[SPG] Alone in the woods (CMC)

Feb 4th, 2018
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  1. > Be on a camping trip, sleeping in tent
  2. > Woken up in the middle of the night by a 3 muffled voices
  3. > "...Belle is fainting all day, we already agreed to this."
  4. > "Buf what if..."
  5. > "It's better than dying, anyways."
  6. > "Ah'm not sure about this..."
  7. > "Bloom, we all don't wanna be captured again, but what if everything will turn out like how we imagined? Just stick to the plan! Right, Sweetie Belle?"
  8. > "Uh... yeah. B-but maybe we should just go around and search again for-"
  9. > You unzip your tent and use a flashlight to look around
  10. > SC: "Gasp!"
  11. > AB: "Oh! U-h-h... H-hello? S-sorry we woke you up, mister. Can you..."
  12. > SB: "C-can you g-give us some food?"
  13. > AB: "Please? We... we're really hungry."
  14. > SC : "Yeah! Or... or else!"
  15. > SB, AB: "Gasp!"
  16. > AB: "Scootaloo! Are you crazy?!"
  17. > SC: "What? It's not like he's not alone in here! It's three of us."
  18. > AB: "B-but..."
  19. > SB: "O-o-h-h-h..."
  20. > SC: "You're alone, right?"
  21. "Uh-huh."
  22. > SC: "So, u-uh... you b-better give us your f-fmph!..."
  23. > AB: "Don't listen ta her! She's got chicken brains."
  24. > SC: "Amph mmot!"
  25. "*Snicker*
  26. > SB: "W-we're sorry, mister h-human."
  27. > AB: "Yeah, sorry..."
  28. > SB: "Can you help us? B-but don't have anything in return..."
  30. "Chicken, huh? Can you lay eggs, too?"
  31. > SC: "Uh... n-no."
  32. > AB: "Sure she can!"
  33. > SC: "Hey! Even Sweetie Belle was brave enough, you were the one who ch... chickened out to approach him!"
  34. > AB "Is not!"
  35. > SB: "Girls..."
  36. > SC: "Is too!"
  37. > AB "Is not!"
  38. > SC: "Is too-o!"
  39. > SB: "Girls!"
  40. > You shared a confused look with a white filly and got out of your tent.
  41. > AB: "Is no... huh?"
  42. "Right... girls, you keep argue inside here while I'm making you something, ok? It's cold outside."
  43. > AB: "Oh! Thank ya kindly, mister!"
  44. > SB: "Thanks..."
  45. > SC: "Oh, neat! I'm freezing!"
  46. > AB: "Don't you wanna say something too, Scoots?"
  47. > SC: "Uh... yeah, thanks, I guess."
  48. "Sure. You're not gonna assasinate me, right?"
  49. SC: "N-no... sorry."
  50. "*chuckle*"
  51. "S'alright. Get in there."
  52. > AB: "Stupi-i-id..."
  53. > She gave her friend an angry glare, before getting inside.
  55. > You listen for their muffled conversation while building a fire and heating up a soup for them. Also getting something extra from your supplies. In about half and hour you unzip the tent and look inside;
  56. > SC: "...she, like, told me, that if you stand on something to make you look bigger, you're gonna scare them away."
  57. > SB: "You sure? There's might be alot of them..."
  58. > SC: "Oh, you want to just become a snack?"
  59. > AB: "Ah don' think it's working that way. We hear howlin, we run."
  60. "You can use a repellent."
  61. > SC: Gah!
  62. > AB: "What?"
  63. "I heard you talking about snacks, so I wanted to mention that supper is ready."
  64. > SB: *squee*
  65. > SC: "More, like, breakfast. Todays or yesterdays"
  66. > AB: "Ah! I'm starvin'!"
  68. > You serve them pretty much all you had left. A three plates of meat-free soup, 4 apples sliced for 3 mouths, 3 plastic cups of orange juice and some bread.
  69. > SB: Gasp!
  70. > AB: "Whew-ee!"
  71. > SC: "Wo-o-ow! That's a lot!"
  72. "You think that's a lot?"
  73. > SC: "A ton more than from what we usually gettin'."
  74. "Usually? Why, you just walk around here, asking people for food?"
  75. > AB: "N-no, from what... our master usually gave us."
  76. > SC: "Yeah, but we're on a run now!"
  77. > SB: "Uh..."
  78. > Yellow filly facepalm... muzzle-hoofed.
  79. > AB: "Scootaloo-o..."
  80. > SC: "What? It's not like he can report... or..."
  81. > ...
  82. > SC: "R-right?"
  83. "Don't worry about it. Dig in."
  84. > To make it less awkward, you went to your van, grabbed a bottle of beer and joined their happy-muncing company.
  85. > AB: "M-m-mph! Dis gud!"
  86. > SB: "I already forgot the taste of a proper meal!"
  87. > Less than a minute later, the orange one is already lapping on the remains in her plastic plate.
  88. > SC: "Sweet! Got more?!"
  89. > AB: "Scoot... ah, forget it."
  90. "Well, I can heat it up, but there's not much left."
  91. > SB: "Please do!"
  92. > AB: "Sweeti-ie..."
  93. "Heh. Relax, sweetheart. I'm not bitin' "
  94. > You wanted to pet her mane, but she flinched, just as you raised your arm. Then immediately managed to take her previous pose and squeezed her eyes shut. Preparing...
  95. > So you abstained
  96. "R-right. So, let's adress the elephant in the room, shall we?"
  97. > SB: "There's elephants in here?"
  98. "No, like... Girls, while I'm making it, don't you mind telling how you end up all by yourselves in the wild woods?"
  99. > ...
  100. "Girls?"
  101. > SC: "Y-yeah, about that..."
  102. > AB: "We kinda... ran away."
  103. "I can see that. From where?"
  104. > SC: "Well, we were in one place, then..."
  105. > AB: "...our owned said that we're gonna move."
  106. > SC: "He's a total crud!"
  107. > AB: "Scootaloo!"
  108. > SC: "He is! Forcin' us to work really hard day and night for a piece of a stale carrot! Then just taking us on a back seat and drivin' somewhere, no wonder we escaped. He could at least tie us up, but he wasn't that smart."
  109. > AB: "Yea-ah, we GLAD he didn't, right?"
  110. > SB: "Totally. I hated that place."
  111. > SC: "Oh, please, Sweetie. While we were working all day under a blazin' sun, he could take you sometimes, where-"
  112. > SB: "Don't!..."
  113. > ...
  114. > SB: "Bring that up..."
  115. > SC: "Uh, c'mon. Are you jus' gonna weep all day again? What's the deal? What he made you do, Sweetie?"
  116. > SB: "I don't... want to talk about it." - she said between sobs.
  117. > Yellow filly sits closer to comfort her friend. Gosh, that hurts so much.
  118. > SC: "S-sorry, Sweetie Belle. So, we waited until there wasn't anyone around and told him that Sweetie needed to go to the toilet, and when he opens the door, Applebloom and I bucked him right in the face! While Sweetie took his remote away. And when he came to himself, we were already hundred meters away! No way he could catch up!" - she explained proudly.
  119. "Heh, wow. Nice job, girls."
  120. > AB: "Aren't ya mad at us?"
  121. "For what?"
  122. > AB: "For bucking him, and escapin, and... disobeyin'."
  124. "Pf-ft, come one. Why would I? Like, he probably deserves far worse than that. I would do the same if I was... no, sorry. I have no idea what you've been through."
  125. > SB: "Are you g-gonna tell anyone about us?"
  126. "Not one soul."
  127. > SB: "Y-you do?..."
  128. > AB: "Now, now, Sweetie Belle, hush. He's a nice hooman. He's not gonna tell anyone. He's not gonna do anythi-"
  129. > SB: "W-wait!" - she suddenly look terrified - "Wha... what do you want in return? What do you want us to do?"
  130. "... I'm not asking for anything and I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm not gonna do anything that your... that this bastard was doing to you, I swear."
  131. > AB: "T-thank ya so much, mister hooman.'
  132. > SB: "Mm-hm."
  133. "Name's Anon.'
  134. > AB: "Ah... Ah-non."
  135. > SC: "Uh-huh, right. Can you prove it? Can you give us your remote?"
  136. "My remote? What remote?"
  137. > SC: "Ha! You think we haven't noticed? This one in your pocket! You can shock us at any moment!"
  138. > You stand and slapped yourself on the front and back pockets, taking out your shitty smartphone from the only pocket on your back.
  139. "Ha! This one? It's my phone! This thing that we usually talk to. I can't shock you with it, I... don't have the right app installed, anyways. But if you don't believe me, here..."
  140. > You said, taking out your sim card.
  141. "See? I'm braking it"
  142. > And threw it into a random direction. 
  143. > Well, you wanted to get rid of that laggy piece of trash anyways.
  144. "Here we go."
  146. > While Sweetie and Applebloom is staring at you with wide eyes, Scootaloo is still giving you that Dreamworks face.
  147. > SC: "Uh-huh, su-u-ure, but why? Why are you so nice to us all of sudden?"
  148. "All of sudden? I... uh. Look, I'm not gonna leave a homeless kids in trouble, Scoots. And besides, not every human is bad. Not like I'm defending it, but... I bet there's a lot of scums in pony race too, right?"
  149. > SC: "Ok, I guess... ...Ha! Now see, girls? What I told ya? My plan worked! We all fed and warmed. And besides, we always can run away from anyo...o-owo-wo-wow! Ow! Heh-heh... Hey!"
  150. "Plan, huh? Are you really sure about that, missy?
  151. > You said, pincing her ear.
  152. > SC: "Heh.. very sure!" - she said, trying to push you away with her skinny hoofs. - "As sure as I'll ever be!"
  153. "Brat."
  154. > SC: "Weirdo."
  155. > AB: "Stop!! Hey!"
  156. > Scotaloo jumped in place, while you immediately raised your arms in defense..
  157. > SC: "Uh... wow, Applebloom. It's not like we-"
  158. > AB: "No! Be quiet for a sec! Wait..."
  159. > ...
  160. > AB: "Can you... c-can you hear that?"
  161. > SC: "Hear what?"
  162. > AB: "The howling! I told ya I heard them today!"
  163. > SB: "Uh-oh... I..."
  164. > ...
  165. > SB: "I think I heard them, too."
  166. "Hm-m. You don't see them often in this area, but they're still here."
  167. > SC: "Oh..."
  168. > ...
  169. "Anyway, I think your food is ready."
  170. > AB: "Oh-h-h no, no, no! What are we gonna do? No time fer food! Girls, quick! We need tuh-'
  171. > SC: "Applebloom...'
  172. > AB: "What? ... Oh, right. A-ahnon, we... really appreciate for all that you-"
  173. > SC: "Applebloom!'
  174. > AB: "What?!"
  175. > She gave her a tired look and poked your rib with her shoulder.
  176. "Sigh... Applebloom... Sweetie Belle... Scootaloo... don't you wanna-"
  177. > SC: "O-o-oh, we'd love to, Anon! That's so-o-o-o kind of you! And stuff. Bleh! Now, problem solved! Back to eatin'! Gimme, gimme, gimme!""
  178. > SB: "Me too!"
  179. > AB: "I... huh?"
  180. > SC: "Meh three, ya'll!" - Scootaloo parodied, shaking Applebloom's head with her hooves.
  181. > SB: "I think it's a good idea too, Applebloom. We should spend the night in Anon's tent."
  182. > AB: "Are ya really gonna do that for us?"
  183. "I'll... think about it."
  184. > *poke*
  185. "Ow!"
  186. > AB: "Ah... ah dunno what tuh say. Ya saved our lives, Ah-non."
  187. "Probably"
  188. > SC: "Possibly."
  189. > SB: "Take your plate, Bloom."
  190. "Yeah, you all said enough, girls. And I'm glad that we met, too."
  191. > AB: "You glad? Why?"
  192. "Don't talk with your mouth full, Applebloom."
  193. > AB: "My moumm-p-h?" - she started, when you showed your Snickers in her muzzle. 
  194. > AB: "M-m-h, dats deliphos! Wfat ish it?"
  195. "Candy for the desert."
  196. > SC: "C-c-candy!"
  197. "Found it in my pocket just one minute ago. Divide it by three."
  198. > AB: "Aw-w!"
  199. > SC: "Hey! Gimme that!"
  201. ...
  203. > *awo-o-o!*
  204. > Laying in your tent with a three quietly snoring fillies under the blanked snuggling for warmth, you lost in thoughts. What are you gonna do tomorrow? Will they choose to follow you, or are they still gonna choose to live here? What if authorities will track them, and what would happen if you try to take their collars off? And probably you're thinking too loud, because suddenly there's some uncomfortable stirring around your right arm and chest.
  205. "And who's not sleeping here?" - you whisper to the moving pillow.
  206. > "S-sorry, Anon. I'm worried."
  207. "Don't be. I can scare the wolves away."
  208. > "No, I... are you gonna be in trouble because of us? What if someone will find us here?"
  209. "Don't think about it, Sweetie Belle. We'll make it through."
  210. > "O-ok..."
  211. > ...
  212. > "And... about Scoots. Don't be mad at her, she's really angry at... well, that thing that happened."
  213. "Humans."
  214. > "... Sigh... yeah. She always protects us at all cost and often getting punished. They both protect me the most, actually. But still..."
  215. "I can see that, it's alright. I'll make sure that her courage won't go to waste."
  216. > "Oh..."
  217. > ...
  218. > "Does... does it mean that you're our master now?"
  219. > ...
  220. "Sweetie Belle."
  221. > "Hm-m?"
  222. "Do you want to be my friend?"
  223. > "Y-your..."
  224. "Because I'd really love to be yours."
  225. > "Of course I'll be! You are the best human I know! I've never though that someone-"
  226. " Sh-h-h!"
  227. > "Oh... right."
  228. "See? Then it settled. Thank you, Sweetie."
  229. > She looks in your eyes, wearing a huge smile on her face, and boops your nose.
  230. > "Friend..."
  232. > Waking up the next day, you feel very refreshed and ready to start a new day.
  233. > God bless the summer vacations.
  234. > Except... what's that smell?
  235. > "Tell her, Sweetie Belle, I saw it first!"
  236. > "No, ah am!"
  237. > "You both did!"
  238. > Oh, right... and alarm clock is still off, might be still early. What time is it, even?
  239. > ...
  240. > Oh, right...
  241. > "Ah saw first!"
  242. > "Is not!"
  243. > "Is too!"
  244. > Quietly, you start putting on your clothes and comb oneself. And then you scoot out of your tent and creep up to them from behind
  245. > SC: "Is not!"
  246. > AB: "Is too!"
  247. > SC: "Is not!"
  248. "No, I am!"
  249. > SC, AB, SB: "Ga-ah!"
  250. > SB: Hiccup!
  251. "Whoa! Sorry, girls. Good morning."
  252. > AB: "Oh! G'mornin', Ah-non!"
  253. > SC: "Hey, you sneak."
  254. > SB: "Good *hiccup* morning."
  255. "Whatcha crowing about?"
  256. > SC: "Oh, I found this-"
  257. > AB: "Ah found it!"
  258. > SC: "...found this candy in your trunk. Can we have it?"
  259. "What? What cand... oh."
  260. > SC: "I bet it taste like mint!"
  261. > AB: "Nuh-huh! Ah bet it's milky!"
  262. > SC: "It's mint, silly, it even smells like mint!"
  263. > AB: "So what? It's white, too. What does it taste like, Ah-non?"
  264. > SB: Hiccup!
  265. "It... it taste like stupid, I guess."
  266. > AB, SC: "Stupid?!"
  267. "Uh-huh. Literally."
  268. > SC: "H-h-m-m... oh! Like that time when Sweetie ate those weird mushroom on the second day!"
  269. > SB: "Can you NOT- *Hiccup!* bring..."
  270. > AB: "Ah, yeah! She was pretty stupid, alright."
  271. > SC: "For the whole day."
  272. > AB: "And then vomits everywhere the next mornin' "
  273. > SB: "I told you I don't even remember eating it!"
  274. > SC: "How can you?"
  275. > SB: "I don't know!"
  276. "Girls, it's not a candy. It's for washing."
  277. > SC, AB: "Washing?!"
  278. > SB: "How... how do you even- *Hiccup!* wash with that thing?"
  279. > AB: "Is it a sponge?"
  280. "No, it's like... a washing powder. Don't try to eat, don't even lick it. It's dangerous."
  281. > The trio locked their eyes on a mysterious object again, carefully inspecting it.
  282. > SC: "Hm-m, strange."
  283. > SB: "Hm-m-m-*Hiccup*-m-m..."
  284. > AB: "Is it?"
  285. > SC: "Definitely looks like a candy to me!"
  286. > SB: "It sure is!"
  287. "Let's... let's just leave this thing alone, ok?"
  288. > You said, tossing the pod back inside.
  289. > SC: "Tricky Anon wants all the candies for himself."
  290. "Uh-huh, you got me. How did it even get there?"
  291. > AB: "Darn it... do ya have anything left?"
  292. "Uh... yeah, this brings the next question. I would give you all the sweets you want, but only if I could. I'm afraid you ate everything yesterday, and all we have have left is water."
  293. > AB: "Oh..."
  294. > SC: "Yeah, so..."
  295. > And again you have that disturbing feeling, when you decide to get drunk with your friends and sing in karaoke bar, then you forget all the lyrics from your song somehow and make yourself look like a complete idiot in front of many people.
  296. > Just the other night you had the right words, now you can't remember anything.
  297. > You sit down on a nearby stump and rubbed your temples, trying to gather your thoughts.
  298. "M-m-p-h..."
  299. > SC: "U-uh..."
  300. > SB: "You ok, Anon?"
  301. "Of course I am. How are you feeling?"
  302. > AB: "Me fine, ah guess."
  303. > SB: "Better than ever!"
  304. > SC: "Yeah, whatever..."
  305. "I'm glad. Now, girls, hear me out. I don't consider ponies guilty for what has happened to the humans behind the portal. Many people do. My mom, my dad, my sister, many of my friends was in Equestria when the spell was casted. I'm all by myself now, just like you-"
  306. > AB, SB: "Aw-w-w!"
  307. "Yeah... thanks. And you are all intelligent. Pony is a person, not a slave, you hear? You don't have to serve, you don't have to obey. And don't let anyone make you think the other way."
  308. > Scootaloo averted her gaze, while the other ones were paying close attention to what you were saying.
  309. "We know each other for not too long, but it doesn't matter. I won't forgive myself if anything bad will happen to you in here. You are still kids, and you're just too innocent. And you need someone to take care of you, and so... I do. I do care about you. About you all, ponies. I want you to be happy. You too, Scootaloo."
  310. > SC: "Hey!"
  311. > So, guess this is it.
  312. "Sorry. So, will you all come with me?"
  313. > SC: "This is hard to-"
  314. > AB: "Uh-huh!"
  315. > SB: "Yeah! Don't worry, Scoots! He's our friend!" - she said, jumping in your embrace. And you hugged back.
  316. > SC: "Human friend?!"
  317. > SB: "Yup!
  318. > SC: "How can a human be our friend?!"
  319. > SB: "It's..."
  320. "It's because I can."
  321. > AB: "Uh-huh, so... where are we headin'?"
  322. > SC: "Not so fast, crusaders. How can we know if he's not lying?"
  323. > 'Crusaders'?
  324. "Oh. And how can YOU know if our bloodthirsty friends is not hiding in the bushes right now?"
  325. > SB: "You can't! Or you wanna use your method, Scoots?"
  326. > SC: "M-my? I... maybe not..."
  327. > SB: "Sure you can't! It's silly!"
  328. > AB: "Very silly!"
  329. > SC: "Oh! You had something better in mind?"
  330. > SB: "I have someONE better! He can protect us from them! Cause... it's... cause he's strong!"
  331. > AB: "And big!"
  332. "...it's repellent..."
  333. > SC: "And... and scary!"
  334. "Hey!"
  335. > "So, are you gonna take us to your home?" - Sweetie Belle asked, getting off from your lap and excitedly jumping in place. - "Will you, will you?!"
  336. "Uh... yes... and no."
  337. > SC: "Huh?!"
  338. > AB: "Yes and no?"
  339. > SB: "Are we gonna live in the backyard again?..."
  340. "No, of course not, Sweetie. Listen..."
  342. "Back then, I was living with my family at the farm, which is... not that far away from here. They were just a regular rednecks. Not much money, not many people around to talk to. Even the nearby school was many kilometers away, and me and my sister had to wake up really early to-"
  343. > SC: "You mean, you had your school Celestia knows where and you still were attending?"
  344. "Of course, never been late once. Why?"
  345. > SC: "I dunno. We had our school nearby and I haven't been really happy going there every single day."
  346. > SB: "We had weekends, you Dodo. Do humans have weekends?"
  347. > AB: "Ah miss school..."
  348. "Yeah, we have. Everyone needs an education, Scoots. To at least know the basics."
  349. > SC: "Pf-f-ft! I know the basics!"
  350. "Okay, 210 minus 61?"
  351. > AB: "Oh! O-o-oh, oh! Ah know! It's... u-uh..."
  352. > SC: "Whatever. Have you finished the school?'
  353. " Uh... yeah, of course."
  354. > SC: "And do you feel any smarter?"
  355. "I guess. I don't know... maybe. Look, that's not the point here."
  356. > AB: "One hundred! And, um-m... f-f-i-f... no..."
  357. "Fast forward, we went to Equestria to look for a better life. And when all that happened, I was in the middle of an exam in University, which I had to quit afterwards. And then to find some kind of a half-decent job. And sell everything that we had left on a farm, all of our things is still left somewhere in Equestia."
  358. > SB: "Aw-w, poor Anon! I'm so-o sorry. There!" - she said, petting your knee with her hoof. In response, you bend forward and scratched behind her ear, giving her a wink.
  359. "I't fine, Sweetie. Thank you. I'm fine."
  360. > SC: "Yeah, that sucks... I guess."
  361. "Oh, uh... wow, Scoots. Thanks you too."
  362. > SC: "Don't get... whatever."
  363. "Ok. So, I'm renting an apartment now, which is really close to my job. And the problem is-"
  364. > AB: "149! Number is one hundred an' forty-nine!"
  365. > ...
  366. "Sigh... that is correct, Applebloom. Good job."
  367. > AB: "Ya-ay!"
  369. > AB: "...uh?"
  370. > It was enough to give a quick thumbs-up to make her slightly flinch. Guess they really had it hard, afterall. And she doesn't even know what that means. So you made a mental note for no more sudden moves.
  371. "That means... "good job!". As... well. Yeah."
  372. > AB: "O-ok."
  373. > SC: "Wow, AB. What's with the shaking?"
  374. > AB: "Ah wasn't shakin'!"
  375. > SB: "You kinda did."
  376. > SC: "Yeah, you almost jumped! Are you a scaredy cat?"
  377. > AB: "Ah'm n-not!"
  378. "Hey..."
  379. > SC: "Or do I have to say... a chick-ken!?"
  380. > AB: "It's not cause ah'm afraid! It's cuz... c-cuz..."
  381. > SC: *Giggle*
  382. > SB: "Take it easy, Applebloom."
  383. > SC: "Yeah! Or do we need to hold you in place? Bok-bok-bok-"
  384. "Hey, stop that!"
  385. > SC: "Wha-...?!"
  386. "It's not her fault, okay? I think you're old enough to understand it. Don't..."
  387. > Jeez, what are you even doing? You started gaining their trust, now you just gonna scare them away? It's probably not even a big deal, they're more likely know each other for a long time."
  388. "...sorry, but don't pick on her like that. It's different, girls. It's not fair."
  389. > AB: Sniff... "It... it is."
  390. > SB: "I wasn't picking on her, she did!"
  391. "And why are you saying that, Belle? What's good in that? She's your friend, too."
  392. > SB: "I..."
  393. > You switched your attention back to Scootaloo.
  394. "Now apologise."
  395. > SC: "Hey, you... you don't need to remind me that! Now, come here..." - she said and approached her friend, hugging her sad statue from behind.
  396. > AB: "...huh?"
  397. > SC: "I won't... do that again, Bloom. I care about you. I wasn't thi... I'm... I'm sorry."
  398. > AB: "Yer do?"
  399. > SB: "Aw-w, I'm sorry too, Applebloom!" - she said, joining them and hugging both from the side - "And you, Scootaloo. You always defend me from anything and that's how I repay you... I'm so dumb."
  400. > SC: "You're not dumb, Belle... well, maybe a little. But I love you two no matter what would happen!"
  401. > AB: "Yer always g'na be mah best friends, crusaders!"
  402. > AB, SC, AB: "A-a-w-w-w-w!"
  403. > You had to avert your gaze, because you can't stop grinning like a retard.
  404. "Well, I'm happy that you understood each other. Well done."
  405. > SB: "Thanks, Anon!"
  406. "It's Anonymous. Charmed."
  407. > SC: "A who now?"
  408. > AB: "Ah... Ah-no... me-e... moose?"
  409. "A-no-ny-mouse."
  410. > AB: "Ah...non... memos?"
  411. "*Snicker*
  412. "A-na-ni."
  413. > AB: "Na-ni?!"
  414. "You are already... good at that."
  415. > AB: "O-ok. Ah'm glad we have ya, Ah-nanimoose!"
  416. > SB: "Yeah! Someone had to stop-"
  417. > SC: "...Wha-wha, w-what happened next, Anon? What did you do? What's with your home? Tell us!"
  418. "Heh... and who's tricky now?"
  419. > SC: "W-what do you mean?"
  420. "Nothing much. Now where was I? The apartment that I'm renting, it's pretty-"
  421. > AB: "Wait, what ah-partment?"
  422. > SC: "Have you been listening, Applebloom?"
  423. > AB: "Oh. Ah... ah guess not. Sorry. Repeat the last part?"
  424. > SB: "It's not like you. You always listen to everything that miss Cherilee is saying, not like me."
  425. > SC: "Well, it's not like he's a teacher."
  426. > SB: "Sure, but... we have to learn a lot from him about his world. We need to know what to do and... how to do stuff."
  427. > SC: "Yeah, what you can eat here and what you can not, for example."
  428. > Sweetie shared an angry glare with her, then immediately hugs her again with a big smile on her face. Which made Applebloom happily giggling.
  429. > AH: "Will ya teach us?"
  430. > With that, you stand upright and stretched all your limbs, patting the dust away from your bottom.
  431. "M-m-mph! Sure! Sure I will. But lets discuss it later, I still need to wrap my head around all of it and think on what is better to do next."
  432. > SC: "You don't have a plan?"
  433. "I have a plan. I just need to improve it. Now, lets wrap this mess up. While I'm packing out tent, please pick anything you can see and throw it into a pile, so I can load it later in the trunk."
  434. > Getting the blanket out and packing, folding and rolling up the fly, you put it all together, until it can fit your bag.
  435. > While doing so, the three little fillies were busy running around and grabbing everything they could find. Holding the soup pot and by themselves and even rolling the rocks in one place. They are really trying to be helpful. In fact, too helpful.
  436. "Hey! Don't try to lift it, I can do this myself. You'll damage your teeth!"
  437. > AB: "Ef pfine!"
  438. "No, it's not. Lemme-"
  439. > You said, taking the pot from their grip and lifting it up
  440. "I wanted to wash it first... but whatever."
  441. > SB: "Aw-w, but we can carry it!"
  442. > SC: "Yeah. You wanna get a rupture, gramps?"
  443. > Owch
  444. "Oh. You wanna see a dentist, then?"
  445. > SB: Gasp!
  446. > AB: "No! Nuh-uh, no!"
  447. > SC: "Aw, pf-f! Relax, girls! We don't need one, cause we're not eating any sweets!"
  448. "Eating sweets is not the only reason why your teeth hurt, Scoots."
  449. > You said, loading everything in the car trunk.
  450. > SC: "My teeth don’t hurt!"
  451. "I didn't mean-"
  452. > SB: "Huh? But you said-"
  453. > SC: "It's not!... Not anymore, heh."
  454. "Gotcha. I'll keep that in mind."
  455. > SC: "Aw-w, rats!" - she said, stomping her hoof on the ground.
  456. "Don't worry. And while we at it, you all need more than that. A dentist, therapist, a... a filly doctor. And analyzes-"
  457. > Poor kids. They can't be checked without the documents, which you can't get legally
  458. > SC, AB, SB: "Aw-w-w!"
  459. > SB: "But why?!"
  460. "Because I want you to be healthy, Sweetie."
  461. > SC: "That's what they always say. You don't need to do that adult stuff all the time, you know." - she said and blew raspberry.
  462. "I need, because I AM an adult here... well, almost. And you should listen to me."
  463. > SC: " 'Almost'? "
  464. "You DID call me a gramps, you know."
  465. > AB, SB: "Almost?!"
  466. > AB: "How old are ya, Ah-nanimoose?"
  467. "Well, if you were listening..."
  468. > AB: "Aw..."
  469. "Then you'll know that I just got in the University before the genocide. I'm turning 20 the next winter."
  470. > AB: "Oh."
  471. > SB: "You're only 19?"
  472. "Not that far away from you all, huh? And "only" 19? You think I'm an old stump too, girl?"
  473. > You said, closing the distance between you two with one jump, grabbing her by the waist and tickling her chest and belly.
  474. > SB: "N-no! He-he, I-I'm n-no-ah-ha-ha-t!"
  475. "Are you really sure about that?!"
  476. > SB: "Ye-he-heah! Aha! StO-Op it!" - she squeaked.
  477. "Not until you'll learn your lesson!"
  478. > SB: "I've learn... a-ha-ha!"
  479. > SC: "Eu-u-gh! Yeah, stop it. You're scaring Bloom again."
  480. "Whoa, right. U-uhm..."
  481. > AB: "He's no-ot!"
  482. > SC: "He totally did!"
  483. > AB: "Nuh-huh!" - she said, approaching you and started rubbing her cheek on your shoulder.
  484. "Oh hey there, kitty."
  485. > AB: "See?"
  486. > She just rolled her eyes and turned away, while you hugged both fillies to your chest, giggling like an idiot.
  487. > SC: "Yeah, you right. You're not that mature at all."
  488. > In response you sighed, scratching behind Applebloom's ear and frizzling Sweetie's mane.
  489. "Best I can do..."
  490. > AB: "Why are yal still so grumpy, Scoots?"
  491. > SB: "Yeah! Come join us!"
  492. > SC: "Your tiny human lover club? Pf-f-t, no way!" - she said, still facing away.
  493. > And what she didn't notice is a big shadow approaching her figure. And within a few seconds, she already pressed to the ground.
  494. > SC: "Ah! Hey!! What's the big idea?!"
  495. > SB: Giggle
  496. > AB: "Got her!"
  497. "Well, that was easy."
  498. > SC: "Get off me, you creep!"
  499. "I've brainwashed your friends, Scoots. Nopony can help you now."
  500. > SB: "Huh?"
  501. > AB: "Oh no! What we'r g'na do?" - she snickered
  502. > SB: "Oh!"
  503. > SC: "What, what... just buck him!"
  504. "Ai-yai-yai. And what are YOU gonna do? Bite me?"
  505. > And seems she’s got that idea, but you were faster to pull your hand away.
  506. “Well, you tried.”
  507. > SC: “I swear, when I’m gon… mmph!”
  508. {Tickling intensifies}
  509. “You don’t have to fight it, filly.”
  510. > SC: “Let me… m-mf… I… c-can’t breath! You’re suffoca-ha-he-ting me!”
  511. “Uh-huh.”
  512. > SC: “Aha.. a-a-ah! Girls! Help!”
  513. “But I’m not even holding you!”
  514. > SC: “Ah… huh?”
  515. > She were slowly to realise. Immediately getting out from your knees, she raised her leg, ready to buck you in the chest.
  516. > Then she looked back, giving you an angry glare. And jumped away.
  517. > SC: “Hm-m-ph!”
  518. “Sorry, Scoots. You’re not mad, are you?”
  519. > SC: “Whatever!”
  520. “Alrighty, then.”
  521. > Standing up you pat your pants, shaking off all the dust and dirt. Then you approached your car and opened the rear door.
  522. “Ok, get in. More stories on the way. We’re got a lot of stuff to do today.”
  524. > Praying to god that there will be no one on the way back, you got on the road and start driving to your old farm, while paying half the attention to the chatting little fillies on the backseat.
  525. > AB: "Ah spy with mah lil' eye somethin'... uh, somethin' blue!"
  526. > SB: "Um-m-m..."
  527. > SC: "She-esh, I wonder what that is."
  528. > SB: "Blue-blue..."
  529. "Uh, sky?"
  530. > AB: "Yeah! Yeah, it is!"
  531. > SB: "Oh! Of course!"
  532. > SC: "Hey, you're not playing!" - she said, bumping the back of your seat with her hooves.
  533. "H-heh, hey, I'm just helping."
  534. > SB: "Yeah, Scoots, that's what I was gonna say, anyway."
  535. > SC: "Uh-huh, you would've never figured out on your own."
  536. > SB: "Hm-mph! It's just... the sky was more blu-er back at home!"
  537. > AB: "That's not a word!"
  538. > SC: "Sure. B'sides, he's too big to play it."
  539. "Says who?"
  540. > AB: "Dis game is not only for foals, ya silly."
  541. > SC: "Yeah? Says who?"
  542. "I say. I spy with my little eye... something green. Scoots?"
  543. > SC: "Pf-ft, really now? What is it, like, Trees? Grass?"
  544. "Well, that would be too easy."
  545. > SC: "What? What else, then?"
  546. "Dunno, keep lookin' "
  547. > SC: "Um-m..."
  548. > ...
  549. > AB: "B-bushes?"
  550. "Nah."
  551. > SC: "Aw-w, come one! You made it up! What is it?"
  552. "It's, um... Sweetie's eyes."
  553. > SC: "Pf-f, really?"
  554. > SB: *Gasp!* You remember the color on my eyes, Anon?!" - she squeaked.
  555. "Yeah, I happened to."
  556. > AB: "O-o-oh-h-h!"
  557. > SC: "Ew-w!"
  558. > SB: "Aw, stop it, girls!"
  559. > SC: "Tell that to Bloom."
  560. > AB: "Yer r'ly good at dis game, Ay-non. Ah spy-"
  561. > SB: "But it's not your turn!'
  562. > AB: "Oh! Sorry."
  563. > SC: "Uh-huh, let me try." - she said, licking her lips - "I spy... something red! No, brown... and old! And wooden. And... and all squeared."
  564. > AB: "Wooden?! And old?!"
  565. > SB: "What is it?!"
  566. "You're not gonna make it harder by describing it more, Scoots."
  567. > SC: "Oh, yeah? And what is it, genious?"
  568. "How about that building?"
  569. > You said, pointing at your old farm.
  570. > SC: "Aw-w, rats!"
  571. > AB: "Whoa! It IS made of wood! And red."
  572. > SC: "Nuh-huh, it's brown!"
  573. > AB: "It's red!"
  574. > SC: "Are you color blind? Tell her, Sweetie Belle!"
  575. > SB: "It's, uh..." - she said, standing on her seat and supporting her weight by grabbing the two front seats and pressing her head in between. - "It's something... in the middle?"
  576. "Heh, maybe it is. Good job, Sweetie."
  577. > You said, patting and scratching her neck, while she leans closer in response.
  578. "But I'm not completely sure, gotta take a closer look. Wait here..."
  579. > Driving off the road and closer to your home, you turn off the engine and hop off from your seat.
  580. > SB: "H-h-hey! Where are you gOing?"
  581. "I'll be right back, you big squeaky toy. Don't worry, ok?"
  582. > Waving back, you rushed to your farm and picked the old keys. Unlocking the old rusty locker, you grab the empty fruit basket, then run to the apple trees, collecting every fruit and tossing away the rotten ones.
  583. > You dump everything in dishwasher and sprinted back to your garage, looking for the dad's chain cutter.
  584. > Interrupting their conversation again, you throw the basket full of apples in between them and started the engine.
  585. > AB: "Whoa! Apples!"
  586. > SB: "Ya-ay!"
  587. "Girls, you haven't seen any cars passing by, have you?"
  588. > AB: "Nope! You, Scoots?"
  589. > SC: "Not rel-"
  590. "Good! Now sit tight, we're starting."
  591. > You hear them shout is unison, as you press the pedal down and rushed back to the road.
  592. > SC: "H-hey, are we being chased or something?"
  593. "Not likely, not now. But you can't deny that."
  594. > SB: "W-what?"
  595. > SC: "Why are we going back?! Are you gonna drop us there?!"
  596. > AB: "Ah-nyon, are ya serious?"
  597. "Yes, we can't stay here for too long. Listen, we have... we need to take your collars off. They have a GPS... from time to time they're sending your location go the govermen... uh..."
  598. > AB: "They're what now?"
  599. "Your collars is telling to your previous owner where you at. It's... like a weird human magic."
  600. > SB: "Oh no!"
  601. > SC: "A-are you kidding?!"
  602. "No, I'm not. If they're gonna tell him about this place, then he'll start searching for you in here. I need to take you back and... DUCK!"
  603. > You commanded, driving past the other car.
  604. " ...ok. We need to go back somewhere where I first saw you. And I'm NOT abandoning you all, Scootaloo. I would never. Everything is going to be okay, you just need to do what I say. You hear me, girls?"
  605. > AB, SB, SC: "Yeah!"
  606. > SB: "Will do!"
  607. "Good. Now keep eyes on the road and duck your heads when you see the other drivers. We sure don't want the other humans to know that I have you in my car right now."
  608. > AB: "Wer' sure don't!"
  609. > SC: "Sure. Can I has some apples now?"
  610. "Not while you're in the car, I don't want yo to choke on it. Just... wait a little bot longer and I'll give you more.
  611. > A few minutes of a bumpy ride later, you saw a familiar hill and slowed down the engine.
  612. > AB: "Oh! Ah think it's here, Ah-non!"
  613. > SB: "It is?"
  614. > SC: "He knows, Applebloom."
  615. "Yeah, just a little bit further. But don't keep your heads too high, we're not quite there yet."
  616. > SC: "Sure. But how are you gonna take... *chew* our-"
  617. "Hey, what did I tell ya?"
  618. > You said, turning around and exchanging an angry glares with her, while the other two had an apples in their grip, too. And giving you an apologetic look.
  619. "Jee, can't you wait just a little longer? I don't want it to stuck in your throat."
  620. > You said, frizzling Scootaloo's mane, while avoiding being bitten.
  621. > SC: "H-hey!"
  622. "Hush."
  623. > Then changed your attention back to the road.
  624. > SB: "S-sorry, Anon."
  625. > SC: "We're. Hungry."
  626. "Uh-huh, so am I. Spit it out."
  627. > You can hear her blewing a raspberry in response.
  628. > AB: "Oh! Wait, ya haven't been eating anythin'? Anythin' at all?"
  629. "Well, last time yesterday in the morning, I think."
  630. > AB: "Oh..."
  631. > SB: "Aw-w, don't worry, I will save you some!"
  632. > AB: "Y-yeah, me too!"
  633. "Ha-ha!"
  634. > AB: "Will ya, Scoots?"
  635. > SC: Pf-f-ft!
  636. "Hey, don't worry about me, I'll sure manage. I want you all fed and h-"
  637. > SC: "Yeah, this is stupid."
  638. "...u-uh-huh, thank you, girls, don't worry. Scootaloo will share."
  639. > You said, parking around the high trees and turning off the engine.
  640. "Ok, If you want all of them to yourself, then don't throw them on the back of my head while I'm driving."
  641. > SC: "Don't worry, it was a leftover."
  642. "Uh... ew."
  643. > SB: "Scootaloo, why-y..."
  644. > SC: "What?"
  645. > AB: "Why won't ya eat the whole thing?"
  646. > SC: "Ah... not used to."
  647. "Uh, o-ok, then."
  648. > You said, opening the door, then the rear ones. And grabbing the chain cutter from the trunk on the way, giving it a test snap, then approaching the Orange filly from behind while she was stretching her muscles.
  649. > You grab her by the collar and shove the instument in her face with the best disney villain expression that you can manage.
  650. "You will be. First."
  651. > The other filles look worried, when you shove it between her neck and collar, and only... being met by the bored look on her smugly face.
  652. "This might hurt. Maybe a bit."
  653. > SB: "A-anon!"
  654. > SC: "Get on with it already."
  655. "Fine, then."
  656. > AB: "Will ya be-"
  657. > Snap!
  658. > AB: "...c-careful?"
  659. "Dunno. How was it?"
  660. > They all look worried, as Scotaloo squezed her eyes shut.
  661. > SC: "O-o-w-w..."
  662. > SB: "Oh no!"
  663. "Hey, you ok?"
  664. > You asked, getting on the knees and placing your hand on her shoulder.
  665. > SC: "M-m-f, I'm fi-ine, it just... stings a little. Like being zapped, but just for a moment."
  666. > AB: "Oh..."
  667. "Alright, then. But that was a little payoff for being free, right?"
  668. > You put your other palm at the slightly red spot around her neck and started massaging the irritated skin. And surprisingly, she didn't shove you away, but bends her neck back and closed her eyes, while you rubbed the sensitive spot.
  669. > SC: "Ugh..."
  670. > You look at the two giggling fillies and put the finger at your lips, gesturing for them to not to distract her just now.
  671. > ...
  672. "Sigh... ok. So as I was saying the earlier today, I'm not living alone in the apartment that's close to my work place. The place is too tight and too crowded. I live with the other people, with my friends. And some of them, unfortunately, has lost their relatives back in Equeatria as well. And they have a different opinion on the situation, on the ponies. And, well... in other words..."
  673. > SC: "Hum-mph..."
  674. "We better stay away from them as far as possible."
  675. > And just like that, you managed to ruin their mood again. Oh well...
  676. > AB: "B-b-b... b-but..."
  677. > SB: "W-where are we gonna live, then? A-anon?"
  678. "Well, the only option now is to search for a new job, or to find the way to get there less than the... 5 or 6 hours."
  679. > SC: "M-m-f..." - she let out the quiet sound of approval again, while you dig your fingers in her fur and started making the scratches around the back of her neck.
  680. "But don't worry, we'll make it through. You know that, right?"
  681. > AB: "Y-yeah..."
  682. > SB: "Of course! It's gonna be alright! We're just need to do as he say. Right, girls?"
  683. > AB: "Right!"
  684. > SB: "Absolutely! Uh, Scootaloo?
  685. > SC: "H-huh? Wha?"
  686. "Aw-w-w, Sweetie..."
  687. > AB: "Have ya been listenin', Scoots?"
  688. > SC: "I... oh, whoa!" - she shouted and jumped back - "G-get your hands off me, you creep! Bleh!"
  689. > Apparently, she really likes to blew a raspberry at you too much. Without getting punished. Someone has to teach her a lesson
  690. > And you were quick enough to pinch and hold on her tongue while she was blowing her horsie spit out
  691. > And she didn't like it very much
  692. > "Hfeeey! Pf-f-tb! Gross!" - she proceeds and scoots away
  693. "Yeah. That's what you get, orange brat. He-heh, sorry. Just too tempting."
  694. > She responded by just rolling her eyes, not without a hint of a tiny smile that she tries to hide
  695. > And you look back at the two giggling fillies
  696. "Ok gals, who wants to be next?"
  697. > SB: "Oh, um, me!" - she said and sticks her tongue out
  698. > And what the silly wasn't expecting is an old rusty chaincutter, quickly showed between her neck and collar with a loud
  699. > Snap!
  700. > SB: "Ah!" - she yelped and jumped in place
  701. > But you were quick enough to catch her mid-air and hug to your torso with a free arm
  702. > SB: "Oof!"
  703. "Gotcha! There you go."
  704. > SB: "I, uh... huh?"
  705. "That wasn't very scary, was it?" - you said, placing the instrument on the ground and tickling belly with a free hand
  706. > SB: "Oh! Hah, I'm free-he-hee!"
  707. "I guess you are"
  708. > SB: "Get a room you two..."
  709. > AB: "It's like removing a teeth! Was it?"
  710. > SB: "I don't kno-ho-how! Hey, Anon, can you massage my neck now? Like you did to Scoots?"
  711. > SC: "Ugh..."
  712. "Sure. But why, does it hurt? Did it stung when I did that?"
  713. > SB: "Um... n-no..."
  714. "Funny. I though that voice crack was from the zap. Does it itches, then?
  715. > SB: "No, it... I mean, yeah! Yes! Can you scratch it? It itches sooo bad right now!"
  716. "Oh, I bet it is."
  717. > SC: "~ooh ai bet eet ees~"
  718. > You put your both hands on her neck and start gently scratching slightly below her ears. While she bends her neck backwards, practically poking your chest with her horn
  719. "Funny. Who taught you to purr, little one?"
  720. > SC: "Jee, I wonder..."
  721. > AB: "Hehe! Hey, are you blushing, Scoots?"
  722. > SC: "Wha...! What? No! Of course not! Do you have a sunstroke, Applebloom? It's just hot outside!"
  723. > AB: "Yeah, *giggle*, it sure is."
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