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  1. David smiled at all the clapping and clasped his new bride tightly, planting a kiss on her cheek as the cameras went wild. It was like being at a premiere of a brand new Hollywood film, the amount of attention they were receiving. But his beautiful bride deserved it, and he couldn't be happier. The wedding reception was being held at a local, five star hotel, before people could retire to their expensive, thousand-dollar-a-night  rooms at their own convenience. The speeches and dinner went ahead as scheduled before people began to drink and dance.
  3. Jessica stood around looking bored. She stared enviously at the beautiful (if a little over-the-hill) bride in her expensive dress and $300 hairdo. The bridesmaids, all equally lovely and well-to-do, clad in matching dresses of fine silk and lace, shined like stars as they moved across the dance floor in the arms of the boring society boys she'd known all her life. Deep in the funk of knowing she was only included in this event because of her last name, Jessica scowled at everyone near her, turning her pretty face into a witch's mask.
  5. "I should be here, dressed like a star, being photographed, with everyone staring and clapping," she thought sourly. A year on her own. No fancy clothes, no expensive car, no maid service, nothing. She lived in a dumpy one-bedroom apartment, barely making it, all because of her asshole father and his "moral guidance", his desire to see her learn the value of a dollar. The more she watched David's beaming bride, the madder she got. The first smile of the night surfaced on Jessica's face as her mind chewed on her plan to wipe that smug, self-satisfied (and completely imagined) look off the bride's face and fix her own miserable situation.  “Slow and careful.  Don't fuck it up, Jessica,” she told herself.  Dumping her glass on a nearby waiter's tray, she elbowed her way through the crowd, heading for David.
  7. David had been meeting and greeting for about an hour. He had a lot of 'friends', and both his and his new wife's family were large. Soon, he spied Jessica walking over towards him. He spun around and smiled at the girl he'd known all her life. "Hey Jess," he grinned at her. "How's the 'new life'? Settling into the company well?"
  9. Her father and his business partner, after being sick to the back teeth of her living off his wealth had cut her off for a year, wanting to see how she managed on her own. He gave her a position in the company, and expected her to work properly. "Everything OK?" he asked, more relaxed now the crowds had dispersed onto the dance floor and over to the bar.
  11. Jessica morphed in a second to a sweet, grateful and polite young lady. Her big brown eyes turned up to David as she cooed, "Oh, yes sir. I am so indebted to you for giving me a job and inviting me here today! Your bride is so pretty." She paused, feigning nervousness a moment, then added, "And if I may say so, you look simply amazing... You are, by far, the most handsome man here!" She smiled, flashing perfect white teeth and slipped in a bit closer than was necessary, letting him get a nice view down her dress, and whispered. "I don't suppose you would mind me having just one teeny little glass of champagne, would you? That mean old bartender won't serve me and I just wanted to be able to celebrate with my new boss, on his new life!" She pouted prettily and waited for his reply.
  13. "Of course!" David said, looking annoyed at the barman that he would dare even question Jessica's ID. This was his night, and there's no way that people were going to be ID-ed like this was a downtown nightclub. David, being a Brit, smiled at how cute and teenage Jessica appeared - not something that was so prevalent in the teens from his own shore. David walked straight over to the bar, got two glasses of the finest champagne behind it, and returned swiftly, handing Jessica one. "To both our new lives?" he asked, raising it.
  15. Jessica took the glass from David with a sugar-sweet smile and tilted it up, clinking the rim to his. "Here's to the best looking boss and groom I've ever seen," she said with a coy little wink. Downing the drink in one gulp, Jessica quickly set her glass back to the bar and grabbed David's hand. "How about a dance before I let you get back to your new wife, hm?" Pressing up to him more than was appropriate and necessary, her very womanly curves met his body enticingly, the sweet perfume accenting her soft, supple flesh. "Please?"
  17. David smiled but it was a slightly awkward one. He had seen this young woman grown up, from birth onward. Now, her behaving in such a sexual, provocative manner was a little strange for him - especially as he saw her now as a very attractive, sexy young lady. "Oh, definitely, uh, soon..." he stammered. "I've got to attend to some of the guests still, so I should..." he smiled again, nodding and gesturing away. "I'll see you in a bit. Enjoy the night!"
  19. Her small hand shot out and grabbed David's wrist, surprisingly strong for her small frame. "Oh, I think you will come dance with me, right now, David, my dear," Jessica purred up to him, dropping all pretense of the sweet little girl she appeared to be. "Unless you would like me to slap you and run over to Daddy, crying about how you brought his underage daughter over here to have a drink with him before suggesting she earn her next promotion on her knees." The cruel, cold smile on her face made the young woman alternately lovely and horrible to look at.
  21. David looked at her as if she had just thrown a jug of ice cold water all over him. He winced a few times, as if processing the allegations and threat before looking back into her eyes. "Are you...  Are you fucking serious?!" he asked, in a stunned and appalled tone. "You're serious, Jessica?!" he asked again, in a hushed whisper, leading her away from the people around the bar.
  23. "Of course I am serious, you idiot," she snapped, keeping her voice low. "I still have the liquor on my breath to prove it, in fact," she said in a sing-song voice before lifting to her tiptoes to kiss him square on the lips. She saw clearly that nobody was looking at them in that moment, as he'd led them away, but he didn't know that, having his back turned. She hoped it would freak him out.
  25. David pulled back instantly. "You're drunk," he said, hoping it was true. Was this lovely little girl, if a little spoiled, really turning into such a fucking bitch? "It's my wedding day, Jessica. Don't ruin this for me. Just, you know, go and talk to some boys, drink a little and dance. We'll just forget all about this." He was seething with anger. What the hell was this little girl's game?
  27. "Why would I want to talk to the little boys who can't do shit for me, Davey?" She laughed spitefully and grabbed him by his $200 tie and drug him in close. "Guess what, buddy? You are in my world now and I -always- get what I want. Even though that spineless excuse of a father of mine can't do his job and take care of his children, I should not have to suffer for it! I've been watching the way you do things around the office, you know." With that, Jessica released him and fixed his tie, talking as casually as if they had been discussing lunch. "You have a few things I want, and I intend to get them. One way or another."
  29. David was almost smiling now at this little brat. What? She thought she could just walk in, flash her father's name with him and just expect luxury and a free pass? He grinned a very patronizing grin, and tapped her on the head as if she was still five years old. "Yeah, OK," he said in a very sweeping manner. "Maybe when you've grown up a little and lived in the real world, you can come and negotiate with me then. Until then," he began to walk off from her. "Run along, little girl."
  31. "Maybe I could ask Mr. Carlotti for help," she remarked casually, leaning back against the bar. "Do they still call him 'The Butcher', David? I read in the paper that was his nickname, last time he beat a murder conviction."
  33. David froze. Carlotti was someone he was helping majorly, without Jessica's father knowing. He didn't let her see his shocked expression but laughed it off awkwardly. "I don't know. Why would I know?"
  35. "Because I processed the invoices for you for the last month, of course. You think I'm not smart enough to get curious over incoming checks for ten grand, several times a week, marked as 'miscellaneous business expenses'? I did some research. And boy, did I discover a lot about you. You are sloppy, for as rich as you are, Mr. Real World." She twirled a long thick lock of her dark hair and looked up at him again. "Now, then. You have ten minutes to kiss your little wifey and make up an excuse to leave early. I don't care how you do it, but you have exactly ten minutes. Meet me outside. Oh, and I will need your key, as well." She held her hand out, looking more and more like a black widow spinning her web.
  37. David smiled big smiles at guests who were walking by. His bride was talking to some of her old friends and their eyes met. David nodded and gave her a smile before grabbing her extended hand, dragging Jessica quickly and efficiently away from the reception hall and out into the foyer area. He closed the door, stopping the music from pouring over their conversation. "What do you want?" he asked, "No more of this bullshit, Jessica. It's my fucking wedding day. What do you want? Money?"
  39. "I want a lot of things, David. Money is one of them, yes. But it's not all of it. You will know what I fucking want when I fucking tell you and I am fucking ready!" Her voice rose just a bit as she backed him against a wall, poking her little manicured finger into his chest. "I don't care if you are getting married today or not, get it, buddy? In fact, it might even be better. Since there are so many people here that we both know, and even more than only you know, there are plenty of eyes to witness your fall if you fuck this up. Get the goddamned key in my hand - NOW. And you get out of here or so help me you will end the day wishing you were dead. Because I can ... fucking ... ruin .. you," she said, cold and deadly serious.
  41. David gulped. He'd been in business since he was eighteen years old, owned shares in own company since he was in his twenties, and never before had he felt such worry and despair as when he was looking into this teenage bitch's eyes.
  43. Without saying a word, but giving her a look that could kill, he felt in his jacket's pocket before thrusting the key in her palm and walking back into the reception area, glancing back once to watch Jessica heading for the suite.  He paused in the doorway, consumed with images of his life going down the toilet at her hand.  “How did this happen,” he groaned softly, wiping his face with his hands.  A quick glance at his watch showed him he'd been standing there thinking and seething in anger for nearly ten minutes.  He looked around quickly, saw his wife was busy thanking guests and talking to her own mother and father. David thought he would have a short while so turned back and headed over to the honeymoon suite.
  45. Upon arriving in the honeymoon suite, Jessica laughed out loud, spinning around happily for a moment. Wasting no time, she threw her bag on the bed and pulled out her "tools", a slinky little baby doll nightie that left little to the imagination and a mini-recorder she used to record boring lectures when she felt like snoozing through class rather than listen. She set the recorder on the bedside table, just behind a framed picture of David and his new wife, set out when he arranged the suite beforehand.
  47. Stripping out of her clothes, she paused and looked approvingly at herself in the huge mirror in the bathroom. Her slender body was highlighted by a nice even tan, accenting the flat stomach and high, firm C-cup breasts. She took a moment to spritz on a bit more of the sweet perfume and fluffed up her shoulder-length, thick dark brown hair. A touch of ruby lipstick and she was ready to go.
  49. She shimmied the flimsy snow-white nightie over her body and pulled on a matching thong, then poised on the edge of the bed, legs spread, leaning back on her hands. At David's perfectly timed knock, she called out, "Come in."
  51. David sighed and walked in. He thought he was going to be getting a checkbook out, writing out a check for a few grand then leaving, slightly less richer than he had entered the room, to go back to his beautiful wife and the crowds that wanted him there. Instead, as he walked in, his eyeballs nearly burst out of their sockets.
  53. "Wow! Oh, God!" he exclaimed when he first saw the vixen on the bed.  "What the fuck? What the fuck?!" David spun around quickly, to look away from her. "No, no, no. Get the fuck out. Now. I mean it. NOW!"
  55. Jessica glanced over to the recorder tucked behind the picture frame, waiting a mere second to make sure she saw the blinking red light indicating it was recording. When she saw it, she gave a nod to herself and turned back to see David's trembling back. "Nope, this is part of the deal, big guy. Come here and do exactly what I say. The quicker you do what I want, the way I want it, the faster you get to return to your slutty little wife." She smirked, knowing the comment would likely set him off, as his new bride, Diane, was known for being sickeningly sweet and pure.
  57. "My slutty little wife?" he exploded. "Do you even know what the fuck you're saying, you stupid whore? Do you, honestly? This is the real world! People don't act like this!" David put his head in his hands for a moment, took a few deep breaths then looked up at her, in a resigned fashion. He was almost broken. "What do you want?" he said, in a small voice.
  59. Jessica laughed loudly, loving the look of defeat already on his face. She lifted her hand, crooking a finger to draw him near her. "Come here. Kneel in front of me. And we will discuss my demands, David." Scooting her backside closer to the edge of the bed, she spread her legs even wider. The tiny panel of white cloth barely covered her little bald pussy, and she knew exactly how it would look from his view on his knees. "Hurry up," she snapped, as he stood there incredulously.
  61. He could tell from her tone that she wasn't joking. She had that cold, devious streak of glee in her eye, and he was in a very, very vulnerable position at the moment. If she were to scream... It didn't bare thinking about. David was going to retort but thought better of it. Instead, he walked over to the bed and knelt in front of her, shaking with anger.
  63. With her long, shapely legs parted in front of him, Jessica watched the millionaire drop to his knees, fully in the power of one young girl, and it thrilled her to the core. Reaching out with one hand to caress his cheek, she said, "First things first. I need a little motivation to get in the mood for our afternoon. And there's nothing a girl likes as much as a compliment, David. Consider this a lesson in how to treat a young lady." Her voice was condescending and sarcastic, edged with humor and cruelty. "So, you are going to read for me. I want to hear the words on the cards I will give you. And you better sound sincere or you will be very, very sorry. Do you understand? Any questions before we start?"
  65. David looked up at her with such a spiteful expression. He hated her, and yet, at the same time, seeing her in her underthings and made up in such a slutty way... Was he feeling aroused? No! Surely not! Not on his wedding day. He tried to push the now quite vivid imagery of him fucking the living shit out of the spoiled girl out of his mind, before carrying on staring. "No questions. Just hurry the fuck up."
  67. She grinned wide and reached over for her bag. Pulling out the prepared cards, she handed them over to him to read. "Just to put -you- in the proper frame of mind, I want a kiss. Here and here," she said, pointing to two spots, high up, inside each thigh. Close enough to get a scent of her perfumed body and her own undeniable excitement at the predicament she had him in. "Then read in a clear loud voice."
  69. David kisses her quickly, not lovingly or longingly. However, her combined scent of her excited pussy and perfume had his cock almost rock hard. Fuck no, he thought to himself. Be a married man. Be a good man. Don't think of her like that!
  71. He took the cards and grimaced at them. "What the fuck?" he groaned, not realizing he was probably being recorded. He looked up at Jessica but she seemed dead set on him doing as she said. "My name is David Marshall." he began, "I'm 47 years old as of a few months ago and today his my wedding day. I couldn't - oh for fuck's sake!" He swallowed his anger down, before reading the next card. "You expect me to have sex with you?" he asked her.
  73. Her hand shot out and connected with his face, hard and fast. The slapping sound all but echoed off the walls of the large suite. "SHUT UP," she growled. "Read and don't fucking add your lip into it. I am getting very impatient with all of the delays and complaining!" She stopped a moment, glaring down at him before her expression softened, a little cruel smile curling her ruby red lips up. "In fact," she cooed, "I think maybe you are just in the wrong frame of mind. Maybe being dressed appropriately would help. Stand up and strip down to your boxers or underwear or whatever it is you old men wear."
  75. David shook his head. "It's my fucking wedding day..." he kept repeating but, not wanting to anger her, as even he knew she had him over a barrel like this. He stood up and stripped out of his wedding suit quickly, leaving just his boxer shorts on. His erection had deflated as he read the words on the card and his irritation level was as high as it could possibly be.  "You want me to keep this on too?" he said, sarcastically, pointing at his new ring.
  77. With a grin, Jessica replied, "Definitely. You are a married man, you know. Only the bad ones take their rings off before fucking their new teenage mistresses." With a wink, she stood and walked up to him, eyeing his body closely. Dragging her nails across his stomach and chest, she remarked, "You know, for an old man, your body isn't half bad. In fact... I'd say you are definitely fuckable."
  79. Her hand slid down his boxer shorts without warning and encircled the base of his cock, beginning to slowly, teasingly stroke him to life. "Now. Read and let's see if your improved mood will help your oration skills."
  81. David paused for a moment, knowing he was going to get excited at her touch. Although he hated her, and hated the position he was now in, he couldn't help but want to see her reaction to his cock size. He doubted she quite knew what she had got herself into. Despite fairly good looks and not a bad body, and his brilliant business acumen, his penis was his pride and joy; circumcised, thick and eight inches in length, it was built to own pussy and assholes. David studied Jessica's face intently.
  83. Jessica stroked him and waited for the reading to begin. As her hand worked, she felt him growing and thickening in her small grip. Both brows shot upward as he attained his full length and girth, an impressive size, without question. Giving a soft whistle, Jessica stopped to pull down his boxers, letting them fall to his ankles. "Damn it, David," she said on an exhale. "I had no idea you were packing a monster like this! What a delightful surprise. I may not have to force myself to be interested in your old ass, after all." She grinned in amusement and stroked him with both hands, watching his hips move with her forceful grip.
  85. As angered as he was with the whole situation, he couldn't help but feel a little pride at what she'd said. He was nearly thirty years older and yet his old cock was probably the biggest she had ever seen or been with. His own pride was letting him now head, full throttle, towards this fall. "Is this the biggest you've encountered?" he asked, before he had even realized he was saying it.
  87. "Nope, not even close," she lied casually, dropping his cock and returning to her spot on the bed. She leaned back on her hands, spreading her legs lewdly, showing an all-too-evident wet spot in the crotch of her white thong. "Back to your knees, get to reading. Wasting time here, handsome. I bet your little bitch out there in the wedding dress is looking for you, by now."
  89. David shook his head, his anger returning. This little cunt certainly knew how to press his fucking buttons. Kneeling again, he spoke.  "My name is David Marshall. I am 47 years old as of a few months ago. Today is my wedding day. I couldn't, however, wait to sneak over her and bang the shit out of the beautiful, teenage princess that is Jessica Dawson. I have lusted after her for years, despite the fact she is a teenager - for fuck's sake - despite the fact she is a teenager, thirty years my junior and vastly out of my league."
  91. I can edit out that little slip, Jessica thought to herself. With a loud clap of her hands, she said, "Good enough! Now, I want you to stand right there and jerk off, while I watch. Until I say to stop. But... you don't get to cum. So help me God, if you let go before you are allowed, you lose the whoooooole game."
  93. Reaching down to pinch his cheek roughly, she said in a simpering, condescending voice, "And you don't want to lose, do you? No, you don't! That's a good boy!" Letting his cheek go, her cruel laughter filled the suite. Standing in front of him, her perfumed little cunt right up close to his face, she said, "Begin. I want to watch you and hear you, while I check something."
  95. She stepped away and took the recorder out, bringing it into view from behind the picture frame. Pressing the PLAY button, David listened in horror as his words were parroted back to him, damning him and sealing his fate. "Such a nice voice you have, David, my darling!" Clearing her throat, Jessica forwarded to the end of the message and pressed RECORD, speaking into the machine herself as she watched his face. Her voice was changed, dripping with gushy love.
  97. "My sweet Davey recorded this message for me to find to cheer me up on this dreadful day, when he was forced into marrying that wretched woman he doesn't even love! But it's all better now, because my darling is back in the arms of the woman he truly loves! Now, you must excuse me, as I go take care of MY man and the needs that his old bride can't possibly fill like I can!" Adding in a loud smooch to the end of the tape, she pressed STOP and smiled down to him.
  99. David wanted to throw up. Two hours ago, he was in a ceremony that he thought was going to mark the beginning of the single happiest period of his life. He thought he was ecstatic. Now, he was in his boxers, listening back to that - and he saw his world fall apart.
  101. "Give me that fucking tape," he said, in a low voice. "I want that tape now." He looked at the time, a deal needed to be struck. He'd be questioned soon and people would realize he was missing. "Look, give me the tape. I'll give you fifty grand right now. Fifty grand - the tape and you forget what you saw with Carlotti. Fifty thousand dollars!"
  103. Jessica narrowed her eyes as she stared down at him. "You and my father are worth millions. MILLIONS, you fucking twat! Do you expect me to just go away for such a measly offer? The information I have on you with your gangster 'business associate' is enough to end you financially and close your business for good.”
  105. “And this," she said, waving the tape recorder, "will end you personally and socially. I want three things and you listen very fucking well, David. First, a million dollars. One million. Not a penny less. A million bucks and it all goes away. Next, I continue to get the pathetic paycheck you give me for the rest of the year, even though I don't plan to work for you ever again. This will keep Daddy happy and in the dark. If he comes around or asks about me, you make up a reason why I am not there. Third, and last, I want insurance, for the future. In case I ever need it again. Tonight, you will be fucking me, every way I want, for as long as I want. And I plan to tape it. Those are my demands. You accept them now, or we walk out of here with your dick in my hand, right back to the reception."
  107. David looked at her for a moment. A million dollars. This fucking deal with Carlotti was going to cost him a million dollars, plus he'd carry the guilt of his infidelity around him like an albatross forever. It's not like he could even have her killed by the Mob. The effect it would have on Jessica's father would also prove to put the business in peril. Besides, he didn't want to have police, FBI and the like sniffing around his personal affairs. He could be doing some serious time if they saw the wrong thing.
  109. "You can have all your demands but not taping it. I can pay you an extra ten grand a year for salary, providing you don't tape it," he said, a broken man.
  111. "No deal," she said easily, heading for the door.
  113. "Fine, fine, fine!" he said quickly. "Fine! Don't go!"
  115. She paused, grinning to herself. "Good boy," she said sweetly, looking over at the ridiculous man with his deflated cock. The fear poured out of his body and it smelled delicious to Jessica. Moving to her bag once more, she tucked away the tape recorder carefully and took out the video camera, an expensive toy she demanded her father buy for her that she barely ever used. Fiddling with the controls a bit, she verified it was on, fully powered, and aiming for the bed. Snapping a few seconds of video, she stopped and reviewed the SD card's contents on the little viewing screen, making sure it worked perfectly, and it did. Setting it back in place, Jessica crawled up in the bed and said, "C'mere, lover..." Her cruel face was excited and thrilled with how beautifully her plan was falling into place!
  117. Look at this way, a part of him said, she's eighteen. She's bound to be tight! No matter what she says, your cock is going to fucking ruin her. Why not have some fun? It can be a final adventure before you finally settle down to married life. Before stopping himself, David looked into her cruel, gleeful eyes. "If you're costing as much as you say you are," he said coolly. "I'm going to fuck your asshole and I'm not going to wear a condom in ANY hole, so you better be on the fucking pill."
  119. A little shiver of excitement ran up her spine at his threat though she tried to hide it and remain in control of things. "Good! Makes you look all the more irresponsible for the camera. I'll make sure to have you say that again, in just a second." Grinning, Jess climbed up on the bed and laid back on the fluffy abundant pillows, spreading her legs wide, arms behind her head. "So, do you need to go let your little wifey know where you will be tonight, or shall I?"
  121. David noticed the subtle excitement that she displayed when he became a bit more dominant. Let the little brat have her fun. Maybe he could get a copy of the moment that he rammed his eight inches up her tight asshole. "How can I make an excuse?" he asked her.
  123. She shrugged. "Not my problem, but the wishy-washy bitch will probably head here when she can't find you. No doubt crying and wringing her hands in nervousness," she added with an eye roll. "Fuck it. Come here and let me see whatcha got, old man." She grinned and dropped a hand to her crotch, running her fingers over the white panel covering her wet little pussy, feeling the heat there. "And... uh, I've done anal before, sure. No big deal." She was lying and honestly, afraid of the thought of taking something as big as him for her first time, but she maintained the cool exterior.
  125. David smiled. "Bingo." he said, seeing her reaction. The bitch was lying. "Oh good," he carried on. "You won't mind when I stuff you with this then, will you?" he asked, patronizingly, pointing at his now hard, impressive and almost beautiful penis, that was pulsating and swinging prominently in front of him.
  127. Unable to resist dropping her eyes to his lap, staring at his thick cock with a worried expression, she stammered, "Y-yeah. Sure, no sweat." Adding in an exaggerated shrug, she struggled to get things back on track. "But first, you are going to get down here and smile pretty for the camera and give me a nice big kiss."
  129. Good, he thought, feeding off her fear. At least that will be sweet, making the little bitch take me to the balls in her holiest of holes. He walked over to her quickly, knowing he had to get this over with, before bending over her face and kissing her passionately and with a lot of tongue. Her lips and tongue tasted of strawberry candy.
  131. Rather enjoying the kiss, Jess let it go on for a little longer than was necessary for the sake of the camera, or so she told herself. Her hands roamed over his back and shoulders, admiring his build, even at his age. When he pulled back from the kiss, Jessica slid one hand into his hair and looked into the camera with a big smile. Pushing his face down to her chest, she arched her back up, pressing her supple flesh into his face, dragging one stiff nipple over his lips, separated by the thin material of her nightie. "Kiss me here, too. Just like you know I like it, baby..."
  133. David wasn't going to take too much more of this. Sure, she might have him by the balls, and sure, things didn't look good for him, but if they were going to fuck, it wasn't going to be solidly by her rules. He looked at her, judged for the right moment, before launching quickly at her and grabbing a handful of her silky brunette hair. He tugged on it hard, dragging her up and enjoying her squealing a lot more than he should, before bending her over his knees quickly. He looked at the camera and smiled before he began to spank her harshly, changing the power dynamics.
  135. Jessica cried out loudly at the sudden shift in things, squealing and cussing at him. "What the fuck are you DOING?!" she yelled. "Ow! That hurts, stoooooop!" She struggled mightily on his lap, her bottom already pinking up from his large hand. Try as she might, she found herself unable to get loose, overpowered by the larger man. Her squirming and struggling only served to further inflate the already rock-hard prick against her tummy, pushing proudly up against her from between his thighs, trapped as he held her in place to continue his spanking. "LET ME GO, goddammit!"
  137. David delivered one more powerful smack to her beautiful, tanned, pert backside before releasing her. He had a big grin on his face, something that physically said, "Fuck you bitch, I'm David Marshall." He saw her look of fury however, and wondered how much that spanking may have just cost him. Damn, it was hot though. Certainly something he would jerk off thinking about for years to come.
  139. She pulled away from him, seething in rage. Her teeth were actually bared as she looked at him, trembling in indignation. "NOBODY puts their fucking hands on Jessica Marie Dawson, you stupid.... stupid... old man!" The anger at having been spanked like a child left her shaking, along with the very clear realization that she might have in fact actually liked it. The soaked panties she wore certainly seemed to think she liked it, anyway. Pushing off the thought, she shoved at him, laying him back down on the bed and took several deep breaths. "I will just edit all that out of the tape. No harm done," she said, her voice trembling ever so slightly. Returning her smile for the camera, she crawled up on him and flipped her hair to the side, making sure the camera to the side could see her happy face clearly, and his. "Now, where were we, baby?" she purred, dropping her lips to his neck and nibbling along his ear.
  141. David realized what she was trying to do: make it look like this wasn't the first time they had had sex, so she could do some proper sex tape business. How could he counteract this? His mind began to buzz. If only he could get her father involved, without him knowing this was his precious daughter. The knowledge that her father had watched her being fucked like a slut, without knowing it was his beautiful daughter, would be powerful leverage back over Jessica. That would be brilliant. But how to do it?
  143. Jessica concentrated on getting him worked up, not noting the thoughtful look on his face. Her lips crawled over his mouth and face, up to his ears, kissing and nibbling and suckling at his skin. Letting her hot breath fall onto his ear, she whispered, "Put your hands on my butt. I want you to say out loud, 'Jessica, your ass always gets me so hot, baby girl. Every time I touch it, I like it more and more!' And you sound believable, too, David. Don't fuck this up."
  145. Her trying to romance him was just boiling and bubbling his more dominant side up to the surface. He would fall in line with what she said but she needed to know that this forty-seven year old guy still had some life in him. He went to put her hands on her butt, but instead grabbed her by the wrists. He registered the look of shock on her face before he dragged her up and pinned her up against the wall. Within a moment, he had her ass cheeks spread, had her hands pinned above her head, so she was extremely vulnerable, and rested his cock head against her asshole, just teasing it. "Do you dare me...?" he hissed in her ear.
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