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  2.                    FORM
  5.      — SAUCY
  8. name |
  9.      ∞ kang soo kyung ϟ 강수경
  10. nicknames |
  11.      ∞ icy kyung [ eunnie ] ϟ bright ϟ her personality is as cold as ice and needs to be melted. sookyung doesn't mind as she has a soft spot for bright
  12.      ∞ soo-up ϟ how that taste ϟ because how that taste is full of food hormones, she came up with the name 'soo-up' to call sookyung. 'soo-up' sounds like 'soup' in english.
  13.      ∞ sookyungie ϟ all the girls ϟ a nickname that she despises [actually doesn't mind it].
  14.      ∞ soosoo ϟ taehyung + jimin ϟ disrespectful as she is older but in taehyung and jimin's opinion, cute.
  15.      ∞ yoongi jr ϟ all the boys -yoongi + all the girls ϟ her personality is similar to yoongi's. not necessary mini but younger than yoongi
  16.      ∞ smol ϟ junyeol [ older brother ] ϟ junyeol is standing at 183cm. he calls her this to provoke her.
  17. birth date |
  18.      ∞ 14 march, 1994
  19. age |
  20.      ∞ 23 [kr] ϟ 22 [int]
  21. height |
  22.      ∞ 166cm ϟ 5'4"
  23. weight |
  24.      ∞ 46kg ϟ 101.3 lbs
  25. blood type |
  26.      ∞ a-
  27. languages spoken |
  28.      ∞ korean , gyeongsang dialect ϟ fluent
  29.      ∞ english ϟ intermediate
  30. face claim |
  31.      ∞ arin [ oh my girl ]
  32. backup face claim |
  33.      ∞ jennie [ blackpink ] or dahyun [ twice ]
  35. birthplace |
  36.      ∞ seo district , daegu , south korea
  37. hometown |
  38.      ∞ daegu, south korea
  39. ethnicity |
  40.      ∞ asian , korean
  41. nationality |
  42.      ∞ korean
  43. family |
  44.      ∞ kang young seok ϟ 강영석 ϟ 42 ϟ father ϟ  to sookyung, he is someone whom she doesn't interact with often. on slightly positive terms ϟ +82 010 4395 7396
  45.      ∞ yoon hye yeon ϟ 윤헤연 ϟ 40 ϟ mother ϟ sookyung cares about her like how she cares about sookyung. ϟ +82 010 7460 3812
  46.      ∞ kang jun yeol ϟ 강준열 ϟ 26 ϟ older brother ϟ sookyung is often found stealing junyeol's belongings and pranking him to the point he practically drowns in his own embarrassment. their personalities are completely opposite though, which makes people wonder how are they even siblings. ϟ +82 010 6983 2207
  48. background |
  49.      ∞ sookyung was as vexatious as it could get when she was little, always bouncing about and acting mischievous. a big contrast to her current personality. often when she was in primary school, she always had a tutor or a babysitter to look after her while her parents busied with the amusement park. her brother, junyeol was engrossed with his studies in becoming an actor. she was hit with a sense of loneliness, and her personality warped drastically. sookyung regularly got into fights especially since every school she went to had that really dumb group of bitches, though sometimes she herself could be a bitch. her knees, arms and lips were always covered in light purple bruises, small cuts or gudetama band aids from all the 'fake hyenas with eyeliner attacks'. though she'd only physically damage someone if they were hurting another. then, in highschool, she made actual friends. they were a huge impact on her, as they managed to control the firey sookyung. slowly, sookyung neared the stage of adulthood. her dad constantly persisted her on getting a job to pay for all the exclusive things her dad bought for her. it didn't help that chemistry equipment was expensive and a need is she wanted to fulfill her collage major. she was forced into a job and tried out many too like; working at starbucks, tutoring maths, working at walmart and forever new. the problem was, she'd somehow always get fired in the end. her boss would say 'sorry but you're appearance is.. scaring the customers'. sookyung really didn't understand how a few cuts and bruises would scare away people. so, you should be here's dad offered her a place in his amusement park. she hesitated at first, claiming that 'there's literally like no business followed by a whole rant session with you should be here, despite her protests, she ended up taking the job because what else was she going to do? with the other girls presence, sookyung would call the amusement park thrilling.. but not really.
  54.      — LIT
  57. slot |
  58.      ∞ did i #1
  59. backup slot |
  60.      ∞ wanted #6
  61. position |
  62.      ∞ attractions
  63. backup position |
  64.      ∞ entertainment [music]
  66. personality |
  67.      ∞ sookyung is grumpy, extremely impatient and has a long list of people she despises [most of them are halfheartedly hated]. she always has a scowl on her face or an extremely bored out expression. sometimes, its both. all her friends believe her fun switch has been turned off. ironically, her job is supposed to be 'attractions', a job that requires a fun person. sookyung is a target of the hyperactive people. her tone towards most people [except her friends but its similar] is always monotone, blunt and practically leaking with boredom and sarcasm. like you should be here, she isn't as friendly towards strangers and customers. with her impatience and strong will to get the fuck off her job, she can be easily set off by her customers. she really tries to keep her annoyance from spilling. if you're on her bad side, you best run as gets feisty real quick. supporting her cold front is her messy appearance of ruffled up hair, cuts and bruises littering her skin along with some band aids and baggy clothing. also the type to talk back with hostility at the customer if they're being 'unreasonable'. although she may seem to not care about anything going around her, she is actually the person who notices the most in people, their hidden feelings and/or if they're putting up a front. this goes respected by her friends and is her strongest point. when her friend/s is being bullied or looked down upon, she will always be there to physically and verbally shield them and comfort them. she is very careful with how she treats them in hard times by considering their opinions, experiences and preferences when comforting them. she's the friend with the best advice. this side of her is way beyond her default cold figure. in the state of vulnerability, her eyes glisten while she gets protective over herself, spluttering out excuses and words of denial. she tends to act as if she's alright to avoid pity and concern from her closed ones. she believes she'll be a bother to them. her cuteness comes out naturally while she's denying in embarrassment and from skinship. sookyung can also be a bit manipulative and mischievous. this part of her was evolved from her playful nature when she was in stage of innocent youth.  
  70.      ∞ wearing thin chokers. not emo though
  71.      ∞ champagne
  72.      ∞ collecting band aids
  73.      ∞ midnight trips to anywhere
  74.      ∞ cold sweets
  75.      ∞ winter
  76.      ∞ all things aesthetic
  77.      ∞ potato stew
  78.      ∞ sleep, naps, sleep, naps
  79.      ∞ cotton candy
  80.      ∞ wearing plain baggy tees
  81.      ∞ upbeat music
  82.      ∞ reading
  83.      ∞ being by herself
  84.      ∞ all things salty + spicy
  85. dislikes |
  86.      ∞ sticky substances
  87.      ∞ those customers who are bitchy and complain like the door is wide open for you to fucking leave
  88.      ∞ cringe worthy people, words, videos etc
  89.      ∞ waiting
  90.      ∞ people who bash her close ones. physically and verbally. she'll attack those people if needed
  91.      ∞ milk
  92.      ∞ tight clothing
  93.      ∞ summer and its stereotypes
  94.      ∞ crowds / tight spaces
  95.      ∞ pineapples
  96.      ∞ loud crowds
  97.      ∞ her job
  98.      ∞ rules
  99.      ∞ studying
  100.      ∞ lightning
  101. trivia |
  102.      ∞ cracking her knuckles behind her back when she's mad
  103.      ∞ has a habit cursing under her breath
  104.      ∞ hand instantly flies up to her right earlobe when she's nervous, anxious or vulnerable. also when her heart is beating at a fast pace
  105.      ∞ unconsciously doodles stuff on her thigh and ankle when a pen is in her hand
  106.      ∞ has a habit of fluffing up her hair whenever
  107.      ∞ can play the organ
  108.      ∞ grows soft for bunnies
  109.      ∞ respects the manager
  110.      ∞ bad habit of picking at dried up blood from her mini cuts, pressing her bruises down and playing with the band aid with a perfectly neutral face
  111.      ∞ has an aesthetic eye
  112.      ∞ spits insults 24/7
  113.      ∞ tends to touch her collarbones a lot
  114.      ∞ favorites bright
  115.      ∞ scowling on a daily basis
  116.      ∞ has very chapped lips. despises lip balm
  117.      ∞ picks at her nails and clear nail polish out of boredom
  118.      ∞ can't stand the cheesy couples in the waiting line
  119.      ∞ has a hair fetish
  120. college major |
  121.      ∞ chemistry
  123. customer service |
  124.      ∞  usually perceived as blunt, having an emotionless tone and sarcastic by customers. rarely shows enthusiasm. customers also tend to keep their children away from her as her visual appearance appears wild and cold with all her injuries. doesn't really care about her job and customers
  126. who would she be closest with and why? |
  127.      ∞ you should be here ϟ high school friend. she's like a sister to sookyung. the contrast of sookyung and you should be here's personality mix together nicely. their state of mind allows the two to develop casualty and comfort in their relationship. basically sookyung's best friend.
  128.      ∞ yoongi ϟ around the same ages and have similar intentions + thoughts. they drop their seoul accents around each other as they're both from daegu. sookyung talks to him freely about any topic. sort of like long lost siblings.
  132.      — BOI
  135. love interest |
  136.      ∞ jung hoseok
  137. backup love interest |
  138.      ∞ park jimin
  139. position |
  140.      ∞ attractions
  141. back up position |
  142.      ∞ entertainment [ music ]
  144. brief personality |
  145.      ∞ hoseok is a literal sunshine. he is always thinking on the positive side of things, never losing hope and never thinking negative. a perfect contrast of sookyung. he enjoys the excitement and thrill of his daily activities, while at the same time, he brings the excitement and thrill along with him. some are convinced he took up crack from taehyung or someone with how hyper he is, practically bouncing from wall to wall. has a smile that is practically glowing. hoseok is best at brightening up peoples day with his presence alone and loves to help the people special to him. he can be quite mischievous and playful, but that is all part of his childish nature. hoseok loves to crack jokes just to see a smile. he's a very influential figure, persistent and ambitious. though, sometimes, hoseok is perceived as a person to not take anything seriously due to his carefree nature. he is the exact opposite. his actions and words are all straight up sincere and always have a meaning. he knows when to be serious. when he is angered, he can be quite feisty and ends up going all quiet, a scary occurrence for his close ones. additionally, hoseok can be very flirtatious and seductive. he is one to use the worse of pick up lines and purposely lick his lips.
  147. her first impression of him |
  148.      ∞ the first thought she had was 'how is he so enthusiastic?'. sookyung believed that god sent his healthiest sunflower to offend her greatly due to hoseok's constant chatter when they worked for the first time. she realized instantly that their personalities were completely different and hoseok was way too hyper about this job than her. she had thought of him as awfully annoying at some point during their meeting. he would always be striking up conversations with her, smiling ever so blindingly and pulling at her hair [which she secretly didn't mind as she enjoys people playing with her hair].
  149. his first impression of you |
  150.      ∞ hoseok wondered why she appeared so dull, like the life had been drained out of her. throughout their first shift together, hoseok didn't see her smile once, despite his constant attempts of interacting with her and jokes. he kind of reminded him of yoongi, but even yoongi laughed at his jokes [well eventually]. instead of being bored of her, he used her cold attitude as fuel for him to make her enjoy his company. he thought that sookyung is actually a extraordinary person and is just hiding it all under her 'hostile' facade. he made it his goal to make her appreciate him, make her smile and see more sides to her.
  152. how does she act around him |
  153.    ☽ BEGINNING
  154.      ∞ at the start of their meeting, sookyung ignored all his attempts at conversing with her. she mainly replied with 'hm's, 'ok's and 'yeah's to every question and statement hoseok said to her. she would cringe when he emphasized how great the fun size theme park with a loud voice dripping with enthusiasm. she had no interest in interacting with him whatsoever, hoping he would end up leaving her alone. occasionally, she would glance over at him, observing his personality as she was curious as to how a person can be so bright and positive.
  155.    ☽ MIDDLE
  156.      ∞ as her daily acts of ignorance and rare chatter progressed, sookyung registered that hoseok was never going to give up. so, slowly she began conversations with him, and sometimes she even enjoyed it. she would sometimes even strike up conversations out of boredom herself. though, it was literally a natural reflex to insult and sass him out. she still cringed and scowled at him when he spoke loud. sookyung was kinda relieved that hoseok had come along to do his job with her, it raised their paycheck; with hoseok's enthusiasm and communicative skills. they both shared experiences and the regular 'get to know you' information during breaks. she'd sometimes even get teased about her relationship with hoseok. sookyung thought for a split second that maybe he wasn't so annoying after all. but, there were actually countless times hoseok would constantly be pestering her, using pick up lines and poking her. you could say she was slowly getting comfortable with him as time pasted. though, it was in her nature that she despised the way he would constantly talk nonstop as if he was immune to oxygen loss. somewhere along the line, sookyung had noticed that hoseok eyed her differently than before.
  157.    ☽ END
  158.      ∞  over time, sookyung had gotten to know hoseok even more. she could basically predict what he was going to say next. though, hoseok didn't know that. a person like hoseok is like an open book, she stated and stored it a part of her mind. it became a regular schedule everyday to get cotton candy at the food stand after their work hours. by this time, sookyung truly didn't mind his company. however sometimes, the skinship got annoying. she noticed, when hanging around hoseok [ which is like nearly everyday ] her eyes avoided his against her own will and the air got all humid. sookyung was very confused; it was like she actually liked him, but she will never believe that.
  160. how does he act around her |
  161.    ☽ BEGINNING
  162.      ∞ like with all people, hoseok greeted his new co worker with a bright smile on his face from the beginning. he always cracked jokes around her, make puns and bother her by talking and poking. though, this got ignored by sookyung. being so persistent, he never gave up in trying to talk with her. lucky for him that break times were longer for them. with sookyung playing hard to get, hoseok was able to feel a thrill of competitive exhilaration every time he spoke with her. this causes him to smirk inwardly around her, which earns an eye roll from sookyung.
  163.    ☽ MIDDLE
  164.      ∞ sticking to his goal, he continued to open up sookyung. he tried starting up personal topics. this perked a slight interest in sookyung. for just one conversation, hoseok was able to open sookyung up moderately. though, there are still many things he doesn't know about her. with this knowledge, his first impression of her being a nice person at heart changed. slowly, he grew to fondly adore sookyung thus developing a crush on her. he looked at her differently, spaced out more often [ something he rarely does as he is one to stick to reality ] and blushed slightly whenever she would unconsciously stare [ more like giving him a small glare ] at him. he hid it well with his hyperactive persona.  
  165.    ☽ END
  166.      ∞ gradually, their relationship advanced. for hoseok, he began to experience what he believed to be a wholehearted love for sookyung. he found himself showering sincere compliments unintentionally whenever there was a comfortable silence, glancing at her with heart eyes, getting all shy whenever she was 'too close' and surprisingly remembering everything she says in detail. regardless of him sharing skinship with basically everyone, hoseok especially does it more to sookyung. these actions show his current unrequited feelings and need for love from sookyung. the little actions and moments sookyung shares with hoseok that could trigger a relationship gives hoseok hope that she may like him and they will end up dating [ though, sookyung is experiencing confusing emotions about him ]
  168. relationship |
  169.    ☽ BEGINNING
  170.      ∞ one sided friendship
  171.    ☽ MIDDLE
  172.      ∞ friends / one sided crush [ from hoseok ]
  173.    ☽ END
  174.      ∞ bewildered affection / confused relationship [ at the very end they end up dating ]
  176. do they work well together? |
  177.      ∞ its hard too tell since hoseok mainly does all the work as he is very good at attracting attention and entertaining the impatient crowd of people. sookyung occasionally helps him, but not all the time. she's really unmotivated and bored of her job. sookyung is always the one to start the 'arguements' [basically her just insulting him kindly]. as the story progresses, sookyung helps him more to raise their paycheck. she does it for other reasons as well like pity for having to deal with a noisy crowd. overall, how well they work together is based on their [ mainly sookyung's ] moods.
  179. couple trivia |
  180.      ∞ hoseok calls sookyung 'mistress' teasingly
  181.      ∞ hoseok tends to poke her and play with her hair frequently [ which earns him a hard slap in the arm ]
  182.      ∞ sookyung is constantly dragged along by hoseok to shops after working hours
  183.      ∞ during breaks, sookyung goes to her daily trip to the food stand for cotton candy. hoseok willingly tags along much to her "dismay"
  184.      ∞ sookyung was highly mad when how that taste leaked all her personal information to hoseok during one of their break times. she told him information like her address, phone number, snapchat, snow, instagram etc. hoseok constantly spams her daily and sends her horrifying snaps. she could've just blocked him but unconditional said to not to as they are working together and will need each others contacts in case. if sookyung didn't respect her, she would've blocked him ages ago.
  185.      ∞ sookyung discovered that hoseok has an oppa kink and collarbone fetish. courtesy of min yoongi
  186.      ∞ hoseok likes to give random gifts for sookyung that he finds cute from trips with jimin to the mall
  187.      ∞ sookyung loves pats on the head [ secretly ] and hoseok is the person that loves to pat her
  188.      ∞ hoseok especially loves to hold her hand, but it gets swatted most of the time
  189.      ∞ hoseok visits sookyung in her college laboratory regularly to pick her up against her will
  190.      ∞ sookyung enjoys the expression hoseok gives when she insults him
  191.      ∞ sookyung calls him 'hobi' when she's in a good mood
  192.      ∞ are labeled as an unusual pair by the other boys and girls with their completely opposite personalities
  193.      ∞ the only thing sookyung acknowledges in hoseok is his dancing skills
  194.      ∞ hoseok joins sookyung for midnight walks. he calls it their 'valuable moments together'
  196. scene suggestions |
  197. 。・゜・ LOVE INTEREST 。・゜・
  198.      ∞ jealous hoseok moments. scene where he is jealous of yoongi's mutual relationship with sookyung
  199.      ∞ when sookyung gets sick and hoseok visits her at her apartment with a bowl of potato stew
  200.      ∞ sookyung witnessing hoseok dancing
  201.      ∞ heavy rainy day after work hours and hoseok has no umbrella. he pleads her to share hers with him
  202. 。・゜・ GIRLS + BOYS 。・゜・
  203.      ∞ a day at the beach [ much to sookyung's dismay ]
  204.      ∞ a mini celebration after the first week of the girls working together with the boys
  205.      ∞ hybrid themed day at the theme park
  206.      ∞ camping together
  209.      — YEET
  212. password | lost my way
  213. note to author | i sacrificed many brain cells [ <- lmao i tend to talk about things that don't exist ] and form problems. heaps of luck with this applyfic tho! don't stress and eat lots ♡ this is gon be lit i can feel it owo gyuuu i'm so exciteddd !!
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