Raven Butt Ride

Dec 4th, 2017
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  1. >Be Raven's tiny roommate/BF/pet with benefits
  2. >Normally ride around tucked in her cleavage when she takes you out
  3. >But somehow the conversation this morning turned to whether or not her ass was tight enough to serve just as well
  4. >And so, after making a bet you probably shouldn't have, you find yourself here, head resting against the small of her back as her cloth covered cheeks keep you snugly pinned in place
  5. >Once again leaving you wondering just how she manages to get this practically painted on leotard to fit as she affixes her belt in place covering your face, you suspect magic though she always claims otherwise
  6. >This is nothing like riding between her breasts
  7. >Whereas riding in her chest is typically a gentle rocking motion in a sea of grey flesh, here you feel each little motion she makes as she gets ready for the day, the push and pull of her muscles rubbing, kneading, and squeezing you between her plump buns with every step she takes
  8. >It almost becomes too much for you, and you suspect she knows it when she squeezes her cheeks right when you're about to reach your limit before reaching back and plucking you out
  9. >Holding you before her face she playfully scolds you, reminding you you're on the outside of her leotard now and shouldn't squirm so much, she doesn't want you to fall
  10. >As you try to get yourself under control a smirk grows on Raven's face before she informs you she knows just how to carry you down there with no risk of losing you
  11. >Bringing you back to her ass she pulls aside her leotard, exposing one of her great grey cheeks before slapping you on and letting her stretchy garment snap back into place
  12. >It's tight, unbelievably so, the literally skin tight cloth squeezing you into her, pressing you into the soft, pliant flesh, leaving you unable to move, and for a moment, worried you'll be unable to breath, but by some bit of luck (or perhaps a spell Raven applied just in case), you quickly realize that won't be an issue, even if every breath does taste of Raven's distinct scent
  13. >Up above you Raven hums to herself as she runs a hand over the little lump you've left on her leotard before donning her cloak and strutting out of her room
  14. >Once again you're left at the mercy of her booty, squeezing and stretching along with each and every flex, leaving you to take the full brunt of her smothering weight as she sits down to eat, taking far to much pleasure in grinding her butt into her seat in the process
  15. >As she heads out the door all any onlooker would see is a faint outline to show you're even there
  18. >It takes her nearly half an hour to peel you off in the shower that night
  19. >As she places you down on the bathroom counter top so she can towel off she jokes about how if it took her much longer she'd have just gone to bed and tried to get you off in the morning
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