't take my chest.... don't take....
  490. <Hal> I'm just going to assume bad things will happen.
  491. <Hal> If we take whatever is in that chest.
  492. <Corsava> "We won't. The lizard is glitchy. He's the one who takes everything."
  493. <DM> *The goopy knife starts to cut into the crystals, almost melting through it, though slowly.
  494. <Hal> I wonder who else is obsessed with a particuar chest
  495. <Darte> "I'll point our lizard your way later. He's uh, good at... chest maintenance."
  496. <DM> *The shadow's face suddenly bounces over to the crystal's shadow.
  497. <DM> [Shadow]: W-w-wait, I didn't mean.... no, I didn't think you could actually cut that!
  498. <DM> [Shadow]: N-n-no, d-don't open that, I-I just thought it was f-f-funny to watch you all hurt yourselves on it!
  499. <Corsava> "But you did say we could take it."
  500. <Corsava> "You gave us your word, mr. shadow."
  501. <DM> [Shadow]: Well, I mean, yeah... you can.... no..... no, you can't, it's mine!
  502. <Kirran> -_-
  503. * Hal tries to recollect the tale of Dhoo's chest, but is stopped by a lack of knowledge
  504. <Corsava> "Mr. Shadow, I feel like you've got a bit of hoarding disorder, and you're being just a smidge unreasonable."
  505. <Darte> We'll have to take the chest, too, if he's gonna complain about everything.
  506. <Orithan> (Let's watch Kefka laugh in the distance)
  507. <DM> [Shadow]: Hoarding? But... it's mine! No, don't you DARE take it! You haven't even given me what I want yet!
  508. <Corsava> "Oh, well what do you want?"
  509. <Kirran> (Is this the return of the Greed King?)
  510. <DM> [Shadow]: Maybe I want.... your shadow. Yes, I could go for a shadow. A nice, tasty shadow....
  511. <DM> [Zuph]: Tasty shadow? I thought only Twili and Interlopers eat shadows.
  512. * Corsava gets her trident and tries to cut her shadow off for him
  513. <DM> *Your trident impales the dirt in the ground, unable to cut the shadow.
  514. <Corsava> "That's alright. It only ever gets in the way. Is the shadow for the crystals a fair trade to you?"
  515. <DM> [Shadow]: Hmm... your... shadow? Could I... can I really?
  516. <Kirran> (Someone should just cast veil of shadows)
  517. <DM> (anyone got it?)
  518. <Hal> (Me)
  519. * Corsava casts veil of shadows for it "There. Nice tasty shadows for you."
  520. <Corsava> "And we can have the crystals?"
  521. <DM> *You cast Veil of Shadows in the room, temporarily overriding the light from your Sols. It's completely dark in the room. Remind me, who's got dark vision?
  522. <Hal> (Corsava I think? I think Dex too, but he's not here)
  523. <DM> *Hal, as soon as it goes completely dark, the soul bounces from the shadow to an actual being, something teal and black and.... hollow? You're not sure what it is still.
  524. <DM> *Darte, you're blind and can't see crap.
  525. <Darte> "Very nice. Now I have no idea where the exit is."
  526. <Corsava> "Why not? It's right there." *points*
  527. <DM> *Corsava and Kirran, you two look around, seeing your party, Zuph, the crystals, the chest, and some geometrical teal lights plastered onto some floating robes. With a pair of eyes. In fact, that's uhh... very reminiscent of a particular creature....
  528. * Hal points over to the the form.
  529. <DM> *Why only you two can see glowing lights despite them being light in complete darkness, you're not sure.
  530. <DM> *It's a Wizzrobe.
  531. <DM> *Or, more accurately, a Twilight Wizzrobe. Twilightrobe.
  532. <Corsava> "Oh, hi! Pleased to meet you. Is our deal good for you?"
  533. <DM> *You notice you don't see the shadow anymore. Cause, well... there's no light.
  534. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: Remove yourselves from this room. It's my domain. MINE.
  535. <Corsava> "But you said we could have the crystals."
  536. <DM> [Zuph]: If you folks could restore the light for just a moment, I'd like to get back to cutting this darn thing open.
  537. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: Yes. Yes you can. After I've tasted your shadows. All of them.
  538. <DM> *The Veil of Shadows dissipates, and the light of your Sols returns.
  539. <DM> *You don't see the Twilightrobe anymore, just the face of the shadow bouncing from one shadow to another.
  540. <DM> [Zuph]: Ooh, that's better.
  541. <Hal> Welp, that's the light restored.
  542. <Corsava> "Wow, well if you're going to be a complete jerk, maybe I won't give you a present."
  543. <DM> [Shadow]: Then... I'll start with you.
  544. * Darte frowns, wishing he had a scrap of paper on him.
  545. * Corsava spreads my right hand open and draws my shield "Ooooof course you will."
  546. <DM> *There's a sparking sound. A moment later, you all start to feel yourself gravitate just slightly towards the middle of the room, near where the crystals are.
  547. <DM> *You all feel your magic starting to get pulled out.
  548. * Hal tries to run out.
  549. <Corsava> "Ernurr, not the two magic I had left."
  550. <DM> *Twilightrobe forms a singularity of Magic, forcing everyone to roll their Wisdom (with Attack instead of Defense). The one who rolls the lowest takes damage equal to the difference in successes between themselves and the highest successes. Everyone except the one with the highest successes must channel half their Maximum Magic into the singularity.
  551. <Kirran> $1d3
  552. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  553. <DM> $36d10 Twilightrobe
  554. <Navi> DM: You rolled 36 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 9, 5, 5, 2, 1, 5, 10, 6, 3, 8, 10, 3, 3, 1, 1, 7, 6, 4, 8, 10, 10, 4, 2, 8, 9, 2, 8, 8, 9, 4, 3, 7, 8, 8, 9 and 8. Total: 214. Successes: 27.
  555. * Hal casts Block to stop that effect before defending
  556. <Corsava> $27d10
  557. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 27 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 8, 4, 5, 6, 3, 7, 8, 4, 8, 5, 10, 1, 2, 10, 1, 6, 1, 9, 4, 3, 6, 2, 1, 9, 5 and 7. Total: 138. Successes: 17.
  558. <Hal> $39d10
  559. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 39 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 2, 5, 4, 4, 3, 7, 8, 8, 10, 5, 6, 4, 2, 10, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3, 7, 2, 2, 1, 4, 7, 2, 4, 6, 6, 1, 2, 8, 6, 5, 1, 8, 2 and 9. Total: 181. Successes: 20.
  560. <Darte> $26d10
  561. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 26 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 2, 3, 2, 5, 5, 2, 7, 7, 3, 9, 10, 10, 10, 1, 10, 4, 7, 2, 8, 3, 8, 8, 4, 6 and 3. Total: 145. Successes: 19.
  562. <DM> --> Second post, last tab
  563. * Hal rerolls himself
  564. <Hal> $39d10
  565. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 39 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 9, 7, 1, 1, 6, 7, 2, 9, 9, 7, 3, 10, 4, 9, 3, 2, 8, 2, 2, 9, 2, 5, 6, 4, 2, 8, 2, 10, 1, 7, 2, 10, 3, 3, 10, 8, 9, 2 and 6. Total: 210. Successes: 25.
  566. <DM> *Zuph ends up just zipping out.
  567. <Kirran> $27d10
  568. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 27 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 8, 9, 7, 1, 7, 9, 3, 5, 1, 4, 3, 2, 9, 8, 6, 10, 6, 7, 10, 7, 3, 2, 6, 6, 4 and 5. Total: 155. Successes: 20.
  569. <Hal> $31d10
  570. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 31 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 3, 6, 10, 10, 4, 8, 6, 4, 4, 5, 6, 9, 5, 10, 2, 6, 8, 10, 2, 8, 5, 8, 7, 1, 1, 8, 6, 6, 1 and 1. Total: 174. Successes: 24.
  571. <Hal> (Yes)
  572. <Corsava> rerolls the twilightrobe
  573. <DM> $36d10
  574. <Navi> DM: You rolled 36 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 4, 7, 9, 3, 10, 6, 9, 4, 10, 3, 10, 8, 7, 9, 10, 3, 7, 9, 4, 4, 4, 2, 10, 4, 2, 8, 10, 8, 9, 1, 7, 2, 7, 5 and 5. Total: 230. Successes: 30.
  575. <DM> *Corsava, you get hit by 10 damage.
  576. <DM> *All of you, state how much magic you're channeling in.
  577. <Corsava> "Ow. wow. No power-up for you."
  578. <DM> *Half your max.
  579. <Kirran> 6 magic
  580. <Darte> 6
  581. <Darte> 19h6m
  582. * Hal had cast Block as a reaction; stopping the Interloper from stealing his Magic
  583. <Corsava> 1
  584. <DM> *13 magic goes into the Singularity. Huh, not that much.
  585. <Hal> *Wizzrobe
  586. * Hal takes no damage.
  587. <Hal> 18h 11m
  588. <Corsava> 8h 1m
  589. <DM> *Twilightrobe casts Second Chance on itself, giving itself 2 RP.
  590. <DM> *Annnd, it's unwittingly started battle! That's its turn from this round.
  591. * Kirran casts mass blind in the room
  592. <Kirran> $33d10
  593. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 33 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 7, 10, 3, 10, 9, 6, 10, 7, 3, 8, 6, 5, 4, 4, 9, 8, 8, 1, 8, 1, 2, 5, 1, 9, 3, 1, 6, 5, 8, 10, 9, 4 and 9. Total: 199. Successes: 26.
  594. <DM> *Kirran, you light up the room, blasting it with light, seemingly blasting away any shadow in sight. At least... in the room....
  595. * Hal looks around the room, focusing for any sight of the Wizzrobe's soul.
  596. <DM> *The light settles, and you all see your shadows just like before. There's a 'teehee' of laughter.
  597. <Kirran> He's able to zip out of the room and back in.
  598. <DM> *Hal, you see the soul bouncing around from shadow to shadow once more.
  599. <Kirran> That's not going to get it done.
  600. <Kirran> (Wizzrobe does need to roll defense against the blinded effect though Wind)
  601. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: My, you're not going to hit me like that. That's no good.
  602. * Corsava uses her magnetic gloves to pick the chest up "Someone else with gloves pull the bottom and I'll pull the top.
  603. <DM> (does it?)
  604. <DM> *The Twilighrobe did not roll defense. It genuinely didn't need to, and still didn't get hit.
  605. <Kirran> (I'm going to assume it was in the room long enough to register what I did, so I would assume so.)
  606. <DM> *Let's put it this way - remember the Sheikah Trials when you guys were trying to hurt a 2D shadow and could never figure it out? Yeah, same case here.
  607. <DM> *Corsava, you prep yourself on the chest.
  608. <DM> *Zuph zips back in.
  609. <Corsava> "Zuphie, baby, cut the crystal and let's go."
  610. <DM> [Zuph]: On it.
  611. <DM> *He returns to cutting the crystal.
  612. <Corsava> "...wait, can I have some of that goo on my sword?"
  613. <Corsava> "just a little?"
  614. <DM> [Zuph]: Hmm, don't recommend it. This sword is going to eventually melt at the end.
  615. <DM> [Zuph]: Unless it's expendable.
  616. * Darte turns himself into a sword. "Goo me, baby!"
  617. <Corsava> "Oh, an arrowhead then." *draws a metal tipped arrow
  618. * Kirran uses poke on himself
  619. <Corsava> *
  620. <DM> *Zuph looks at Darte, then at the arrow.
  621. <Hal> (Is the soul zipping around between and to and from Kirran's shadow?)
  622. <DM> (It's bouncing between all the shadows in the room.)
  623. <DM> [Zuph]: ... going to go with the one that's more expendable.
  624. <DM> *Zuph reaches for Darte- I'm kidding.
  625. <DM> *Zuph places a bit of goo on the metal tipped arrow.
  626. * Corsava starts to melt the lock with it
  627. <DM> *Kirran, you take 1 Neutral Damage. And uhhh... yeah, you still don't reach the shadow.
  628. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: No, NO, get off, GET OUT!
  629. <Kirran> So, not the same as the trials then.
  630. <Kirran> Why does it always have to be the trail I *didn't* pass.
  631. * Corsava obstinately refuses to get out
  632. <Kirran> trial*
  633. <DM> *You hear another sparking sound. Hal, looking at the soul, it seems to be stationary in Corsava's shadow, and it seems to be charging up something really unstable.
  634. <Hal> Corsava! Stop!
  635. <DM> [Raine]: The trial you didn't pass? The one with the shadow?
  636. * Corsava jams the arrow in and tries to leap over the box, so that she doesn't touch her shadow at all
  637. <DM> [Raine]: Hmm.... I wonder if I should tell you the s-e-c-r-e-t....
  638. <Kirran> Yeah, the one where we were supposed to hurt ourselves to win, even though that made no damn sense.
  639. * Corsava uses the mag gloves to pull the box up to hold me in the air
  640. <DM> *Twilightrobe aims not at Corsava... but at the Magic Singularity that's still hovering in the air.
  641. <DM> *Twilightrobe fires a blast of volatile magic at the target, dealing full damage. Roll Wisdom to defend! | If it hits, deal extra damage equal to their missing magic. Additionally, if they're out of Magic, the full damage converts to Neutral Damage.
  642. <Kirran> $1d3
  643. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  644. <Kirran> Nope
  645. <Kirran> I dodge
  646. <DM> $36d10
  647. <Navi> DM: You rolled 36 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 8, 7, 4, 4, 9, 1, 10, 4, 5, 4, 2, 2, 1, 2, 9, 1, 4, 4, 2, 3, 6, 3, 8, 10, 10, 7, 8, 4, 6, 9, 8, 4, 5, 1 and 7. Total: 186. Successes: 20.
  648. <Hal> (Does everyone need to defend?)
  649. * Kirran fires a black arrow at corsava's shadow in retaliation.
  650. <DM> *The singularity absorbs the magic burst.... then starts to pull inward on itself....
  651. * Darte ponders. "Maybe time to exit."
  652. <DM> [Raine]: You know, Kirran, I'll give you a hint. You can see in the dark.
  653. * Darte casts Block on Zuph.
  654. * Corsava does her best to fly on the chest out of the room with the mag-gloves
  655. <Darte> 19h2m
  656. <DM> *Corsava, your shadow is now on fire- no wait, the ground where your shadow is touching is on fire.
  657. <Darte> (He's gone full Allomancer)
  658. * Corsava flies out of the room "nopenopenopenopenopenope"
  659. * Hal casts Veil of Shadows on the room.
  660. <DM> *Corsava, you end up floating the chest, though it definitely feels pretty heavy. You're not sure you can keep this up for long. On the way out of the hole, the chest gets stuck in the hole, booting you out.
  661. <DM> *Hal, the room goes dark.
  662. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: What? No, put that out, NO, GIVE THE LIGHT BACK!
  663. * Corsava " I misjudged the spacing of that"
  664. <DM> *Kirran, you see the Twilightrobe, freaking out.
  665. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: It's going to explode, PUT THAT DARKNESS OUT!
  666. * Corsava keeps trying to pry the chest open with the arrow
  667. * Kirran fires a metal tipped arrow at the wizzrobe
  668. <DM> *Roll away!
  669. <Kirran> (With the intent to pin it to the ground
  670. <Kirran> $51d10
  671. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 51 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 306. Successes: 42.
  672. <DM> *Twilightrobe reacts with Flashback!
  673. <DM> *Twilightrobe shoots out a quick flash of light, causing Blind on the attacker. If the attack misses, Blind remains on the attacker; otherwise, it disappears.
  674. <DM> *Roll $1d3, Kirran!
  675. <Kirran> $1d3
  676. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  677. <DM> *You manage to avoid getting blinded!
  678. <DM> *It tries plan B.
  679. <DM> *Twilightrobe expands its Warp Shield outwards, overriding its defending roll with its Current Magic. It then costs 10 Magic.
  680. <DM> $26d10
  681. <Navi> DM: You rolled 26 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 9, 3, 1, 10, 7, 9, 7, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 2, 9, 5, 6, 8, 4, 9, 3, 2, 6, 8, 2 and 9. Total: 149. Successes: 18.
  682. <DM> 42 - 18 = 24
  683. <DM> *The rest of its magic drains to 0.
  684. <DM> *Its warp shield noticeably fails.
  685. <DM> *It second chances itself.
  686. <DM> $26d10
  687. <Navi> DM: You rolled 26 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 9, 5, 4, 4, 2, 9, 2, 4, 10, 2, 1, 8, 8, 2, 2, 4, 9, 6, 5, 7, 1, 10, 4, 4, 9 and 7. Total: 138. Successes: 15.
  688. <DM> *Yep, that did nothing.
  689. * Corsava makes the jizzrobe reroll
  690. <DM> $26d10
  691. <Navi> DM: You rolled 26 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 5, 5, 7, 3, 3, 2, 6, 7, 4, 5, 8, 7, 5, 10, 8, 2, 7, 10, 3, 1, 9, 9, 6, 5 and 9. Total: 152. Successes: 21.
  692. <DM> *It takes the 18.
  693. * Kirran facepalms
  694. <DM> *Kirran, your arrow slices through its shield, like bread through butter, destroying it in one hit.
  695. <DM> *The Veil of Shadows lets up at that moment, returning the light in the room.
  696. <DM> [Twilightrobe]: Need to leave, need to leave...
  697. <DM> *Just then, the Magic Singularity warps in on itself fully.
  698. <DM> [Zuph]: Got it!
  699. <DM> *Zuph cuts through the crystals.
  700. <DM> [Zuph]: Alright, now let's get out of here and-
  701. * Corsava holds the chest against the exit to keep the wizrobe trapped in there
  702. <Kirran> Better teleport Zuph!
  703. <DM> *The Magic Singularity goes kablooey, exploding!
  704. * Kirran still dodges
  705. <DM> *The Singularity of Magic explodes, hitting everyone. Its hit dice and damage are equal to its Magic. Everyone roll Wisdom to defend!
  706. <Hal> $39d10
  707. <Navi> Hal: You rolled 39 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 5, 9, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 4, 10, 3, 6, 6, 9, 9, 1, 7, 6, 5, 6, 4, 7, 3, 3, 10, 3, 1, 8, 8, 6, 7, 3, 5, 9, 6, 10, 6, 4 and 10. Total: 236. Successes: 32.
  708. <Hal> (I needed that roll earlier...)
  709. <DM> $33d10 Singularity
  710. <Navi> DM: You rolled 33 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 3, 3, 5, 9, 2, 4, 10, 8, 9, 4, 4, 2, 10, 6, 5, 9, 8, 6, 7, 5, 1, 4, 8, 6, 2, 3, 6, 8, 7, 5, 7 and 10. Total: 196. Successes: 26.
  711. * Hal handily dodge it.
  712. <DM> *Hal, you manage to resist it.
  713. <DM> *Zuph sees a crack in the hole and zips out, landing next to you Corsava.
  714. <Darte> $30d10
  715. <Navi> Darte: You rolled 30 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 1, 8, 9, 4, 7, 6, 3, 1, 10, 5, 1, 5, 9, 9, 2, 5, 6, 7, 6, 10, 4, 1, 2, 7, 6, 9, 3, 1 and 5. Total: 160. Successes: 21.
  716. <Hal> (Is Darte still in blade form?)
  717. <DM> *Though, for some reason, in the attempt, he zips back, as if the chest's material bounced him back.
  718. <Darte> (If so, no-one picked me up)
  719. <DM> *Come to think of it, Darte, you're fine.
  720. <Corsava> "Hey, cute stuff. Is the wizzrobe having a blast in ther-"
  721. <Corsava> "Oh...whoops."
  722. <DM> *The explosion decimates the room, blasting the walls outward. Kirran sunglasses-phases through it, Darte, still in sword form, bounces around the room twenty times before stabbing into the ground, and Hal just resists it with his rainbow fur.
  723. <DM> *Corsava, in holding the chest open from outside, the blast actually forces it open.
  724. <Corsava> "Ha! Got it!"
  725. <DM> *Zuph, on the other hand, is knocked out cold. He's alive, just.. knocked out.
  726. * Corsava examines its contents
  727. * Darte awaits his noble samurai
  728. <DM> *At that moment, the ground of the once-room suddenly collapses.
  729. <DM> *Corsava, the contents fall with the rest of your party.
  730. <Kirran> $1d3
  731. <Navi> Kirran: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  732. * Hal plays the Song of Soaring to avoid falling
  733. <Kirran> Nope. Dodged again
  734. * Corsava hops into the chest and flies it down
  735. <DM> *Kirran, you dodge the fall, only to lock yourself into a walking on air Bethesda bug.
  736. <DM> *Corsava, you get in the chest and it falls down. You notice your magnesis stops working from inside. It falls. Hard.
  737. * Hal tries to catch Zuph on his way down.
  738. <Corsava> "Oh noooooooooo!"
  739. <DM> *You feel the chest land with a painful thud.
  740. <Corsava> "Ow, my splanch."
  741. <DM> *Hal, you fly over and catch Zuph, and Darte continues to fall and fall..... until he strikes ground.
  742. <DM> *Corsava, the chest slams into Darte. Roll uhh.... I'm honestly not sure.
  743. * Hal flies up over to the entrance of the room, bringing him to safety.
  744. <DM> *Roll your constitution. Roll a d20, son.
  745. <Corsava> $8d4
  746. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 8 Dice with 4 Sides. Results: 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 1 and 1. Total: 23.
  747. <Corsava> $1d20
  748. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 1 Die with 20 Sides. Result: 13.
  749. <Corsava> $1d20
  750. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 1 Die with 20 Sides. Result: 3.
  751. <DM> *You get knocked around pretty badly, but manage to stay conscious. The chest opens, and you find yourself on an island of sorts.
  752. <DM> *Nearby, Darte in sword form is impaled into the ground.
  753. <Corsava> "Woah...I've never seen an island made of sorts before."
  754. <DM> *Hal and Kirran, you two see ground below, and there's some sort of dim light source from down there.
  755. * Corsava grabs Darte and my sword, making them into an X shape, and using magnesis makes the magical Dartemobile
  756. <Kirrancopter> Things certainly have taken a turn today, haven't they Hal?
  757. <Darte> (I'ma have to leave at that for tonight, I'll kite around as sordfish)
  758. <Hal> Yes.
  759. <Darte> (or mobile, that works too)
  760. * Hal recovers 2 Magic
  761. <DM> --> last post, third tab. From inside the chest, 1 Super Efficiency Force Gem, and 1 Super Effect Force Gem.
  762. * Hal casts Fairy Beam on Zuph; to revive his consciousness.
  763. <DM> *Zuph awakens, albeit groggy.
  764. <Hal> 18h 2m
  765. <Corsava> "Can I have an infinity stone?"
  766. <Corsava> "I'd prefer the Effect Stone"
  767. <Hal> (Zuph should be at 6h now)
  768. <DM> *Looking around, you find yourselves on one of many floating islands. The sky here doesn't exist, it's just a great, huge ceiling, likely the land that constitutes most of the Twilight Realm. You also hear the faint sounds of Shadow Beasts screaming in the distance.
  769. * Corsava picks up the Effect gem
  770. * Corsava does a thanos impression
  771. <DM> *A dim light surrounds you all. Looking over the edge, you can the swirling abyss of the Twilight Realm itself; you know, that thing that Corsava fell into once.
  772. <Hal> (What's the distance between the island and the edge of the door?)
  773. <DM> (Door?)
  774. <Hal> (Entrance of the room)
  775. <DM> *Looking up, the hole in the ceiling is a solid 50 feet away from the island that Corsava and Darte fell onto.
  776. <Hal> (I want the Efficency gem)
  777. <DM> *Also, looking down and around, you see more of those crystals Zuph was just harvesting. Lots more of them, scattered on various floating islands.
  778. <Hal> 18h 4m | Flying
  779. <DM> *There's also.... someone moving around, from one island to another.
  780. <DM> *As far as you can tell, it's a Twili... wearing regal clothing similar to Midna. The figure looks in your direction, from afar, then hops away, out of your sight.
  781. * Hal quickly flies down to grab the Efficency Gem and then back up.
  782. <DM> [Zuph]: Wait, that's him!
  783. <DM> [Zuph]: That's got to be Zant! Let me down and after him!
  784. * Hal lets Zuph down.
  785. <DM> *Zuph teleports down to the island, then looks like he's trying to zip again... but doesn't move.
  786. <DM> [Zuph]: Wha? Tha.t.. .that's odd.
  787. <DM> *He nudges again, but he doesn't move.
  788. <DM> *Kirran and Hal, something starts to pull down on both of you. More than gravity itself....
  789. <Corsava> *waves*
  790. <Corsava> "Oh...oh dear."
  791. * Hal had picked up the Force Gem and had flew back up before the Zant thing showed up
  792. <DM> *You two are above the hole, and yet just being in its proximity, are getting pulled in slightly. It's not enough to actually pull you in, you just feel a pull on you.
  793. * Kirrancopter is going to land on the edge of the hole for now.
  794. <DM> *You land on the edge, balancing yourself as you peer in.
  795. * Hal does the same and uses the Force Gem of Efficiency on Block; reducing its Cost to 1 Magic
  796. <DM> *You look in, reluctant of the plot, only to feel a tug on your soul. You look in, and where your soul should be, you just read...
  797. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  798. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  799. <DM> -=SESSION END=-
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