[BDH] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod FAQ

Sep 10th, 2015
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  1. [BDH] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven FAQ
  3. Before asking or reporting things please make sure your using ALL the files and ALL the LATEST files and watched the youtube tutorial videos properly (Also txt instructions are included with downloads).
  4. Youtube Links below.
  6. Video Tutorial:
  8. If your having issues installing the mod please make sure you followed the tutorial properly if your still having trouble then look at these tips below:
  9. Tips:
  10. *Password: BlueDiskHaven
  11. *Make sure your using all the latest files and do not to mix anything up*
  12. (Missing an update or mixing up files can cause issues)
  13. *Make sure you have the original disc or good proper copy/rip of the game*
  14. (Having original dt files in your backup)
  15. *I recommend if your on cfw to use rebug cfw*
  16. (Personally I use v4.75.3 Rebug CFW with cobra enabled) (Prefer newer cfw just to avoid any issue of game loading etc..)
  17. *If your encounter problems delete the mod from game data and start from scratch and re-install the mod*
  18. (sometimes it can be good to start from scratch)
  19. *Try using BD Mirror in game options of any backup manager if the mod or datapack 2 have not loaded*
  20. (Been told this fixed some people's problems)
  21. *Make sure you followed all the instructions properly an copied the files to the right location*
  23. Q Is it possibile to play online?
  24. A Sadly no basically when anything additional is added it will cause issues,
  25. I may make some kind of online version in the future but sadly it would be extremely limited because faces adboards extra teams etc... would not be possibile, the huge amazing possibilites of doing this mod sadly does not play nice online
  27. Q After installing the mod I get the save is from a different game version, what is the issue?
  28. A This is from that the game has not loaded the mod / datapack please make sure you followed the tutorial correctly if your still having issues, look at the tips then.
  30. Q I'm having freezing issues help me!?
  31. A Make sure you have a clean copy of a game with the original dt files in a backup (No modded files in backup) or just use a original disc, if it still freezes make sure you have all of the latest files, if still start from scratch and re-install the mod
  32. (I tested the mod a lot before releasing updates to always try and make sure no issues will arise of course bugs can happen but very unlikely it's more likely due to one of the things I mentioned above)
  34. Q When will X be done or when will there be updates of X? etc...
  35. A The mod is always a work in progress and updates will be provided
  37. Q I have a feature request, can do x or y ? etc...
  38. A No Feature Requests, a lot of things are planned but it takes time to do it (chances are its already planned)
  40. Q How quick can you update after datapacks?
  41. A Usually very quick within 2 days but ofcourse need a slight bit of time to make adjustments plus the more extra stuff I add sometimes can mean more time is needed also depends on how busy me and sargox are once a datapack is released
  43. Q Crowd chants is too loud, any way to change the volume?
  44. A Yes ingame sound settings you change volume to whatever you want
  46. Q How I can convert faces from pc to ps3?
  47. A I personally don't know how to, only Sargox (who works on the mod with me) knows but also that it doesn't always work when converting as its a lot tricker for ps3.
  49. Q Is it possibile for more stadiums?
  50. A Not for now, the ones that were added, were ones converted from pes 2015 and 2014 to pes 2016, converting pc to ps3 is not possibile right now
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