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  1. Update v1.3:
  3. Additional tutorials and objectives
  4. For new players, we want to help you better understand how to play the game by adding new tutorial pop-ups and RPG, Generation, and Evolution menu information. To help you get started on your odyssey, new objectives have been added to help you experience the essentials of survival.
  6. Improved item targeting
  7. We’ve improved item targeting based on gameplay context so you pick up the appropriate item for the situation. So the next time a sabretooth tiger is attacking, you should have an easier time selecting a weapon rather than a piece of fruit.
  9. Analyzing clan members from a distance
  10. No need to walk all the way up to your clan members anymore to see how they are doing. You will now be able to analyze them from afar and monitor their status on-the-go.
  12. Additional mimic command
  13. Improving the mimic command was one of your main requests and we heard you well! You can now can command your clan to apply items to themselves and do complex alterations using two items like hitting and grinding.
  15. More frequent encounters with outsiders
  16. We’ve tweaked spawn rules so outsiders can be encountered more frequently.
  18. Custom games
  19. After evolving into a new species for the first time, you will now be able to start custom games based on a snapshot of your progress, including: species, RPG progress and completed evolution missions.
  21. Lineage Stats and Recap
  22. For statistics aficionados, you can now consult a complete page of your lineage stats within the Pause menu.
  24. Update v1.2.2:
  26. Fixed a new crash that could occur when ordering mimics and eating in quick succession.
  28. Update v1.2.1:
  30. Fixes some crashes encountered in-game.
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