MagiReco Another Story 6.3

Jan 28th, 2018
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  1. The Price of Magic
  3. 6.3.1
  4. [flashback to the museum]
  5. Mami: "This is who I am now..."
  6. "Miki-san, get out of my way..."
  7. "We can discuss further once I've erased them..."
  8. [fade to gray]
  9. Sayaka: *Mami-san as I met her in Kamihama was not who I remembered her being...*
  10. *And the story I heard from the Kamihama magical girls...*
  11. *"When her magic runs out, a magical girl becomes a witch."*
  12. *I still can't help but disbelieve it a little...*
  13. *With such heavy knowledge, I hurried to meet up with Madoka and Homura again.*
  14. *When I left the museum, I told them with telepathy to leave the area.*
  15. *Being that I was unfamiliar with the area, we had arranged a place to meet in case something happened...*
  16. [in the Mizuna Shrine grounds at night.]
  17. Sayaka: "Madoka! Homura!"
  18. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!"
  19. Homura: "W-where's Tomoe-san!?"
  20. [we see a white and a black Wing of Magius]
  21. white wing: "How carefree to be ignoring us!"
  22. Madoka: "Wawah!"
  23. Sayaka: "You're still...!"
  24. Madoka: "Sorry, we couldn't shake them off!"
  25. Sayaka: "...Let's retreat."
  26. Madoka: "Huh?"
  27. Homura: "B-but..."
  28. Sayaka: "Enough already, let's leave!"
  29. "We can talk about it later, please!"
  30. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan..."
  31. Homura: "O-okay..."
  32. black wing: "Where do you think you're going!?"
  33. white wing: "You won't get away so easily..."
  34. Sayaka: "...out of my way..."
  35. black wing: "What?"
  36. Sayaka: "I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
  37. [she attacks the white wing]
  38. white wing: "U-uwah!"
  39. [the white wing collapses]
  40. black wing: "Wha—! With one slash!?"
  41. Sayaka: "Haah!"
  42. black wing: "Guh!"
  43. [the black wing collapses too]
  44. Sayaka: "Let's go!"
  45. Homura: "Miki-san?!"
  46. Sayaka: "Hurry!"
  47. Madoka: "O-okay!"
  48. Homura: (Miki-san... what on earth happened?!)
  50. 6.3.2
  51. [in the shrine]
  52. Sayaka: *Recklessly pushing aside the girls who tried to stop us, we manage to escape...*
  53. *And then we ran blindly through the town.*
  54. *As if stirring up my heart which hadn't yet calmed down...*
  55. [on a boardwalk by the river]
  56. Madoka: "W-wait up! Hold on, Sayaka-chan!"
  57. Sayaka: "What is it, Madoka!?"
  58. Madoka: "pant... pant..."
  59. [she transforms back to normal]
  60. Madoka: "We're far enough away now, we should be fine..."
  61. Homura: "Y-yeah, I think so too... pant..."
  62. [Homura detransforms as well]
  63. Sayaka: "Ah..."
  64. [she does likewise]
  65. Sayaka: "O-okay..."
  66. Madoka: "sigh..."
  67. "Sayaka-chan, can you tell us now?"
  68. "What on earth happened?"
  69. Sayaka: "..."
  70. (I need to tell them... everything...)
  71. (But... how should I put it?)
  72. Homura: "Miki-san?"
  73. Sayaka: "..."
  74. (I've gotta tell them!)
  75. *I steeled my resolve, and squeezed out an explanation of everything I'd seen, partly to help myself understand what had happened.*
  76. Madoka: "..."
  77. Sayaka: "..."
  78. Homura: "..."
  79. (...This truth... Finally we've run into it...)
  80. (Kaname-san... Miki-san...)
  81. Sayaka: "Madoka... I..."
  82. Madoka: "...Am I... going to turn into a witch?"
  83. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  84. Madoka: "And... Mami-san..."
  85. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  86. Madoka: "Why!?"
  87. "Why did she have to change like that!?"
  88. "Sayaka-chan! Homura-chan!"
  89. Homura: "Kaname-san! Calm down!"
  90. Madoka: "It's too cruel... This is terrible..." [note: identical to what she says when she learns the truth in Episode 10 of the TV series]
  91. Sayaka: "It really is..."
  92. "Argh, what the hell!?"
  93. [an overlooking scene of the city]
  94. Sayaka: *No matter how loudly we yelled, our voices were just swallowed up in the jet-black sky...*
  96. 6.3.3
  97. [on the boardwalk]
  98. Sayaka: *As I had thought, telling them about Mami-san and about turning into witches gave them quite a shock...*
  99. *Finally, Homura was the first to open her mouth to speak...*
  100. Homura: "...For now, let's go back to Mitakihara, okay?"
  101. [another view of the river]
  102. Sayaka: *Madoka and I nodded wordlessly and we headed back to Mitakihara.*
  103. *On the way...*
  104. Madoka: "..."
  105. Sayaka: "..."
  106. Homura: "..."
  107. (...What should I do?)
  108. (I've walked through time in order to do something about this truth...)
  109. (But I haven't yet done anything...)
  110. (To think that this would come to light so soon...)
  111. (Kaname-san... Miki-san...)
  112. Sayaka: *Before long, as time passed...*
  113. *Fear spread inside me...*
  114. (I'm going to... become a witch...)
  115. (When my magic runs out... I'll turn into a witch!)
  116. (Even though I wished to protect everyone when I became a magical girl...)
  117. (Why... why must...)
  118. "...Why must I... become a witch!?"
  119. Homura: "Miki-san..."
  120. Sayaka: "What should I do..."
  121. "Hey, what can I do!? Madoka! Homura!"
  122. Madoka: "..."
  123. Sayaka: "What should I do now!?"
  124. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan..."
  125. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  126. Madoka: "Sorry about before."
  127. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  128. Madoka: "I yelled out before..."
  129. Sayaka: "W-well, I did too..."
  130. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan... and you too, Homura-chan..."
  131. "I've been thinking about this..."
  132. [battle]
  133. Sayaka: "Thinking?"
  134. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  135. "Even now, I'm really scared..."
  136. "If my magic runs out, I'll become a witch..."
  137. "...But just because I'm scared, I can't throw away hope..."
  138. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  139. Madoka: "If we give up here, this will be the end..."
  140. "We have to search..."
  141. "We have to find a way to avoid becoming witches!"
  142. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  143. Madoka: "It's not completely impossible, after all!"
  144. Homura: "...Yeah, that's right!"
  145. "I'm sure there's a way!"
  146. (...This is what I came here for, after all...)
  147. (In order to grasp a future full of hope!)
  148. Sayaka: "Homura..."
  149. Madoka: "We should ask Kyubey if he knows anything..."
  150. Sayaka: "Kyubey, huh..."
  151. Homura: "Maybe... Tomoe-san knows as well!?"
  152. Madoka: "Yeah, I'm sure she does! The Wings of Magius too!"
  153. "You said that Tsuruno-chan and the others were being manipulated?"
  154. Sayaka: "Yeah, they seemed brainwashed."
  155. Madoka: "I knew it... They're planning on having them do something!"
  156. Sayaka: "..."
  157. "If we look into it... we might be able to find something out!"
  158. Madoka: "That's right!"
  159. "Instead of just moping around here, let's get up and go, Sayaka-chan!"
  160. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  161. Homura: (...I knew it...)
  162. (Kaname-san is always this kind of person!)
  163. Madoka: "First, I want to meet with Mami-san and discuss!"
  164. "We've gotta turn her back to how she was before...)
  165. "Once we settle matters with Mami-san, then we'll understand more about the Wings of Magius..."
  166. "And then we may be able to get more information about transforming into witches!"
  167. Sayaka: "..."
  168. "Sounds good, Madoka!"
  169. "We need to face our fates..."
  170. "And then fight back!"
  171. *So with our nearly broken spirits stirred up once more, we returned to Mitakihara...*
  172. *And I decided to meet with someone...*
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